EE FoT U19 Completed

Finally. One of the raids I have been waiting to get an EE completion on, is FoT. FoT has changed with the updates and patches. FoT U17.1, was a whole different story than FoT U17. Before patch 17.1, there was no boom, and people were farming comms in 10 min or less on EH. Then they released U17.1, and suddenly you needed tactics to complete it. People adjusted, created tactics and started completing it again in ~10 min on EH. Then U19 was released and they added yet another little thing to it, a new objective called “Do not abandon the Stormreaver”. Currently the dialog in the raid is bugged and all you will hear is something like “the stormreaver cannot face.. alone”. Anywho, I have not tested this yest, but as I understood it from this thread:ΒΒ the raid will fail if you are not helping the SR enough, I am assuming that means if he dies.

So, yesterday after static night on Cannith I logged on Orien to join Matrix’s FoT raids. As I’m waiting for the second run to start, I get a tell from Demonnibler saying that they’re planning an ee FoT run in 1-2h. I make sure the raid bypasses are working (basically I ask Godscraft if they’re working and he confirms that yes they are), then tell Demon I’d like to run (on Thazara, as she’s my best toon, and I still wanted the ee completion on her). I get a reply that they’re thinking about it, or something like that, but I get a yes, and join the group. Then I sit there waiting for a good while before we actually decide to go.

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Favor crazy

As some of you that’ve run with me know, one of my goals with Thazara has been to collect all the favor I can in game, and because of it I will never TR her. Tonight I ran the U18 quests on elite and am back to having run all the quests in game, almost all on elite (only missing FoT, MA and LoB). So… I took screen shots of her whole favor/ quest list, and if anyone would like to see, here it is (see gallery below):

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Weekend runs 2/3

On Saturday I had planned to go to a potluck, but stomach was a bit crampy and then I get a message that it’s been cancelled due to one of the hosts being sick. Later on they decide to move it to another person’s place, but I had already decided not to go. I spend most of the day doing household chores, rather slowly since I’m not feeling 100%. I log on to DDO around 7pm.

eADQ round 1 (Normal)
Again Cleazy happend to be on when I logged, so talked to him for a while, and after he went to bed I got to running raids. The first thing I wanted to do was to run my first eADQ on Cerge. Andy joined on his two epic toons, and a while later I was joined by Jedli and Vilkar (both fvs) and one guy who didn’t know the way to the quest. I started solo with hireling and very quickly realised that a lvl 22 quest is a bit too much for a lvl 20 first life sorcerer. I had spent about half my mana before I even got to the first room.

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Sunday, well I didn’t do much. My only plan was to do the solo lvl 19 quest Raiding the Giant’s vault on Thazara, so I did. Updated her in game bio and then joined a group doing DA eNorm. Two runs of DA and got some large mats and 3 epic tokens, which was nice. πŸ™‚ Then I decided it was time to level Thazara to 23. I realised that Exalted Angel 3 gives you wings, so was running around the market place abusing the wings (they recharge 1/ 3 sec in public areas). πŸ™‚ I was going to log off for the night, but before doing so I happened to check my blog, and noticed it was broken again. Damn character log and epic levels. So zerged through the 3 first quests in the catacombs chain to fix the blog.

Ok, I’ve been running Thazara for over a year, actively this year, and I mostly play her on weekends.

This is what the top of her quest panel currently looks like (click for full size):

Quest panel 1

Quest panel 2

Quest panel 3

The rest of it is all elite or solo.

Here’s the updated view of Thazara’s favor, currently 4108:

Thazara favor

And here are Thazara’s raid completions in red. The Chronoscope is incorrect, though, because I believe it reset when I did the greater reincarnation. It’s in fact 15+.

Raid completions

I am currently working on Cannith favor, and am hoping to get enough favor from challenges to unlock the artificer class.

Ty for reading and see you on Orien or Cannith.

Peace out.

In the Demon’s Den

This quest, is a pain in the a, especially on elite. You want self healing people with a good amount of hp and nice dps. Today I spent about 4h in there to get the elite completion.

First run we didn’t exactly know what we’re doing so we kill the first efreeti we see, and learn that that causes respawns. I tell people to not kill, but pull them to center, as someone suggested, so we can kill them at the same time. Well we get loads of mobs and people die and I die. Some people release and we keep at it for a while, but some people end up leaving and I decide to take a break.

I get back and check wiki for tactics. Ok, so we need someone to tank/ kite the lizard queen, the rest clean out tunnels and then we pull the efreeti to center and kill them at the same time. We run into a load of trouble again, people die and then it’s just me and a guildie left. I lfm for “help us finish, pls”. We get two clerics and two paladins, but things are a mess and we wipe. And then one of the paladins have to leave.

Restart 3. I have 2 clerics, 1 paladin, my guildie on his wizard/arti and a friend on his barb. I suggest I tank/ kite the queen after switching my ED to Unyielding sentinel. Group cleans out tunnels, starts prepping the efreeti, gets respawns and people die. Then I get the center room full of mobs + the queen and die. Everyone releases, someone stays to keep instance. No efreeti died this time, so one’s at 3%, one’s at 75%, one’s almost at 100%. Wizard suggests he kites queen, since he was having troubles with efreeti disintegrate. We help prep the efreeti, I see too many people on one, so I take off to find my own. All prepped, let’s kill. One dies, mine die.. then I see two people die and I’m like no, no, no. Kill, kill, kill. Yay!

But where’s the queen? Wizard brings her and someone starts to run her through bb. I say over voice, guys, use dp, and maybe stop running around? I apparently got aggro, but she’s not that fast, so when I run to the shrine I just manage to shrine before she hits me. I block and hit dp as often as I can, move out of her solid fog and continue blocking, casting dp and comet fall at her (others are casting/meleing/shooting too of course). And down she goes!!! I was so happy I could have kissed someone πŸ˜€

For the quest we got a lousy 10k xp (or I did), but a total of 7 chests – 5 in the boss room and 2 in the tunnels.

That’s all folks. Tc and see you in game.

P.S. Thazara has now run all quests and raids lvl 1-17 and most lvl 18 (missing 2 quests, and raids only run on hard) on elite and has collected a total of 3953 favor. I’ll take a picture when she hits 4000. πŸ™‚

P.P.S. I plan to run the last two lvl 18 quests on elite before taking lvl 22.

First elite Shroud completed

I had decided that this Saturday I was going to put up an lfm for an elite shroud. Previously I had done “hard or elite depending on party”, but I realized that there is a difference between people who can do hard and people who can do elite. If I want elite, I need to lfm for elite. I got a nice group with mostly melee, 4 barbs, 1 fighter (I think), 1 monk, 1 ranger, 1 sorc, 1 wiz, 1 fvs and another cleric. Dps was good. πŸ™‚ Part 1-2 went pretty flawlessly and part 3 went really smoothly. Part 4 took two rounds, but no deaths. I have only had one run before this where there were no deaths in part 4.

In part 5 it felt like we had some troubles taking out the reds, but they were jumping around so that might have been it (I was running after a couple of them, lol). Ranger parked the ellie, who was a stoney fella this time. πŸ™‚ And off we go. I was offensive casting and healing, wasn’t paying much attention to the other healers, only that I was in range and that my target wasn’t blocked. Two of the barbs dropped and I raised them. I chugged a pot and kept offensive casting and yay! down goes Harry, and we got 4 chests! πŸ™‚ And I got my elite favor.

Before the run I had a lvl 17 ranger send me a tell asking me about it, if he could join. Tells me he has only 300 hp, and claims to be able to save against Harry’s comets. I reply that they hit for about 300 and that I’ve seen monks drop. Except for the wizard who is a guildie and I know he is pretty tough even with around 350 hp, I will expect people to have 400+ hp for an elite shroud, preferably more. I don’t know rangers, but I imagine their evasion isn’t as good as rogues’ and monks’? And then this person asked if I could help him out with a ranger build. πŸ™‚ Lol. I replied, I do not know rangers, that he’d be better off checking wiki and the forums.

πŸ™‚ You know, I’m starting to like having the star in Shroud. πŸ™‚ It means I get to make the rules. Not that shroud requires much leading, but things like waiting for people who dc’d and such. I was very pleased with my group today. Everyone listened and followed the simple rules; in phase 2 – don’t kill the reds until all are prepped, in phase 4 – leave one of the devils until all blades are gone and in phase 5 – someone parks the ellie while the rest buff and get their mana back. And we had 2 people dc and I told the party to wait. And they did. πŸ™‚ Oh and with -99% xp I still got 11 k in today’s run. πŸ™‚ pretty cool.

So, seems like I’ll be doing this regularly from now on. Saturday and elite shroud. πŸ™‚

Tc and see you in game.

Gaming Saturday

On Saturday I had decided to just take a day off, relax and play some DDO. But to my disappointment, when I open my computer at around 2.30 pm, the domain has disappeared. I head over to the guild forums and learn that the domain registration has expired. Seriously!?! So what am I going to do now? I’ve reserved most of the day for gaming, and now I can’t. Well I end up doing some laundry and watching tv, as well as caring for the degus and a few hours later I was able to log on again.

With the 30% bonus xp weekend I really should be playing my alts, not my capped cleric, but Saturdays are kinda Thazara’s time. I was thinking of heading over to ADQ to finally try and solo it, then notice a friend online and send him a tell “when did u want to do shroud?”. He replies “after this. Join ** if you want to come.” (he’s doing ADQ). πŸ™‚ So I join, head over to ADQ (get someone to show me the way to the preraid again, since I’m still unsure about the way) and the run’s fine. Then I join my friend’s lfg for a hard shroud. This time I’ve decided to wear minos, my epic ring of buccaneer (tier 2) and my greater false life belt, instead of switching to a heavy fort belt and greater false life ring as I usually do in shroud. For a hard shroud I feel I really need to wear the ring and minos. Since my archmagi item is a crystal cove hat, putting on minos means I lose 200 sp, but that’s fine in most quests, since I use the hat for buffs ans then switch to minos. I tell the party already before we head in that I plan on wearing minos and losing 200 sp for it.

When we finally start we’ve lost both the bard and the third cleric, so we’re only two cleric’s running (might have been an fvs in the group, but I think it was only me and the other cleric healing). Part one goes fine, I put on my archmagi hat, rest, loot.. and want to buff before continuing, but people have already rushed off. I figure, ok, I’ll buff on the other side, but no. I have this thing, I want to buff, put on minos, and use my superior ardor VI clicky before I do any healing. So, I’m very annoyed with people for not waiting for it. I just throw some buffs, put on minos and use my clicky… let the other healer care for the situation (if someone had died because I wasn’t healing, I prob would have thrown a fit). People are still rushing, and since I’m annyed I forget that part 3 is puzzles, and just buff myself before heading in… and when I get there someone has finished my puzzle! Most people would be happy about this, but this just ruins the frickin run for me. The only bloody reason I’m running this is to do the puzzles (well loot, too, but I want to learn the puzzles).

At least before part 4 and 5 people let us buff, and I’m wearing my minos. We have one death in part 4 and none in 5 (or if we did I forgot about it), so over all that’s a successful run. When harry’s down to some smaller % I drink a pot (I’ve apparently saved quite a few, since I have 11 major mana pots in my backpack), even though I avoid potting but figure I’d better make sure we finish this. So, my first hard shroud completion. Yay!

πŸ™‚ I’ve put up a lfg for Lord of Eyes elite, since I’ve yet to run it (elite for favor). But since no one is joining I jump on a party running Wrath of the Flame elite, and in the party there’s two clerics (including me) and an fvs πŸ˜€ Well we had a smooth run, one death, but a pretty quick completion (I was like, what, was that it?).

I’m chatting with someone (forgot who), when my friend (from Shroud and ADQ) sends me a tell “VON6 elite?” They’ve already done VON5 elite (cept the last fight), and I get the favor from that one. Yay! And VON6 goes pretty smoothly. Crappy loot, though.

And then I notice another acquaintance lfg’ing for Abbot. πŸ™‚ I send him a tell that I’ve yet to run it and that I don’t know the puzzles. But he let’s me join. Run’s a mess πŸ™‚ many deaths and one guys gets incapacitated in the asteroid room. Incapacitated basically means you’re stuck. But at some point he learns that clicking release means you die and are transported back to the main room. I died several times and one of the times I stand too close to the edge and my stone falls in the water. Meh. Leader has to throw me a raise twice, since it takes me like 7 sec to swim to surface and then 1-2 to climb up, and I miss the time on the first raise. In the end we’re successful. My end loot is completely worthless, though.

Black abbot

And before going to bed I ask my friend if he’d like have his arti help Cerge out with von3-4. His arti is lvl 11, Cerge’s 16. Von3-4 elite is 11. He’s ok with doing von4 (says he wants to do von3 with another toon), so we head off to that one. πŸ™‚ And finally Cerge gets his von4 completion. The arti dies a couple of times in the traps, though, but we finish the run in less than 45 mins πŸ™‚

Except for my annoyance in Shroud, the evening was pretty good. Thazara got her first favor in weeks and is now up in something like 3324 favor, Cerge got his von4 completion and I had over all a nice time.

Just an update from me.
Tc and see you ingame.

P.S. I believe I need to farm for tome pages for Thazara (for archmagi), so I can wear minos all the time. She’s pretty much an underdog in most raids/quests with her less than 400 hp and less than 2000 sp. Minos will have her at just over 400 hp.

Vet II

Thazara just unlocked veteran status II after reaching 3000 favor. πŸ™‚ Woop woop.

To reach this amount of favor Thazara has run almost all quests elite (excluding Devils assault hard, VON5 normal, Titan raid, In the Flesh, Reaver’s Fate, Running with the devils, Spinner of shadows,Β and challenges) lvl 1-16. Before leveling to 19, she will have the blue dragonscale robe, minos legends and have run Devils and Shadows Elite. I also just bought an alignment change – from lawful good to true neutral. End game, here we come! πŸ˜€