Titan raid with pug

I had decided that I was going to lfm for the Titan raid last Monday – if any of my guildies would join. I had done a few practice runs on my own, and two with the guildies. I also did one lfm where I posted for the raid once I has completed the puzzles in the pre. This time I posted before I stepped in.

I had practiced multiboxing the raid by running Maidae as my main, and Zendarth and Godscraft as my assistants. This time I put up two lfms, Maidae as the raid group and Godscraft as taxi. I parked Godscraft in Restless Isles wilderness to teleport joiners to the Forge, after converting Maidae’s group to a raid group. Once you are a raid group, you can no longer enter Restless isles wilderness, but would have to teleport from a raid instance.

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LE/EE raids week 12

On Saturday I logged on at exactly 9 pm (GMT+1) and posted for Shroud. I was quickly joined by a few people and we waited a bit longer to fill, but not too long. We had a good amount of dps this run and I managed to stay alive much better than last week, I don’t think I had any deaths until p4. People were as per usual dying in part 2, but to me it felt like they were dying a lot less than normally, maybe due to the fact that we neither got devil nor the fire ellie. P3 was really fast, but the most interesting part must have been p4.  We always try to get Harry down in one round in p4, as the gnolls will heal him fast if you don’t. We started lagging a lot and Harry was only at half when the round was over. Round 2 we tried to out dps the gnolls, which was a complete failure, Harry was back to 100% when round 2 was over. For round 3 we decided to focus all dps on the gnolls before attacking Harry, and this worked really well. Once the gnolls were gone and we didn’t lag, we could easily finish off Happy. P5 was standard.

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LE/EE raids week 11

Last week I didn’t post for LE Shroud because of New Year’s and all, but this week I was back at it. Both Urgan and Jedli were with me, a couple of the germans and even Stitchz joined. We seemed to have a good group, but during the first attempt we were lagging so badly in p1, that I decided to call a restart. Second try was a little less laggy, but still laggy. I was running Thaz, who now have a bit over 100 PRR, and I thought that this would help me stay alive.. but no. I died and I died and I died some more. I’ll have to do more eTRs to boost her resistances more, and I need to have a look at her gear once more. Anyway, the Shroud run was pretty basic, some deaths, but no more than usual, and we completed in 62 min.

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Bugged out in Prove your Worth

While running Prove your Worth EE today, I managed to run into a glitch that completely hindered my game play. I died running through the hallway with spinning blades… and while searching my way forward, as I reached the shrine, the 10 second timer was up, and I should have teleported back to my soul stone. Except instead of getting back to my soul stone, I got an error saying that teleport had failed, and my screen (except for hotbars and chats) was pitch black. I could not even move my mouse while in camera lock mode.

My party claimed they could not see my on the screen, while a moment later they said they could (the blue dot that is, my ghost was gone). I decided to relog, but the game refused to log me out, the log bar never showed up. Instead I started my Task manager and killed the client, to restart it. The problem was, that re-entering the game, I still seemed to be inside the quest, except now the quest name and objectives were gone as well. Tying /loc in chat told me that I was at instance 0. Basically I’m guessing that my character ended up in some weird inbetween place, that was outside the game instances.

I put in a ticket for in game help, but was unsure when support would be available (this was at 9.20 am EST, while at 3.20 pm in Sweden). Talking to players in the titan channel, I learned that one way to solve this problem would be to log another character, to kill this character’s instance, and then log back on this character. I decided to wait til 10 am EST before trying the log different character thing, and after about 30 minutes of waiting, my client died. My guess is that a in game support had seen my ticket and booted me from the faulty instance. Trying to log in, the first time the client just turned off during logon, while the second time I managed to get in, and found my character’s ghost inside the quest.

Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot of my game during the bug, but it wasn’t much to see, just all black.

Weird bug indeed.

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Cerge 8.0

I didn’t really like Cerge as a wolf. Yes, he was a nice sun elf again, but maybe it was the lack of good gear or something, but he felt weak, squishy and hard to level. I’ve been dong TRs in ED sphere order with a few eTRs inbetween… I started with arcane (sorc, wiz, bard), then divine (fvs, cleric, pally) and now I’m working on the primal sphere. The next class would be ranger or artificer, and since I was told that artis aren’t really that good in epics, I decided on ranger. Short told me that I should go pure, so I’ve decided to use a heart to get rid of the iconic default starter class.  Here’s the first draft of Cerge 8.0.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.31.203
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 30 True Neutral Shadar-Kai Male
(20 Ranger \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 480
Spell Points: 274 
BAB: 20\20\25\30\30
Fortitude: 22
Reflex: 26
Will: 12

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 30)
Strength              8                    15
Dexterity            20                    39
Constitution         16                    23
Intelligence          8                    15
Wisdom               16                    23
Charisma              6                    13

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Finally a ‘solo’ completion of the Titan raid

I promised my guildies I was going to host a Titan raid. The problem was that I’ve never known the puzzles well enough to guide a party. I did a trial run a few week ago, didn’t plan the pre very well and messed up the raid. This time I had a much better plan. I ran Maidae and brought Godscraft and Zendarth with me.

I started with purple and red crystals – to get to the underwater puzzle.  The underwater puzzle requires 3 people. After finishing the puzzle, Maidae killed off the golems, and abundant stepped to the levers near the barrier. She could open the first barrier – red, before hitting a black one – a lever that must be pulled elsewhere. Godscraft and Zendarth d-doored back.

Once getting back to the head that gives purple and green, both of them throw the purple to pick up the green instead. One can only carry one per head. Zendarth then completes the green puzzle with the help of his druid dog, and pulls the lever. Gods kills of the trash to the next head and picks the blue crystal, Zendarth takes the yellow.

Maidae can now open the purple barrier, Gods opens blue and green and Zendarth the yellow. Before continuing they all loot the underwater chest.

Before getting to the raid, there is still some trash and a mindflayer to kill. The whole party needs to be on the platform with the mindflayer before starting the fight.

Then on to the raid itself. I placed Gods and darth by the machine that controls the lazer, while Maidae ran up and shot the top of the pillars. When she was done, she buffed up, hit manyshot and adrenaline and got the titan’s hps down to less than 1/3. She grabbed a crystal from the bottom floor and headed up to the machine. Before putting the crystal in, the titan had to move and the lumberjack needed to be in place. Since I’ve noticed before that the titan has a thing for godscraft, I placed him on the tile where the lazer was, to get the titan to move there. darth got to be lumberjack. When the titan was in place (had to move gods twice as the titan threw him back), Maidae put the crystal in, darth broke the bottom of the nearest pillar so it fell on the titan, and Maidae hit the button to activate the lazer. One hit was enough, and the titan’s shield went down. Maidae finished him off with her arrows.

\o/ my first ‘solo completion’.

I intend to do one more practice run before I start hosting titan raids.

LE/EE raids week 10

Week 10 of LE/EE raids was on Christmas Eve. In Finland, and I guess Sweden too, we celebrate Christmas on the eve, usually with dinner and presents. I stopped celebrating a few years ago, mostly as a protest to consumerism, and Darth isn’t really a big fan of this holiday either, so we basically just spent the day at home. I was on call for work til 4pm and did a bunch of chores before sitting down in front of the computer for LE/EE raids.

I figured it would be hard to get a group together for LE Shroud, all of my regulars were away.. so I posted for “LE Shroud. Need self-sufficient dps and a hurler. LH if poor dps”. There wasn’t a lack of interest, but after I had let a few people join who were level 26-28 (I normally only want lvl 30s.. except for the hurler that can be lower), I decided to switch to hard. I even had to turn one person down, so I suggested I would do a second run on Thaz after the run on Maidae.

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Redoing Maidae’s enhancements

Maidae is a wisdom based monkcher this life, and I’ve been redoing and redoing her enhancements, trying to figure out the best way to do them. During LE/EE raids this week, I realised I had completely forgotten about the +20% doubleshot that I would have needed to have. Since Maidae’s an elf (morninglord), I had the choice of elf AA capstone, or Deepwood Stalker tier 5 enhancement. I spent a good long time last night looking at how many aps the different things would cost me. I needed 8 points in Henshin Mystic for  Contemplation. To get elf AA capstone I needed 15 points in Morninglord tree + 41 points in AA. I also wanted to take wisdom x 4, which would cost 22 ap at the least, and 2-4 points in Warpriest for Divine Might… I realised there just wasn’t enough points for everything I wanted, if I decided to go for capstone.

My other option, Deepwood Stalker would require 32 points in that tree, and meant I didn’t need to put points in Morninglord at all, which saved a total of 23 ap, and I even managed to get a bit more dodge and prr. I am looking forward to give Maidae another try in LE Shroud next week.

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LE/EE raids week 9

I epic reincarnated Thaz a week ago, and I didn’t have enough time to get her back to 30 before LE/EE raids this week. So, I decided to run Maidae instead. I logged on half an hour early to redo her enhancements, posted for the raid at 4 minutes to 9pm (3pm EST).. and then waited about an hour before I had a full party. During p1 I realised that 1. we didn’t have enough dps for LE and 2. I messed up my enhancements since I forgot to take Contemplation for ki regen.. which meant that I could only use 10k stars once. Half way through part 1 we started struggling real bad, so I called a restart. I needed to fix my enhancements.

Putting the post back up, and losing some people who didn’t have time for a retry, I switched the lfm to hard instead. We ended up going 9 man on hard, as there really wasn’t a whole lot of interest in this run today. The run was pretty standard without too much issues.

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Thaz eTR 8

After yesterday’s LE Shroud, I started thinking about how to get more PRR on Thaz… and I realised that each divine epic past life gives a passive +3 PRR. So.. I decided to eTR to get more PRR. Here’s the before and after of Thaz’s 8th eTR.

Before                                                                  After

Usually I don’t like to have a different background, but I had already logged off and didn’t want to log back in… so there they are.

That’s all for this time.