Raids and flagging – weekend post

Time to do another weekend post. πŸ™‚ I was busy busy this weekend. The plan was to run raids on Thazara and Cerge on Saturday and then flag Cerge for CitW on Sunday. I decided to save VoN on Thaz, so she’s not on timer on Monday, but wanted to run ADQ and FoT.

Shroud elite (Thazara)
I logged around 8 pm on Saturday and saw a group for elite shroud up. I think they were only 5 people, and no healer. So, I decided to join on Thaz, sat there chit-chatting for a while, then spammed the channels telling ppl to come join. Didn’t take that long and we had a full party. πŸ™‚ Group was high level with lots of dps, so we 1 rounded p4, had some deaths in p5, prolly cause I got distracted by a tell or channel or something and wasn’t healing (note, I wasn’t the only healer, we had a clonk? too).

FoT hard (Thazara)
Now I can’t remember the order of things, but I think I posted for FoT after Shroud. “eh. main/ best ed. Know it pls”. Again spamming channels. πŸ™‚ Well, I call it spam, but I copy the same line/ word into the channels I use, e.g. “Fot?”. With U19 things have changed, but also before this it was getting harder to get good groups for FoT and CitW. The active raiders already have everything, and with U19 the raid loot isn’t even that good anymore. Anywho, I thought I had a good group, even 2 ppl who said they can do SR tank, and 2 ppl saying they can kite. So, person who wanted SR tank got to do that, and I put other guy on TO, left first person to say they can kite do that, and put our very own shuriken monk on TO kiting duty when he first drops. As we drop down things didn’t go so well, ppl were taking damage, we were not doing enough dps, and as I was doing role of trying to control the situation, I didn’t pay attention to my hp and died. Rest of the group kept things together and we got stuff done, even if it was a bit messier than I’d have liked. We take down crystal, SR tank is ready and we’re working on TO. He’s hopping around a bit, but we’re ok. I keep watching SR tank’s hp, nervously, and as expected, he goes down. Since I was ready for it, I run over and grab SR’s aggro, and tell other guy to take over. I wait for first guy’s timer to expire and raise him, and the other guy dies. So I decide to just stay and heal SR tank. Things are a bit of a mess, at some point SR runs off, and someone shoots one of the undead dragons and aggros him on the SR. We get both TO and SR prepped, and I call kill and it looks like we’re about to fail, but we manage to take SR out at the last few seconds. πŸ™‚ I said afterwards, that that was a bit more work than I would have liked, but we got it done. Also, I said “a lot of noobish behavior in that run”. This shooting stuff that u’re not supposed to be shooting and pulling aggro is the type of behavior that will make me not let you into my runs.

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Summer Vacation 2013

Hello boys and girls and warforged. πŸ™‚

In Finland if you have a permanent position at a company, and you have been working for more than 1 year, you are entitled to 4 weeks of summer vacation, that you can either split up, or use all in one go. I prefer to stay away from work for 4 weeks in one go, to get a proper break from all the stress and daily routines. My vacation started July 1, and I will back at work again July 29. It’s been sunny and warm in Finland, and I’ve been trying to work on my tan a bit. πŸ™‚

Even after 1.5 weeks of vacation, I still haven’t gotten all the things done that I had on my list. I still need to do some shopping and cleaning, and I haven’t been to the gym at all. I’ve seen my friends some, and I’ve been cycling a bit. Time flies. I have, though, been playing ddo until morning, almost every night. πŸ™‚

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Just a short one; ee Tor

Since epic gianthold came out, I have been spending at least some time there every week. I tend to hop on ee lfm’s, especially if it’s someone I know. Usually it’s been Prison of the Planes. A few days ago I gave up trying to lead FoT. It’s not that I don’t know it, or try my best to make sure everyone knows what to do, people still manage to mess up, we fail the timing and end up having to prep the Reaver over and over…. Those damn perma dots, and people without pale lavender, etc. It’s a huge mess and I’m tired. So, while complaining to a friend about it, he suggested one of the channels he’s in. Not that it’d help me with FoT, but they run other stuff, like ee Tor.

So, yesterday I had planned to run some lowbie stuff with grim, but then I was asked if I want to run ee Tor with the ppl from the new channel and some others. They call themselves “The Tor kittens”. πŸ˜› I’ve never run ee Tor, been meaning to, so found it very hard to say no. I felt totally lost in this group. I mean, I knew 4/5 of them, and they were all pretty nice, but I felt like I was expected to do more dps. I badly need to finish my EDs and get tree. Group leader asked “Thaz can u get tree?” and I had to tell him, I don’t have it yet.

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This weekend in DDO

I have been skipping my friday runs on Cannith for irl stuff a few times lately, so this friday I skipped a party for DDO πŸ™‚ On Cannith, we have a static group, we used to be 5 and now we’re down to 3: clonk (me), rogue and druid. This friday we ran some Necro 4 (again) to get the last pieces for the sigil, one run of Litany, took lvl 18 and started running the Web of Chaos chain.

Keronna in Lords of Dust. Was a very good run.

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Trying FoT U17.1 epic elite

I went out on Friday night for the first time in a long while, slept in on Saturday and then had a bunch of chores I wanted to do before logging on to ddo. So, I didn’t log on til 10pm. I saw Supergimp on an lfm for ee FoT, sent him a tell that I was considering it, no reply, so lfm’d for CitW Normal. I barely got it up before Super sent me a tell asking me to join him instead, and when Demonnibler joined me I asked if he wanted to go join Super instead.

First try, we enter with a full group and plan was to follow the same tactics as on normal or hard. Things got messy and the dragons killed us, one by one. Divine intervention saved me, but as everyone else was dead, I didn’t last long after getting up.

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Instance freezes and stupid ppl

πŸ™‚ Sorry for not blogging in a while, and oh, the lack of pictures. I’m gonna post some pics soon. Well, my last week in DDO was good and bad. Instance freezes have been getting more common and it’s getting on ppl’s nerves. How many instance freezes can I count last week? We froze in Gianthold Tor (had to recall), Tharashk Arena (had to recall), Caught in the Web, ToD, only to name a few. The other week Meridia froze and on Sunday Eveningstar and the Marketplace froze. I can understand why ppl haven’t been wanting to do too many raids lately. Is this only on Orien?

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Time off work; collecting epic elite favor

So, as some of u know, my plan with Thazara has been to do everything, and collect all the favor possible, level all the ED’s. This week I’ve had my winter vacation from work and have been running some earler in the day.

The other day when I logged on, Cleazy was busy running Evenigstar first chain (I think) on epic elite, so I lfm’d for the High Road epic elite, starting with A stay at the inn. My friend Violater joined, an then the ranger Melayde. πŸ™‚ As we were waiting, Vi suggested we try trio it, and I was up for that. So, the first part of the quest we trio’d on EE, with Thaz meleing (Thazara is still a caster specced cleric). πŸ˜› Later on we were joined by some more ppl and we continued with the other quests in the chain.

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Weekend runs 3/3

I went to bed just after 4am Sunday morning, and slept til 1pm. Had a good sleep. Logged into DDO quite soon after getting up, to see if Cleazy was on. He was, but he joined a Caught in the Web group soon after I logged and the leader didn’t want any more healers. Or at least that’s the impression I got when I sent him a tell, so didn’t bother to hit the lfm. Also they had already started and I get lost.

Shroud (hard)
I lfm’d for a hard shroud on Cerge and we filled somewhat quickly. Andy joined on one of his toon and complained that I hadn’t invited him. lol. Like I have any idea when he’s on timer and not? Guy’s got so many toons, I don’t even know which are flagged for what. Anywho. I decide I want to do a quick run this time. We’re doing well and I help with a few puzzles. We don’t save a devil in phase 4 and it’s all good. But when I decide to rush in phase 5, we’re in trouble. Maybe I should have read the situation better, realised that party wasn’t strong enough for it?

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DDO marathon

Note: marathon, means marathon. This is going to be long. lol

Friday was a night off from DDO for me, due to work xmas party (yes, kind of early, I know). Saturday I did a bit of household chores, then logged on to DDO at 7pm, which is a lot earlier than I usually play on Saturdays. Plan was to play til early Sunday morning. πŸ™‚

Early evening
So, I logged on and checked the lfm. Nothing good on. Alright, so I was missing some mats (four) for the gs scimitar I was going to make for Thaz, and they all drop in Let the sleeping dust lie, so headed over there to do a quick normal. On the way there I saw an lfm for The Chronoscope epic elite, and sent the leader a tell, that if they need a healer I’ll join once they have a bit more ppl, that I’ll run vale for mats until then. I got a reply a while later asking me how long, and I replied that I’ll drop the quest and join.

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Epic elites and ADQ

This is my late Sunday post. πŸ™‚

On Sundays I usually sleep late and write my Saturday blog while having breakfast, usually in early afternoon. This Sunday I decided to log on to DDO instead to check if Cleazy was on. He was, but was busy getting an eADQ group together. I only have one epic toon, Thazara, and she ran eADQ on Saturday, so no go. I was just hanging around for a while, then saw an lfm for The House of Death Undone, epic elite looking for healer. I sent a tell than I just capped Thaz yest and that I could run.

Sschindylryn Epic Elites
I told the party that I’m unsure about where the quest is, so pls don’t enter before I get there. Found my way fine. Start was a bit messy and I didn’t know that freedom of movement was needed until someone complained “omg. ee and no fom”. I replied “sorry, I didn’t know”. Well, duh, maybe say something before we start, then? Party was ok, we had some deaths, including me, but I think we managed pretty well.

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