Darthwolf 21

This is just a quick draft of a TR build, mostly copying feats from Amalf’s build. I do plan on playing Firetha with Darthwolf piking, but unlike the build I did on Darthpyre, I actually wanted this build to be playable.

Here’s the quick draft, made with the Lite planner. DDO Lite 2020-11-12

Alchemist 20
True Neutral Human

               36pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     --------
Strength        11       +4       4: INT
Dexterity        8       +4       8: INT
Constitution    17       +4      12: INT
Intelligence    18       +4      16: INT
Wisdom           8       +4      20: INT
Charisma        12       +6

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Cerge TR 10, Darthpyre TR 21

I finally got around to TR’ing Cerge, after capping Thazara after her eTR. I decided to TR Darthpyre at the same time, to get him alchemist past life and completionist feat (next life). I didn’t do a build plan for Darthpyre, and just picked an iconic he had – I chose bladeforged, which didn’t really work out so well. Currently my plan is to play Cerge with Hamster and pike Darthpyre along to cap, then TR Darth back to tank. I do plan to change the tank build a little. I forgot to screenshot Darth’s before picture, but here are Cerge’s before and after and Darthpyre after.

Cerge shadarkai 17 rogue/ 2 artificer/ 1 barbarian    Cerge pdk 6 monk/ 6 fighter/ 2 paladin
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It’s snowing

During Risia and the Midwinter festival it snows in the Harbor and there is snow in Eveningstar. This season is the last time we will have these two festival and they will be replaced by a new festival next year. Anyway, the snow effect in the Harbor and Eveningstar follow you into other zones, so when I ran back to Korthos to get some screenshots of Thazmaniac, I had harbor like snow in Korthos Village.

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Thazmaniac eTR + TR 1

I made Thazmaniac a short while after tiefling was released – because I wanted to play a tiefling. After I finished her EDs, I’ve only brought her to raids once in a while – otherwise she’s not been played at all. So, I picked her as the toon to TR with the static group. The static group did an eTR + a TR today and here are Thazmaniac’s before and after pictures.

tiefling 20 warlock/ 10 epic                                     gnome 1 alchemist

I also made a video of the double reincarnation, which you can see below.
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Thazmaniac 2.0

I’ve been told “alchemist is great, you should try one”, for a while now, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. My static group is soon ready to TR, and I decided that I wanted to make an alchemist to run with the group. Jarvanna who has been running with the group since the start has been turned into a raid healer so I chose Thazmaniac for TR instead. Thazmaniac is a first life warlock fiend, and even though I’ve enjoyed playing her, I don’t really log her much since I finished her EDs.

This is my first attempt att making a build plan for an alchemist, so I asked for a bit of help from guild and Hamster. I made it into a blend of Amalf’s and Hamster’s suggestions (feats mostly). Here it is. Note, I may change stuff on the way. I also didn’t select spells and enhancements.

Planner: DDO Lite 2020-11-12

Alchemist 20
True Neutral Gnome

               34pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     --------
Strength        11       +8       4: INT
Dexterity        8       +8       8: INT
Constitution    17       +8      12: INT
Intelligence    20       +8      16: INT
Wisdom           8       +8      20: INT
Charisma         8       +8      24: INT
                                 28: INT
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