Mostly just doing the new raid

So… Darth moved in 2 weeks ago, and this week I’m back at work after my vacation. On top of it I haven’t been feeling great, so I haven’t been playing ddo as much as I usually do. But non the less, I’ve managed to get some runs in on the new raid, and all have been successful… we lost a few archons in a few of the runs, but the last few runs have been quite good.

Except for… two days ago as we were getting ready to start the end fight, suddenly the whole party froze. Asking in Titan chat I learned that Orchard was frozen as well. I didn’t expect it to do any good, but I decided to send in a ticket anyway. My ticket said “whole party frozen in Defiler of the Just”. About 20 minutes later (I just did not want to leave when we were this close to a completion), I was contacted by a moose, and at the same time the party unfroze.

Yesterday I didn’t get a chance to raid, as I didn’t log on til around 10.30pm, but today we did 3 more runs. Here are a couple of more screenies.

The end boss in Defiler of the Just

On Monday, as the end boss was dying she suddenly exploded and killed almost everyone. Lucky for us there is a raise shrine right there when you complete. :)

I have pulled a few items during the runs, Thaz got the goggles, Cerge has braziers and the longsword. I wish to do 20 runs on Thaz, Cerge and Firetha before I eTR or TR them, then I also need to run the raid on Maidae who is currently in the middle of an eTR.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day

P.S. I should prolly do a proper blog about the raid soon, as well as a video, but I’m tired right now so will have to get to that later.

Reaper difficulty?

A month or so ago I was reading the vault, and they were speculating about a new difficulty mentioned on Lamannia called Reaper. I had forgotten about it, until I saw it in the quest report from my Sat raids.

What is this Reaper difficulty? Is it something they’re planning to add?

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Thaz does the new raid

I’ve been waiting to run the new content.. on Friday I finally got Thaz flagged, and on Saturday I did the first run of the new raid. On Sunday I flagged Cerge solo, and then convinced Cleazy to run another flagging run on EE for Maidae and Darth. Then we did more runs. I think Cleazy did maybe 3, and then Gray took over and did 2-3. I got 6 completions total anyway, and in my 3rd run I got the goggles. Cleazy pulled them and put them up for roll and I got the highest roll. We were doing eN runs.

Thaz does Defiler of the Just. Is that a dead archon?

When Gray got tired of running the raid, I switched to Firetha to flag her as well. Had some nice eH runs of the quests. So far I am enjoying them.. but I guess it will get old semi quick. I am hoping for some nice loot, though.

That’s all folks :)

Maidae eTR 5

I was going to eTR Maidae while I was in Croatia, but I never got enough time to do it, so I finally did it on Friday (August 14). I’m doing exactly the same build as found on my build plans so nothing special about that. This time I also remembered to check that I was in the correct ED before picking up my sagas. I did change her looks a bit, though, and I actually like her better this way.

Maidae before eTR                                             Maidae after eTR

:) That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by and have a great day

EEraids 23

Finally, after 4 weeks of no sat raids for me, I was ready to host another one. I posted for Deathwyrm at 8pm my time as usually, and it was very slow at first. Then slowly ppl started joining and it wasn’t before too long that I had a full party. I don’t remember now if I waited to fill before starting, but I know I didn’t wait for everyone to get  to the raid. Anyway, the group was pretty good and we got maze and tower. The funny about the maze/ archives is that even though I explain how to do it, ppl get lost. I asked if ppl have d-door and know how to do the maze.. but even though ppl had d-door, they didn’t want to or knew how to do it so I just said “ok, ppl with d-door, follow me”. I picked right portal 6 times, and didn’t even need the d-door. Since I’m right handed, I tend to prefer going right, lol. It doesn’t really matter.

The raid party this week

Someone dc’d, someone got left behind and someone was piking, but we progressed at a good speed, and the only bad lag we had was in the bone guardian room. When the trash spawned, we started lagging badly. Or I was anyway. Yet, I don’t think anyone died, and we managed to kill the guardian in the first try. Coming to the end fight, I took the dragon and I told Emmilie to lead the shadow side. He asked me if we should do one or two at a time, and I said he can do what ever since he’s in charge. I was just sitting on the dragon… well most of the time I was hanging on the wall on the other side.

We had some deaths, and with the change to the xp bonus for deaths, the quest report no longer shows how who died and how many times. This is a big negative for me, because looking at the quest report I could see how squishy some ppl were. Now I can not. We finished in 57 min.

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Well, it’s vacation

It’s my last night in Croatia for this time and I wanted to do short blog. I’ve been here for close to 2 weeks, some of it in the east, some of it in the west by the sea. I went to spend time with Darth in his home country before he’s moving to Sweden. In a few days we’ll be common law spouses, so yay!

Thaz & Darth in Zadar. We went for a beer before going to see a movie.

The trip has been fine… in Sweden it was around 19C when I left, and in Croatia it’s been 30+ so quite a big difference. I’ve been trying to get a tan for the winter, lol. With Darth’s move and such, it will be a bit longer before I can get back to the raids and stuff but have no fear.. I will. :)

Over here I haven’t had much of an internet connection, so I haven’t been able to play ddo (except to log on a couple of times mostly to say hi to the guildies), so I am also looking forward to getting back home and back on stationary, lol. I also haven’t had a chance to check out U27, so that is another thing I’l looking forward to.

Last night, tried to take a selfie of us… but it didn’t work out so well, lol.

Anyway, that’s my short update. I hope to see you all in game see.


EEraids 22

Are you getting tired of my EEraids posts? Well.. :) I used to do Saturday raids posts before.. now they just have a name, lol. Anyway. This week we did Deathwyrm, Fire on Thunder Peak and Fall of Truth. Plus a couple of MoD runs to end the night. Deathwyrm filled really quickly, I posted maybe 5 to 8 pm (my time) and 20 past 8 I had a full party. Sue and Short joined me, and of course Jedli. I was on Cerge ready to give tanking another go.

We got really lucky, we got jumps and tower and the party worked really well together. Only one person needed a carry up the jumps and his guildie helped him. And in tower I told the casters to stay down and dot or ruin the phylactery while the melees and archers worked on the mobs up top. I think we only had one failure to jump down with the aura.. else we worked quite efficiently forward. Come to the end fight, I had no problem at all holding aggro or grabbing aggro again if I lost it. I lost aggro a couple of times when the dragon reset (of course) and once cause I was hiding behind the wall while someone ran up and attacked, so I wasn’t actively aggroing. I think I got a a couple of heals from someone else, but other than that I think I managed pretty well with the dragon. And yes this time I had stance and a str item, lol. I asked Short to lead shadow side, and told the group to read party chat. The phylactery didn’t quite want to show itself.. but I didn’t think it took that long in the end.. since we finished in 54 min. \o/

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I did it!

Last weekend Gray was talking about planning to do an EE MoD, and when I said I’d like to go she asked me which toon I want to bring. I said I want to do one run on Thaz at least, and she asked if I could cap in a week. Thaz was then lvl 24. I accepted the challenge. Now, 4.4 mil xp in 6 days would not be hard for the active player… but I don’t have that much time to play. I play maybe 2-3h/ night during the work week, and one of those nights is static night with my sis and Stephen.. so that makes only 5 days. Sunday is my ddo day when I play a bit more, but I still have rl stuff that needs to get done so I usually can’t do more than ~6h. But I was up for the challenge.

Sunday I ran into Cleazy, and after helping him with orchard on Maidae I convinced him to join me for EE GH for saga. We ran the whole saga, before I was out of time. Thaz got 25, I think. Monday I realised I had forgotten to do the 3 Eveningstar chains, so I posted for those and was joined by my guildie Miriath and his Brittish friend… let’s call him Hamster, and a few pugs. We did the first two chains before I decided to go to bed. Tuesday we continued an did Demonweb and continued with Wheloon. Thaz was 26.

Yes, I am proud of managing to do an eTR in 1.5 weeks. With doing all the sagas for next eTR as well. Thank you to the ppl who helped me out.

Wednesday was static night this week, so come Thursday Thaz was still 26 and had Storms Horns left to do. I was again joined by Miri and Hamster and pugs and we did all but WGU. Thaz was still 26. And then it was Friday. I started with WGU as I figured it would still be worth running for the xp. Thaz hit 27. 1.4 mil to go to cap. What can I run? I decided to do von3, wiz-king and spies in the house eH + eN… and I got a lot of xp. I was missing around 600k after this and posted for the von raid, which got me a bit over 200k. Then I posted for Demonweb again, this time eH for quick runs. So close now, and I was getting tired. It was around 1 in the morning (I had started at 9pm). I figured I’d look at wildernesses, and realised I still have messages in epic gianthold I haven’t done. Ran around looking for them while killing stuff for ~30 min and there it was, CAP! Yay!! I did it!! This was my fastest eTR so far, 1.5 weeks.. with the amount I play.

I did mess up when I eTR’d, though. When collecting my gathered sagas I forgot to switch to the correct ED, so now I’m missing ~800k xp from the primal sphere before I can eTR again. This means some more questing in Shiradi… but at least Thaz is now ready for EE MoD if Gray decides to do it.

1.4 mil in ~3h, not shabby at all. :)

P.S. Today I spent some time sorting Thaz’s gear, bank and inventory.. so I have gear ready for the next eTR. I gear for lvl 23, 25 and then 28. Since I use sagas, I skip levels 20-22.

Oh, what a big crown

When U26 was released, some of us noticed some funny effects in Gianthold. The symbols above mobs’ heads would scale with size. This is what I saw in Gianthold Tor today.

This bug was discussed in this thread on the ddo forums.

That’s all. Cheers.

EEraids 21

So.. my plan was to turn Cerge into a pally hate tank, and then start running the EEraids on him while I eTR Thaz. I capped Cerge and geared him and then did two test runs of Deathwyrm and one of Fotp to see how fit for tanking he is last week. My tests showed me I need to run Deathwyrm in Sentinel and that he’s not fit to tank dragons in Fotp. Anyway, Short suggested some improvements and I reset my enhancements before this week’s EEraids. Noob moment… I guess I was nervous or some, but I never realised I didn’t have stance active, and didn’t have an str item. Anyway, I was tankin dragon ok in Deathwyrm, most likely I’ll find it even easier with stance actually active next week, lol.

This week’s raid EE Deathwyrm party

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