Raids week 115

Titus sent me a tell just before the raids that they’d be 5-6 Sokos for raids and that they could do a second group if there was a lot of interest in the raids, and also asked if we could start with KT. When I logged on, Osi and Ero were waiting for raids, and I had intended to wait for Tahlua, but then put up a “reserved” lfm and asked people in the channel to hit it so I’d get a sense of how many we were. I counted more than 12 in my waiting list and told Titus we were too many and that they should do a second group, then I accepted all the non Sokos (checking that they were already in the other group). This was Saturday March 16.

Raid 1.1: Killing Time LH: failure
We almost wiped in the first trash spawn, but managed to get to the second rift before wiping. Good attempt with jibbers and several kiters, but in the end lag got the best of us and we couldn’t recover.

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Raids week 114

Raids 114 was Saturday March 9 and I mainly invited people from the EEraids channel. Here is the short run down of the nights raids:


1. R2 Old Baba’s Hut
With Titus tanking, I suggested we try a different difficulty than we usually do. Difficulty: R2, shambler tank: Titus, red crow tanks: Titus and Osiride. Side split: left: Osiride, Lubash, Tahlua, Papewaiio, Haleyh, Cimpletan, rest right. My side has at least 3 insta killers for totems and 3 puzzlers, so most of the hut run was fast. Low dps on baba, but no issues with tanking. I spent some time taking screenshots while hitting shadows with sunburst to see what information I’d get. I also spent a lot of time under the hut and Osi threw me some healing. Completion time: 53 min 53 s. Loot: 125 Hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Memory of a Tailor’s Duress, Vestments of Ravenloft, Spite, the Fractured Shards, Dusk, the Light Descends, Suffering, the Half of Whole, a +8 upgrade tome of str.

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Thazara 1.7

I am quite happy with my build so I haven’t changed it much in this update. I’ve added Thaz’s epic past lives, tomes and adjusted the enhancements a bit. I may play around with the enhancements some more. The biggest difference is that I switched tier 5 from disciple to servant.

Note, Thazara is a build for running at cap, not for running from level 1. If you’d do a similar cleric as a TR build, you might want to switch the order of some of the feats.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 30 True Neutral Elf Female
(20 Cleric \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 645
Spell Points: 1198 
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 20
Reflex: 12
Will: 32

Abilities        Base Stats         
(32 Point)       (Level 1)          
Strength              8             
Dexterity            10             
Constitution         14             
Intelligence         14             
Wisdom               18             
Charisma              8  
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Raids week 113

The raids blog has started to feel a bit tedious for me to do every week, it takes too long to do and is a bit repetitive. Since I still want to keep a record of the weekly raids, I am going to try a new approach and do a much shorter summary of the raids. Here is Sat March 2.


1. Old Baba’s Hut. 4 from my guild Phoenix Clan (including me), 2 from Soko Irrlicht, 4 from EEraids channel, 1 off the lfm and Erofen that already was in party when I logged on. Difficulty: R1, shambler tank: Osiride. Red crow tank Tahlua and Osi, but I asked Osi to switch in the hut since they were taking a while to kill the lesser crows. Haley took over so Osi could help kill crows. Tahlua got to do the teams this week. Shamblers ran off a bit in the end fight, but Osi got them back quickly. Several deaths from wisps, some from shamblers. I again spent a lot of time under the hut. Completion time:  54 minutes, 31 seconds. Loot: 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Torn, That Which Renders Despair, The Invisible Cloak of Strahd, Tremor, the Breaker of BonesMemory of a Tailor’s Duress and Gulthias Staff.

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Raids week 112

Last Saturday when I logged on, Osi sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but then decide to check if he had gathered the guildies, which he had. But, himself and Vonkiprus were only level 22. I complained a bit about it, but Osi insisted that their past lives make up for the lack of level, and I agreed to let them raid with us. All the epic raids except for KT and RSO let you enter if you are epic level. RSO is min level 27 and I was told that you need to be 28 to enter KT. I started by asking for Soko names (in eeraids channel) and others who wanted to join us for raids, then invited the sokos first and then the first two to comment in eeraids. Intha got the first spot, but said he was running with Melubb, so gave his spot to the next in line which was Leo.

I spoke a bit with Titus about what difficulty to do Baba‘s on and reaper 1 was chosen. I again asked Titus about teams, and since there were 5 Sokos in the group, Sokos went left and Titus chose Leo as an additional person to go left. Osi wanted to do scarecrows right, so I told Tahlua she could help with puzzles instead (Tahlua usually parks the scarecrows). The baba fight was slower than last week, but the part through the hut went really well. My side was a bit slow on the totems, but Tahlua was fast on the puzzles, so we won some time there. During the second time through, wisps spawned and I told the party to always kill all the wisps. In the second baba fight I got aggro of the hut and spent almost the whole fight under the hut. In the end fight we killed the wisps, scarecrows and then moved baba north. Titus did a good job of grabbing the shamblers and keeping them away from the party and we were able to beat baba down without issues. The raid completed in 51 minutes and we got 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate, Molten Silver Gauntlets and The Invisible Cloak of Strahd also dropped.

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Raids week 111

Two Saturdays in a row the interest for the Sat raids were was so high that I got overwhelmed and struggled to make a decision. Due to this, last week Saturday I had decided to first invite my guildies, then people from EEraids channel. Since people were changing characters I decided to post an empty lfm with “some spots reserved”. As soon as I did this I got three tells asking me what we’re running and before I had a chance to answer, the same people hit the lfm. Since things were a bit calmer than last week I actually managed to make sure my guildies and Sokos had a spot before filling the raid, and only one person of the applicants didn’t get a spot.


Titus was there to tank for us so we decided to do Baba R1. I was hesitant due to the lack of casters and insta killers for totems, but my worries later turned out to be completely unfounded. I asked Titus to help me split the the group into teams and the teams worked out well. I was doing puzzles on the right side, I’m assuming Papewaiio did them on the left side. We had a lot of dps on baba, and the baba fights completed quite fast. In the run through the hut I had two rogues assassinating the totems and when they weren’t I used my frog to take them out – which this time succeeded every time. I noticed I had some buff that gave me a lot more hp and wisdom (bard song?) than what I usually have.

During puzzles I struggled a bit with timing at times and I didn’t get the puzzles done in one go, but we were about as fast as the other side. We get to the end fight, kill off wisps and red crows before attacking baba. When the shamblers spawn Titus is ready for them and manage to pull them aside right away. This time our dps was so high that the shamblers never managed to do their debuff and we completed the run in record time with 0 deaths. Completion time: 35 minutes, 47 seconds. Kills: 240. Deaths 0. We got 125 hut runes, 24 threads of fate and Patience Through Peril and Molten Silver Gauntlets dropped.

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Raids week 110

Saturday (Feb 9) came and with fewer Sokos online I figured things wouldn’t be as crazy as last week. I was wrong. I started by inviting Tahlua and Devil, but Devil was afk so I figured I’d save him a spot. Then I put the lfm up for Baba’s and 2 seconds later I had to take it down to not get more applicants. I clicked on sort by guild on the outstanding list – then realiserad I had no idea in which order people applied. I accepted everyone and realized there was only 1 spot left, and Justus and Devil where not there. Hamster offered his spot for Devil and we filled. Osi had joined but he wanted to join with Vonkiprus and Devil offered his spot for Vonk and logged off. My note to self: invite guildies and Sokos before posting. In fact, talking to Titus I agreed that I probably should not post at all when there is this much interest and just invite people from channel instead. Hopefully Titus will be available once in a while and can do a second group.

After all the confusion with the group – for me anyway, we were ready to head to Baba’s. Osi was a fighter tank this life and offered to tank the shamblers. He hadn’t done it before, but I wanted to let him try on elite. I asked the group what they thought and the ones who replied were for trying elite. I took a moment to choose teams and off we went. The first baba fight was a bit slow but nothing special. In the hut we split unevenly at the first split – apparently I ended up confusing one party member by suggesting a different split than my original for two members and both ended up on the same side. The next run through this was corrected, though.

The puzzles went well, when we got the wisps we had some deaths. In the end fight we again had some deaths from wisps, but killed them and the scarecrows before attacking baba. Baba was moved as far north as we could move her and Osi moved the shamblers south west. I decided to heal Osi, but it wasn’t really needed, he never dropped below half his hp. The raid completed in 52 minutes with 8 deaths. Everyone got 125 Hut runes and 24 Threads of fate. Van Richten’s SpectaclesMolten Silver Gauntlets and Dusk, the Light Descends also dropped.

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Raids week 109

Last week Saturday when I logged on to DDO, there were 29 people in EEraids channel – in comparison to 36 in titan channel. As people noticed me I got some tells and I saw people asking about the raids in channel. Titus had told me just a few minutes before I logged on that there were 8 Sokos who wanted to raid as well. I invited Tahlua to my party then hesitated. Sokos + me and Tahlua leaves 2 open spots and there were 29 people in channel! Of course I didn’t know how many actually wanted to raid, but I still felt we had a problem. I messaged Titus and we came to the conclusion that Titus would do a separate post from mine this time, so more people could join. I put an empty lfm up, and as soon as I did, the outstanding list started filling with people. I took the lfm down right away to check that I didn’t have too many people. I also discussed the lfm situation with Titus. Titus told me to write on the lfm that we’d be two groups this week. I accepted everyone I had waiting, which was 8 people, then posted the lfm with “will be two groups today”, still without a quest selected. Titus posted as well and I believe filled their group right after we did.

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Raids week 108

As I logged on Saturday Januari 26, I got a tell from Hamster and Lujaan asking to save a spot for them and Lotte. I had intended to redo my radiant servant enhancements before posting and as I was doing so I realized I had people waiting for me to post for the raids. Normally I put the post up for Baba’s a few minutes after 9 pm my time, but this time I posted for “Thaz’s raids. Some spots reserved”. It didn’t take long for people to hit the lfm, in fact people were hitting the lfm so fast that I decided to take the lfm down only a few minutes after posting so I could make sure no one else could click it while I was looking through the joiners list. I always use the outstanding list to decide and generally pick people in the order the clicked to join unless there is a reason to pick one person over another. This could be that I’m picking between a regular joiner that I know and an unknown name. Regulars are like extended guildies to me and are usually prioritized.

After filling we gathered outside of Baba’s and spent a moment deciding on difficulty. I usually don’t even attempt elite without a dedicated tank – since when we’ve tried with an “I could try” kind of tank we’ve failed – but since Lujaan felt we could handle elite I was willing to give it a shot. We gathered inside and I let Arakasii pick his team for the left side. The first time through the hut someone went the wrong side and my side ended up with only 5, but I wasn’t really too worried. I can handle the puzzles myself if needed, I just need some help with totems and someone to tank the red scarecrows. The person who went the wrong way switched about half way through and we were split even again.

Things are going quite well until the shamblers spawn. The party is working on one of them and I see the other charging up. I tell them to switch and a moment later we’re hit with the debuff. I wing away to try and stay alive while the rest of the party is dying and soon after it’s a wipe. People ask if we should use jibbers and try to continue – I say I don’t think we can but I’m willing to give it a shot. Someone used a blade alone and started raising people, I get a raise and try to get the ones not re-killed up and tell them to start dps’ing the shamblers. We’re soon hit with debuff again (you get knocked down when it happens) and we all die again. I say that it’s not happening and we release to try again on hard.

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What they looked like on TR – Firetha

Firetha started on Cannith server (May 29, 2012) and had the name Keronna. Keronna moved to Orien server October 9, 2014 and her name was changed to Firetha. Keronna did one TR before switching servers and have done 3 since then. Firetha’s 2 ERs were done in combination with TRs.

TR 1 (Sep 3, 2013): Keronna as a half-elf, 18 cleric/ 2 monk/ 5 epic.
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