Dragon in the harbor

On Monday night when I logged on, Hamster told me to go to the Harbor. Apparently Cordovan had been on earlier and left a little (or no so little) surprise.

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Raids week 78

Last Saturday I logged on just after 9 pm my time and posted for Baba’s R1. I got a few joiners right away and a tell asking me to save a spot, but then we waited. While waiting we were discussing tactics.. and when Storms sent me a tell that he could come tank for us, I was getting really confused. I had had a plan for the run, but seeing as I didn’t have an R1 completion, I wasn’t sure as which would be the best tactics. I figured we’d have the tank keep Baba away while we kill shamblers, but while waiting for the party to fill, we decided that Storms would tank the shamblers and the rest of us would just try to beat Baba down with the hp debuff.

At a few minutes to 10 pm we had a full group and were ready to start. We had a plan for the end fight, and we had chosen who goes where in the side puzzles. One person went the wrong way, but it was noticed early enough and they could still switch sides. Usually during the fight outside, the hut aggro’s on me, and so was the case this time as well, which meant I spent a lot of time not being able to get back up for more than a second – long enough to quickly throw myself a heal – though I think Bruder was healing me too. In the hut we experienced some lag, but not as bad as last time. The puzzles got done somewhat quickly and for most of it we managed to co-ordinate so the scarecrows weren’t being killed one by one. I prefer to stay near the puzzle so I can implode or mass frog the scarecrows  and kill them all in one go. For the end fight we followed the plan – kill wisps, kill red scarecrows one at a time, attack Baba – when shamblers spawn leave them to Storms and don’t touch them. Kill Baba. We completed the raid in 50 minutes and a total of 7 named items dropped (Patience Through Peril, Gulthias StaffTorn, That Which Renders DespairEcho of the IconSavior, the Breaker of ChainsSpite, the Fractured ShardsFate, the Knower of All,) plus a +8 dex upgrade tome.

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Raids week 77

On Saturday I and Darth got home, after a week in Croatia, in good time for their raids. As I turned on my computer, though, I quickly noticed it wasn’t working right, it kept freezing up and giving me the blue screen of death. After trying to run a restore to a previous date several times, I gave up and did a windows recovery installation and then reinstalled DDO from the website – which took over an hour. I sent a message to Osi and Hamster saying I was planning to do raids but I was running late – but as it was getting later Pomfer told me Soko was discussing posting for Baba’s. I finally managed to log on att 11 pm my time, when they had just finished their Baba run. They had planned to do Strahd next and I was asked if I wanted to join.

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Raids week 76

On Saturday (May 26), I had decided to post for baba’s reaper 1 skull, since I won’t be able to post for raids next Saturday and I had planned to do a reaper try soon. My post went up at 9 pm my time, and in about 10 minutes we were ready to start. My lfm post had said “R1 first try”, as I wasn’t sure we’d complete on the first try, and I wasn’t quite sure on the tactics needed. The first part to beat baba down until the hut lands went well, and we had a plan for who goes where in the hut (spent an extra 5 min making said plan). While my lfm was up, before we started Stitchz sent me some tells about the difficulty of a reaper run, said the hardest part was the shadows. We quickly learned that for us the hardest part was lag – and the fact that the other side didn’t have an insta killer for the totems, while my side had both Thaz with mas frog and Kuz with hurl. We almost wiped from lag, and needed to jibber’s to get everyone up and when we got to the puzzles the bees had arrived behind us and we had to race against them to complete the puzzles. Puzzles went well though and we got to the crystal and beat down the shield.

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Cerge TR 8

Cerge capped yesterday after his lastest eTR, and I then spent some time cleaning his TR cache. Today I checked his sagas to make sure I didn’t forget to turn any of them in, then TR’d. To be able to do gianthold reaper at level, I stopped at level 13. I mainly followed this plan, except changed enhancements and skills a little. Here are Cerge’s before and after pictures:

20 ranger/ 10 epic                                                   9 artificer/ 4 rogue

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To view all my reincarnations, have a look at this spreadsheet.

Raids week 75

Last Saturday I sat down at my computer at 9 pm to do my raids, only to notice that my computer was updating the OS, and I couldn’t do anything but wait until it was done. I believe it wasn’t until about 9.30 before I managed to log on to the game. Once I posted for baba’s hard – which is what I’ve been starting with – the party filled in less than 10 minutes and we were ready to start. I asked the party to split up for puzzles, I don’t remember if I made any suggestions to which sides people should do, except that I would be going right. Except for some occasional lag spikes the run went really well and with Kv also mass froging on my side we managed to speed things up a little. This week my side also had more than once puzzler, which helps. In the end fight we killed wisps, red named scarecrows, attacked baba, then killed shamblers and finally baba. The raid finished in 32 minutes. Echo of the Icon dropped.

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Raids week 74

This week on Saturday I logged at 9 pm my time (3 pm EDT) and posted for baba’s hard. In about 10 minutes I had a full group and we were ready to get going. I usually post for level 28-30, but occasionally let lower level characters join, this time both the other divines were a bit lower level. But I wasn’t worried, I figured we’d do good anyway. I asked the party to split themselves for puzzles, except I told Osi to go left, Doobrey and Upload to pick different sides as well as Iqos and Jobit, to even out the group a little. We ended up with 7 going left and 5 right, but the sides seemed even enough anyway. We had a few lag spikes during the run and I died during the puzzles because I lost focus for a moment, trying to get the normal scarecrows and the red ones separated. Of late I’ve had really good puzzlers on my side with 2-3 people working on them, this run I ended up doing them mostly myself with Deviltoy pitching in a little. During the end fight we killed everything like we did last time, killed shamblers and then baba. The raid completed in 39 minutes and we got skunked on loot.

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Raids week 73

Last week on Saturday I logged just after 9 pm my time and posted for Baba’s hard.  By 9.20 we were already in progress. For the first time in ages Osi joined me for the raids, which was nice. His character is strong and also a good healer. As always I didn’t split the group up for puzzles, but let the party do that themselves. I only asked Osi to go left as I always go right – and it’s better to split the divines up for more even sides. Puzzles went pretty well, and during the end fight we followed the plan to kill everything. We had a few deaths, but over all it was a smooth run and I’m thinking we’re soon ready to try R1. The raid completed in 31 minutes and Gulthias Staff and Torn, That Which Renders Despair dropped.

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Running epic necro 4 with the static group

Yesterday I wanted to flag Jarvanna for MoD, so me and the static group went to run epic necro 4. In the last update they released druid changes so I ended up having to redo some of my enhancements before running anything. We ran Vol, Inferno and Fleshmaker’s on hard, Ghost on normal and then went back and ran the first three on normal for more xp. Then I wanted to try Ghost on hard, and we did that successfully without too much issues. Here are a couple of pictures from Inferno.

Another new change to the wolf, they now sit when shrining
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Phoenix Clan; my guild

I’ve been a member of Phoenix Clan since 2013, and when Osi quit playing he gave me lead. Osi came back, I gave him lead, he left again, I got it back and have since then kept it. Before last time that Osi quit he spent a lot of time farming for items to sell on the shard auction house and through it managed to buy us the Kraken and all the amenities for it. After he left I rearranged the amenities and spent shards (and plat) on upgrading them to the max.

When I first joined the guild we had some people in it who’ve been there almost since the beginning (the guild was founded in 2011), and I invited some people who I enjoyed running with and were looking to switch guilds. I also attempted to recruit some more for the guild with a post on the ddo forums and a mention in the weekly chronicle. Lately, though, I’ve had that little time to play, that when I do play I mostly level with Hamster, run with static group or do my weekly raids which are pug raids.

Me and Urgan (who left us a week ago) decided to keep the guild active by removing members whose accounts have been inactive for about 6 months, I keep a list of members’ characters so I only remove people if their whole account has been inactive for that long. Removing inactives and our long term members leaving one by one, we’re currently down to only a few active members.

If you’re on Orien, and looking for an active guild with only a few members, but the biggest ship and all the amenities fully upgraded, send Thazara a tell or a mail. New players are fine as long as you’re planning to stay with the game and are not only trying it out for a few weeks. We’re friendly but possibly as bit goofy.

My guild, I hid the other names but my characters and Osi

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