Cerge eTR 12

Today I eTr’d Cerge to get his 3rd stack of doubleshot. Here are his before and after pictures:

Before                                                                          After

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Raids week 67

Last week Saturday I was maybe 10 minutes late, and started off by posting for Baba’s, like I’ve been doing. I realised that the clocks had changed in the US, but not in Europe, so technically I posted for my raids an hour later than normally for some. I quickly got some joiners and by 9.25 pm UTC +1 I had a full group and was inside the raid waiting for everyone to enter. I asked the party to split themselves for the split part and off we went. During puzzles I realised that most if not all of the party members were people that have been joining my groups regularly, and I felt very confident in them. I died once during the end fight due to aggroing a wisp, but otherwise we had a good run. No named loot dropped.

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Raids week 66

Last week on Saturday I and Darth were playing 5th edition DnD with a couple of friends of ours, but I still wanted to keep raid night (and after playing for 4 hours I was starting to get a bit tired). We paused the game after a battle and I took care of the degus (let them out for play time, swept shelves and gave them food) before logging into ddo at 9 pm (3 pm EST). Ravenloft had just recently become available for purchase with ddo points, so Hamster had told me that I could expect a lot of interest for the Ravenloft raids this time. I was expecting us to fill just like that, but it still took about 15 minutes to fill. I told the party to split up for the sides, and this time we failed to split evenly. The first time through we ended up with 7 on the left, 5 on the right, next time 7 on the right and 5 on the left. It didn’t seem to matter that much though. For the end fight I asked the monks to kite the shamblers and Genlisea accepted the task. We finished in 29 minutes.

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Raids week 65

Saturday raids a week ago. I logged a bit late, but as soon as I put the post up for baba’s, a few Soko members joined. In 10 minutes I had a full party and we were ready to start. After the first fight I had issues clicking on the hut door, I clicked several times before managing the enter. Yes, the door was clickable when I tired, I’m guessing we all tried to click on it at the same time. Puzzles went somewhat well, we struggled with one group of scare crows, but both sides were about as fast. During the end fight I told the party to ignore the shamblers or let someone kite them. Turns out I managed to grab aggro of one of them and.. well .. died. I had not expected the damage they do.  We finished in 34 minutes. Suffering, the Half of Whole dropped.

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Raids week 64

Last Saturday there seemed to be more people on than the week before. I posted for baba’s a bit after 9 pm (3 pm EST) and before 9.30 we had a full party. I even had to decline someone as the last spot got reserved by someone ip flagging for Strahd.  I told the party to split themselves for the side puzzles, and I went right as I’ve been doing. What was different this time was that my side didn’t have anyone who wanted to do the puzzles, so I ended up doing them myself. Since I’m not used to doing them, this slowed us down a little. We also had some first timers in the party, so the first room with red named scare crows was a bit of a mess until we sorted out how things needed to be done. The rest of the raid progressed nicely and we finished in 31 minutes. Volley, Arbalest of the Damned dropped.

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Raids week 63

Here is the rundown of last week’s Saturday night raids.

I logged on a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST) and posted for baba’s normal. I had a few joiners right away, but then it got quiet. We waited for about 40 minutes to fill the party before I suggested we short man. I asked the party to split themselves for the sides, my only suggestion was that the warlocks go on different sides (to make the sides more even). Except for some struggles to get the scarecrows down at the same time, the puzzles progressed nicely. For the end fight we decided to try the tactic where you kill the shambling dooms when they spawn before killing baba. I was told that this is the best tactic for higher difficulties. On normal, though, I felt it wasn’t really worth it, as it took us as long to kill the shamblers as it took us to kill baba, and we still ended up with several deaths. I’m thinking on normal it’s just best to focus on killing baba as quickly as possible.

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Raids week 62

Raids Saturday 62 was a week ago on Saturday. I posted for babas a bit after 9 pm my time (3 pm EST), and waited a bit to fill. At about 9.30 we were ready to start. This week I didn’t recognize several of the names joining, but they may have been alts of people who normally joins. I didn’t split the party, but let them split themselves, like I’ve been doing. We struggled a bit with some of the scarecrows, but the raid progressed at a normal speed and we finished in 34 minutes.

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Raids week 61

Last week I was on a bit late, and as soon as I logged I was sent a party invite. I didn’t accept at first, but was then told the party was waiting for my raids, so I joined. It was inconclusive what they wanted to run, so I followed my original plan and posted for baba’s. Since I felt the group was quite strong, I suggested we do hard. About 10 minutes later we had a full party and were ready to get started. The puzzles went well and things were going quite well until the last fight when several of us died, and I realised that the death timer was annoyingly long. We completed in 30 minutes.

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Raids week 60

On Saturday I was a bit late to log on, and I saw someone having a post up for baba’s, except their post said “at 4 pm”. As it was about 3.20 pm, I decided to put my post up as normally. Soon after I got a tell asking if I could wait for their raid. I hesitated, contemplated, and then decided that I would keep my post up, as baba’s tend to fill quickly. So it did this time as well. My group filled and was ready to get going by 3.30 pm. I asked the party to split themselves, and someone attempted to create teams, which I believe failed a bit as not everyone noticed they tried to do that. I didn’t anyway, and just went right like I usually do. The run was good, we struggled on one of the scarecrow spawns, but other than that we didn’t have any issues. The raid finished in 24 minutes. Three named items dropped: Void, the Endless ColdMolten Silver Gauntlets and Patience Through Peril.

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Raids week 59

On Saturday I was on at exactly 9 pm (3 pm EST) and posted for baba’s raid normal. As always, after putting the lfm up, I wrote in channel which raid I had posted for and that the post was up. There seemed to be a lot of interest and we filled somewhat fast. One person asked me to save them a spot, so I ended up turning one person away… but then the person who was going to join realised they were still on timer, and I invited the one I had turned away to join us. As before I asked the party to split themselves for the puzzles, and things went quite good. The puzzles were getting done at a good pace and we didn’t really struggle at any part, except for in the last fight where I felt that people were too spread out, making it hard for me to throw heals and raises. We completed in 26 minutes and Suffering, the Half of Whole dropped.

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