SPOILER! Mists of Ravenloft

Ok, last chance to move away from this post if you don’t want spoilers.

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Raids week 51

As an exception, this time I’m posting the raids blog the day after the raids were run, unlike the previous posts where I didn’t manage to finish the blog until the end of the next week. I was a few minutes late and posted for LTS R2 as I usually do. There was a post up for Mark of Death at the same time, and it seemed like I was having bad luck with my post, the MOD group was filling, while I wasn’t really getting many joiners for a long time.  It wasn’t til around 10 pm my time (4pm EST) that we were ready to get going. The group was good, fire and ice was really easy this time, and in 15 min after starting we were buffing up to start the end fight. As we were about to go in, someone said that they had heard that it’s Colors of the Queen that causes Sor’jek to reset. During the end fight he reset once, and someone who had double rainbow running chose to turn it off.  Sor’jek didn’t reset again, but our dps was a bit lower this week than last, so the end fight took a bit longer. We finished in 27 minutes.

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Raids week 50

I was a bit late for raids last Saturday, and after Max joined, it seemed like there wasn’t that much interest in the raids. I posted as usually for LTS, reaper 2. We did eventually fill, though, and I started when most were in. After last weeks’ raids I crafted a dex-ring for Cerge, and as a dex build I felt he was doing a bit better with his new dex-item. The raid itself went well, fire and ice didn’t give us any bigger issues, and we didn’t have too many deaths. We had a bit more dps than last time and we managed to take Sor’jek down without him resetting. The raid finished in 18 minutes.

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Epic crucible on reaper 2

For you who don’t follow me on twitter or youtube, here’s a short post about the crucible run we did. I eTR’d Thaz some time back, and I’ve been running epic sagas on reaper 2 with Misanthropic, as he’s an instakiller build and it’s been making getting some reaper xp so much easier for me (and of course, I enjoy the company). I post on the lfm as well, and interest has varied. For gianthold, though, we’ve been getting a full party. A few days ago I wanted to do the crucible, and record the run. I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do reaper 2, but as it turns out my worry was in vain.

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Raids week 49

Raids week 49 was last week. Since Sweden had already switched to winter time, but the US hadn’t, I posted normal time according to my time, but in the US it was one hour later. The Night Revels was still active, but since I was done farming for the time being, I only logged for raids. About 20 min after posting for TS we were 11, and I suggested we start. Before getting to fire and ice we had a full party. This run was pretty smooth, I didn’t die in fire & ice and the raid progressed nicely. We had a few deaths, but since I managed to stay alive this run, they’re not in the experience report. Sor’jek didn’t rest, but I felt we had a bit less dps than last week. The raid finished in 24 minutes.

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The Night Revels 2017

This year I have a special treat for you. As I was running The Night Revels, I remembered someone asking me to do more Thazara videos, so I decided to 1. record a run of each of the quests in The Night Revels and 2. screenshot all the bosses and mini bosses in the quests. I also screenshotted the entry to the quest, where you can see the maximum amounts of mats I have gotten (the number in parenthesis next to the stars). To get the maximum amount of mats, you need to run at 5 levels above your own, and you may not have someone in your group who are several levels above yours, as that will give you a penalty. 1 level above your own did not seem to make a difference, but you do need to run 5 levels above the highest level player for max mats. Any challenge reward bonus will increase your mats. On to the quests.

23 Black Apples, my average ~3 min
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Raids week 48

Last Saturday (Oct 28) I logged on early, because I wanted to do some Night Revels farming before raids. Thaz was 24, so she wouldn’t be running the raids, but she is the best char I have for undead, so I was running her (I will be doing a separate blog about this). A few minutes to 9 pm (3 pm EST) I logged on Cerge for raids. This time it took about 30 min to fill, but getting int and str didn’t prove to be difficult, and there was enough interest in the run. Fire & ice was a bit easier this week, we didn’t have to kill them several times to get the timing down. I died twice though. The rest of the run was standard, the party kept together and no one got lost and had to be rescued. We got lucky with Sor’jek and he didn’t reset. We finished the raid in 20 min. The armor I was looking for didn’t drop.

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