Looking at Thazara’s build and gear

Today I felt like making a video about Thaz, as I have upgraded her and her gear a little bit, and I just felt like making a video this time. I apologize for my babbling, and forgetting things, lol. Here’s the video:

Thaz’s gear setup right now:
Goggles: Epic Elite Intricate Field Optics ability bonus: wisdom +3, augments: Topaz of Fear Immunity, Topaz of Striding +30%/ Epic Glimpse of the Soul, augments: Topaz of Striding +30%, Topaz of Fear Immunity (swap for MoD)
Head: Epic Deific Diadem, augments: Golem’s Heart, Topaz of Power +250/ Epic Elite Helm of the Blue Dragon, ability bonus: Insightful Wisdom +3, augments: Topaz of Power +250 (swap for MoD)
Neck: Epic Noxious Embers, augments: Diamond of Heal +15, Diamond of Insightful Intelligence +2
Trinket: Greater Cunning Trinket (before buffing), Epic Litany of the Dead (after buffing)
Armor: Thunderforged Heavy Armor, augments: Globe of True Imperial Blood, Sapphire of Spell Agility +15
Cloak: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Weave Cloak of Mineral (+45 hp)
Bracers: Dumathoin’s Bracers, augment: Sapphire of False Life +40
Belt: Epic Belt of Thoughtful Rememberance, augment: Diamond of Spellcraft +15
Ring 1 (always on): Epic Elite Ring of Shadows, augment: Topaz of Greater Evocation
Boots: Supreme Tyrant Green Steel Boots of Concordant Opposition (Blindness Immunity, +150 sp)
Gloves: Iron Mitts, augment: Diamond of Insightful Constitution +2
Ring 2 (possibly swap): Lantern Ring, augment: Good Luck +2, Vitality +20
Main hand: Thunder-Forged scepter with Dwarvencraft Impulse, Dwarvencraft Evocation Focus, Dwarvencraft Kinetic Lore, augments: Meridian Fragment
Offhand: Libram of Silver Magic, augment: Ruby of Devotion +138

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EEraids 19

And then it was the 19th time I posted for EEraids. It was slow going at first, I expected to have to wait an hour again or so.. but suddenly ppl started hitting the lfm and I had a full group before we entered. Two of the joiners told me it was their first time… and even though I don’t like taking first timers into EE, I also don’t like waiting an hour or more for a full group, so a couple of first timers is ok. I explained the basics to them, “help with mirrors if you know them but don’t turn the beam until the puzzle is done and call beam before you do.”, “run away from your stone if you die”, and “try to keep up, we will be running fast”. We got the jump room and one of the newbies needed a carry, and the guy that was going to carry didn’t know how the portals work. When you step out from a portal, you will always have the one back behind you. This means that when you step back through the portal in the jump room, you have to turn 180 degrees to go back out to the mirror room, as you will be facing the 3 doors. I believe it took this person 3 or more tries before he listened to me and got it, lol.

The group in Deathwyrm this week

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The thing about multiboxing

The first friend I made in the game.. Andy as I called him, talked to me about dual-boxing. I had never heard the expression, seeing as I did not come from an mmo background. My friend would play two toons. He’d even bring two into raids, which would not make others very happy. Later I learned that dual-boxing was an easy (well with a bit of practice) way to solo tiles in the Abbot raid. Andy took it one step further and ran three accounts simultaneously, to be able to solo the Titan raid. Well the pre anyway, which requires three players/ toons.

I believe it was with U14 (at the same time that they did the UI changes) that Turbine added support for multiboxing into the client. Before this you had to install the game into a different folder for each instance you wanted to run. With this update you could just start the client multiple times and play as many accounts as you wanted.. well as many as your computer could handle that is.

Another friend of mine would also always play two accounts. He’d play a wizard, and bring with him his rogue alt for the traps. To be able to do this you had to have them of different accounts. Me, I made a second account that one time when I got a temp ban from the game. The ban only lasted a few hours, but during that time I started leveling a new alt. I hadn’t really planned to do this, but later I decided to get her some packs, and to bring her along when I was running with my sister. I guess this slowed down our progress a little, but I’m still glad I now have this toon as my opener.

The three musketeers: Genmaicha, Evilynnn and Thazara

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EEraids 18 – a mess

My lfm says “EEraids. Come prepared, main ED, know it, BYOH”. Let me explain what this means.

EEraids – the name of the channel I created, points to my weekly raids.
Come prepared – bring pots, scrolls, anything you need to be able to help out until we’re done. Running out of sp/ raises is not acceptable. If you do, you were not prepared.
Main ED – run in the best epic destiny for your build. Unyielding Sentinel is only acceptable for the tank, as it’s not a dps ED.
Know it – know where to go and what to do, we can’t be holding your hand through the raid, or guide you.
BYOH – bring your own heals. This means that you are expected to heal yourself. You’re expected to be able to run the raid/ help out without needing someone to babysit you with heals.

What the lfm doesn’t say, but is implied, is that if you join the raid, it’s expected of you to contribute. If you are unable to stay alive, you are not contributing. If you don’t know where to go, or run out of sp pots on a caster, you’re not contributing. And if you’re not, you are putting more work on the rest of the group. I put trust in you, if you join my lfm, having read what the lfm says, I trust you to be a contributing factor, not a burden.

The last update turned on my post processing again. The two last spots in the raid were taken by Glorfendel, a ranged fighter and Jalana (or something similar), a thrower monk.

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Have I ever told you how awesome I think Jedli is?

Jedli is a person I met in game… some time in 2012, I think. The first time I remember running with him was in September 2012, in A new Invasion, ToD flagging elite on Thazara (see it mentioned here). After that we raided together on and off, he was playing an fvs at the time and would help me heal shroud. See e.g. “Raiding Saturday” or “Sat-sun raids” from 2012. Jedli was reading my blog… donno how often or much, but he was, and when he decided to quit ddo he sent me a message via the form on the blog. This was October 2013 and it said “RIP orien. jedli… RL wants me. thx for the runs”. I learned that he had deleted his toon, as was probably not planning to come back.

One of my fav pics of Jedli being one of the last men standing in a raid gone really sideways. From 2012

Some time between October 2013 and April 2014 he came back, and got his toon returned from backup or something. I ran into him somewhere in Market or other public area, and he had just switched guilds… to some guild I don’t remember the name of right now. Or maybe he was guildless. I sent him a pm saying something like “I noticed you’ve changed guilds, if you haven’t had a chance to make friends yet in that guild, I want you.”… I really can’t remember the exact wording, but I remember saying “I want you”, lol. In April 2014, Jedli had joined Gli Egypt, which was later renamed Phoenix Clan (the first post mentioning Jedli as a guildie; Time to learn). I’m really happy that he joined, as he’s been a great asset.

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EEraids 17

This was the 17th time I posted for EEraids. EEraids is what I called the channel, the group running EE Thunderholme raids and hopefully some time in the future EE MoD. I have been speaking to ppl about these raids, and I understand that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If ppl are just after the named items from the raids, running quick eN runs for completions will benefit you more. I enjoy running these raids on EE, because if you never run at the highest difficulty, you’ll never develop skills for handling it. You’ll never know what your toon can do, and if you’re strong enough. You also won’t learn the tactics needed to complete. As skills and tactics interest me more than completions, I enjoy running these raids.

This week I posted for EE deathwyrm a little after 2pm EST and Weii joined me right away, a short while later a few more. One guy joined on a wizard with 612hp, and I told him that with under 700hp, he will have problems in the end fight due to disintegrate. You need 70+ fortitude save to save against the death lords’ disintegrate, and ppl usually don’t have that. This means that instead you’ll take the hit and heal up as quickly as you can. If you don’t have the hp to take the hit, you’ll get one shotted, and ppl getting one shotted quickly become more of a burden than help. So, the low hp wiz decided to drop group.

This week’s raid group

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EEraids 16 – a failure

Sometimes hosting a raid can be really hard. I started hosting raids back in 2012, because I didn’t see the raids I wanted to run on the lfm. Not when I wanted to run them anyway. Over the years, each time a new raid comes out.. I try to join someone else’s runs a few times to learn the raid before I start hosting my own. Often I also try to join a few different groups to see different tactics and I come up with my own tactics based on what I learned. I do adjust the tactics with time, and I allow ppl in my groups to suggest changes to my tactics, even though I may be hesitant to change at first. Sometimes change is good, other times what works for one group may not work for another. I have to pick tactics for a specific run based on the skill level and abilities of the party members.

Anyway, this week I posted for EE Deathwyrm as normally. Someone convinced me to let them join, even though it was their first time. It’s not really an issue for me that someone is new, as long as they don’t become a liability, as long as they can keep up, kill stuff and follow instructions. In a raid like Deathwyrm it can be rather tricky though. We had some problems. The way up til the end fight was ok, we ended up doing red light/ green light room, and Jedli said to me in guild chat “we’re low on dps”, which I could already tell from the time it took us to beat down the ragers in red light/ green light. Getting to the end fight, my rager guy was afk, another had entered late and was dead in red light/ green light. The only one sturdy enough to take ragers was the new guy.

I’m always up for a challenge, but this was already starting off bad. New guy get the ragers’ aggro and falls down… other guy comes back and grabs them and then goes and gets the two ppl that are missing. Jedli has dragon, and I told everyone else to focus on killing trash and death lords until we have everyone back up. This alone is a challenge and ppl die. We struggle onwards and some how get the shadows to spawn. First attempt on shadow side, me, Ero and Lob go in, I get into portal and dragon side wipes and we get kicked out from shadow side. We get ppl back up, lob goes in, then I and me and Lob continue until we actually manage to finish shadow side and get the shards.

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EEraids 15

Now, this was the 15th Saturday I posted for EEraids, Deathwyrm and Fire on Thunder Peak. I started posting for “byoh” and “know it” a couple of weeks ago, to try to avoid first timers. I have nothing against first timers, I just don’t think EE is the difficulty to learn. With exception for ppl I know well, that will be useful even if they don’t know the raid well. But, if I don’t know you, and you’ve never run the raid before… I will expect you to be nothing but a liability.

Anyway.. this time we did not get tower, but fought our way through red light/ green light. Tower is faster and a little bit easier, but I find that if I have a good group, that knows what to do, red light/ green light shouldn’t even be a challenge. Which it wasn’t. It was a bit slower, and we had a few deaths, but over all we got through it intact. The rest of the raid progressed quite smoothly, we found the phylactery on the second try, and killed the dragon on first. Jedli was tanking this time and as always did an excellent job.

As always, snapped a few screenies before I started looting.

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Well, what do you know

As you may know I epic reincarnated Maidae on Sunday. As always I checked my sagas first, eTR’d, collected my sagas and jumped to level 23 before doing my enhancements and gear. Then I switched toon to run Tower of Elemental Evil epic elite on Thaz. On Monday I ran Cerge and on Tuesday Jarvanna.. Wednesday I was going to run EE Web of Chaos on Maidae, but just after logging Stitchz sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but decided to see what he wanted. “Come ToEE”, says Stitchz. “I’m just eTR’d, I feel squishy, but ok.”, says I, then run to the quest.

I was the first in the group, but slowly we filled. I was highly surprised at Maidae’s performance. As I had eTR’d the primal sphere this time, I was running in Fury. I was hitting adrenaline somewhat often, and using my boosts and displacement.. and lo and behold, I was killing stuff and they were not hurting me much. I was keeping a close second in kills with Stitchz, who is a lvl 28 fvs (I think he’s 2 pally/ 18 fvs), and usually is quite good at killing stuff. Of course, there was no 1 or 2 hit kills for me, it still took me a while to drop the 14k hp trash mobs, but still. And my second surprise came when I started stunning stuff. I have no idea how that happened, as my stun dc is not that high.

I was the baby in the group at lvl 23, I think the bard was 25, the others 27-28

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Maidae eTR 4

Finally.. after being at cap for a number of weeks, I got around to epic reincarnating Maidae. She used to be able to keep up with Cerge when it comes to TRs and eTRs, but of late she’s been left behind. She’s done 3 martial eTRs, and now I decided to do her first primal.

The reincarnation grove in The Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar looks different from the one in Eberron.

Here are the before and after:
Before                                                               After

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