New gaming area

I have been suffering from back problems for the last 8 years, sometimes more, sometimes less. I had acute sciatica 3 times 2008-2009, which went away and my back got better after I started swimming. I’ve now been playing ddo for almost 2 years, actively since Christmas 2011, and my back has been getting worse from all the sitting in front of the computer. I work 37.5h +/ week, sitting in front of the computer, then play ddo for 25h+/week. So, with this, I decided that it was time to put some money on a comfortable gaming area, instead of the cheap recycled stuff I was using. So, I went and got myself a new table and chair, then a gaming keyboard and mouse and an external 24 inch hd screen. I am still playing on my laptop, just connected external stuff to it.

My old set up:

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I wrote a post on time and how there’s so little of it a while back (“I like Time. There’s so little and so much of it. “). During the summer I was blogging almost daily, but then fall came, I got more work to do at work, my after work activities started again, and suddenly I had less time to play and blog.

I love DDO, and to tell the truth, I probably have more in game than irl friends. So I try to play a little every day. Currently I play Mon-Thurs 1-2h on Orien, Friday ca 3 h on Cannith, Saturday sometimes up to 10 h on Orien and Sunday is very random depending on what other stuff I have to do. I am trying to manage my time, but I’m not very good at it (I end up not sleeping enough).

What other stuff do I have to do? Well, I cycle to work (7.5km) Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri (take the car Wed), which takes me about 20 min. Monday I go for an 1 h jog after I get home, then let the degus out for their daily play time before logging on to DDO. I work ~ 8-16, often staying ’til 17.30. Tuesday or Thursday and Saturday I got swimming practice for 1-1.5h, Wednesday Spanish class 1.5 h. Thursday and Friday I try to get my butt to the gym, but I’m often too tired and just skip it. Every evening the degus are out for about 1 h, and with cleaning up afterwards it’s about 1.5 h. I do of course multitask and make dinner/have a shower/ read myddo while they’re out.

Saturday after swim practice I go grocery shopping and do some household chores before letting the degus out and then sit down for my weekly Sat gaming, which is the longest. This is why my weekend blogs are often longer than other posts, because I get the most done then 🙂

Alright, that was a bit of background information for you all. Now on to my Saturday game post.

Love, Micki.


🙂 I had myself a bit of a chuckle yesterday. Someone had an lfm up for Jungle of Khyber epic elite, and I sent a tell (as Thazara) that I just swapped ED and I’m feeling really squishy, but I could do elite. I get a reply “hp?” and to my reply (“419 now, 440 buffed, 640 if I swap to US”) “Can you heal?”. 😀 I’m like (thinking), lol. Me? Nah, I can’t heal. What’s that? I replied “lol. yes”.

Then a bit later someone has an lfm up for Dreaming Dark elite, and I send him a tell, but they had already finished and were now doing casual runs. I get an invite. After the first or the second run the leader asks about my guild and when I answer “Legends of Orien”, his friend’s like “How’d you get in?” (apparently not the guild, but this party), and the leader tells me he doesn’t usually run with LoO people, because a lot of us irritate him. 😀 lol. Well I was there, and he didn’t kick me, so there.

Usually when I quest I’m stubborn to get a completion and will want to retry after a fail. This weekend wasn’t one of those. If the first try failed, I said “ty, I’m gonna go do something else”. I didn’t have any patience for trying again. Not my common style, but I think it was because of the party. The parties I joined didn’t have a good leader or good tactics, and that’s something I’ve been starting to want more and more. I hate quests where the leader isn’t leading. Some people might like it messy and difficult, but I much more prefer running with people who know what they’re doing.

Ok, here’s a list of things I want from a good pug:
– Someone who knows the quest is leading the party (doesn’t have to be the person with the star).
– If we aren’t farming, the one leading will help anyone who got lost or left behind to find their way, or makes sure no one gets left behind.
– People are communicating and listening, people know their roles in the group.
– People are polite and don’t talk down to anyone.
– The quest at hand should be taken seriously, but the over all feeling should still be light enough for jokes. It’s a game people, not life and death.

I will leave a party after completion/fail if:
– people aren’t communicating/ listening
– no one is leading
– I’m having to babysit or carry someone too much
– the party doesn’t seem strong enough for the quest
– people are mean or cruel or give me crap

I do not believe I have ever left a quest that is in progress. I will stay ’til win or loose, after which I decide if it’s a party I want to run with or not. Very few people have been mean or gotten on my bad side, and even those have, have been forgiven and forgotten. 🙂 The only one I currently want to blacklist is the wizard in Saturday’s Shroud. Either he didn’t speak English or he was trolling, but I’m guessing the latter and it did get on my nerves.

Alright, that’s some thoughts from me.

Tc and see you in game.

“I like Time. There’s so little and so much of it. “

🙂 Anyone happen to know where the quote’s from? (No, I will not tell until you guess, or google, lol)

My issue is time. I just have too little of it. To make things work, you have to make compromises. Here’s an insight into my daily life and how I spend my time.

First of all, my job. I work about 37.5 h/week, 7.5 h/day (30 min of lunch is required and not included in our work time). We have sliding hours (we can somewhat freely choose when we arrive in the morning and when we leave in the evening, as long as we do the required hours), but must log the hours we do. Second, my exercise. I have a gym membership, I try to cycle to work regularly, I go to swimming practice 2 times a week (have a trainer), I just started running school and am trying to go for a run 3 times a week (got a training program to follow from the running school). Atm, I haven’t been to the gym in at least a month, because there just haven’t been enough time (and I haven’t had the energy either). Third, I have 6 small companion animals (degus) that require my daily attention. They live 3 and 3 in a cage, and I let them out of their cages every day for an hour of play time. Lately I’ve been doing other things during this time, like cooking, having a shower, surfing the web, etc. which I feel a bit bad about, because I should be socializing with them and not doing other things.

Here’s a pic of one of my girls (Stella), if you’ve never seen a degu before:

Degu Stella

Forth, DDO 🙂 I love playing DDO. When I’m on, there’s no other thoughts in my mind but what’s going on in the game. I get completely wrapped up in the virtual world, and I love it. It’s like reading fiction, but instead of just following the story, you are able to affect the outcome. 🙂 I believe I play about 10-30 h/week, mostly weekends, but also about 1-2 h on some week nights.

Now, as you can see I have a lot on my schedule, so I have to prioritize. I believe my priorities are a bit like this: 1. degus, 2. work, 3. exercise, 4. DDO. … and somewhere at the bottom are things like sleep, food and cleaning. Yes, here’s my big problem. I don’t sleep. I do household chores when I feel I’ve left them for too long (like something like every other week)… and I have no interest in cooking or socializing. Oh, I completely forgot about socializing 🙂 I do, on occasion go out, or see my friends, but that’s more of an exception than a rule.

And I’m exhausted. And all I want to do is play DDO. What I do, is have planned breaks from it once in a while to sleep and clean and do other things, but during that time I suffer from abstinence. 🙂 I believe I have a problem.

Take care and see you around Orien (or if I ever get around to it, on Cannith as well).
Love, Micki

P.S. I’m doing my first Sprint triathlon on July 1, and I’m hoping to do my first Marathon in September. I have also signed up for Tour de Helsinki (140 km cycling) in September.

P.P.S. I’ve been planning to do/take the SCJP certificate, but I have yet to read the book. I did read the SCJA book, but then skipped doing the test and decided to just go for the next one instead. (just google if you don’t know what it is, lol)

P.P.P.S I’ve been studying Spanish for a few years now, and the last course ended in April (will hopefully continue this fall), and I should be studying, but I have no interest in it.

Random jibber-jabber

I wasn’t going to post. I have nothing to say. 🙂

Well, not quite true.

After my CC marathon sat-sun, and after running CC 4 more times on Monday, I’ve been really tired and work has been suffering. I also haven’t done any of the household chores I need to do (laundry, dishes, clearing, grocery shopping). I did go to running school on Monday and swimming practice on Tuesday, and I’ve taken a few days off from DDO to get some sleep. 🙂 But I’m starting to suffer from DDO abstinence. Go figure.

I can’t wait to log on 🙂 My plan is to run The Carnival chain and The Bloody Crypt with Cerge, Necro 2 with Maidae and some farming and possibly raids with Thazara (I’d like to farm Litany, do Sands slayer for the gem (Thadargix’s Gem, I already have Sventusk’s Gem and Vuthesjing’s Gem) and run Reaver’s Faith, Shroud and Abbot, and maybe ADQ).

😀 Oh, and I got a bit link happy apparently. But, oh, well.

See you around Orien.
Love, Micki.

P.S. I really need to start taking in game screen dumps (because I like blogs with pictures). 🙂 I just hate photo editing, so I put it off.

DDO feedback from the newbie

I’ve been playing DDO as a casual player (‘cept I’m not sure where the line is between casual and active?) for almost 9 months now. A friend suggested I try it out and I decided to do so, since I like fantasy and fiction and I’ve never played any MMORG before. I also had never played DnD. I started off sort of copying my friend’s way of playing, even though he had rolled a rogue and I a cleric. I can tell you my cleric was gimped as hell already after a few levels. I was also, after 2 months of playing as a f2p player, so fed up with all the restrictions that I chose between quitting or going VIP. I’ll let you guess what I chose 😀

To make the story short. We had a falling out with my friend, I stopped listening to him (well we didn’t talk at all for 2 months. Now we’re friends again) and went on the forums for advice on how to fix my toon. And now I’m loving DDO. I hate soloing, though, because to me DDO is a social game.  I pug a lot, and I’ve run with a lot of nice people 🙂 When I find a good party, I easily spend 6 h on running quests (I easily spend that much time on even when I have to lfg for every quest I wanna run).

I’m thinking DDO has sort of taken over my life 🙂 Well, I go to work, try to get some sleep, exercise and  sometimes hang out with friends. But any extra time I have (usually weekend nights) is spent in DDO 🙂  and it’s not that I find the quests that exciting. I take pride in being an important part of any party, and making sure we finish the quest at almost any means. My cleric is an offensive caster (I usually help out killing bosses, and I enjoy it), buffer and healer with melee fallback. My way of playing? I will carry the party through any quest if I have to and am able to. I am most of the time the last one standing in any quest… and I will run to save my own ass 🙂 Falling back when there’re too many mobs often allows you to kill them one at a time (as long as you don’t get lost and run into more mobs, which I have done as well). I guess you can tell I mostly play my cleric. 🙂 I’ve spent these 9 months leveling my cleric, and am still not capped. Why? Because I’ve been holding levels to do all quests on level (I’ve collected 2993 favor so far). I’ve gained a lot of experience in playing a cleric and have found my place in the game 🙂 What I am lacking still though is raiding experience. I’ve only run Chrono (10+ times, I have one full abshai set and one lesser), VON (4-5 times), tempest (2 times), and ADQ (1 time), but will start running Shroud as soon as I get flagged.

To sum it up. Love DDO. Have become totally addicted and I can’t wait to log on again 🙂 will be playing this weekend again. But first I’m gonna go to the gym 😀

First post

So, I’ve been playing DDO for a few months now (8) and am slowly getting a feel for the game 🙂 I’m very green, never played D&D or any MMO before, but I love fantasy and fiction, so have fallen in love with DDO (but sometimes I’m feeling a lot of hate for my Internet provider). I started playing my cleric in DDO in the same way as I played my elf in Zelda the Twilight princess on Wii, and very fast learned that it doesn’t work 🙂 Oh, and I was determined to play an elf cleric – elf because elves are cool and a cleric because they’re versatile. What happened? A few levels up and I started to hate my char. She was quite useless for anything but being a healbot, and I didn’t want to play healbot. I was determined to collect as much favor as I could with this char, so I really didn’t want to reroll. So, at lvl 11 I went on the forums for the first time and asked for help. Result? Did a greater reincarnation and turned my char into an offensive caster cleric. And now I love her. 🙂  New plan: make her into an end game toon. I’m still collecting favor, and am therefor leveling very slowly (holding levels), but when I finally hit cap, I want to run some epics. Just need to find and/or craft suitable gear. 🙂 But all in good time. I have no plans on TR:ing this toon, as I will be hitting 3000+favor and do not wish to recollect it 🙂