Firetha TR 3

Last night I was thinking I would just eTR Firetha (so I would remember to do it before TR) and then run some quests on Thaz. But as I was done with the eTR I said to myself “meh, I’ll just TR now”… I went to the reincarnation grove, did the procedure, logged out to get my screenshot, restarted client… and huh? I did not have a button for reincarnate. I logged back in again and tried again, and I had to look at it twice before I realised where I had gone wrong. TR cache! I’ve been mainly eTR’ing of late and didn’t remember that doing a TR means you have to empty it, lol. So I spent my time doing that before finally getting to do my TR. Here are Firetha’s before and after. And as always, the creation cave does not give you the real colors. He hair was supposed to be light blue.. but now it’s only gray. Oh, and the before screenshot is from the last TR. I forgot to screenshot her before this TR.

Firetha level 1 sorcerer                                            Firetha level 1 wizard

That is all I have for you today. Cheers

Firetha 4.0

I finally got around to doing 20 doj runs on Firetha and planning a TR build for her. My idea is to do 2x wizard lives just 1-20 on her. As I will play my other toons as well, I don’t know how fast I will be able to TR, but this will be my first time actually meaning to do just 1-20 leveling. Only time I’ve previously TRd at 20 was when cap was still 20. I did one TR on Maidae back then.

Here is the draft for my wizard life/ lives

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.28.01
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 20 True Neutral Human Female
(20 Wizard) 
Hit Points: 240
Spell Points: 1696 
BAB: 10\10\15\20
Fortitude: 12
Reflex: 7
Will: 13

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 20)
Strength              8                    13
Dexterity             8                    13
Constitution         18                    23
Intelligence         18                    28
Wisdom                8                    13
Charisma             12                    17

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Micki the gamer

Back in 1999 when I was active on Funplanet forums, I used to call myself “Micki the girl”, just because Micki is commonly a guy’s name. Now I am “the gamer” instead, lol. Not really, I don’t remember using thay nick before. Anyway, I asked Darth to snap a picture of me playing (I was running Defiler of the Just at the time). Here’s a couple of pics.

I am wearing a puple t-shirt in the pics, normally I’d wear gray or black. And I have a little bit more stuff on my table than I usually do (water bottle, beer can, coffee mug), but this is what it looks like when I’m playing :) You can see Darth’s table in the right corner of the second picture.

That’s all folks.

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EEraids 28

Last week I was away on a cruise so EEraids were cancelled. This week I was back and I posted a bit before 8pm my time (2pm EST). I was prepared for a long wait, it has been taking a long while to fill these of late, so I was going to plan Firetha’s TR build while I wait… but I ended up talking with the first joiners instead. When we were 8, ppl started making their way to the raid and after an initial reset because of lag we were off. We got/ did archives and tower, and except for one late joiner getting lost and dying (and then releasing and leaving party), we didn’t have any issues to get to the end. In the end fight I had 3 ppl on death lords, I was on dragon as normally of late and I told Nurmaso to lead shadow side. It felt like the shadow side took a long time, but we finished in 60 min, which is still quite good for EE.

A dead dracolich in EEraids 28

Then off to fotp. A couple of ppl left and I got a couple of replacements and then we were off. We had a good amount of ranged dps, so I actually could have melees focus on trash and ranged on dragons this time. We had some deaths and a bit of lag, but still finished in 24 min.

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EEraids 27

This Saturday was the first time I actually considered not doing the EE raids for lack of interest. I posted at 8 as normally, and then went afk a bit to get some food. I got back and still no joiners.. so I decided to log on Mill’s account to flag him for doj, only to realise he doesn’t own the pack so I can’t do that. Instead I logged him off and hopped into The Devil’s Details eH. I was almost at the end when I suddenly got a bunch of joiners. It would seem that the ppl from OR had finished what ever it was that they were doing when I posted, and were up for an EE Deathwyrm. Weii, Arriene and Khyleeh joined for the completion of the quest I was running, but we did not get any named item in the chest. After this it didn’t take too long before I had a full group, but I had a few joiners who did not know the raid too well at all.

My rules are as always; 1. help with the puzzles if you know them, but don’t turn on the beam until you’re done and call beam when you do. 2. kill trash at each level before stepping through the portals to reduce lag and 3. run away from your stone if you die. I also told the newish ppl to try not to get lost, and to kill stuff. And to say asap if they do get lost and someone will come get them. What I can’t stand is if someone can’t do the jump or otherwise gets lost and decides to spend the rest of the raid trying to get to us. EE is not where we practice the raid, EE is where we run it efficiently and want everyone to keep up.

EEraids 27 – the group

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RIP Demon

This weekend I learned that my and Darth’s ddo friend Demonnibler/ Demonglober had passed away about a week ago. Demon was 23 years old, had a good well-paying job, was in a long time relationship with his girlfriend and had recently purchased a house in the Carrebean. Me and Demon were not that close, but he belonged to the same social group, and he and Darth were friends. Me and Darth were planning to go visit Demon in the Carrebean some time, maybe next summer. Demon’s real name was Kyle and he was from Canada.

Rest in peace Demon, and my condolences to your family and friends.

Our EE FOT group, my first EE FOT completion, FOT U19. Date: September 13, 2013


Thaz eTR 5

Finally after several weeks at cap (I capped her before my Croatia trip), I eTR’d Thaz again. Here’s the latest picture.

There we go, now I’m done with the blogs for this week :)

Finally a 20th completion of Defiler of the Just

I’ve been running this raid  for a few weeks now, trying to get a 20th completion on my toons so I can get back to eTRing and TRing. Thazara was the first to hit a 20th… and here is the 20th quest reward list:

Thaz already had the goggles and the cloak, and the only item on the list that would potentially benefit my build was the gauntlets, so that is what I picked.

That’s all folks, thank you for stopping by :)

EEraids 26

And then we’re here again, Saturday raids. I posted for deathwyrm at 7.55 pm my time… and waited. Then I deciced to attempt to solo The Archons’ Trial EE… but while I was part way through the second trial, I had 6 ppl in the group, so decided to recall and convert to raid. Someone must have stepped in, cause the timer on the lfm had started ticking and ppl who were joining would go straight to the raid – while I was still arounning around Eberron. Stitchz said he’d been drinking, so I was a bit worried that he’d be a bit out of control, but shook that feeling off – telling myself “no matter what happens, we’ll deal”. The way towards the end was quite smooth, and I stayed calm. We didn’t lag much and we didn’t really have too many deaths – and ppl were helping with the mirrors.

EEraids 26 – Deathwyrm

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EEraids 25

I don’t know if it was because of the +15% epic xp bonus that have been going on, or what it was, but it took a very long time to fill the raid this time. Post was up at around 10 to 8 and at 9 I only had 2 others in the group. Shortly after I got 3 more, yet we waited a good long while more before we had enough ppl for me to feel confident in starting.

The group this week.. was ok. My lfm asks the joiners to know the raid, but several of the joiners seemed to know very little of it. We got jumps and red light/ green light. I wasn’t very stressed or easily irritated, so when a few got “stuck” in jump room, I was prepared to go get them. I didn’t have to, though, because the wizard volunteered to do it. I feared a wipe in red light/ green light. More than once during red I saw my party go ding – ding – ding… and there was only me and maybe one other person left standing. Someone suggested the deaths were because some aoe effect, but my guess is that it was the battle ragers. If you move during red light – that is, if you do anything else but melee/ cast spells, and you are not wearing a spell absorption, you will die. Running, climbing or getting pushed counts as moving. And ragers will push you.

EEraids 25 – Deathwyrm

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