Farming Hayweird Foundry

So, I’ve run all the quests in The Night Revels, I did them last year, and this year as well (including the two new ones for this year), and found that for the most amount of mats for the least effort, Hayweird Foundry is the quest to run. And at exactly 5 levels above your own level. Each run would give me 9 almonds, 9 cinnamons, 9 caramels, 9 apples.. and chocolates I didn’t really pay attention to as I was making them while farming keys anyway. A solo run for me would take 5-6 minutes. Scroll down for the video.

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EEraids/ LEraids Saturday

I’ve been trying to resurrect my EEraids channel, and with some added advertising, it’s actually been going really well. I think we had a good number over 20 people in the channel on Saturday when I logged on. Still, if it wasn’t for the Germans, I don’t think my LE Shrouds would be going anywhere. They’re giving me the dps and raid knowledge I need to succeed. My previous attempt was a failure, but every failure should be a learning experience.

This week I posted for LE Shroud at 9pm GMT+2 (3pm EST) and after my initial joiners we were struggling to get a full party. I started checking The Who panel for names I recognized and started asking people if they’d like to come join. I got a few joiners that way. After about an hour we were ready to start. I again took the role of healer and raiser, while keeping an eye out for trash spawns. Those nasty kobolds that smack you for over 1k. We struggled a bit, but nothing like my previous try, and it didn’t feel hopeless, and no near failure situations, except maybe a moment in p5. All in all a good run.

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Lord Stephelare

I spent my Sunday farming keys for The Night Revels and running Hayweird Foundry over and over, trying to get as many runs done in an as short time as possible. I was running it at level 35 on Thazara who is lvl 30, so didn’t care about xp, I just wanted mats. One of the runes that have to be activated require that you kill a Vampire named Lord Stephelare. I must have done around 20 runs of this quest, and in all except one of the runs, I encountered him in his vampire form.

But then, suddenly in one run, he looked like an old man with a white beard.

🙂 I have no idea if this is was because the quest glitched, or if he’s supposed to look like that once in a while.

That’s all.

How to flag for the Titan raid

This is a raid that is not run a lot anymore, but I figured I would do a video of the flagging process anyway. First head over to the Restless Isles. If you do not have a high level navigator on your guild ship, you must first complete the Hiding in Plain Sight quest to be able to travel to The Foothold.

In the Foothold, talk to Karn Cold-Trail twice to pick up the raid/ preraid. You are able to pick it up before running the quests/ acquiring the sigil, but you will not be able to enter until have repaired the sigil. Then head down into the underwater-passage to make your way to the quest givers.  I used this map to navigate.

Following the map I linked, this is how I made my way to Mul-Tong:
1. Under ground passage A -> B
2. Over ground, pick up key at B then B -> C
3. Under ground C -> E, pick up key at E over ground
4. Back down from E, as E doesn’t have a bridge
5. Under ground E -> F
6. Over ground F -> G
7. Under ground G -> H
8. Pick up quest at H over ground
To find the quest from the quest giver at H:
1. Back down at H
2. Under ground H -> G
3. Over ground G -> F

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Favor: 5585

I finally did it. It only took me a bit over 5 years, but I finally have a complete set of elite runs of all the non solo quests in ddo. Legendary Shroud and The Mark of Death were my final two.

Total Favor: 5585

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LE Shroud, finally

Last night when I logged on, some ppl had an lfm up for LE Shroud, and I was invited to join. I still intend to do my own this Saturday afternoon after 3pm EST, but I figured getting some experience would not be a bad idea, especially since I do intend to post my own. If I run the same character, I will need to buy a legendary timer bypass for later.

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The guild thing October 2016

I’m determined to not let my guild die out. We’re still an active guild, but we are very few in numbers. Osiride, the founder, left the game for the second time and handed me the lead, and I intend to stick with it until I myself stop playing. I joined the guild 3 years ago, when I was struggling to find my place in the game. I had left Cleazy’s guild because I was lonely and frustrated, and later I was booted from the next guild I joined for sticking up for myself and calling one of the officers an a-hole for trying to boss me around.  I am sure I could have handled it better, I’m sure I could have avoided confrontation by keeping quiet, but I didn’t like said person’s attitude towards me… so I doubt I would have lasted long in the guild even if I had kept quiet.

Anyway, Osi took me in, and I’ve found a home in the guild. We’re friendly and helpful, there’s no drama, no fighting. We talk to each other in guild chat when we’re not busy running stuff and I try to listen to what the guildies want when it comes to the guild. I try to take my role as leader seriously, even though I’m far from as good at it as Osi was.

Anyway, the guildies want more members to run with and would like us to do more guild runs.. so that is my plan right now. To try and recruit more members and to put an effort into doing more together with the guildies. Last night I for the first time in a long time lfm’d for level 10 f2p quests,and was joined but a few 1st life wizards. I was on a wizard too, so it was a wizard party! I had intended to look for recruits, but as these were all 1st lifers I became unsure about their dedication to the game and didn’t ask if they were looking to switch guilds. Oh, well, better luck next time.

Before I go, here’s the picture I took of Thaz dancing on the guild ship the day I joined September 29, 2013. We have since then changed the name from Gli Egypt to Phoenix Clan.

That’s all for now. Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day.

P.S. If you’re on Orien, an active player and are looking to switch guilds, look me up.

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Phoenix Clan on Orien is recruiting

Due to people (including the founder) leaving the game, my guild Phoenix Clan is now recruiting. We are a level 178 guild on Orien and we have a Kraken with all the amenities.

We are looking for active players, preferably in EU or Asian time zones who are interested in TRing and/ or raiding. We don’t have guild activities, but I do enjoy it when the guildies once in a while manage to get together for a few quests or raids.

All we want from you is to be friendly and non elitist and try and log on as often as you can. Joining the guildies in their activities is a plus.

You can send applications to Thazara in game, Micki on the forums, or to my email by filling out the contact form here on my blog.

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