Jarvanna & Schoan do EEs

While working on our EDs, Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna have been doing some EEs that we’ve never done before (on those characters). Last Sunday Valdayanie couldn’t make it, so Schoan and Jarvanna did Madstone and Cry for help as a duo. On the dps side we were doing, good, but surviving against the giant skeletons turned out to be a challenge. More than once my piker Evilynnn had to rescue us, but throwing raises from a safe distance.

One of the minotaurs jumped up out of reach
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Raids week 62

Raids Saturday 62 was a week ago on Saturday. I posted for babas a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST), and waited a bit to fill. At about 9.30 we were ready to start. This week I didn’t recognize several of the names joining, but they may have been alts of people who normally joins. I didn’t split the party, but let them split themselves, like I’ve been doing. We struggled a bit with some of the scarecrows, but the raid progressed at a normal speed and we finished in 34 minutes.

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Maidae does reaper

It’s been a while since I eTR’d Maidae, and she’s mostly been neglected while I’ve been doing the Ravenloft quests. The last few weeks she has been getting some playtime, though, and last night I added the first filigrees to her weapon, Pinion. This week I was doing Gianthold on reaper 2 with Hamster. See some of the screenshots below.

I found a nice perch spot in Foundation, after a bunch of deaths
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Raids week 61

Last week I was on a bit late, and as soon as I logged I was sent a party invite. I didn’t accept at first, but was then told the party was waiting for my raids, so I joined. It was inconclusive what they wanted to run, so I followed my original plan and posted for baba’s. Since I felt the group was quite strong, I suggested we do hard. About 10 minutes later we had a full party and were ready to get started. The puzzles went well and things were going quite well until the last fight when several of us died, and I realised that the death timer was annoyingly long. We completed in 30 minutes.

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Raids week 60

On Saturday I was a bit late to log on, and I saw someone having a post up for baba’s, except their post said “at 4 pm”. As it was about 3.20 pm, I decided to put my post up as normally. Soon after I got a tell asking if I could wait for their raid. I hesitated, contemplated, and then decided that I would keep my post up, as baba’s tend to fill quickly. So it did this time as well. My group filled and was ready to get going by 3.30 pm. I asked the party to split themselves, and someone attempted to create teams, which I believe failed a bit as not everyone noticed they tried to do that. I didn’t anyway, and just went right like I usually do. The run was good, we struggled on one of the scarecrow spawns, but other than that we didn’t have any issues. The raid finished in 24 minutes. Three named items dropped: Void, the Endless ColdMolten Silver Gauntlets and Patience Through Peril.

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Raids week 59

On Saturday I was on at exactly 9 pm (3 pm EST) and posted for baba’s raid normal. As always, after putting the lfm up, I wrote in channel which raid I had posted for and that the post was up. There seemed to be a lot of interest and we filled somewhat fast. One person asked me to save them a spot, so I ended up turning one person away… but then the person who was going to join realised they were still on timer, and I invited the one I had turned away to join us. As before I asked the party to split themselves for the puzzles, and things went quite good. The puzzles were getting done at a good pace and we didn’t really struggle at any part, except for in the last fight where I felt that people were too spread out, making it hard for me to throw heals and raises. We completed in 26 minutes and Suffering, the Half of Whole dropped.

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Farming and counting filigrees

With the new expansion pack, Mists of Ravenloft, we also got sentient gems and filigrees that are added to the gems as augments. The filigrees drop in chests in the new quests. At first I didn’t really pay much attention to them, but talking a bit about them and Hamster telling me he put his in a spreadsheet, I realised it was close to impossible in game to get a view of how many you have. The same type stack in your augment bag, but not in crafting bank and there is no way to search for all of them and sort them. So, I gave in and did the spreadsheet thing too.

My first version was ok, but now I’ve upgraded it and sorted it, as well as improved my formulas for a more dynamic sheet. Have a look at my sheet below. This data is based on a lager table where I add the different types of filigrees. My columns in the picture are as follows:

  • Total: Total number of filigrees of that set
  • Common: Total of common filigrees of that set
  • Rare: Total of rare filigrees of that set.
  • UC: Unique Common
  • UR: Unique Rare
  • Unique per set: Either unique common or unique rare
  • Pieces in set
  • Droprate: Total per set divided by total of filigrees
  • Of set: Percentage of completion of set

After doing my first spreadsheet, I got very motivated to get more filigrees, so I have been farming the quests on elite for the best chance of getting one. Even though the goal is the get 100% of each set, my main goal is the get more data, as I’m sort of enjoying playing around with the spreadsheet, lol.

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Raids week 58

I’m again a bit late with this post, as raids 58 was last Saturday. Last Satuday was quite produttive in my opinion. We got a lot of raids done, and I had almost a full party the whole time. Just as last week I started with Baba’s raid. I posted at about 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and at 9.15 I had a full party and was ready to start. I didn’t split the party but asked them to split themselves, and except for struggling with the timing on one of the puzzles (we didn’t kill the scarecrows at the same time, so they respawned one by one), the raid was quite smooth. We finished in 31 minutes.

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Raids week 57

This is the post for last Saturday’s raids, as I haven’t had a chance to do it until now. Last Sat I posted for Baba’s raid first and we filled somewhat quickly. At 9.30 pm my time (3.30 pm EST) we were in and ready to start. I had posted for LN. I again refused to split the party up, but let everyone decide a side for themselves. The run was quick and easy, but again one of the objectives failed to complete, so we didn’t get a completion and decided to run again. A few party members left and got replaced and we ran again. Second run was also smooth and quick. For Thaz, when we’re inside the hut, killing trash is quite easy as she can both frog and implode most of them, so that’s what I was doing. While we were doing puzzles I helped kill trash and we had people that were really good at the puzzles so puzzles were getting completed quickly. The second run completed in 23 minutes.

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Mists of Ravenloft – the videos

Someone had asked if I was planning to do more videos running Thazara, so I decided to record Thaz running the new Ravenloft quests. I flagged Thaz on R1 with Doobrey, as for these videos I solo’d EE for loot. Doobrey told me nothing drops on EH, and since R1 costs me more sp that EE, I decided to do EE. To tell the truth, I was surprised at how easy the quests felt. Thazara is my oldest character that I played past level 2. My very first character was also an elf cleric, but that character has long since been deleted.

Anyway, Thaz is on her first heroic life, has 10 epic past lives and is on her 6th build plan. The current build plan Thazara 1.6, is a light spammer evoker, using sun domain. She uses heavy armor has a bit over 500 light and positive spell power and some force spell power for implosion. I am using a toggle macro for light spamming, I need to turn it off to cast other spells (blade barrier, heals, divine wrath). As seen in some of the videos, I chose to remove arcane pulse from my macro for some of the quests, as it’s the most sp costly spell I currently use in the macro. The other spells/ SLAs cost between 2 and 12 sp. Thaz’s gear is not up to date with the new pack, I am looking at to improve it once I’ve acquired things that fit her gear setup. You can see Thaz’s current gear setup here (scroll down below the build plan).

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