This weekend in ddo

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. I used to always do a weekend run down, talk about how the raids were going etc. It started becoming routine, so I stopped doing them. Anywho, here’s what I did this weekend in ddo.

Maidae in Misery’s peak. This pic has really nothing to do with this post in question, but I TR’d Maidae last weekend, and I never posted the routine Misery’s Peak picture.

My plan was to run raids Saturday night on Thazara and Cerge, then Storms horns heroic elite on Sunday on Cerge. I logged around 8pm on Saturday and posted for CitW “Normal cause I’m lazy. Will start with 6”.  My rule is usually, I leave the lfm up for ~10 min, if no one joins I do something else, if 1 person joins I leave the lfm up a bit longer. Took a little while but I got 5.. and then 6, and then a few more. So I suggest we get started. I plan to solo heal, cause it’s normal. Solo healing a raid of not all self healing ppl, starting it, trying to handle the lfm and applications and tells at the same time while making sure the party doesn’t die.. is a bit of a challenge. But I do this often, lol. I take Ana and we get to it. Dps is fine, but ppl aren’t playing too healer friendly so we have some deaths, and some ppl fall off. But the end fight is very good, and we get our 6th chest. One guy keeps dc’ing so in the end we don’t wait for him, but loot. I believe 3 named items dropped.

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Leading raids

I run a lot of raids. Most of them I lead, but if there is a raid on the lfm I want to run I may join. I was trying to find a blog about when I started running Shroud, but the first post mentioning Shroud was from May 2012, where I mention having 3 normal completions. Thazara did not start running Shroud til after she capped, and at the same time she started running epics. I cannot remember how many completions I had of shroud before I led it the first time, but I remember talking to Andy about shroud, asking when we were gonna run it together and him replying “when you lead it”. I did not want to lead raids, because I did not know them, and I did not trust in my leadership skills. I put very hard demands on myself and I am a perfectionist, so crossing that line was a bit like throwing myself off a cliff, hoping for a soft landing. My first time leading Shroud went very well. Shroud is a raid that pretty much leads itself.

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Cannith game night: epics and raids

After only 3-4 h sleep the night before, and working a long day, I was kind of tired and a bit testy during our game night. I took offence to ppl saying that our group is low on hp (well u do better on a 1st toon on a server with no gear or pls, and Ker is even only a 28p build). I thought Ker was doing just fine, I’ve seen worse. At level 20 she was ~380hp unbuffed, and that is with only con+6 and +20 false life. I can easily get that higher once I get some gear. But we only run a few hours once a week, so we’re not exactly gear farming.

Anywho, plan for the night was to run first Eveningstar chain, and we decided to lfm for help so we could run on eH. I think we would have been just fine the 3 of us with hirelings too. Our toons are very much underdogs, but I was pretty pleased when my level 20 clonk with almost no gear managed to insta kills a few mobs with destruction and implosion in a level 22 quest. 🙂 Now, that impresses me a lot more than loads of hp.

Anywho, here’s the pictures from the night.

Keronna was sad after Ness killed a deer.


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Tues-Wed raids

After the feedback I got on my “Thoughts” post, I’m now trying to blog a bit more often. I’m trying to keep the text short and interesting, and am trying to not add too many pictures (how can there be too many anyway?).

Tuesday-Wednesday I run a few raids, that is Cerge does eADQ on Tues and elite Shroud on Wed, Thazara does hard ToD on Tues. Cerge has gone from being a crappy caster who was out of mana after one room in eNorm ADQ, to being able to solo all the rooms, and can do 3 with the mana he has. I forgot to take pics of the run, but Cerge did 3 rooms, then had to go rescue a first time runner from the penalty box, as he read the wrong glyph and died. We got a second group and had a good raid. 🙂 I pulled Staff of Arcane Power for the second time and as it binds to character, I put it up for roll. Andy got it.

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1 week, 4 toons; quests and raids

How about instead of writing a long boring blog about this week’s happenings, I just show u some pics? 😛 Ok, I’ll add a little bit of text just for clearification. Since I haven’t blogged all week, this is gonna be pic heavy, but I’m trying to keep it short.

Running Maidae with TorGrimorde and Andy. We did Made to Order, Dreams of Insanity, Purge of the Fallen Shrine and Chamber of Kourush. I got a pug for the first one, but got tired of the noob level, so we ran the rest with hirelings.

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DDO this weekend

I’m feeling really tired when writing this post, so I apologize in advance if it’s … what ever it turns out to be. 🙂 I’ve had a stressful week at work. Been working 12 h days, only take breaks for lunch, bathroom and to get more coffee. Been trying to get a project finished that’s on deadline, but on friday I gave up at 8pm… was tired and knew I’d be there all night and not get it finished. Wanted to get home to the degus and DDO.

I slept well for about 8h, then did a bunch of household chores (laundry, dishes. grocery shopping and cleaning), let out degus and played DDR the hottest party 2 on wii before logging on to DDO. Here’s my Saturday runs:

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3 days of Xmas

I am not a Christmas person. Basically I hate it. But, I did go to see my family on the eve, for about an hour (in Finland we celebrate the eve and not the day), gave some gifts, got a few gifts, then headed home to play some ddo. Here’s a short short recollection of my xmas gaming.

Leveled Maidae to 10, then ran Tomb of The Shadow Guard and farmed the Shadow Crypt with TorGrimorde and a pug. I think we ran maybe 3-4 elite and 4-5 hard to a total of 8 runs and 2x ship buffs. After, I leveled Maidae to 11 and we did one run of the Red Fens chain in which Cleazy joined.

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Sat-sun raids

I am feeling a bit lazy with this post, seeing as it’s a bit late when I’m starting, so I’ll most likely mostly post pictures. Here’s what my epic toons (Thazara and Cerge) did this weekend.


ToD (hard with opt)
I logged on a bit late, and put up a TOD lfm right away. Domfig had had one up a little earlier, but couldn’t fill, so he said he’d join mine when I log. I wait a while with no joiners, then I get Dom and Andy a few more, and then one guy joins and brings several of his guildies along and we fill. Group’s pretty nice, taking it quite easy. 🙂 No issues, no messing up from me. 😛 Not flawless smooth, but good enough. And I made Jal, aka Domfig tank Suulo. 🙂 I would have prefered him taking Suulo to the opposite wall than staying close to Horoth on the same wall, but it was ok.

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This week in Stormreach

The end of the year is always busy at work, since projects needs to be finished and customers want to pay their bills for the budget, etc. This means we suddenly get a lot of work that has to be finished “yesterday”. I’ve been working over time every day, sleeping little, drinking too much coffee, and trying to make a little bit of time for ddo.

Here’s this week’s run down

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Runs this week (pt2)

My sister was visiting me over the weekend, so I cancelled Saturday raid night. Instead I logged on on Sunday afternoon after she left. First I wanted to run eADQ on Thaz. I put up an lfm and started solo. Andy joined me on two toons after a while, but it still took an hour to get to the boss fight. But I was managing mana pretty well, meleing as much as I could, and got through all the rooms with the mana I had. I had pulled a hireling at the start and he stupidly teleported into the penalty box and died after 4th or was it 5th glyph, so I kicked him. We were joined by a wizard for boss fight. Raid was us 3 manning or more like 2 manning it on eNorm. Andy told me to not raise him (he was running his lvl 20 arti) if he was to die, so I didn’t. Me and the wizard finished off the queen, just as I was out of mana. This was Thaz’s 20th run and yay! a torc was waiting for her on the quest reward list. 🙂

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