Looking back at the history of the Saturday night raids

I posted my first DDO blog March 28, 2012 and have since then been writing semi-regularly as well as using the blog as documentation and history about my characters and gaming. I have been doing the Saturday night raids since 2012, although I did not do EEraids back then and at first I didn’t even post for them myself. Even though I have run and posted for raids on other nights than Saturday, in this blog I will mostly be focusing on the Saturday raids.

I started running raids back in 2012. At first I was just joining raids when I saw them up, later I decided that I wanted to do a Shroud on Thazara each weekend, and soon I started posting for raids myself, usually on Saturday, sometimes on Sunday. Back in 2012 there were also a lot more people running and posting for raids, so I only hosted them myself about half the time. The dates posted here are the date of the blog, not the date of the run, as I’m no longer sure which day/ date the blog is about. Level cap increased from 20 to 25 in June 2012.

July 8, 2012 My very first time posting for Shroud, probably my very first time posting for a raid
July 25, 2012 My second blog post about posting for Shroud
August 5, 2012 Third post about posting for Shroud
August 19, 2012 Forth post about posting for Shroud
August 26, 2012 My first elite Shroud completion, my lfm. My first mention of Sat raids
September 2, 2012 Sat raids (and quests). I only posted for Shroud
September 16, 2012 I posted for Shroud, but lost my confidence and gave Cleazy lead
September 30, 2012 Shroud lfm
October 7, 2012 Sat raids, my first ToD. I posted for help, Kaikku joined and I gave her the star
October 14, 2012 Sat raids
October 21, 2012 Sat raids
October 28, 2012 Sat raids, my first time leading ToD
November 11, 2012 Saturday raids marathon
November 18, 2012 Sat raids
November 25, 2012 Sat raids/ marathon
December 3, 2012 Sat raids/ marathon
December 10, 2012 Weekend raids
December 24, 2012 Weekend raids
December 31, 2012 Sat raids

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EE Fotp take 2

On Saturday I wasn’t sure I would be able to play, but after Darth (who’s currently visiting me) assembled my new computer (which I didn’t want to do myself), he told me to go raid and try out the new computer… so I logged and posted on the lfm. First EEraids.. but after about 20 min I changed it to Fire on Thunder Peak EE for anyone to join. I post for lvl 28, but I’ll accept able ppl at lower levels too. I was being a bit annoyed with the computer… I couldn’t get the game to run full screen, until I after a bit of googling found scaling options and underscan-overscan, it needs to be at zero for the game to be shown at full screen.

From first posting to having a full party, we waited an hour. The first ppl joining joined quite soon after I posted, but I really didn’t want to go in with just 6 of us, so we waited. If I had ppl in the group who I trusted could solo it if things went sideways then maybe, but I’d rather play it a bit safe and go with more. The first run was a bit of a bust. We were doing really well, ppl were working together and we got stuff done… but after the purple named ellies went down, the dragons just wouldn’t land. We kept killing stuff for a good long while, before we decided to restart. This was after 30 min inside the raid.

Take two was a bit messier, ppl died, I died a couple of times and we lagged a bit, but in the end we were successful. I was running in Exalted Angel this time around, instead of Unyielding Sentinel. Sentinel gives me a bit more prr, and a lot more hp, but Thaz seemed to do well in EA too… and since I normally run in EA I felt more like myself. This run took 36 min, of which we waited a few min to get started. Stitchz and Jedli were my dragon keepers, the rest of us worked on trash and helped dps where we could.

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And we’re raiding again

I have been doing my Saturday night raid marathon for about 2 years. I started doing them around the time I met Cleazy. At first I was only joining other’s lfms, later I started posting my own. I looked at some of my posts from 2 years ago, and I found the first few posts where I talk about raiding Saturday (see e.g. August 5, 2012 Sort of a meh night, Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics, August 12, 2012 Saturday gaming). Looking at some of the screenies, I even found some of the ppl I still play with, including Osi on an alt. 🙂

Anywho, I was away for for 2 weeks, and therefor missed two raids Saturdays. After farming Thunderholme raids, and after doing raids with Osi for about a year (and level cap getting raised to 28), many of the raids have really lost their charm. Some of the raids I like running because the xp is still pretty good (von, adq, chrono), while others I’ve pretty much stopped doing (shroud, ToD). I don’t even run Thunderholme raids much since getting the 20th completions on the on 3 toons.

Still, I was looking forward to raiding with Osi. I don’t see him much at all anymore, and he pretty much only plays during raid night once a week. Osi logged a bit early, and I was already online on Thaz. I wanted to run Thaz this time. As usually we started with ADQ and ran eH/ eE as a 6 man group. There was a few deaths in the raid bit, but still a pretty standard run.

After ADQ Osi asked me if I need to switch toons for some raids, and I told him that yes, I’d like to do chrono, von and fot on Thaz, Thunderholme and CitW on Cerge. So Osi suggested we join someone else’s lfm for FoT, which we did. This person had been away from the game for like half a year or so, so they needed a bit of help assigning roles. This was a fun run, though. SR tank didn’t know to use spell absorption and died. So Osi took over both kiting undead and SR. I was helping dps TO til I noticed that they needed help with SR, and I got boomed but didn’t die. SR tank took over again when he was raised, we prepped him well and killing was flawless.

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20th Firepeak completed

I don’t know why I started calling this raid Firepeak. Maybe someone else used it, maybe I just remembered the name wrong? The actual name is Fire on Thunder peak. Anywho, I had decided to do 20 runs of both the new raids before Thaz’s first eTR… which I’m still holding off on. I did the 20th run of Deathwyrm some weeks ago, while Firepeak has been left. The raid itself I find boring and the loot did not interest me. But I did 20 runs anyway.

I have learned that if someone else is running eH, there isn’t much point for me to post eN… unless I wanna wait a really long time. This is what happened yesterday, I wanted 30 min+ to fill my eN group, while the eH group filled and finished. Why do I post eN and not eH? Well, as with FoT and CitW, eH requires a bit more dps than eN. Since I don’t want to be selective, and I know we can complete eN even with poopy dps, I’ve just been sticking to eN. I have no issue taking newbie first timers either, I enjoy talking ppl through the raids, as long as I’m not too tired.

While my group took a good while to fill yesterday, tonight I managed to do 3 runs in ~1.5h (that is with waiting to fill time included), which imo is not too shabby. The last run took 17 min, my group filled without issue and ppl did a good job. And then Thaz did her 20th and got her 20th reward list:

I spent longer than usually selecting the reward, since there really wasn’t anything I wanted or would even use. I got persuaded to pick the mask… which will be gathering dust in the bank.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day. Cheers.

It was a raid heavy weekend

I used to do these weekend blogs where I gave a short run down of every run that I did during the weekend, but I can’t imagine ppl finding it that interesting, especially not since I usually do the same raids.  I’ve been doing my weekend raid marathons since spring/ summer 2012, and Osi’s been running them with me since a little while after I joined Gli Egypt. Since I recruited Jedli into the guild, he’s been raiding with me too. 🙂

Anywho, sometimes I lfm for the raids, sometimes Osi, sometimes we just throw the star back and fort “u do it, I’m gonna go afk/ relog”. Me and Osi’s raids this Saturday were: eH Citw (this one I recorded, see DDO eH CitW with pug (on lvl 27 bardcher) ), eH/ eH VON, elite ToD, ee Chrono, eH/ eE ADQ and eH FoT. After FoT I wanted to do Firepeak, so I lfm’d for that and Osi logged off. Since I wanted to keep Cerge’s hard streak, I lfm’d for hard… and then sat down outside the raid to wait for joiners. It was slow going, I was bored.. but then we filled and got going. It was a good run.

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The dragon raid bugged

I have been wanting to get my 5k favor so I can start eTR’ing Thaz. I know, the favor should stay during eTR, but I would still like to reach it just in case something goes wrong. I have been collecting favor since August 2011 (not actively if I may add), and I’m not ready to lose it all now. Anywho, so I’ve been asking Adenai to host the new raids (cause I’m way too chicken to do it myself yet), and I’ve been trying to get him to do an eH run of both raids. The plan was to do Temple of the Deathwyrm eH, but last second it got changed to Fire on Thunder Peak eE. I may at some point have had a fear of ee raids, but now they excite me. We wait for everyone, start and pretty soon realise we don’t have the dps to deal with all the trash. Ppl start dying before the purple ellies spawned. So after a good try, we decide to do eH instead (some ppl left and got replaced). eH is going a lot better, even though we still have some deaths we get the stuff done… and then the 2nd dragon refuses to die. His hp is a zero, and he’s become immune to damage… I believe 3 ppl sent in a ticket and the 2 first got the reply “we are aware of the issue… but there is nothing we can do”. 3rd’s the charm and a gm spawned the chests for us and completed the raid for 1 person at a time.

This completion gave Thaz a bit more favor and she is now sitting on 4994. The other raid on eH will be enough.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

60th FoT completed

Yes, I’m slow. This raid has been out since epic gianthold came out in U17. In U17.1 the boom was added, and the people who before it farmed it in 10 min started failing. I’ve had bad runs and good runs of this raid. I’ve changed tactics depending on the players. My toons have also been getting better, and I feel confident in a lot of ppl concerning this raid, so most of the time I have no worries. In fact, I don’t like the OP super fast runs, I prefer mixed groups with unexpected outcome. Failure isn’t an option, though, lol. We fight and we die. Very battley.

Anywho. The static group has decided on a static weekly time to run ee FoT and probably for the first time ever we had a full group (12 ppl) of no puggers. I was put on white giant like last time. We have one person per giant and dragon assigned as “keeper” while the rest help prep the one pair at a time, and kill trash. Order is blue-white-black. SR keeps the black dragon. Two weeks ago I kept white giant for myself til the blue pair was killed, then I got some help with dps. It was sort of exciting, he hit me for a lot when I didn’t get out of the way once or twice. No issues there. This week I was assigned white giant again, I hit him with a dot as I’m falling, throw a couple of nimbuses and searing light to follow, but he doesn’t even turn. He’s run off after one of the archers who’s not only hit him, but keeps on shooting him. Said archer brings the white giant back to where he was supposed to be kept and keeps on dps’ing him. I stay there for a bit, just trying to get aggro back, but unless I hit a nice proc of maxed spider venom, I’m not gonna be able to pull aggro from an archer, and probably not even then (my spider venom usually tics for 3k+, my max crit is a bit over 8k). After a while I start feeling completely useless, so I run off to see if I can help somewhere else, I get hit and stoned (breath of silence) and dead. Gee. great. I’m feeling like I’m having a really bad day, so I couldn’t have cared less.

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We’re getting better at it; ee FoT

I should probably soon stop writing blogs about ee FoT, it’s becoming a drag? Lol. I’ve done a few of these already (blog posts about ee FoT), but as I want to document the good runs somehow, here I am writing about ee FoT again. As I’ve been trying to max favor on Thazara (currently 4938, only missing to 6 star challenges), I wanted to run everything on elite/ epic elite. My first few times in ee FoT was after U17, when cap was still 25, and the runs didn’t go so well (see Trying FoT U17.1 epic elite). When this group I’ve now been running with was suggested to me, I was happy to tag along, even only to healbot in a group that didn’t need a healbot. Oh, if you didn’t know, the runs are byoh. I throw cocoon when needed, but everyone’s supposed to look after their own health. 🙂 Yup, my fav type of play.

This Tuesday (Dec 18) we were back at it, we actually started almost on scheduled time this time (normally we wait almost an hour for ppl to show up), and we were a few ppl short of a full party, so a few spots were open to pug. The run it self was pretty good. Crush dc’d just as we were about to start, and it took him too long to get back, so we went without him. 1-2 ppl died when we were prepping the pairs, and then when it was time for SR and TO, someone pulled SR on the party and we got boomed. 2 more ppl died. I strangely took very little damage even though I got boomed 3 times. Something like 200hp /boom, which I healed up. I was fully buffed up, though, and wearing ring of djinn and pale lavender ioun stone. The run took 30 minutes to complete. Here are the screen shots.

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EE FoT run No 5

There was a time when I was an ee FoT virgin. There was also the time I tried to pug it, and the party was horribly massacred (we did fine until TO + SR). Things have changed. From from getting kicked from Gimpfest to getting declined by Matrix, I have become a regular of “the Blacklisted Slackers”, and I’m pretty proud of it. The group has so far done 6 ee FoT’s, I have been in the last 5, as I missed the first one. The first two were a bit of a struggle, while the 3rd was excellent (less than 30 min completion). The 4th run was for me too messy to even write about, even though we completed. We were missing too many of our regulars and ended up filling out with pug. The 5th run was run yesterday, and after an initial restart because of lag, and a miss on killing one of the dragons too soon, it was a pretty good run. I was determined to kills as much trash as possible, so I was running around looking for stuff to kill, while casting cocoon at ppl in need (a few times someone just dropped in 2 seconds, so didn’t get a chance to heal them). I was competing with Klorox for kills, and he beat me with 1 (12 vs 11). 😛 Run took 36 minutes (and I didn’t die!).

OnMouseOver again for picture info

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Return to ee FoT

Almost 2 months has passed since I ran ee FoT with a selected group (See EE FoT U19 Completed). Yesterday as I was running FoT on Cerge, I got a tell that the group would be gathering in about 30 min, if I was interested. Sure says I. The group was almost the same, except 2 ppl removed and 3 new instead. All ppl I at one time or another have run with. I switched to Unyelding Sentinel, switched out Brace for Impact to Cocoon, and buffed up. Sat there waiting for the rest outside of the quest entrance and tried to pay attention to instructions. As I did not have a specific task, and since my dps is a bit lower than many of the others, I didn’t really listen much.  At least we were supposed to do about the same as last time, ppl were assigned bosses, we’d prep one pair at a time and someone would grab TO when he drops. Order was confused-lies-silent-crystal. I was staying out of trouble, casting spells at the giants and dragons a bit, but mostly focusing on trash, and then on to TO and SR.

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