It’s all purple

I have been playing with my post-processing* setting turned off since Wheloon came out. I just couldn’t stand the purple, and with the post-processing turned off, it wasn’t as purple. Of course, it made it a bit tricky to know which side you were on when running Mirror Darkly, but anyway. Then my laptop that I was playing on broke, and I had Darth assemble a stationary for me. Yes, I know, assembling a PC isn’t really that hard, but I had paid for somewhat good stuff, and wasn’t really interested in trial and error. So, I let Darth do it, as he’s been playing around with hardware a lot more than I have.

Anyway, with the new computer, I didn’t remember to turn the post-processing off, and wasn’t even aware I had it on, until I ran Deathwyrm for the first time**. Shadow side was frickin purple and very hard to see.. but I took it as a challenge to fight my way through. But then… last weekend I ran What Goes Up.

When the Shadovars spawned, I could not see anything. Well, as you can see in the picture, I could make out a bit of the ground, and if you look closely, myself. The shadovars weren’t auto targeted, so I really couldn’t see them. I ran this quest first time with a group and second time solo. First time I wasn’t even able to locate a single shadovar before my party had killed them. I should have taken a picture of the world with the post-processing turned off for you to see the difference.

I am unsure of what the Turbine devs were thinking. Are we really supposed to play the game like this?

Note: I’m playing on very high (ultra high) graphics settings, I wonder what things look like for others with lower settings

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*post-processing is a checkbox under Settings and Graphics.
**actually now that I think of it, I think the post-processing automatically turned back on in one of the patches, as I had it off on the new computer

The Phoenix

Remember how we changed our guild name to Phoenix clan not too long ago? Me and the guildies were talking, and Miri suggested “Born from the ashes”, and I said “well, that’s the phoenix”… and Urgan then suggested Phoenix clan.

Well, what I didn’t tell you was that before this, I had made an appointment to a local tattooist to get a new tattoo on my leg. Guess what image was going to get? Here’s the result.


P.S. This is my first color tattoo, and yes I wanted my phoenix to look more like a bird of prey than a peacock.

EEraids 13 – a failure

Last week we attempted to 8 man EE Temple of the Deathwyrm. This week we were 12, and yet it turned really difficult. As Darth said, back in the day you were not allowed to raid unless you had enough hp and brought boss beaters, now you get joiners who are clueless.

I’m just not that strict of a leader, and I trust in ppl, I expect them to know what they’re doing and bring what is needed for the raid. The hard bit for me as a pug leader is to evaluate ppl and assign them to tasks that I feel they can do. This week the problem was that ppl didn’t bring self healing, didn’t know the raid, and were not quite able to succeed at the tasks assigned to them. The tank was not self healing, the death lord team was not able to stay alive.. and now the ragers no longer jump off the edge as they used to, so I assigned the wrong person to them… someone that I should have had on death lords instead.

Maybe it’s elitist of me, but when I host an EE raid and write “come prepared”, I expect ppl to know the raid, bring pots, scrolls and self healing. Even with heals in the group, it’s just not possible to have someone healbot ppl through the raid. If you do not have self healing, you become a liability… which is the same as a wasted party slot. In fact, if you do not have self healing, you are wasting our time and resources, as we will be raising you all the time. Death lords can disintegrate for over 500 points if you fail a save against them.. and for no fail you need 70+ fortitude save.

We have had some really good EE runs, but they have been quite dependant on having a few strong characters in the group. I need a good tank that can hold aggro and stay alive through everything. I need death lord and trash killers who carry enough dps to do it efficiently and have self heals enough to stay alive. Then I need a group that can handle shadow side. As it turns out, I can handle shadow side alone, if I only have someone to help me kill the beholder and helmed horror. I may be able to kill the beholder on my own if I only remember to wear spell absorption, but the helmed horror is quite tough for me.

Anyway, I guess it’s all a learning process. I need to learn to stop trusting ppl and just demand higher standards. The problem is that many of the better players have quit or are taking a break, and I’m struggling to find reliable players that can help me succeed at my raids. The regulars are missing as well. Oh, and if you didn’t get it, I called it on this week’s raid after a bit of a struggle in the end fight. We tried to resolve the situation, but as it just wasn’t happening, I decided to cut our losses before they grew.

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P.S. After the deathwyrm failure, joined Storms for a few quick raids, Firetha for Fotp and ToD and Maidae for MoD. Firetha is wearing heavy armor and has fire shield and displace, she did strangely well in eH FotP, even though she was not able to pull aggro of the dragon.

EEraids 12 – a failure

I don’t know what was up this Saturday, but there was very little interest in my lfm. After waiting for about an hour, we were 6, and I decided to get started. It’s never failed so far, as soon as I start running, ppl start hitting the lfm, the other week I even ended up turning ppl down as we were full. But not this week. We struggled a bit to get through the mirror rooms, but we got to the last selection.. and ended up with red light/ green light room. Decided to wait a bit before stepping in, and we got two more joiners. Struggled through red light/ green light and got to the shrine room. Someone locked it a bit early and we could not take any more joiners.

Thaz’s stats and numbers fully buffed, but without any temp boosts

I knew it would be hard, but if everyone did their job, we should have been able to do it. I assigned Aviendrah to kite dragon and 3 ppl on death lords and 3 of us would be doing shadow side. Shadow side failed on first attempt, as one guy got thrown out and me and other guy could not handle the beholder as a duo. I usually end up petrified for 30 s, which is long enough for the other mobs to kill me, if the beholder doesn’t finish me off first. Weii came in and raised us, but as we were getting attacked I decided to flee, and jumped down. Other guy died again. Third try was the charm and we managed to get the beholder and helmed horror down and break the phylactery.. 3 times.

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Cerge TR 5

Finally I get around to writing this blog. I’t s been a full week, and I haven’t had a whole lot of extra time or energy. Monday I logged on to ddo a bit late, and posted for Mark of Death.. Cerge needed 3 more completions for 40th. Tuesday and Wednesday I spent prepping the TR and on Wednesday (April 29) I TR’d. Thursday I sorted his gear, inventory and quick bars, and did a few favor runs. Yup, I really didn’t get much done at all. Here are Cerge’s before and after pictures:

Cerge 9 cleric/ 8 fighter/ 3 monk/ 8 epic                  Cerge 13 paladin/ 1 cleric/ 1 fighter

You can view his previous build plan here and his current one here, just note that the enhancements for his current life are due to change.

Yup, Cerge is extra extra ugly this life.

That’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by and gave a great day

P.S. Cerge was born spring of 2012… and this was his 5th TR, i.e. his 6h life.

EEraids 11

Here we go with the weekly EEraids post. This week I again waited a good long while before ppl started joining, but in the end I had a full party. Things were going pretty well and we were progressing nicely. We did not have to restart because of lag, and I didn’t have ppl dying left and right. I assigned two ppl to take care of the battleragers, three ppl on death lords and Erofen went and picked up one guy who got stuck at the jumps (and failed to say he did not know how to do them before we had passed that point). I also told Sylvette to stay on dragon side to heal the tank and trash killers. Who ever was left was to come to shadow side.

We got lucky on the phylactery and found it on third or forth try, I forget now. The raid finished after 54 min 3 s, with only 16 deaths, of which one was mine. My death was during one of the puzzles, as I got over run by trash while the dragon was shooting dots at me. This was our fastest run to date.

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I wasn’t going to post this blog tonight.. I was just going to go to bed. But after logging off from ddo, reading my emails I felt just wired enough to want to write this.

I was reading on the ddo forums about lag last week and I could honestly say I had not noticed anything out of the ordinary. Then came this week and sort of had to retract my previous statement. The first thing I noticed was that the fighting scenes in the quests felt choppy, and my hits were not landing. Then as I was running Wheloon EE on Wednesday, things got really bad. For the first 3 quests I ran (with pug), pretty much each time we (or I) aggrod a group of mobs, we would freeze up. The mobs would still keep on attacking, we could still attempt to hit them or move, but we’d either only move one step every few seconds, or just be hitting in place unsure if we were hitting anything at all, and healing was impossible.

We made it to the end fight, then we froze over and over

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Planning Cerge’s next life

I wrote a blog a few days ago about my plans for Cerge’s next life. As you probably know by now, I like doing builds I’ve never done before, with main weapon different from before.. which means I don’t really use the stuff I got saved up for my toons that much. Well, Maidae’s first two lives were a handwraps monk, and after two lives in between she is currently using handwraps again and I’m liking it a lot. I mean to turn her into a handwraps build for her last life… when ever that is.

Anyway, Cerge. I have never played a paladin, unless you count the favor runs I did on Spikylicious. Spiky is my default bladeforged that made when the bladeforged first came out, and since then I’ve turned him into a bank toon that I did favor runs on. Doing favor on an iconic is so much easier than running on a vet 2, lol.

So, as I really don’t know how to build a good paladin.. that is one that is survivable, has dps to solo EEs, and can tank the dracolich in EE Deathwyrm. It was suggested to me to do a Vanguard S&B build.. and that I should do 18 paladin for the core enhancements. Ok, will do. As you know, I’ve been asking Short for advice, as well as on the forums, and Jedli pitched in a bit. Jedli’s suggestion was to do 2 fighter and to grab quicken, while Short suggested doing 1 cleric for better heals and scroll mastery.

When it comes to quicken.. my casters usually have it (although I swapped it out on my sorc on Darth’s suggestion), while my melees do not. If it’s a choice between quicken and empower heal, I always pick emp. heal. Now, can I manage without quicken on my pally? I do not know. I’ve decided to go with the build I posted in my previous blog (except for the enhancements, which I will adjust on live).. and may swap out a feat for quicken if I feel I really need it.

This will not be my only paladin build, as I mean to do 3 pally lives on Maidae as well for heal amp. My plans for my toons change a bit with the game, but the base idea is still the same, Cerge is meant to be my completionist caster, Maidae my monk, Thaz forever cleric. Firetha I’m thinking I’d like to turn into a palemaster caster, and will probably work on getting some caster lives on her. Jarvanna I don’t really have any plans for except for doing 3 druid past lives. I may consider doing some wolfie builds on her after that, but since we’re progressing so slowly, I can’t say how far we’ll get.

Ok, I’m done with the babbling. I mean to write a blog about the lag we’ve experienced on Orien this week, but I have the pictures at home.. so will do that later.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

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Cerge life 6 – build draft

Cerge is my long term completionist project. What it means is that my goal is to one day have one past life of each class on him… may it take how ever long. My idea was to do past lives in ED sphere order, as well as always take the build to cap, which I have done. On the way I also decided to do a few epic past lives while I’m at it. I started in the arcane sphere with sorcerer, wizard and bard… then moved on to divine sphere and did favored soul and cleric… which takes us to the last divine life, paladin.

Now, Darth hates paladins, and except for a short while right after the paladin changes an update or so ago, paladins have not been top dps. My experience with the average paladin has been that they have lots of hp, ok dps, but crappy threat generation.. and for that reason quite bad tanks in the raids I do. The majority of paladins I have asked to tank, have been unable to pull and keep aggro, after the casters and archers start attacking.

With no experience at all in playing or building a paladin, I asked for advice on the forums (see Paladin build ideas?) and from Short. Well, I asked Darth too, but he wasn’t interested in helping me plan a pally. So, I decided to go with Short’s idea:  pdk (I wanted iconic), 18 paladin/ 1 fighter/ 1 cleric. Fighter gives an extra feat and is the default class for pdk, cleric gives cheaper divine might and scroll mastery, 18 paladin for the Vanguard core enhancements. Short had crunched some numbers and told me that the dwarven axe would be the best weapon to use for a sword and board build, and that the best shield is the Madstone Aegis, which I have in the bank.

I wanted a build that is dps, survivable and is able to tank in EE Deathwyrm without needing a healbot. He needs to be able to take a beating and pull and keep aggro of the boss while others are hitting her.

This is only my first attempt at the enhancements, and apparently the vanguard tree is a bit buggy in the planner, so I wasn’t quite able to add all the points as I would have liked, but this is the first idea. Also it doesn’t have support for +6 tomes, so they are not calculated into the mix.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.23.01
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Lawful Good Purple Dragon Knight Male
(1 Fighter \ 18 Paladin \ 1 Cleric \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 473
Spell Points: 580 
BAB: 19\19\24\29\29
Fortitude: 26
Reflex: 13
Will: 15

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength             16                    31
Dexterity             8                    13
Constitution         16                    21
Intelligence         14                    19
Wisdom                8                    13
Charisma             16                    21

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EEraids 10 – recorded this time

This week the raid group filled quite fast. I even ended up having to turn a couple of ppl down, which was odd. I helped Wanzer flag while we were waiting, and suddenly I had a full group and we could start. Things were going really well until the end fight started. We got as far as shadows spawning, 3 of us went over to the shadow side, and suddenly everyone was dead. Genlisea tried to use Jack Jibber’s sword, but for some reason it failed. I asked the party if they were up for trying again, and everyone stayed.

On attempt 2, I put two ppl’s on taking care of battle rangers before we went over to the shadow side. There are several ways to deal with the rangers, but after I learned that they fall off the edge if they go too close, we’ve made sure they do before we continue. Other options would be to have someone either kite them, tank them, or as I learned last night, you can hang off the side of the door and keep them there. Anyway, it is an important part of the raid, to make sure the rangers are out of the way. Killing them is pointless as they have lots of hp and only respawn again.

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