Cerge life 6 – build draft

Cerge is my long term completionist project. What it means is that my goal is to one day have one past life of each class on him… may it take how ever long. My idea was to do past lives in ED sphere order, as well as always take the build to cap, which I have done. On the way I also decided to do a few epic past lives while I’m at it. I started in the arcane sphere with sorcerer, wizard and bard… then moved on to divine sphere and did favored soul and cleric… which takes us to the last divine life, paladin.

Now, Darth hates paladins, and except for a short while right after the paladin changes an update or so ago, paladins have not been top dps. My experience with the average paladin has been that they have lots of hp, ok dps, but crappy threat generation.. and for that reason quite bad tanks in the raids I do. The majority of paladins I have asked to tank, have been unable to pull and keep aggro, after the casters and archers start attacking.

With no experience at all in playing or building a paladin, I asked for advice on the forums (see Paladin build ideas?) and from Short. Well, I asked Darth too, but he wasn’t interested in helping me plan a pally. So, I decided to go with Short’s idea:  pdk (I wanted iconic), 18 paladin/ 1 fighter/ 1 cleric. Fighter gives an extra feat and is the default class for pdk, cleric gives cheaper divine might and scroll mastery, 18 paladin for the Vanguard core enhancements. Short had crunched some numbers and told me that the dwarven axe would be the best weapon to use for a sword and board build, and that the best shield is the Madstone Aegis, which I have in the bank.

I wanted a build that is dps, survivable and is able to tank in EE Deathwyrm without needing a healbot. He needs to be able to take a beating and pull and keep aggro of the boss while others are hitting her.

This is only my first attempt at the enhancements, and apparently the vanguard tree is a bit buggy in the planner, so I wasn’t quite able to add all the points as I would have liked, but this is the first idea. Also it doesn’t have support for +6 tomes, so they are not calculated into the mix.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.23.01
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Lawful Good Purple Dragon Knight Male
(1 Fighter \ 18 Paladin \ 1 Cleric \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 473
Spell Points: 580 
BAB: 19\19\24\29\29
Fortitude: 26
Reflex: 13
Will: 15

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength             16                    31
Dexterity             8                    13
Constitution         16                    21
Intelligence         14                    19
Wisdom                8                    13
Charisma             16                    21

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EEraids 10 – recorded this time

This week the raid group filled quite fast. I even ended up having to turn a couple of ppl down, which was odd. I helped Wanzer flag while we were waiting, and suddenly I had a full group and we could start. Things were going really well until the end fight started. We got as far as shadows spawning, 3 of us went over to the shadow side, and suddenly everyone was dead. Genlisea tried to use Jack Jibber’s sword, but for some reason it failed. I asked the party if they were up for trying again, and everyone stayed.

On attempt 2, I put two ppl’s on taking care of battle rangers before we went over to the shadow side. There are several ways to deal with the rangers, but after I learned that they fall off the edge if they go too close, we’ve made sure they do before we continue. Other options would be to have someone either kite them, tank them, or as I learned last night, you can hang off the side of the door and keep them there. Anyway, it is an important part of the raid, to make sure the rangers are out of the way. Killing them is pointless as they have lots of hp and only respawn again.

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Cerge eTR 5

On Sunday (April 12) I wasn’t in any hurry to log on to ddo after waking up… and when I finally did I decided to eTR Cerge. I spent some time doing that, doing enhancements and quickbars while I was chatting a bit.

Here are Cerge’s before and after pics, as you can see I didn’t change him too much.

Cerge before eTR                                               Cerge after eTR

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Being an air ellie is fun

So, as you may know, I decided to turn Firetha into a dc caster air savant some weeks ago. I was leveling her with Darth, and after we hit 20 I went on to flag for raids, while Darth TR’d again. I’ve never played an air savant before, and I didn’t know that the capstone literally turns you into an air elemental. That’s just awesome, lol. And I learned that air ellies don’t need to breathe under water.

So, I was running amrath quests elite at level and they were strangely easy. I remember when amrath used to scare me because you’d hit red alert instantly when the mobs spawned and then everything got really tough. But back then I was a healbot, and tried my best to keep everyone alive, without dying myself. Now I would just mass hold most things and kill them in 1-2 hits with chain lightning.

The other day I solo’d Wraith of Flames and was surprised at how easy it was.. and then went on to The Weapons Shipment. In the latter I ended up potting, as the battle goes on and on, and I was in there alone until almost the end (I had an lfm up).

After this I jumped on an lfm for EE Lords of Dust and stayed with the group through the chain. The group was lvl 21-24, and even though I had expected my toon to be the weakest in the group (recently lvl 21 with only ok gear), I managed to hold/ dance some and kill some. What I enjoyed more was the fact that this group was not full of elitist douchebags, it was a group of ppl just enjoying the game, and accepting that everyone’s not perfect. We had one higher level person join us for spinner, and one for Beyond the rift.

The character levels were: me 21, Cynthiaswill 24, Thehiddenone 21, Willgibb 22, Bluehealz 21 (don’t know what Gawdy was)

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EEraids Saturday No 9

Yes, I understand. If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve already seen 8 posts about this.. and here I am again writing about it. For me these posts are for documentation, I can look back at the party members and the quest report to see how we did.

I start by posting for “EEraids. Main ED. Come prepared. Channel Prioritized”, without adding quest selection. I wanted to see how many regulars I can get before opening the lfm to the masses. I waited 20-30 min and then opened the lfm. I wasn’t getting too many joiners so I suggested we start. “Can we finish with just 4?” is the question I get asked. I reply “No, but 99% of the time I get more joiners after I’ve started the raid.” Which was true for this run as well. As soon as we started, the joiners started coming, and before we’d gotten far we had a full party. One guy said it was his first time, and I told him that joining EE as a first time is not a good idea, because no one is going to wait for him. I did let him stay anyway, and he managed to make his way to the end fight.

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EEraids 8th Saturday

I posted for EEraids at about 5 to 2pm EST this Saturday, told in channel and then spent some time running around my guild ship looking for useful stuff, crafting and vendors (Osi placed most of the amenities). Half an hour later I added the quest to the lfm, and waited another 20 minutes before I had the first joiner. I was so bored at this point that I was ready to start with just two, I got the first puzzle done when we were over run by trash and wiped. At this point we had one more joiner so we restarted with 3, and before I had finished the first puzzle, ppl started hitting the lfm.

Before we hit the shrine room we had a full party, but ended up waiting for a couple of ppl to get there before we jumped through and locked the raid. I was very pleased at ppl listening to me. I wasn’t quite sure who to put on dragon, but decided on Eldrazi, Tybrya on rangers, Penutimate and Fuamatu on death lords and the rest of us would do shadow side. As always, only a few of us jumped to shadow side, and the rest of the party started dying on the dragon side. To speed the raid up, I usually only want a few ppl on the dragon side, dragon tank and a couple of ppl to kill death lords (they do a lot of damage if they’re allowed to run rampage). We got lucky this time, though, and we found the right phylactery on the second shadow spawn, and then could focus on finishing the raid.

Thaz killing shadows on the shadow side

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Questing week 14

I can’t remember now if I told you that I TR’d Firetha a few weeks ago and Darth told me he could level with me. The thing about this is that he plays a lot more than I do (I just can’t make more time for ddo, as I have irl stuff I need/ want to do as well), and he zerg TRs. When I TR I usually end up playing the toon at the most 2 nights a week, it takes me on an average 6 weeks to get the toon to 20. But, this time I decided I was going to make time to run with Darth, and learn how to TR his way.

We didn’t play as much as I would have liked, and I didn’t play as much as he would have liked… and several nights fell out for various reasons. In the end it took us 3.5 weeks to run 1-20, which is for Darth very slow, for me still faster than normally. I meant to take screenies from the runs, but since most of it was just me either trying to keep up, or alternatively stealing Darth’s kills… I completely forgot to screenshot. It was a nice experience, but now Darth will got back to TRing and I’m gonna flag Firetha for some raids and then start working on sagas. My opinion of this way of TR’ing? Well, the purpose is speed and past lives. I don’t mind some speed, but my purpose is personal experience and not past lives, so it’s not gonna become a regular thing.

Oh, and we capped yesterday.

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The druid and her shadow

When I first started playing a druid, I noticed that her shadow did not match her animal shape.. but it showed her human shape. This has since then changed… well at least a little. Currently, yes, her shadow shows a wolf.. but it shows something else too.

To me her shadow looks a bit like she’s riding a wolf with her arms out to the sides. My druid uses handwraps, so the pole seen in the shadow can’t be her weapon.

Strange indeed.

EEraids take 7

I hope I’m not boring you all with these posts. :) Of late I don’t do a whole lot of raiding, except for the EEraids on Saturday, usually at 2pm EST (the time was changed because of Deathwyrm). This Saturday I felt confident in the group I had for Deathwyrm, I had dps and everything seemed fine… until the 6th puzzle, when lag hit us and we pretty much wiped (maybe 2 ppl survivied). I suggested a restart, as when you lag in there it tends to stay with you, and a restart gives you a different instance… so we restarted. Try two was much better, and even though we ended up with the red light/ green light room, we managed pretty well. We had had no issue in the bone guardian room, and only a few minor lag spikes, but no big issues… until it came to doing the shadow room in the end fight. I lost count how many times we beat one down, we even tried prepping three, and yet the darn real phylactery did not want to show its face.

After making good time til the end fight, and having decent dps, we just could not find the real phylactery and I started worrying about a wipe, since ppl were dying and low on resources. But then, after a painful long end fight (Stitchz tells me he tanked the dragon for 40 min), Justus found the phylactery and we were able to finish the raid. The whole thing over 1.5 h. The goal is to do it in under an hour.

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Aaaand… we have a new name

I was talking with the guildies, or maybe it was just Urgan, about Osi leaving me the guild a month or more ago. One request was that we change the guild name, and he wasn’t the only one who asked for that. Sure says I. As soon as I have lead of the guild, I can change the name. I started asking for guild name ideas, but it was only a few days ago or so that I started coming up with my own ideas, and throwing it back and forth a bit between the guildies.

I had a name three ppl liked, but then one guy said no. Some names I said no to right away. Then yesterday, while thinking about Jedli’s suggestion, we started thinking about something to do with a rebirth of the guild with a new leader and a new name. And hence we came up with our current name. See the screenies below.

:) I guess Caergoth chose the wrong default message when he closed the ticket, but no matter, I knew what he meant anyway.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by. I’m very excited about the new name, and the new beginning.

P.S. In case you missed it somehow. When the phoenix bird is about to die, he starts to burn and is then reborn from the ashes. So, the phoenix is a great symbol for rebirth.