This weekend I ended up playing a lot longer in one session, than I had first planned. The plan was to run with my sister and Kudesnik at midnight my time, and I logged at 8pm, which gave me 4h to run raids etc before switching to my druid. I wanted to run CitW so put up an lfm for it. Things didn’t go so well, 3 h later the only thing I had done was that damn CitW. I jumped on a not so elite Shroud, just to get something easy done before switching, even though there were some first timers. I have not run Shroud as many times as some long time players, but with 40+ runs on Thaz (most on hard or elite), ~30 runs on Cerge and 7? runs on Maidae, Shroud doesn’t give me stress almost at all. I don’t care if ppl mess up, because in most cases it can be completed anyway. Fail percentage is ~0 (I have wiped in Shroud, but it has been due to lag or trying elite with a not elite party). Anywho.

Switching to my level 12 druid, the plan was to run a heroic elite VON 5-6. I have run VON 30+ times (again, not as many as some, but have still run it on 4 toons now), but I’ve never done the voice and the ring, so I was expecting someone else to do it. The first try we lagged out completely (instance freeze) and had to restart. But second try, was fine, except, I had to learn the hard way how to do the ring and the voice. I didn’t talk twice to the north and the east head and had to go back and do it.  This leads up to the topic of the blog post. First, a friend and a guildie logged as we were ip with the first try, and when I asked if he’d like to come, he replies “you’ve been in there a long time already” and “it usually takes about 30 minutes”. I know he knows VON really well, while I don’t know it, so thanks for not helping. After me getting irritated he says “I already did it, and I want to save the xp for epic levels”. Well, thanks. So, instead of telling me you just don’t want to do it, you start off by putting me down for taking too long? And to top it off, someone in the party says “this is probably the longest VON group I’ve been in”.  My response to that was (no, I don’t hold back, and I can be pretty harsh) “well, if it’s taking too long, do something to fix it”. This person did nothing.

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1 week, 4 toons; quests and raids

How about instead of writing a long boring blog about this week’s happenings, I just show u some pics? 😛 Ok, I’ll add a little bit of text just for clearification. Since I haven’t blogged all week, this is gonna be pic heavy, but I’m trying to keep it short.

Running Maidae with TorGrimorde and Andy. We did Made to Order, Dreams of Insanity, Purge of the Fallen Shrine and Chamber of Kourush. I got a pug for the first one, but got tired of the noob level, so we ran the rest with hirelings.

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DDO marathon

Note: marathon, means marathon. This is going to be long. lol

Friday was a night off from DDO for me, due to work xmas party (yes, kind of early, I know). Saturday I did a bit of household chores, then logged on to DDO at 7pm, which is a lot earlier than I usually play on Saturdays. Plan was to play til early Sunday morning. 🙂

Early evening
So, I logged on and checked the lfm. Nothing good on. Alright, so I was missing some mats (four) for the gs scimitar I was going to make for Thaz, and they all drop in Let the sleeping dust lie, so headed over there to do a quick normal. On the way there I saw an lfm for The Chronoscope epic elite, and sent the leader a tell, that if they need a healer I’ll join once they have a bit more ppl, that I’ll run vale for mats until then. I got a reply a while later asking me how long, and I replied that I’ll drop the quest and join.

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Saturday gaming

Finally it was Saturday and Thazara’s game time. It’s been almost a week. I had planned to finally do some favor clean up, but oh, those epic tokens (well fragments) are so attractive. On the lfm I see epic normal Partycrashers. I join only to realize I thought they were doing Snitch, silly me. But no worries, and hard’s fine. We had no cc, but a rogue, pally, fighter, arti and monk. We ended up doing the Snitch and Big Top as well, went more or less smoothy (for big top we got a clonk instead of one of the melees), except for the fact that me and the rogue hit a bad spot in the big top and both’s clients crashed. Oh, well, party waited and end fight went smoothly. Epic hard is definitely easier than the old epics. Last time I did Big top was before the update and we wiped twice 😀

Then yes, there’s an lfm for a hard Shroud. 🙂 Thazara wants her weekly shroud completion. Party has one arti, an fvs and Thaz as healers, two bards, sorc, rangers, monk… I’m forgetting the rest. In part two we have to do it 3 times because of missed timing, but otherwise everything’s smooth until part 4. I mess up. Yes, me. When we’re killing the first two waves of trash and you’re supposed to save a devil until the blades are gone – this will keep any more trash from spawning when you’re fighting Harry. What do I do? I throw implosion. And you know the thing about implosion? It’s active for a whole 10 seconds, and it cannot be turned off. Which means, I of course wiped the floor with any mob who came within range. So, no devil saved, and a bunch of trash while we’re fighting Harry, which also meant, melees were spread out in the room. Bards drop, ranger drops, someone else drops. Healers are still standing. In the second round we manage to save a devil, and do not have to worry about trash. I’m actively offensive casting while I’m healing. I even get Harry aggro a few times. But here’s the sorta funny. I’m doing stacked divine punishment, hitting for, I don’t know 500-900? I am not aware of what the fvs is doing. When the melees jump out to avoid the blades, I throw a destruction and one more dp and watch how Harry’s hp bar keeps getting smaller. Will the dp be enough? People are preparing for his fireballs, but nope, they never come, because Harry is dead (well of course he’s not really dead since he returns in part 5)!

Now we have was it 4-5 people to raise, of which one has computer problem and does not get raised. In part 5 one of the bards dies twice. I raise both times. I also keep DoT’ing, and do chug a pot close to the end, to be able to keep going. But we are victorious. 🙂 And afterwards the fvs, who was leader tells me “thank you for joining, you did good”. Yeah, maybe he was just being polite, who knows, but I’m always proud of myself when I manage to do my part, and we don’t wipe.

After this I see both Abbot and Reaver’s fate on the lfm, I pick Abbot just because I haven’t done it much (well not Reaver’s either, but Reaver’s is kinda dull). Let’s see, what’s worst? The fact that we wait forever to fill, or that there was a miscommunication from the scouts and everything went sideways? Second try I’m guessing it went better, but we failed on inferno, no one with a wand was fast enough to get us safe, and party more or less wiped. Third try I dc’d before we could start and when I get back the party has left and tells me that they left because they just kept dying. Well that was it for me anyway, too much waiting and me being pretty bored with it. One thing I learned though, is that there is only one item in DDO that protects wisdom spell casters (clerics, paladins, rangers) from being hit with Quells’ intercession, and that is Atonement. Quells’ intercession has not bothered me much in the past, since I can still burst and melee when it hits me, but this time in Abbot is was really causing me problems. I kept getting hit over and over and was unable to raise people. After the first run I got to borrow an Atonement sword from another player. I need to get my hands on a sword of my own if I plan to do any more Abbots.

I noticed someone I know a little having an lfm for King’s Forest much earlier, and he was still running when I left Abbot, so joined. Managed to collect 3 cleric commendations before he left and I was left party leader. Since someone had just joined before this, I didn’t want to leave, but put the lfm back up for more people. Party fills, and we’ve just gone back in when I get a tell from a guildie “eVON hard (raid), need healer”. And I’m like “but I have a pug for King’s Forest”. He replies “But it’s eVON! A chance to get SoS”. I feel silly for preferring collecting commendations to running eVON, so I decide to join. My first epic raid, as the second healer (we were only two, the other an fvs).

Everything goes pretty smoothly in VON5, and I get just over 70k xp 🙂 pretty sweet. The only thing that annoyed me a little was that there was a wizard who was burning mana like crazy, had used up both shrines before we were heading up center, and then asks if I have divine vitality for her. I’m like really? Even if I had dv, what the heck are you gonna do with maybe 100 sp or less (if I had dv I would only have dv1 which gives you 3d4+10 sp per turn undead – and I would not give a person all my turns since I use them for heals)? When you were burning through over 2000 just cleaning trash? Running epic raids and asking for dv? Really? Really?

In VON6 I am told I’m on second healer duty, that when the fvs is down to 500 sp, I’m suppose to step up. I’m not used to this kind of arrangement (I know it’s typical for eRaids), but I take my place behind the rock, block and keep aura going. I throw bursts at anyone joining me behind the rock. I believe the fvs is a bit in trouble, but I don’t respond until the leader says “Thazara, you’re gonna have to step in”. So I do, I throw a mass cure, then raise one-two people, bursts, heal and raise. When everyone’s back up, I start healing actively, not seeing how much hp the dragon has left, and am expecting to have to drink a pot. Nope, I still have like 400 sp left when the dragon’s beat and won. Yay! My first epic raid 🙂

Note: We were a full party, a few people left before I took the picture

I stayed on in the party ’til last, just because I wanted to hear what the leader and a few others were talking about – they were talking about the fvs. Apparently the fvs was someone’s guildie and that’s why he had been allowed (or asked) to join. That he wasn’t really healing at first, that he’s probably new to the game and new to playing a healer. That he’s still learning. My guildie writes in the chat “but Thazara stepped up nicely”. 🙂 Well, I’m happy that we were successful and that I didn’t do anything foolish in my first epic Raid. I am also pretty proud of my efforts, and that everyone was standing when the dragon dropped. But, I must say, I am pretty spoiled with the bursts. They are my self target mass that I use all the time. They are what keeps me from dropping, when I otherwise would, because I have them hot key’d to the scroll button on the mouse. I don’t have to think, I just press it when I start taking damage. 🙂

Alright, that’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.
Peace out.

P.S. Tonight’s gaming gave me two ranks in my ED and the 3 AP’s I had to spend I used on Spark of life (deathblock) and Block energy 3 (While blocking, absorb 30% acid, cold, electric, fire, force, light and sonic damage.)

Sort of a meh night

Saturday’s Thazara’s night. I run Thazara on Saturdays.. and well usually Sundays as well. I log kinda late and first spend some time doing inventory. So I want to run Shroud. Thazara usually runs one weekly Shroud on Saturdays. I see one on the lfm, but they’re doing multiple raids, so I put up my own for hard, and a couple of ppl join. Then I get a tell from the other group, if I don’t want to join them instead. Sure, me and the other two join and a guildie who had asked me to save him a spot.

I think the party leader was the same one who led my first VoD. He’s a pretty good leader, even though his toon’s rather squishy. We go in on elite 🙂 I’m not worried, since the party leader thinks we have enough dps and heals. In part 3 we get stuck on a 5×5 puzzle, I go in and am unsure about if they want me to do it or not. I mean I love doing the puzzles, but I don’t want to mess it up if someone is already solving. Someone was solving, but stopped, so I continued, he then pressed on something and I had to more or less start over.. and then the rainbow came up. Party leader tells me to put on divine intervention, and I do, but also tell him “I’m almost done”. My heart’s racing like crazy, but a few clicks, puzzle’s solved and me and the other person water the fountains and we’re done! XD

I have been wanting to do elite shroud for a while, and I wasn’t disappointed in my toon. She’s got pretty good saves (for a cleric), she’s unbuffed at 519 hp, with some buffs way over 600 (See her stats in shroud here). Other healers were an fvs at 300 something hp, and the same amount of sp as me (2011 with the sun soul belt and ship buffs) and a bard. I was just healing away but people started dying. I’m like “what the hell happened?” Fvs’s still standing though, but drop in round 3. Left are, I think are our fighter, a wizard, arti, ranger and me. I’m doing my best at healing, and DoTing a little, but I manage to get aggro and get hit a few times. I believe we get to round 4 when I manage to drop and left are a wizard and arti (I might be completely getting this wrong, so if any of my co-runners read this, you’re welcome to correct me). Wizard drop and arti is alone with Harry. Doesn’t take long and it’s a wipe. Apparently harry was down to 30-40% Which is still pretty much for one person.

So, we lose a few people, among them the arti and a ranger, but they get replaced and we go in on hard this time. I feel like it takes us longer than last time to take down the portals in phase one, but phase two is a lot smoother. First run we had to do it 4 times because the killing was off. This run we only did it once. In phase 3 I again get to help someone with a 5×5 🙂 I’m pretty pleased with my puzzle solving skills XD

We get to phase 4 and people are discoing alike crazy. See pic:

Shroud disco

I’m bit fuzzy on the details, but people died. And at some point I was getting hit a lot, and several times got close to dropping. You know, if you want the healer to heal the melee, you don’t want the healer to have aggro. Well I didn’t. The raid leader who was a sorcerer was using me as a shield. And then he was asking for heals. I was too busy trying to figure out where everyone was and who to heal. There basically was only one melee on Harry. I save myself from the brink of dropping at least 2 times, but then I drop. The fvs and bard had dropped a lot earlier. Left were only a fighter and a wizard. They got Harry to 5%. Then the fighter drops and soon after the wizard. Bleh. Second wipe. After which almost everyone leaves.

I see an lfm for elite shroud, I join, but since no one else was joining, the leader decides not to wait. So no Shroud completion for Thazara.

Instead I log with Jarvanna and me and Xenaya run Freshen the Air, Chamber of Insanity and Archer Point Defense elite. I was telling Xenaya, that I don’t think we’ll be able to duo the quests, but I was very much mistaken. Runs went very smoothly. In Chamber of insanity I was using the druid DoT spell Creeping Cold on the wraths and the boss. Worked really nicely. But oh, tell me, how is it possible that I’m able to use potions of lesser restoration like a spell? I was able to cast it on Xenaya to remove ability damage? But they’re potions?

Here’s the party in Archer Point defence:


In the back you have a summon lion and wolf, then from the left: Xenaya, hireling Arias Oreth, Jarvanna and hireling Kendra Estleton.

Ok, ty for reading. See you around.
Peace out.

Have I become elitist?

This is the blog I was going to write on Saturday, but was unable to because of the broken blog.

Someone told me a while back that there’s in his opinion too much elitism on the higher levels. So I’m wondering, have I become one of them?

I leveled Thazara to 21 and did my first lfm for Shroud on Saturday. And hard. I wrote on the lfm “hard shroud, pref min 400 hp”. I was told by someone joining that I should have asked for DR breakers, and when the third ranger joined the same person told me “no more rangers”. Well I wasn’t too worried, since everyone joining did have min 400 hp, and I got a second healer (Hey, I’m a caster, what do I know about dr breakers?). Party was mostly melee, with only one caster, a sorcerer. Part 1 went fine, but in part two we had to do it 3 times because someone killed one of the reds too fast 2 times. And the same person sending me tells earlier was like “organize them” to me. Fine. So I started yelling out orders. 🙂 Do not kill, only prep, and pull all the reds here. Then when someone the third time killed one before the kill order, they were all more or less prepped anyway, so I just said “ok, kill” 🙂

Part 3 went really well, and in part 4, even though I said to not kill the last devil, someone still took him out (I sorta saw it happening, but wasn’t sure if it was the last one). But no big, Harry dropped in two rounds and only one death, the bard. I got to do the raise for the first time (I haven’t wanted to do it before). Part 5 taking out the reds and the rogue parking the ellie also went fine, but when Harry arrived the sorc and the bard both dropped in one hit. I was like “seriously?” over voice. Someone told me to not raise, but after a while I raised them anyway. The sorc moved next to me and was getting aura heals. One hit from Harry and they both drop again. At this point I considered it a waste of mana to raise them, so I just let them be dead until the fight was over. Was that elitist of me?

Well actually, in my opinion it was the most logical option. 🙂

After Shroud Thazara headed over to King’s Forest with her hireling Albus the fvs. And who doesn’t she meet but the green dragon Veraxiena 🙂 Thazara doesn’t have any of the skills intimidate, bluff or diplomacy, at least not at any level that counts. She tries to use diplomacy, but Vera get’s angry, and attacks who? Albus! Muahaha! Thazara is standing at a more or less safe distance, blocking and throwing divine punishment with metas at Vera.

Check out the pics here:

Vera’s throwing poison at Thaz, but she just shakes it off. Albus on the other hand is constantly knocked on his behind 🙂 And when Vera tries to attack, for some reason she get’s her head stuck in the dirt, lol. But when she’s down to maybe 1/5, she suddenly disappears, and I realize that she’s up in the air. Still within casting range, though. So a short while later we’ve beaten her. Too bad she didn’t drop down afterwards.

Thazara is about to continue through the forest, when she sees something. Vera’s treasure! Two treasure chests and loads of gold. She does a victory dance.

Victory dance

🙂 Here are Thazara’s current stats with Legends of Oriens ship buffs, own mass buffs (I buffed the hire as well) and barkskin. But no heroism or rage, and no minos:

Thazara stats July

The fortification’s showing as 40%, but it’s actually 140% 🙂

Current tomes eaten: str+2, dex+1, con+2, int+3, wis+1, cha+2. A +2 wis tome would now make her wis even (I took wis +1 as epic feat), and I would love ToD +4 tomes 🙂 Some day, some day maybe.

That’s all from Thazara for tonight.
Take care and see you in game.

P.S. Thazara stumbled into Underdark as well, and met earth and air elementals, but also driders and ooh, salamanders! 🙂 I’m too tired to post any more pictures at the moment, though. Next time.

Gear gear gear

My main, Thazara. I’m very proud of her and she kicks butt imo. But she’s still under geared, and I haven’t picked a gs item yet. I have posted about her gear before, but here I’m listing it once more:

Armor: Blue Dragonscale Robe/ Robe: deathblock, heavy fort
Head: Crystal cove hat (archmagi, concentration+15)/ Minos legends
Neck: Alchemist’s Pendant
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket
Cloak: Magewright’s Cloak
Belt: Greater false life
Gloves: Epic Brawling Gloves tier 2
Boots: striding+30%/ feather fall, balance+10
Bracers: Ethereal bracers
Goggles: Time-sensing
Ring1: Wis+6
Ring2: Epic Ring of the Buccaneer tier 2
Shield: Epic Swashbuckler (Light) tier 2
Main hand: Epic Ornamented Dagger tier3/ Epic Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) tier 2

Tomes eaten/ read so far: con+2, cha+2, wis+1. These are the only ones I’ve found. Hoping for some +3 ones.

Thaz is healer/ caster with melee fallback, but as some of you have read she melees quite well in epics with her scimitar and buckler (even though her dps isn’t great, I see nice numbers, and I’ve seen foes stunned by the buckler even in epics). She keeps the dagger in hand when healing and spell casting, and the scimitar when meleing. She needs her con, wis, cha, str and dex items. She uses the time-sensing goggles for haste any time she’s meleing.

Items I would like:
Epic Goggles of Time-Sensing (+2 exceptional wis, 5x haste, colorless and yellow augment slot)
Cannith Boots of Propulsion
Bracers of the Glacier
and perhaps

The problem with the skiver is, that I most likely would forget to use the sp on it before switching to one of my superior ardor VI clickies and hence lose the sp (unless I already have the ardor clicke equipped when entering a quest).

I’m up in 6 shroud completions, 2 fails in part 5 and 1 where we only got to part 3. I have yet to decide on a gs blank.

Thank you for reading and see you around Orien or Cannith.

P.S. My myddo mailbox is broken, but if you want to get in touch, you can reach me on: (as Thazara ofOrien). Yeah, I could have added empty spaces in the email to “fool” bots, but you know, bots are pretty smart now-a-days, so it really doesn’t make too much of a difference 🙂 Actually, signing up for stuff probably gives you more junk mail, than posting it online.

To the newly lvl 16 healers

I would like to post this from the comment section on my post Healer priorieties (@bluejadex, I hope you don’t mind me reposting your question)

bluejadex Says:
I’ve pretty much followed the priorities you mention here. Here’s my question: when you go in a quest with at least a couple people you’ve not ran before, do you tell them your priorities, or just go for it?

I’ve had cases (especially when at lower levels…just got my cleric to level 16 with the stone of experience and am a bit overwhelmed atm) where players either rage quit or had some rude comment if I didn’t keep them fully healed ALL the time. In one of the quests, the player did both – even though I kept him alive the entire time (one or people did die, but got them to Res shrines since I didn’t have Res yet).

Micki Says:
Experienced players only expect you to keep them alive, anything else is bonus (so, no I don’t usually tell people my priorities, but the quote on my profile is what I said at the start of epic Bargain of blood). Newbies, and especially those who’ve never played a healer before, might complain about a range of things. You can only try your best. I did, though, after getting tired of complaining zergers, add a list of rules to Thazara’s bio. Something like: 1. I can’t heal you if you’re out of reach. 2. I can’t heal you if you’re blocked. 3. I can’t heal you if you leave me to fight alone 4. I am not a hire and will not tail you. I will follow the party, but I am not that fast and if the party splits I have to pick who to follow. 5. I can’t heal stupid. 6. If you complain about me not healing you because of 1-4, you will only make me angry and most likely be blacklisted.

Advice on playing a lvl 16 healer? 1. use superior ardor clickes. 2. don’t over heal – use your superior ardor clickie to buff your heals/ cures and pick the smallest cure you can, that heals the player to 100% (will save you a lot of mana). 3. avoid aggro. Some people like to run through bb with monsters on their tail, but the thing is, when you get aggro it’s hard to heal the party. Only fight if 1. you can quickly take out the foe without taking damage or 2. someone else is keeping aggro (or the foe is unable to attack you because e.g. Otto’s).

Learning to play a healer efficiently and to be more than a healbot takes time and practice. It’s actually one of the (imo) most difficult roles to play. Some people expect to be able to heal shroud just because they suddenly have a high enough healer toon. Don’t go into shroud until you’ve successfully played party healer in quests lvl 17 (preferably elite, but lvl 15-16 elite works too). Good luck and don’t forget to have fun.

Healer priorieties

My latest post Clerics don’t melee in epics! got lost in the stream of new posts, so I’m making a short post to clarify a few things. 🙂

Here’s a list of healer priorities I feel any healer should follow. If you’re straying from them, you need to let the people you’re running with know, or only play with people who know your priorities.

1. Stay alive. This means, avoid putting yourself in situations where you are likely to get killed. Of course, everyone makes mistakes, and that’s ok, but if you are the only healer, you shouldn’t run off and kill yourself in the traps. Let the tank or rogue do that. Also, running away is completely allowed if you start taking damage. You can’t help the party if you’re dead.

2. Keep a constant eye on everyone’s hp-bars. If someone’s taking damage, try your best to throw them a cure/ heal/ mass cure/ mass heal. You can also carry “harm” for PM’s if you like (not usually expected, but I like being able to heal pm’s as well).

3. Do damage in any way you can, as long as you’re not getting in over your head. Melee, cast spells, whatever. But avoid wasting all your mana on offensive casting, because you’ll most likely need it for heals.

Other things that a lot of people expect of healers are buffs and removals. Of course, this is a personal choice, but I carry all buffs as spells and removals on wands. Having one wand with 50 charges for any need doesn’t cost me much, but means I’m prepared for any situation. Scrolls of greater restoration are a bit more expensive, but I carry them as well.

I also carry 200 scrolls of heal, 100 scrolls of cure mod mass and 40 scrolls of resurrection. I was told I need the heal scrolls for shroud. But, I have also been told to avoid over healing. I use a superior ardor VI clickie for all my cures/ heals, and my most common mass is cure mod mass with empower heal and quicken. I only use mass heal if the melees hp-bars drop to 50% or less. I melee to save mana and DoT in boss fights, if I’m not having to spend all my mana on heals. If I do have to use scrolls, then usually the party is already in trouble, because they’re sucking up my mana (i.e. taking too much damage). 🙂

And yeah, I like to block and tumble as well 🙂 You can cast spells/heals while blocking, and blocking also tells you when you need to get out of dodge + up’s your survivability.

TC and see you around Orien or Cannith.

A good day :)

Man! I had a good day of gaming today. 🙂 Ran a successful Shroud on normal (3 healers, 2 fvs and me. My first complete), then Sentinels Tower (The Tide Turns) and Devil Assault on epic (I had only run it on hard, never elite, lol), and then Blown to Bits on Elite.

And hey, I must say I’m feeling pretty good. My first two epic completes. Me the only healer, a total of one death in Devil Assault. Man, I was proud and the group was really good and gave me a “good heals”. 🙂 And I must say, running epics is a lot of fun 🙂 And the weird thing is, that Thaz was even able to do some meleing in there. Melee to keep other melees healed and save sp (and the buckler keeps stunning attackers). I’ve been thinking that Thaz isn’t epic ready because of her low hp and sp, but 1. she’s got good enough hp to manage atm, and 2. as long as I’m saving mana, her sp is also ok. 🙂 And it’s all about the group. A good group, less mana used on heals and I can play more offensively 🙂 Poor group and I run out of mana early and have to scroll heal (which easily leads to deaths).

In Blown to Bits we had a few deaths, the arti and bard kept dying 🙂 I think they were the only ones to die, but I don’t remember. Party was all melee, with me the only caster. Main part of the quest went fine, but we really didn’t have a chance taking down The Iron Firebomber. After a long try, he was down to maybe 3/4 of hp, and we were all out 🙂 I also didn’t bother healing much during the fight, because people weren’t taking much damage (since they were mostly running through blade barriers), except when they got hit by the bombs (the bard did it prob 10 times), which was 1000+ of damage and insta death. At least there was a shrine in the room 😀 lol.

I got a new nice item from Blown to bits, though. This one:

Alchemist's Pendant

20 stacking hp, to add to minos 20. 🙂 very nice. Now I still have the small problem of my death block item being the Silver Flame Talisman. I need death block on something else so I can use my nice new necklace in quests with beholders as well. Oh, and strange thing (to me anyway). Thaz’s got no dex item atm. Buffed her reflex save is at about 14 (or maybe a little more, I don’t remember now). And she was getting reflex saves in Blown to bits.

Take care and see you around Orien.

P.S. In Blown to Bits I met a really nice barb who gave me 25k plat for my efforts 🙂 But hey, he said he has an fvs as an alt. This to anyone who read my previous rant about barbs 🙂

P.P.S Thazara just exceeded 3200 favor 🙂