Raids week 105


Last week Saturday I logged on on time for raids and Tahlua and Devil were online and I assume waiting. I invited them, then posted for Babas. Interest was high and we filled in maybe 10 minutes. I looked at the group and decided on a hard run. I partially split the party while telling the rest to pick sides – which resulted in an uneven split. This wasn’t an issue, though, since we had enough dps and puzzlers on both sides. During the first fight I got hut aggro and spent the rest of the fight mostly lying down. During the puzzles we had one of the reds run across the puzzle, so I told the tanks that I wanted just one person to deal with the red crow, while the rest focused on killing the lesser and doing the puzzle. The fight outside went really well as did the end fight. During one of the puzzles I was trying to sort my audio, I had unplugged my headset and plugged it in again, and by doing so I lost all my sound. Doing this caused me to die, as I wasn’t paying attention. The run completed in 41 minutes, Gulthias Staff and a +5 upgrade tome of strength dropped. Everyone also got 84 Hut Runes and 10 Threads of Fate.

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Thazara does White Plume Mountain

Some time ago I was sent a tell asking when I was going to make a video of Thazara running White Plume Mountain EE solo, and I replied that I hadn’t intended to do one, but that I could if the person wanted me to. They said yes and the run has been in the plans for a while, but I guess I kept forgetting. White plume mountain isn’t a quest I’ve done more than a few times before, so a week or so ago I did a quick heroic run just to get a feel of the amount of mobs and fights I’d be facing. Today I decided to finally do the run. The first time I stepped in I got the riddle wrong, and not wanting to waste sp on fighting the cat I teleported out and reset the quest. Second try I died fighting the vampire, as I didn’t get out of the blue circle fast enough. I didn’t count the first one as an attempt, though, so on the second actual attempt I managed to complete. The mobs hit hard, but so did I, and as long as I kept staying away of harms way and healing myself, I actually didn’t have any issues killing the mobs – and I managed to do so without running out of sp this time.  Have a look at some screenshots and the video below.

In the key room I ended up fighting the ooze
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Raids week 104

On Saturday I was about 10 minutes late for raids. Devil and Tahlua were on so I invited them right away, then put the lfm up. There was a lot of interest again and we filled in less than 10 minutes. I didn’t feel like waiting for a tank so I picked LH. We stepped and while waiting for all I suggested sides for a few key roles, Tahlua and Devil as red crow tanks, puzzlers and insta killers for totems. The rest got to pick sides. The dps on Baba seemed a bit slow, but we were doing ok. The hut landed, we stepped in and headed for the puzzles. We didn’t get far before we were hit with crippling lag that lasted minutes – I decided to not try and fight through it and called a restart. I released as I had died and once I was back, everyone else had managed to get out too, so I reset the instance and stepped in again.

Second try was much better, we saw a moment of lag during totems, but not so much that we couldn’t continue. My side had a hurler and me for totems, later I realized we also had a rogue that was killing them. For puzzles I took a step back and just focused on killing crows – since we had 2-3 people already working on them. During the second time through I decided to help where I could. This time I don’t believe I got aggro of the hut once. I mean I got the icon for a moment, but the hut then aggro’d on someone else. We got to the last part and I said to kill wisps, crows and then attack baba. One wisp was missed and by the time it went down, the crows were also taken care of. We fought baba, killed shamblers (I pulled aggro of one and kept it until the party was done with the other) and then killed baba. The raid completed in 32 minutes, we got 84 hut runes, 19 threads of fate and Memory of a Tailor’s Duress and Echo of the Icon dropped.

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Raids week 103

On Saturday December 22 I logged on at 9 pm my time. I invited Devil before posting the lfm, then wondered if Tahlua was going to show up or not. There was a lot of interest this time and I had to take the lfm down while I waited a few extra min to see if Tahlua was going to show. At 10 past I decided to fill the group, and a few min later Tahlua did show up. At that time we had already stepped in and were ready to start (on LH). I promised to get Tahlua a spot for the next raid. We started with baba, this week on hard. I picked a few roles for the sides, but let the rest choose.

The first run through the hut we ended up with 7 on the right and 5 on the left, so Devil switched to the other side on the second run through. Puzzles were going well except for one of the reds running across the puzzle once and we had to fix it after already completing it. We had some deaths to wisps, but nothing like the other week when my side almost wiped. When we got to the part with the shamblers I was shooting the one the party wasn’t attacking and pulled aggro on myself. The party finished their shambler quickly and then continued with the one I had and it went down as well without any more deaths. We killed baba and finished the raid in 37 minutes. A +7 dex tome dropped and Vestments of RavenloftBloodrage Chrism, and everyone got 84 hut runes and 19 threads of fate.

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Raids week 102


I’m again writing this blog a bit late, the same day that raids 103 is supposed to happen. I always try to get the previous blog done before the next raids night. Raids 102 happened Sat Dec 15, or 15-16 for me since we again passed midnight. I as normally logged around 9 pm Swedish time and invited Zombie and Tahlua before posting the lfm. Sokos seemed to be waiting, since they joined very quickly after the lfm for Baba went up. By 9.15 we had a full party and I was trying to decide the difficulty. LH is a safe bet, we can do LH with almost any group, while for LE and reaper we’re very dependant on the tank, so I wanted Titus to confirm that the difficulty I chose was ok. I picked LE. This week again I split the party in teams, and since last week we ended up with more insta killers for totems on my side, I decided to give the left side both a frogger (mass frog) and a hurler (a warlock with hurl). On my side I assumed it was just me with insta kill, until I saw Erofen assassinate some of the totems. He couldn’t get all of them, but with me getting some and Ero some, we only had a few we needed to take down in other ways. As for puzzles, my side was again slightly faster and ended up waiting for the other side to complete – especially the last puzzle. During the second run through we had wisps spawn and as I ran around the corner to one of the totems I got blasted to death – as did a few others. I think it was Titus who threw me a raise and I helped get the others up so we could continue. In the end fight we had a couple of deaths, but over all it went well. Shamblers aggro’d on someone in the party at first, so Titus had to chase them down to move them to the side. Lubash took it upon himself to keep Titus healed while I stayed with the party. The raid completed in 50 minutes and everyone got 125 runes and 24 threads. Unless I failed to screenhot the items, we got no named loot.

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Raids week 101


Last week Saturday I was ready to log early, but decided to wait a little and log on at 9 pm my time (3 pm EST). Tahlua and Blackzombie were on when I logged, so I invited them before posting the lfm. After the lfm went up with “R1/LE/LH depending on group” (for baba’s), the group filled in 10 minutes. Erofen sent a tell wanting to join, so we waited inside the raid while he was switching. Since we had both Titus and Stitchz in the group (tanks), I felt confident in R1. The plan was for them to dual-tank, since tanking only one shambler instead of two makes things easier for the tank. Once everyone was in we started. At first someone else had the hut, but soon it switched to me, and I spent the rest of the first baba fight pinned next to the barrier. As for inside the hut, this week I actually chose the teams. Since I at the time when I selected teams didn’t know which char Ero would bring, we ended up with three insta killers for totems (two warlocks and me), while I think the other side had one. This meant my side was slightly faster at killing things, but we didn’t really have to wait too long. Puzzles completed quickly, second baba fight also went well and the second run through we didn’t get wisps, which made things a lot easier. Or at least my side didn’t get wisps.

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Raids week 100

Finally it’s time for the big 100. These raids happened Saturday 24-25 (Swedish time), but I haven’t had time to do the blog until now.  First, let me say a few words about the counter. I started doing Saturday raids in 2012, not really counting them back then or doing a regular blog. Last year I did a Looking back at the history of the Saturday night raids – blog, listing all the blogs I had done up until then, and at the same time I decided to always use the category EEraids when writing a Sat raid blog, the name of the raids channel. I named the Sat raids EEraids first in January 2015, and I created the channel EEraids around the same time. The first raid since the creation of the channel was EE Fire on Thunderpeak on January 24, 2015. From here I started counting the raids and giving the blogs a number. In 2016 Turbine (who owned DDO before Standing Stone Games) moved their data center, and this caused a lot of problems in game. For months the raids were laggy to the point that the chance of failure was bigger than the chance of success, so I decided to take a break from raiding. When things started to clear up and I once again decided to start raiding, I reset the counter and started counting from 1. Just before this, legendary difficulty was released so I called the raids LE/EE raids for a while. Since the LE raids were quite difficult and we often decided to run an easier difficulty than elite, I on week 24 decided to drop the LE/EE in the blog name and just called them Raids. This is the 100th Saturday raids blog since October 2016. Now on to raids 100.

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Raids week 99

On Saturday when I logged at 9 pm, Tahlua and Devil were already online. Osi had reincarnated and seemed busy in Gianthold. I put the lfm up, then sent an invite to Devil and Tahlua before accepting people off the lfm. This Saturday felt a bit odd. Usually about half the party is Soko members, but this week I got several joiners whose name I didn’t recognize and that were in a guild that doesn’t often join the raids. Nabnirob and Nedlyne joined from Matrix and I suggested we do elite with them dual-tanking the shamblers. I had no idea if that would work, I just remembered Nab saying he’s done that before, maybe not with Ned though. I reserved the last spot for someone switching and noticed some had already stepped in on elite, before I got a confirmation that we would try the dual-tanking thing. Since I’m not a fan of choosing teams I said I was going to go right and that Nab should go left, that we need a tank and a puzzler on each side, but that I want people to pick sides. I also said I wanted Devil or Tahlua to go right with me. At first it looked like we split unevenly, but then it looked like we didn’t. I wasn’t sure if the other side had an insta killer for totems as it seemed that my side every so often completed our part a little bit faster than the other side.

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Raids week 98


On Saturday I logged on just before 9 pm my time. The only one online in guild was Azzallea. I said a few words before putting the lfm up with “R1/LE/LH depending on party /joinchannel EEraids endgame”. Azzallea joined and a bit later Tahlua logged on. Several of the Sokos were also on today and joined. In less than 10 min we had a full party. I thought about the tanking of the shamblers, and after a bit of hesitation decided on LH for a safe run. We had enough dps, but I felt unsure about shamblers – and have gotten complaints before on a failure so decided to play it safe. I told Nab to go left, I went right and the rest got to choose sides. On the first run through we ended up split 7 and 5, but I wasn’t really worried. Erofen wanted to do puzzles, I tried to help by starting from the other end, while Azzallea was working on taking the reds away from the puzzle (when we got to the puzzles that has reds). The runs through the hut went quite well and both sides completed the puzzles about as fast – very little waiting in between. As we get to the end I ask if Nab wants to tank shamblers to speed things up (having someone tank them means we don’t have to waste time killing them) while the rest of us focus on baba. At first one of the shamblers aggro on the party, but soon after they’re taken aside and we can focus on taking baba down. The raid completed in 27 minutes and Patience Through Peril dropped.

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Raids week 97


On Saturday I logged for raids at about 5 past 9 my time And Osi had a bit more than half a party already. We waited til 20 past to fill and step in on hard (baba’s). I asked if Osi wanted to split the party, and he told me to go right, he’d go left. Anyone else got to pick side. During the first baba fight, after I cast Divine Wrath I got aggro of the hut, as the aggro was supposed to switch, it switched back to me. When we stepped into the hut I still had the symbol for hut aggro in my buff bar. As for totems and and puzzles, I killed the totems most of the time when frog was off timer, and attempted to get the crows, but implosion is a bit finicky if there is any mob in range that is immune. For some reason it seems to always taget the immune mob and continues ticking on it until the spell runs out. Tahlua and Idhril and I were doing puzzles on my side, puzzles were being completed rather fast. We did struggle a bit to get the scarecrows down at the same time, though. In the second baba fight I didn’t get aggro of the hut at all and during the run through the hut I managed to not let the wisps kill me, lol. In the end fight Osi said in good time before the shamblers spawned to focus on baba and leave shamblers. This time we had a decent amount of dps and baba went down without the debuff being cast. We completed in 28 minutes and Vestments of Ravenloft dropped.

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