Maidae 7.0

This post and plan is quite early in the makings, since I’d still like to do a few epic reincarnations on Maidae before doing a TR. Anyway, Maidae will after the next TR have 3 monk past lives, but only 2 fighter, so for the next life I’d like a fighter past life. I do love monk splits, but I’ve liked her archer life a lot as well, so I wanted to try making an archer fighter (especially since I’ve seen it done). Sticking to iconic, I squeezed in 2 cleric levels – 1 from morninglord, taking a second to get a domain.

Here’s the first draft of my kensei AA fighter. I will most likely have to play around with the enhancements once I’ve actually made the build.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Maidae  Shadow
Level 30 True Neutral Morninglord Female
(9 Fighter \ 9 Ranger \ 2 Cleric \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 477
Spell Points: 366 
BAB: 19\19\24\29\29
Fortitude: 24
Reflex: 17
Will: 13

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(36 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 30)
Strength             18                    34
Dexterity            14                    21
Constitution         14                    21
Intelligence         10                    17
Wisdom               12                    19
Charisma              8                    15

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Maidae eTR 8

In a hurry to get some eTrs done before U29… I finished Maidae’s eTR 7 and went on to eTr 8. Here are the before and after pictures:

Before                                                               After

That was my quick update for today.

Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Maidae eTR 7

Yesterday I finally capped Maidae, and I had decided I was going to eTR right away. Here are the before and after picture:

Maidae before eTR                                              Maidae after eTR

I like her new looks, she looks kind of badass. 😀

That’s all folks tc.

GM interaction

Last time I was running Maidae was about 2 weeks ago, I was running EE High Road with Osi and some others. In A Stay at the Inn we were progressing the quest as usually, we got to the end fight, fought the boss… and when it was time for him to spawn the red named shadow.. he didn’t. I sent in a ticket, we waited about 15 min with no response, so we decided to give up. I closed the ticket.

Today I had decided to finish my sagas, so I put up an lfm, invited two guildies and headed back to the high road. We started with Rest Stop and then continued with A stay at the Inn. Progressed the quest without issues, fought the boss, heard the DM said that the boss spawns the shadow.. and then nothing. I sent in another ticket, only to realise it’s too early in the morning in the US. Support hasn’t started working yet. Closed the ticket and restarted the quest. The problem? Next time we got to the end fight, the same thing happened, we got the message that the boss is spawning the shadow, and then nothing. We decided to skip the quest and continue on with the next quest. I also decided to send in a ticket about the issue.

After we finished The end of the Road, I wanted to do EE GH, and Hamster joined my group. He claimed he had finished  A stay at the Inn EE just the other day, and to prove it he solo’d it and got the shadow to spawn. Me, Jedli and Urgan stepped in to get our completion.

5 hours later a GM got in touch with me concerning my ticket. He offered to finish the quest for me, but as I had already continued on (and Hamster got me my completion), I didn’t need it. But, I was happy my ticket wasn’t auto closed, but the GM actually took the time to talk to me. Here is the convo:

The experience potions he sent me were medium +10% BTA potions, so they are really useless to me, but anyway…

Maidae eTR 6

On Friday (Oct 9) I eTR’d Maidae. Here are her before and after pics

Before                                                              After

🙂 that’s all folks

EEraids 27

This Saturday was the first time I actually considered not doing the EE raids for lack of interest. I posted at 8 as normally, and then went afk a bit to get some food. I got back and still no joiners.. so I decided to log on Mill’s account to flag him for doj, only to realise he doesn’t own the pack so I can’t do that. Instead I logged him off and hopped into The Devil’s Details eH. I was almost at the end when I suddenly got a bunch of joiners. It would seem that the ppl from OR had finished what ever it was that they were doing when I posted, and were up for an EE Deathwyrm. Weii, Arriene and Khyleeh joined for the completion of the quest I was running, but we did not get any named item in the chest. After this it didn’t take too long before I had a full group, but I had a few joiners who did not know the raid too well at all.

My rules are as always; 1. help with the puzzles if you know them, but don’t turn on the beam until you’re done and call beam when you do. 2. kill trash at each level before stepping through the portals to reduce lag and 3. run away from your stone if you die. I also told the newish ppl to try not to get lost, and to kill stuff. And to say asap if they do get lost and someone will come get them. What I can’t stand is if someone can’t do the jump or otherwise gets lost and decides to spend the rest of the raid trying to get to us. EE is not where we practice the raid, EE is where we run it efficiently and want everyone to keep up.

EEraids 27 – the group

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Maidae eTR 5

I was going to eTR Maidae while I was in Croatia, but I never got enough time to do it, so I finally did it on Friday (August 14). I’m doing exactly the same build as found on my build plans so nothing special about that. This time I also remembered to check that I was in the correct ED before picking up my sagas. I did change her looks a bit, though, and I actually like her better this way.

Maidae before eTR                                             Maidae after eTR

🙂 That’s all folks. Ty for stopping by and have a great day

Well, what do you know

As you may know I epic reincarnated Maidae on Sunday. As always I checked my sagas first, eTR’d, collected my sagas and jumped to level 23 before doing my enhancements and gear. Then I switched toon to run Tower of Elemental Evil epic elite on Thaz. On Monday I ran Cerge and on Tuesday Jarvanna.. Wednesday I was going to run EE Web of Chaos on Maidae, but just after logging Stitchz sent me a party invite. I hesitated, but decided to see what he wanted. “Come ToEE”, says Stitchz. “I’m just eTR’d, I feel squishy, but ok.”, says I, then run to the quest.

I was the first in the group, but slowly we filled. I was highly surprised at Maidae’s performance. As I had eTR’d the primal sphere this time, I was running in Fury. I was hitting adrenaline somewhat often, and using my boosts and displacement.. and lo and behold, I was killing stuff and they were not hurting me much. I was keeping a close second in kills with Stitchz, who is a lvl 28 fvs (I think he’s 2 pally/ 18 fvs), and usually is quite good at killing stuff. Of course, there was no 1 or 2 hit kills for me, it still took me a while to drop the 14k hp trash mobs, but still. And my second surprise came when I started stunning stuff. I have no idea how that happened, as my stun dc is not that high.

I was the baby in the group at lvl 23, I think the bard was 25, the others 27-28

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Maidae eTR 4

Finally.. after being at cap for a number of weeks, I got around to epic reincarnating Maidae. She used to be able to keep up with Cerge when it comes to TRs and eTRs, but of late she’s been left behind. She’s done 3 martial eTRs, and now I decided to do her first primal.

The reincarnation grove in The Hall of Heroes in Eveningstar looks different from the one in Eberron.

Here are the before and after:
Before                                                               After

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Finally got my videos done

After epic reincarnating Maidae on Monday, sorting her gear and quickbars I wanted to make some solo EE videos. Or one video at first, but then changed my mind and wanted to do two: Lords of Dust and The Snitch. I started with Lords of Dust. This is a quest I know well and have run many times… but for some reason I wasn’t prepared to get hit with fear. On the first run I got as far as the death knights, then I got hit with fear over and over, and couldn’t progress. Fear causes your to become helpless, you can run around (if I recall you can also use pots which you can not when truly helpless), but you can’t hit or cast spells (like cocoon). On the second run I got as far as the first caster and got hit with fear again, so decided to slot fear immunity before trying again.

I tried again a day or so later, and finally got a recording, only to learn that I hadn’t set Bandicam to only record mic on push to talk.. so it had recorded all sounds, which was a lot of key klicks. I wasn’t happy with it, so decided to make another one a day or two later. Next try I tested the sound before running the quest, and thought I had everything right.. recorded my run of the quest, logged off, checked the video.. and noticed that this time I had no game sounds in the video, only mic when I had used my push to talk. Meh. So, still not happy with it. I did some testing and learned that I needed to have my computer’s default sound on heaset for Bandicam to record the game sounds… when audio set on Win8.1 sounds.

Finally almost a week later I finally got my video done, but noticed that my mic was a lot louder than the game sounds. I considered redoing it, but didn’t feel like it, so adjusted my mic volume for the next quest instead, which was the Snitch. I had some issues in the Snitch, I was trying to run as fast as I could, and somehow I could not get the one valve to unlock for me to progress the quest, so recalled to try again. Second try I was messing about too much, trying to figure out why the valve was locked last time, so managed to kill myself. Same with try no 3. Finally on the 4th try I managed to run the quest without doing something too stupid, and I got my recordning.


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