Working on the ED’s

I wanted to do a short blog about Maidae. Maidae is a barbarian this life, and my plan is to level her to 28 then ETR+TR just like I did with Cerge. But on the way I’d like to cap all her ED’s, and maybe work on some gear. I need some more pdk favor before I can upgrade her CitW gear. Today I spent most of the day running stuff for xp (and CoV’s), and slowly she’s capping her last ED’s. I believe I’m missing just over 200k xp to cap the last ED’s, and then I’m missing a bunch to level to 28. She’s currently level 26, almost 27.

I am getting tired of playing low dps toons. I know I gave up some dps on Maidae for evasion. I can’t wait til I’m done with the ED’s so I can run just in her best one, which I would think will be LD. Since Maidae has UMD, today when questing, I used scrolls of gh, true seeing, stoneskin and tenser’s transformation (I’ve found a love for this spell), I used my displace clickies, frenzy, death frenzy and cocoon before hitting rage. My displacement (dragonmark of shadow) lasts longer than my rage. I do need to have another look at my enhancements and ED points, to try and max her dps. I am, though, tired of the squishiness of being a barbarian. She might hit a lot harder as a barbarian than what she did as a monk, but she takes so much more damage, that I’m in trouble when I’m surrounded, unless I have someone constantly healing me. I don’t particularly like it.

Okidoke. That’s all for now. Have a great day and see you around.

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Maidae Sunday, å de lider mot Jul

I don’t spend much time with family. My sister comes to visit for a weekend every now and then, but the rest of the family I rarely see at all. It’s not just their fault, it’s mine as well. Anywho, so when my mum called a few days ago and said she and my sister were thinking of coming to visit this Sunday, I said “ok”. It means time away from my normal ddo Sunday, but since I don’t see them too often at all, of course I couldn’t say no. I got up after 8 on a Sunday, to hang with them at my place and later at the mall, until they took the train back. So I didn’t log on to ddo til like 5pm. (Normally on Sundays I play from when I wake up until I have to let the degus out).

Sunday has been my xp day, and with the free ETR hearts promised to vip toons at epic levels Dec 12- Jan 12, I’ve been working on getting Maidae to 20, while still running the other toons too (I get bored doing the same thing too much). On Friday I was farming necro 4 and me and my group ran eeehn Vol, Fleshmaker’s and Ghost, while only one elite run of Inferno. Inferno is a quest I’ve never learned, so I decided there an then that the next time I log on Maidae, I’m gonna solo Inferno with the help of Wiki, and so I did. I skipped the first acolyte, while killed  the one that gives you the key for the locked chest, and decided that the next run I would only do the acolytes that transport you to the rest shrines. I did 2x hard and 1x normal.

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Running the TRs

As I have said before, the game keeps changing. I keep changing as a player. I have goals and wants (like past lives) but I don’t enjoy leveling. When I first leveled Thaz I hated zergers, or disliked them strongly. I wanted ppl to not leave me behind. I don’t mind a good pace, as long as the party doesn’t leave me behind. Well, things have changed. I have become the TR zerger. If I lfm, I solo a quest, and let others tag along and help if they want, if it is a quest I know well. Spawn of Whisperdoom I for example didn’t know at all, so I let my party lead, and I just followed. Was a smooth run anyway.

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And then Thazara was capped… again

My girl Thazara. She’s been with me since the first week of August 2011. She’s since then been through a greater reincarnation right after taking level 12 (she was level capped a while before actually taking the level, as I wanted to finish running all level 8-9 quest before taking 12) and a lesser, August 19, the day of the release of U19. She has seen 3 level caps so far, level 20 in April 2012, level 25 in November 2012 and now level 28. The first weekend after U19 was out, I lfm’d and ran the storms horns chain (5 quests) on eH and Wheloon Prison eE, as well as doing storms horns explorer and Thazara got level 26. The week and weekend after I did Wheloon prison explorer, Storms horns ee, and some von farm and Thaz got 27.  Come last weekend Thazara was missing 1.3 million xp for cap. I wanted to cap her over the weekend.

Saturday I logged on at around 7pm, not sure what I wanted to run. Saw an FoT up, just filling, and decided to put up my own. A short while later I filled my raid, as the group before had wiped, and many of them wanted to try again. The raid itself was fine, except for the fact that I dc’d just as SR went down, and lost out on loot. I joined a Shroud and then switched back to Thaz. I think I ran eVON, eADQ and joined an eE VON3, after which I lfm’d for my own 2xeH Jungle of Kyber. We also ran 2x VON2 eH. After these runs I went to sell at the guild vendors, only to lag… and realize that all of house K is lag frozen. Everyone in my party but one guy logs off. Me and Daiskai sit there talking for 20 min til the lag clears up, after which I’m too tired to continue playing and decide to log. Thaz is at this point missing 603k for cap.

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Update 19; bugs, lag and wilderness

I finally got a chance to try out the new quests and wildernesses this weekend, with running the Storms Horns on Sat-Sun and Wheloon Prison Sunday. On Saturday I started off by looking for the messages in The Storms Horns, I put up an lfm and got some people to help me out. The scaling in the wilderness is very noticeable, with only as many mobs as I could handle when running solo, while I was quickly overwhelmed by the amount  (and I guess their hp, but I didn’t notice that as much) when running with a full group. I think I spent about 2.5h in wilderness, and after finding the 45th message, I left group and lfm’d for the chain on eh. Don’t want to run it on ee first time through.  I started the first quests as a duo with a friend, we were joined half way through by another guy and before the end we were a full group. The quests themselves were fine.. until we started lagging. In the 2nd or 3rd quest we started lagging so badly that we had to wait it out to be able to continue. We fought through it, but once we got to the last quest in the chain the lag hits us again, and after fighting for more than half an hour, wiping twice we gave up.

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First Saturday after vacation

I logged on on Saturday for the first time in 8 days and was immediately a bit overwhelmed. 🙂 I wanted to say hi to everyone and prepare for Thazara’s Saturday elite shroud… and was planning to run something before that, but I never got to it. Oh, how I had missed u guys! Yes, to be honest I like several of my DDO friends better than I like a lot of people in my real life. Sorted Thazara’s inventory, and was then gonna do a few quick runs of Rainbow in the dark for gs twigs, but shortly after I put up the lfm someone sent me a tell that they would give me the twigs. 🙂 Thank you very much! But of course I messed it up. 😦 I was going to make a cloak for Thaz and was sure I had made Green Taper before (I didn’t check, but believed I remembered correctly), that I was missing Filaments of Toil and Wondrous Oil, so I made those two only to notice I now had two filaments and no taper and not enough mats to make the taper. 😦 Well, at least the filaments aren’t bound so I can either give them to Cerge for his gs or sell them.

So, on to Thazara’s Saturday Elite Shroud. 🙂 I have been mentioning it, but I prolly should add a notice to my myddo page as well. I had 2 friends join before I put up the lfm, and had a 3rd one promise to join. I put up the lfm at exactly 0:00 Finnish time or 5pm EST. My lfm was as usually 18-25 “Elite. Have hp, breakers. 2xheals, rest dps. No first timers”. I was surpriced at how slowly we were filling. My lfm rules are always, first come first served, unless I’m specifically looking for a healer or trapper. I got a few casters and a sorcerer at only 300 hp. I wasn’t paying attention, and when I got a tell asking if the sorc doesn’t have too little hp, and then a healer joins only to tell us “you’re gonna fail”, I throw the lead to my friend who’s got a lot more experience leading raids than I do. Yup, I chickened out.

Takes too long imo to fill, but we do and people try to help the sorc out to make him a bit more durable. Party is for sure semi weak, but I have faith, as I always do. 🙂 I switch Thazara’s ED back to Unyielding Sentinel before the raid, and before phase 4 I change from my fav stance Vigor of Battle (+100 hp, heal amp, and on a successful hit stacking +10 hp for 1 min) to Unbreakable (+5 AC, DR 10/epic and diehard feat). The squishy sorc dies from the blades in phase 3 and 4, otherwise things are pretty good all through phase 4. I keep DoT’ing and we take out Harry in 3 rounds.

On to phase 5. Our monk parks the ellie, we kill the others and buff up. We’re ready, or so we think. Harry arrives and we fight and suddenly Harry teleports to me. I’m like wtf, how did I suddenly get aggro? 😀 lol. Thaz is sturdy as hell in her stance, and when people start dropping likes flies, I can still stay put, block and raise. For some reason we loose our third healer who ends up in the beginning, out of battle. The second healer who’s on a lvl 25 fvs (or, I think he is lvl 25, at least he has a lvl 25 fvs, lol) also drops a couple of times, and at some point Harry is down to maybe 10% and I say, now I’m just gonna continue DoT’ing (instead of raising people). But I get con damage and get helpless… and die. I get a raise from Niv, but Thaz get super squishy with death penalty, so I don’t even have time to heal up before I drop again. Everything’s messy, most of the party’s dead, but someone get’s the killing hit, runs over to the altar and we finish. 🙂 Everyone can raise at the shrine that’s now available, to get loot. 🙂 This has got to be the toughest Shroud I’ve run where we still finished, so kudos to everyone participating. Oh, and I did chug 3 pots compared to last time 0.

Sat Shroud

I almost forget to turn in the quest, and then I wanted to send a tell to the cleric who told me we were gonna fail, but he was offline. Forgot to add him to my friend list, so I could send him a tell later. 🙂 I wanted to do the “ha-ha! we finished!”. I love proving people wrong, lol. I jump on a party doing eVON raid epic hard as their second healer and switch Thazara’s ED back to Exalted Angel before entering. I’m thinking, eHard with only 2 healers, and the other is a clonk with a lot less sp than me? Party is pretty weak (compared to the ones I’ve previously run with) and it’s a bit of a difficult ride to the end fight, but we get there. The other healer forgets to rest, so only me is at good mana, while he’s out, but he tells us he has 15 turns left, so I tell him to just keep spamming them and we’ll be fine. Takes us way too long to take out the boss in VON5 imo, but we get it done and Thaz get’s 50k XP for her ED, even with -30% repetition penalty (5x).

We enter VON6 and I go to the 3rd base as I’m told, even though, someone says at some point that the cleric didn’t go to the base she was suppose to and I’m not sure if it meant me or the other one. I was told 3rd base, and to me that’s the one that’s furthest away, i.e. wind. But anywho, we get to the dragon fight and Thaz gets close to dropping a couple of times. Man! She’s so much squishier in EA than in US. 🙂 But we finish. Yay! Oh, and during VON5 a party member sends me a tell “Nice to finally run with u, I read your blog” (or something like that). 🙂 Hi there, always nice to meet readers, but I do love getting stars and comments as acknowledgement that people have read it, so please, do comment. 🙂 Or, send me a pm.

Saturday eVON

After VON I jump on a party doing Lords of Dust eNorm, looking for a divine to bless the altars. They’re almost done, only missing the altars and boss fight. So, I get some quick XP from that, and then decide to head over to King’s Forest. I put up an lfm “Just running around King’s Forest looking for commendations”. I somewhat quickly get a full party and a wizard who leads us around. We do 3 instances and in the third one we meet the second green dragon, my first time. I get a nice amount of XP, and enough commendations to get Star of Day for Thaz. Thaz got her ED to 1, that is, she is/ has now GMoF0, EA1 and US5. Also less than 300 slays for 1,500 in King’s Forest. I stayed with the group until the wiz had to leave (at around 6.30 Finnish time), then went to get my Star of Day, finally! But to my disappointment it’s required trait good, UMD 26. 😦 Thazara is true natural (I bought a change from Lawful good at lvl 18) and has no UMD. I’m really disappointed that I wasted 15 commendations on an item I cannot use. I added req good and umd 26 to wiki, but then I started thinking that maybe not all of them are that, if the enhancements are random? Maybe it was just bad luck that I got the good one? I’m not planning on farming for commendations in a while anyway, nothing I currently want.

Protect the fox rare:

Protect the fox

The second green dragon (Urklauth):


I don’t usually like putting pics of slain creatures here, but he did not disappear right away, so I took a pic. He was gone a second later.

Slain dragon

So, yup, my Saturday turned into a 8.5 h gaming session, lol. 🙂 And I didn’t even get any favor, but Thaz did gain a bunch of epic token fragments and is getting closer to 20 tokens. I wasn’t farming for tokens before U14, so this is the most I have ever had. I was going to save up for 2 hearts of wood and one epic crystal for Thaz, but it seems as though I will buy the hearts and just use the tokens for a crystal for Thaz.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and happy questing.


P.S. tl;dr – I’ve got nothing. Just look at the pictures, lol. 😀

Saturday; bad and good runs

My night didn’t start off that great. I was a bit tired, yes, but that’s not uncommon since I do often let DDO come before sleep. I joined a group for HoX and we went in on hard. Here’s what bothered me about it. 1. the person with the star wasn’t leading and didn’t even have voice. 2. things went south, and at least 3 people recalled (including the second healer – we were only 2). I’m incredibly stubborn and will fight until there’s nothing left to fight for. I was out of mana, but I started running around raising people with scrolls. We got mini beholders, then large beholders, bees and what ever you can think of. The beholders kept uncharming the puppies and people kept dying. Our tank stayed on mommy, while me and the ones still in, were running around killing beholders and renders. Or, I was mostly running around raising people and trying to throw a heal once in a while.

I blame me. I tried, I know. I’m proud of my effort, but if I hadn’t died, I think we would have finished. I stayed in center with the beholders a little while too long, instead of running off, and died. The only one left was our tank. She, though, did a great job. Mommy had been made vulnerable already and our tank was beating on her like crazy. Got mommy down to 1% before she dropped. 😦 Meh. I didn’t want to go again, since I had spent a lot of scrolls and time on the quest, and didn’t feel like doing it again.

I lfm’d for Running with the devils normal “a quick run for gs stone”, and got some people for it. Was a nice and quick run. Then I joined someone doing Weapons shipment elite. First time. We get to the second room/ area without any problems, then I quickly start getting annoyed. Group’s a barb, pally, wizard, fvs and bard. I don’t know what the wizard was doing, but he for some reason was meleing and kept dying. I told him to go shrine at least 3 times before he did. But he still kept dying and I didn’t want to raise him anymore. And then for some reason the fvs decides to pike in the shrine room. I’m running around with aggro from casters, trying to stay alive and raise. The fvs comes back, enters the area and I pick up 2 stones to take them to the shrine. The fvs follows, and it’s a fail. No one left in the same area as the NPC and it’s over. I’m so annoyed with both the wiz and the fvs that I don’t want to rerun.

So finally I do my saturday elite shroud lfm. I get two healers I know from before, and a lot of dps. Seems good. But I get a halfling wizard named Herecomestrouble or something similar, who’s getting on my, and probably the other’s nerves as well starting with phase 2. He was throwing disco and sleet storm around, not listening and not communicating. Two things that I can’t stand (people not listening and not communicating). 🙂 Phase 2’s a bit messy, I belive we have 2 failed attempts before we manage to get the crystal, and I’m not aware that we were done, because I was trying to get people to listen to the basic rules. Then I felt sorta embarrassed that I was yelling out orders after we were done. Let’s blame lag, ok?

One of the other healers dc’d and people open the chests before he returned. Not cool. Also someone clicked on the altar to start the timer on phase 3 before our dc’d fvs had come back. Again, not cool. At least I know that that guy who dc’d has maybe 8 lvl 20 toons and run raids every day, so I don’t think it mattered to him that he didn’t get the chests, but it’s about principles, people! 🙂

Anywho, phase 3’s fine, phase 4’s a bit messy again, with some communication problems. And I die! 2 others die as well, but I’m the third to go down, and in my own raid. 😦 I’m pretty disappointed. Before phase 5 the wizard isn’t responsive, and doesn’t rest to get his mana back. I don’t know what’s up with him, but who cares? Phase 5 goes sort of smoothly, even though we have a few deaths. And I decide that I’m not gonna pot this time. I run out of mana close to the end, since I’m offensive casting (DoT’ing) as well the whole time, but I don’t pot, use a few scrolls, but let the fvs who still had mana do the healing just before the end. So yay! Thaz’s 14th shroud completion.

The fvs who dc’d earlier, he swaps to another of his toons and puts up an lfm for eVON hard (or he did have eVON5 normal, eVON6 hard, but I persuaded him to do eVON5 hard as well, lol), so me and a barb from Shroud join. I don’t know VON5. I haven’t counted how many times I’ve run it, fewer than Shroud anyway, and I don’t know all the objectives or where you’re supposed to go. I just follow the group and hope I don’t get lost. 🙂 Well we did well and I get 81,805 xp for eVON5 (my second run of it) and something like 39k for eVON6. I didn’t get any red devil scale, though.

Then our leader swaps back to his fvs, or maybe it was another of them, and we decide to do hard eADQ1-2. This was my first time running eADQ. I manage to stay alive, even though I get hit by the traps in bat, and we do have a little bit of difficulties in some parts, but ADQ1 in maybe 40 minutes. Rebuff and then ADQ2. Now, fighting Queen Lailat I actually enjoy. 🙂 Thaz can actually stand and block, and just spam her with dp (I swapped to unbreakable stance with gives Thaz the die hard feat and dr10 epic). So, I was doing that. 🙂 A nice run and the xp got Thaz to Unyielding Sentinel 5.

I activated Exalted Angel, and now Thaz only has 440 hp buffed 😦 When in US – Vigor of battle stance she has 640. I’ll likely swap back to US for my weekly elite Shroud, though. I was hoping to make Thaz a hp gs item before swapping to EA, but I didn’t even have enough stuff to make the blank 😦 meh. From where do you even get the stuff for the blank? Vale quests?

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Tc and see you in game.

Peace out.

Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics

After yesterday’s Shroud wipes, I put up a new lfm for “hard or elite depending on party”. I’m about to take the lfm down when a couple of people join, and then a few more. I get a nice amount of hp, and I’m expecting the dps to be good, so we decide to do elite. Everything’s pretty good, until part 4. People die. Too fast. I mess up my buttons, and die. Harry’s not even down to 50% and it’s a wipe. Meh. This run I was the first healer to go down. I’m not used to that. 😀 haha. Thaz still has over 500 hp, and the other cleric was on less than 400 (3 healers in elite shroud). So I suggest we try again on hard. Both runs I get to do a 5×5 puzzle, second run I had to solve down 3 times, but we got it done before the rainbow was up 🙂 Oh, and this was probably my first shroud were 1. no one died in part 4 and 2. I was offensive casting the whole time in part 4-5 (+ healing of course). No one died in part 5 either, it was a very good run. An yay! Finally Thaz’s weekly Shroud completion. That’s 10 completions (5 normal, 5 hard) and 9 fails (8 wipes – 1 normal, 6 hard, 2 elite). Yeah, I know, she’s a baby Shroud runner. But she does so much else too 🙂

Thaz made a new friend, and got an invite to join another guild. 🙂 She’s not really ready to move at this point, but who knows. He was on his lvl 25 fvs and I gave him the star for running something else. New lfm and 2 runs of VON3 hard. Total about 113 k xp, 1 rank + level in the epic destiny and lvl 22 (which I will not be taking for a while). Thazara’s now got 569 hp in Vigor of Battle stance. Unbuffed.

I didn’t get very good shots of the Jungle of Kyber runs, but here’s the ones I took:


These are from the second run. Thazara was very much the underdog, with at least 4 lvl 25’s 🙂 (I don’t know what lvl Theseas was). But in the Marut fight she was able to just stay put and block while DoT’ing him. He hit her for maybe 50 hp? With every punch, so not much at all, I just once in a while threw a burst. 🙂 I took the second picture just before the Marut went down. Oh btw, Thazara’s a pretty good caster sometimes. 🙂 I threw Energy drain + Destruction at the beholders and saw a few of them go down with one shot.

Alright, that’s all for now. Tc and see you in game.

My nuker, Cerge

I made my first sorcerer some time ago. I’ve been planning to level him quickly to tr when I hit cap, but since I love playing my cleric, he has mostly just been sitting there. I did run the Phiarlan Carnival on elite with him and got enough xp to level to 8. So, last night I wanted to farm the bloody crypt on elite. Cerge is pretty squishy, so I lfg’d for a party for hopefully fast runs. What happened? A monk joined (I love monks and they so can handle themselves), soon after an arti and a bard. So, I figured we were good to go, 2 go west 2 east and we should be fine. But! As soon as we enter the arti just leaves, and sends me a tell that he won’t put up with the bard. I’m like huh? So I tell the others that I can try soloing one side with a hire and they can do the other, even though I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty hard. But when I start blasting, I’m surprised to noticed that Cerge is on this level a pretty tough nuker 🙂 I am building him as a nuker, because why make a sorcerer with all that fire power if you’re only gonna do cc (personal preference of course)?

It takes me a while to do my part and my hire dies and I have to self heal (repair since he’s a wf. I need to stack up on repair pots, though). But I do a pretty good job. I noticed that Cerge can even just let the mobs surround him and then just blast them 😀 as long as the hire continues to heal him. But… when we go in the second time, I run out of ships buffs and both me and my hire die in the first or second fight (darn he’s squishy without ships buffs). We are joined by a cleric in round 2 and he get’s me up like 3 times before he decides to just tag along and let the monk do east by himself, I think the bard left before this?). But, both me and the cleric die (and the monk also) 🙂 And we are joined by a rogue and a bard that help us finish (final fight was never a problem, but trying to do split group was for me pretty hard). Round three me and the monk go in, only to have all of the others leave. I’m like “I can’t do this run” 🙂 but decide to try anyway. The monk gets a hire and I get mine. I take down a few groups of mobs before I and hire die. Luckily a while later we’re joined by a fighter and a wiz and since the monk had finished his side we all bast through the east and rush to the end fight.

All in all, my only annoyance was that it took way too long to finish the runs, but at least I know the bloody crypt pretty well now 😀 And the xp is way juicy. Something like 15k in the first run and I got over 7k the last. After only one quest, Cerge is now only one rank from lvl 9 🙂

Take care and see you around Orien.

P.S. Sorry, but apparently I am unable to write short posts 🙂


Thazara just got xp capped at level 18. 🙂 I thought you had to be 19 for cap, but nope 🙂

She also just flagged for Shroud. Woop woop. (Have had to turn down about 5 runs because of not being flagged)

I just want to do Spinner of Shadows elite before leveling her to 19 🙂
(I have been keeping levels from the start to not cause xp-penalty to other players in quests I want to run)

Take care and see you around Orien.