EEraids 32

This week I did not even have the lfm up, when Short started sending me tells about him and a few of his guildies joining the raids. I was having some home made pizza (lol) and didn’t want to put the post up until I was done. Anyway, I put the lfm up when I was done, and was immediately joined by short and a few others. I told them I did not want to start until we were at least 8. I didn’t have to wait too long before I had enough ppl to start, and shortly after I had a full party. We progressed well, and we didn’t need to go back and get anyone. I had said at the start to say asap if you get lost, as I will not baby you or think for you.. but that we can come get you if you just say so.

EEraids 32 – Temple of the Deathwyrm

We got the jump room and tower and in the end fight we found the real phylactery on the second try. I believe this was our fastest completion so far, with 45 min.

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Maidae eTR 7

Yesterday I finally capped Maidae, and I had decided I was going to eTR right away. Here are the before and after picture:

Maidae before eTR                                              Maidae after eTR

I like her new looks, she looks kind of badass. :D

That’s all folks tc.

GM interaction

Last time I was running Maidae was about 2 weeks ago, I was running EE High Road with Osi and some others. In A Stay at the Inn we were progressing the quest as usually, we got to the end fight, fought the boss… and when it was time for him to spawn the red named shadow.. he didn’t. I sent in a ticket, we waited about 15 min with no response, so we decided to give up. I closed the ticket.

Today I had decided to finish my sagas, so I put up an lfm, invited two guildies and headed back to the high road. We started with Rest Stop and then continued with A stay at the Inn. Progressed the quest without issues, fought the boss, heard the DM said that the boss spawns the shadow.. and then nothing. I sent in another ticket, only to realise it’s too early in the morning in the US. Support hasn’t started working yet. Closed the ticket and restarted the quest. The problem? Next time we got to the end fight, the same thing happened, we got the message that the boss is spawning the shadow, and then nothing. We decided to skip the quest and continue on with the next quest. I also decided to send in a ticket about the issue.

After we finished The end of the Road, I wanted to do EE GH, and Hamster joined my group. He claimed he had finished  A stay at the Inn EE just the other day, and to prove it he solo’d it and got the shadow to spawn. Me, Jedli and Urgan stepped in to get our completion.

5 hours later a GM got in touch with me concerning my ticket. He offered to finish the quest for me, but as I had already continued on (and Hamster got me my completion), I didn’t need it. But, I was happy my ticket wasn’t auto closed, but the GM actually took the time to talk to me. Here is the convo:

The experience potions he sent me were medium +10% BTA potions, so they are really useless to me, but anyway…

Pumpkin heads!

Today as I was finishing up my sagas on Maidae I noticed something… all the champions had a pumpkin head under their crown…

A cat in The Maze of Madness with a pumpkin over his head

A skellie in Gianthold Tor with a big pumpkin over his head

A mob in What goes up with a pumpkin head

That’s it! Enjoy. :)

EEraids 31

Last week we were having a party for Darth’s birthday, so I didn’t do the raids, but this week I was back at it. I posted a bit early. Osi sent me a party invite when I logged on, but as I wanted to do my raids, I told him no, and didn’t accept. Right after I put the lfm up, Durk told me he’s bringing a few ppl to the raid, and not too long after I had a full party and we got started. We got as far as the last puzzle, when we lag froze and almost wiped. I called a restart. As I was coming back to Thunderholme, I got stuck in the loading screen and decided to kill my client, which in turn got me stuck in “Cleaning up old connection” – mode. Took me longer than I would have wanted to get back in and once I did I had lost 4 ppl.

EEraids 31 – the group and the dead dracolich

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The Night Revels

We thought Mabar was gone for good.. well at least I did. Then Turbine announced that they have created a new event that will take place in Delera’s Graveyard around Halloween. I… didn’t really care, until I learned that the augments available stack with everything. So I wanted the augments.

These events are usually a big grind and really time consuming, so I figured I’d log on all my accounts and save myself some time… until I realised that 1. most of the mats are bound to account and 2. there is a mats penalty to characters that are much lower in level than the others… which means I was unable to use my lvl 16 and lvl 23 together with my capped toon(s). In the end I 3-boxed most of the runs at lvl 33, and made a total of 6 augments (of which I gave away half to friends), and some cosmetics/ things I want to turn into cosmetics.

Anyway, I decided to dress Thaz up as a witch after getting her the Reveler’s Regalia, Hat of the Night Hag and Long Broom of Mystery. Check out my screenies below.

Thaz in her witch outfit, with Demon the wraith. Darth felt I should name one of the wraiths Demon, in memory of Demonnibler

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EEraids 30

Last week the raids were a bust. I had my lfm up for EE Deathwyrm for about 3 h and I only had 3 ppl join in those hours, of which all left after a while. I was dual boxing with friend’s account, flagging his toons for doj, so I wasn’t in that much of a hurry, but when I started to feel like I was too tired to run the raid, I took the lfm down.

EE deathwyrm team no 26

This week things were a bit different. I was getting ready to get back to flagging friend’s toons for doj when I suddenly had 4 ppl in the party (+ me and friend’s toon)… so I quit the flagging thing, booted friend’s account and waited for a few more. When we were 9 in the party I decided to get started. Some of the party members did really well, others kept dying… so I didn’t feel that confident about the run, until I had a full party. Getting to end fight was a bit of a struggle, but not impossible. For the end fight, Grandern took lead of shadow side, I was on dragon and Khyleeh and Arrienne did the death lords. It took us a bit to find the real phylactery, but in the end we finished after 82 min, with 52 deaths.

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We lost Miri today

Miri, that is Miriath, left my guild Phoenix Clan today. Miri has been in Phoenix (previously Gli Egypt) for about a year and a half and he was the first person I asked Osi to invite since I joined. My reason? I said I needed someone to TR with. I didn’t really run with Miri much, I play very mixed.. some days I run a TR, some days eTR, other days raids, so I find it hard to TR together with others. It really only works if they are playing multiple toons too, so they can leave one for me. Miri has more than one toon, but he really only plays one, so we ran some epics together and some raids, but very little heroics.

Me and Miri running EE Druid’s chain back in June.

I don’t exactly know why Miri decided to leave, he said something about wanting to try something different, and then removed his toons from the guild. I’m sad to see him go, and a little disappointed that he didn’t give us a chance to try and convince him to stay. I wish him all the best in his adventures and hope he decides to come back at some point

Good luck, Miri.

P.S. As I may have mentioned, my guild is like my family in ddo, so it does make me sad when ppl leave. Osi did come back recently, though.

EEraids 29

I was a bit late for my raids this week. Me and darth went shopping and we weren’t home til after 7.30, and then I had to let the degus out, so logged on at 9. I put the lfm up and apologized in channel for being late. Not that I know if anyone even read it. I got a few joiners quite fast, and Nurmaso started running the puzzles right after joining. I stayed on my ship for a bit while doing my daily duolingo on my phone. I stepped into the raid when I was done and caught up to the group as they were about to fight the bone guardian. We got/ did jumps and red light/ green light room. Some people were having some issues in the jumps and caught up with us later, while red light/ green light went really well, even though it takes longer.

EEraids 29

Getting to the end fight, I felt like at least some were not listening or willing to do any of the tasks required, and then when part of the party went to shadow side, the death lord team started dying. We were running short man, so I could not afford to have more ppl on dragon side, but told the ppl on shadow side to kill things on dragon side before heading back. When it came to finding the real phylactery, that part did not take that long, I think they did 3x shadow portal and then we found the real one. Pulling the lever failed on the first try, but the raid finished in 78 min 37 s.

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Maidae eTR 6

On Friday (Oct 9) I eTR’d Maidae. Here are her before and after pics

Before                                                              After

:) that’s all folks