And we’re raiding again

I have been doing my Saturday night raid marathon for about 2 years. I started doing them around the time I met Cleazy. At first I was only joining other’s lfms, later I started posting my own. I looked at some of my posts from 2 years ago, and I found the first few posts where I talk about raiding Saturday (see e.g. August 5, 2012 Sort of a meh night, Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics, August 12, 2012 Saturday gaming). Looking at some of the screenies, I even found some of the ppl I still play with, including Osi on an alt. 🙂

Anywho, I was away for for 2 weeks, and therefor missed two raids Saturdays. After farming Thunderholme raids, and after doing raids with Osi for about a year (and level cap getting raised to 28), many of the raids have really lost their charm. Some of the raids I like running because the xp is still pretty good (von, adq, chrono), while others I’ve pretty much stopped doing (shroud, ToD). I don’t even run Thunderholme raids much since getting the 20th completions on the on 3 toons.

Still, I was looking forward to raiding with Osi. I don’t see him much at all anymore, and he pretty much only plays during raid night once a week. Osi logged a bit early, and I was already online on Thaz. I wanted to run Thaz this time. As usually we started with ADQ and ran eH/ eE as a 6 man group. There was a few deaths in the raid bit, but still a pretty standard run.

After ADQ Osi asked me if I need to switch toons for some raids, and I told him that yes, I’d like to do chrono, von and fot on Thaz, Thunderholme and CitW on Cerge. So Osi suggested we join someone else’s lfm for FoT, which we did. This person had been away from the game for like half a year or so, so they needed a bit of help assigning roles. This was a fun run, though. SR tank didn’t know to use spell absorption and died. So Osi took over both kiting undead and SR. I was helping dps TO til I noticed that they needed help with SR, and I got boomed but didn’t die. SR tank took over again when he was raised, we prepped him well and killing was flawless.

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More pug raid videos

I said in one of my videos that I’d like to make more pug raid videos. Last weekend I recorded ee Chronoscope and eN/eH VON. Both with pug. I.e. I had Osi, and the rest were random ppl hitting the lfm. Both are pretty easy raids, so I went with my common rule “first come, first served”. Chrono went as normal.. except my little blunder of falling of the air ship, lol! eVON was more messy, with ppl not wanting to do stuff to help out, and VON6 bases took forever to sort (we might have had some 1st timers), but all in all we completed so all’s well that end’s well, right?

Here’s the footage:

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

Saturday night is raid night

After 2 weeks of no raids, except an eVON and a hard shroud on Wednesday, I was starting to suffer from raid abstinence. So, my Saturday plan was raids, raids and more raids. I’ve got 2 epic toons, Thazara is flagged for everything, except Reaver’s Fate, as I didn’t bother to reflag her after U17, Cerge is flagged for Titan, Shroud, VON, ADQ, CitW and FoT, and my lvl 18, Maidae is flagged for Titan, VON, Shroud and Abbot. Why Titan, u ask? Well, I have a friend who’s a bit obsessed with that raid, so I ended up flagging all my toons. The gloves would be awesome for Cerge, though.

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Raid Night

Saturday is as some of you know my raid night. 🙂 Usually my friends log on later, so I try to save TOD, ADQ and Shroud for later. This Sat I logged on at about 7pm, GMT+2. After my crazy photo collection in the last post, I have tried to reduce it in this one to only one pic per raid/ run.

Shroud (elite)
I figured, since I run elite shroud on Thaz later in the night, and my friends usually join that one, I could run one on Cerge earlier. I seem to have gotten a lot more relaxed with the raids, and especially elite shroud. I’ve always been putting requirements in the lfm, but now I just put 20-25, elite. 🙂 I accepted anyone hitting the lfm basically. I got 3 clerics, 2 wizards, 2 monks, fighter, rogue and other sorc. Dps was good. We messed up phase 2 first try by killing the ellie too soon, but succeeded on second try. Phase 4 was a 2 rounder with a few deaths, but we just took him out as I ran out of mana. And phase 5 was good. 😛 This was Cerge’s 11th Shroud and 2nd elite (others hard).

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Saturday raids marathon

Brace urself, this is going to be long. 🙂

Last Saturday I didn’t play at all, and this week I ran mabar mon-tues, wed I ran an elite shroud on Maidae, thurs Cleazy helped me elite flag Cerge for DD and friday the Cannith group ran Wiz king elite. Last week I think I also only ran one time with Cleazy, so this sat I had decided to run raids with him all night (night for me anyway). Here’s the run down on Thazara’s Saturday night.

ADQ 1-2 eNorm & eHard

I was a bit late to log on, I usually try to get on 3 h before my weekly shroud, but this time I wasn’t on til about 1.5h before. I saw an lfm up for ADQ, but it disappeared before I could hit it. Put up an lfm for ToD instead and Cleazy logged on and joined. We had no joiners in a few min so I suggested we hit the new ADQ lfm that had come up instead. Joined the preraid just as they were finishing up the rooms. 🙂 I sort of like doing that, because then someone else has already done all the work, lol!

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