EEraids: our first Deathwyrm

I had been in EE Deathwyrm twice before, both runs hosted by Stormsz, so I wasn’t completely new to this raid. But, I need to learn to be stricter with ppl, and make sure they’re contributing to the group enough, as things quickly become difficult when ppl are piking or dying too much.

This week I posted for EE Deathwyrm at 2pm EST and this time we managed to run it without lag. I had a few of the ppl I know well join me, and some that I didn’t know that well. Some were not quite ready for it, and we had a lot of problems in the end fight to keep the death lords down. Tactics needed to be readjusted and I ended up sitting on shadow side just killing shadows, instead of healing the tank, which I had wanted to do. Jedli was tanking the dragon, and he did an excellent job, managed without heals. In the end I suggested the archers focus on dps’ing the dragon and a few of the melees group up and take out the death lords one at a time. This worked a bit better. The run took 131 minutes to finish, and was very tiresome, but at least we finished.

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It’s my party

I was finishing up my CitW runs tonight and a couple of ppl from channel joined me for the first one. These ppl are nice an all outside the raids, but I don’t really like raiding with them… just because of their attitude. They tend to care more about showing off than teaching ppl what to do, and this irritates the hell out of me every time. To the average person they didn’t do anything really to tick me off… but since I’ve seen and heard their attitude before, small things get to me.

This song popped up in my head.

And as a result of looking it up.. it kept spinning in my head for the rest of the night, lol.


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This week

If you remember my toon Firetha that I transferred to Orien from Cannith… I made a preliminary build plan for her next life. She didn’t have her EDs done, or almost any xp in ED’s at all, I was running her during mine and Osi’s raid night on Saturdays. I managed to cap all her EDs some weeks ago, and now I’m finally starting to prep for TR… by working on getting her 20th raids done. So far she’s done 60 MoDs and 20 FoTs… I’m missing 2 CitW and 4 VoN.. then I can TR.

This week I’ve been mainly running CitW.. or I did a couple of runs on Sunday too, to a total of 6 runs in 3 days. As this raid can be a bit trickier to fill than some of the other raids, I’ve just been doing normal, as I feel comfortable running it really short man on EE… as a matter of fact, we started 3 man in a few of those runs, I started solo once. In general the runs have been good, but it of course takes longer the few’er you are, so some of those have taken a bit longer. In general the runs have been 30-50 min… which isn’t particularly fast, seeing as a good eH run can take 40.

Anyway, here are the quest reports I have saved:


That is all folks. I don’t have much more for you today.


EEraids continue

My EEraids group is slowly kicking off and I’m starting to see some regulars and some interest for this, so I’m positive about getting more EE raids run on Orien. But but… this Saturday I wanted to do Deathwyrm. We had done Fire on Thunder Peak twice successfully and I felt it was time to attempt the other one. This week there had been a lot of lag on Orien, and Deathwyrm being famous for lag, I didn’t have high hopes about being able to complete, but as I had been talking about it I wanted to give it a try anyway. Well, result? Attempt 1: Lag freeze in first puzzle room, wipe. Rescued by late joiners. We continue, lag freeze, wipe, get rescued by ppl not in the same puzzle room. We continue like this til the 5th puzzle, and then decide to restart and try a different instance. We did not lag in jump room or during the bone guardian fight, only in the puzzle areas. Second try, diff instance, same result. I decide to record the lag, and I hit record as we lag for the last time before I decided to call quits. The last lag freeze lasted about 10 minutes. See recording below.

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From private to not so private

It’s time for a personal blog again. It’s been a while since I did one. :) Donno if you’ve noticed, but I haven’t been playing ddo much at all the last couple of weeks and that’s because “da boy” has been at my place visiting me. I haven’t really told you the story, have I? Who he is, how we met and such? On Orien ppl know him as Darth… cause all his toons have “darth” in their name. I can’t remember if I had run with him before or not, but I remember we were both regulars in the EE FoT group that was doing regular runs of that raid, starting fall of 2013. He was an active ddo player and I remember talking to him a little in channel. I asked him about his relationship status and he said he had just broken up with his girlfriend and was not looking for anything. I didn’t ask because I was interested in him, I was just curious.

I asked him about a build and he linked me one he had posted on the vault. Later I decided to pm him on the vault, just about my typical random bs that I do, lol. We started mailing back and forth, and he suddenly says “So when are you coming to visit me?”. “Are you serious?”says I, and a few weeks later I ordered a trip to Croatia. This was pretty much the craziest thing I had ever done… but I was trusting that he wouldn’t be a murdering rapist, lol. Things turned out better than expected..  he’s quite different irl, than online… much nicer, lol. We seem to get along great, and I’d say that’s unusual for me.

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EE Fotp take 2

On Saturday I wasn’t sure I would be able to play, but after Darth (who’s currently visiting me) assembled my new computer (which I didn’t want to do myself), he told me to go raid and try out the new computer… so I logged and posted on the lfm. First EEraids.. but after about 20 min I changed it to Fire on Thunder Peak EE for anyone to join. I post for lvl 28, but I’ll accept able ppl at lower levels too. I was being a bit annoyed with the computer… I couldn’t get the game to run full screen, until I after a bit of googling found scaling options and underscan-overscan, it needs to be at zero for the game to be shown at full screen.

From first posting to having a full party, we waited an hour. The first ppl joining joined quite soon after I posted, but I really didn’t want to go in with just 6 of us, so we waited. If I had ppl in the group who I trusted could solo it if things went sideways then maybe, but I’d rather play it a bit safe and go with more. The first run was a bit of a bust. We were doing really well, ppl were working together and we got stuff done… but after the purple named ellies went down, the dragons just wouldn’t land. We kept killing stuff for a good long while, before we decided to restart. This was after 30 min inside the raid.

Take two was a bit messier, ppl died, I died a couple of times and we lagged a bit, but in the end we were successful. I was running in Exalted Angel this time around, instead of Unyielding Sentinel. Sentinel gives me a bit more prr, and a lot more hp, but Thaz seemed to do well in EA too… and since I normally run in EA I felt more like myself. This run took 36 min, of which we waited a few min to get started. Stitchz and Jedli were my dragon keepers, the rest of us worked on trash and helped dps where we could.

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First Fire on Thunder Peak EE completed

I don’t think I’ve ever posted for a high level EE raid before, so I was very pleased with the outcome. This was the first raid of the hopefully weekly runs I/ we intend to do. There were a couple of first timers, but this raid isn’t in that way tricky, you just kill stuff the best you can. Ppl listened and worked together and even though we were a bit slow, we managed to get stuff done. Yay team!

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EE raids?

I posted a thread on the DDO forums about a week ago:  I have always strived towards running more EE raids, but the highest level EE raids have felt a bit out of reach. The only guild on the server that would run them was OR, and OR is pretty inactive currently. Matrix has started running them a bit of late though, so I’ve joined a couple of their EE Deathwyrm runs. I would like to get some ppl together and start running EE raids regularly. I like things scheduled, and since I don’t have a big enough group of guildies to join me, I decided to pitch the idea on the forums.

My idea is to get some EE ready ppl together and start running these raids on a weekly basis. I will continue to run the raids at a lower difficulty or teaching runs at other times, but the one time a week we’d do the highest difficulty available and hopefully succeed. But to succeed we need the right mixture of players and toons. I could accept non capped toons, but the best gear and weapons happen to be ml27-28, so I’d prefer to only take capped toons with lvl 27-28 gear. The participants should have run the raids a few times before and have a basic understanding of what needs to be done and what not to do. This is because things tend to get a lot more difficult if ppl are running around like headless chicken when things go sideways. I expect things to get hard, so I need ppl to keep a clear head and do what needs to be done. I’d also prefer to not have any “pikers”, at least not until I’m sure we can afford it dps wise. Piker refers to anyone who is not pulling their weight in the raid. Things are much smoother and easier if everyone contributes.

If you are on Orien and would like to start joining these raids, feel free to send me a pm in game, on the forums, comment here or on the forums, or use the contact form on this blog to send me an email. I also created a channel for these raids, if you’re interested in running with us, feel free to join the channel (channel information in the thread on the forums).

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting

P.S. I plan to do the first post today (Jan 24th), but after that I might miss the next 3 Saturdays due to a friend visiting. If he doesn’t mind me playing, I might do the raids anyway, but I can’t promise anything.


Is ddo dying?

I’m sitting on the train while writing this, so let’s hope I don’t make too many mistakes, lol. It’s still a couple of hours til I get off, so got some time to kill.

The Players Council (PC) 2014 is officially over and the application period for 2015 has begun. I’m excited to see who they pick this time and if anything will change. How do I feel about it all? I’m both sad and relieved it’s over. I was very excited at the start of the PC 2014, but quite quickly became a cynic and lost my drive. Part of it was the internal fighting, part of it that I didn’t feel like our ideas were listened to. I really wanted to see an improvement to bug reporting and I pitched an idea that was quickly shot down.

About ddo, the last year has been rather rough. Some bugs were allowed to run rampage and we lost a lot of players. Yet, I keep meeting ppl who say they’ve only been playing a short while so I still think ddo will survive a few more years. The devs seem to be developing new stuff still, and there seem to be plans for the game for this year. Of course things are not as they were, and part of me is missing the good old days when cap was 20.

In other news, Osi quit the game. Technically he started this progress months ago, he stopped TRing and would only log to do guild management and to do raid night with me. He kind of lost interest in raid night as well. Last Saturday he announced that he’s leaving and he made me successor of the guild. He also had deleted all other toons but Osi. He didn’t resign his leadership, though, but I’ll have to wait til his lead expires due to inactivity. The guildies and I talked a bit, and we’d like to change the guild name… which I can do when I get lead. I will let the guildies come up with suggestions, maybe I’ll put it up for vote. We’ll see.

Is ddo dying? I would say yes, just not any time soon. Every game has an expiry date, though.

That’s all for now, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

P.S. If you missed it, I plan to start posting for high level EE raids on Saturdays at 5pm EST on Orien. If you got an EE ready lvl 28 toon and you’re interested in joining, hit me up

Firetha 3.0 draft

I decided that for Firetha’s next life I would like to do a pure sorc, air savant. I’ve been looking at Farwind: An Air savant Endgame EE DPS Build and I’m trying to put my own twist on it. Firetha will be a 3rd life toon only and will only have one epic past life, so things will be a bit different. I am looking at Farwind’s spells, and I think I want to chose a little differently. I would also like to do drow instead of human.

I’m thinking the following:
Start stats: 20 cha, 14 con, 16 int (for skills).
Feats: empower, maximize, quicken, heighten, spell focus: evo, spell focus: enchant, past life: wiz, greater spell focus: evo, epic spell focus: evo, epic spell power: electricity, ruin and hellball.
Skills: concentration, spellcraft, heal, UMD… any extra points in bluff and diplo

In the initial draft I have selected some spells and enhancements, but will most likely redo then when she hits 20.

Here’s the initial draft of the build.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Chaotic Good Drow Female
(20 Sorcerer \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 312
Spell Points: 2137 
BAB: 10\10\15\20
Fortitude: 10
Reflex: 8
Will: 13

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength              8                    13
Dexterity            10                    15
Constitution         14                    19
Intelligence         16                    21
Wisdom                8                    13
Charisma             20                    36

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