Jarvanna TR 2

Jarvanna, Valdayanie, Schoan and Judet ER’d + TR’d today (well technically yesterday). I sadly forgot to get some before pictures, spacing on the fact that I didn’t have any. Here are anyway Jarvanna and Judet’s after pictures.

Jarvanna: Level 2 Aasimar Druid                               Judet: Level 2 Human Warlock

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Jarvanna 3.0 draft

Jarvanna’s first live wasn’t planned and turned out a bit of a mess. I tried to do both melee and caster and ended up being bad at both. On Jarvanna’s second life I made her a quite well planned melee, but since I never put as much time on her as some of my other chars, she’s been feeling rather weak. For her third life I’ve been considering doing something else, but the original plan was to do 3 druid lives, so I came back to my original plan, and made a draft for a caster build. The build might very well change during play, this is the first draft.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 30 True Neutral Aasimar Female
(20 Druid \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 450
Spell Points: 1180 
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 17
Reflex: 7
Will: 25

                  Starting            Ending          
Abilities        Base Stats         Base Stats        
(36 Point)       (Level 1)          (Level 30)        
Strength              8                 12            
Dexterity             8                 13            
Constitution         16                 21            
Intelligence         14                 17            
Wisdom               20                 31            
Charisma             12                 15            

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Jarvanna is invisible!

I noticed an interesting effect when we were running Precious Cargo yesterday. I was running my wolf Jarvanna, I entered the engine room on one of the enemy ships and when I exited I could no longer see my character. I play in 3rd person mode and my character should have been visible in front of me, but there was nothing. I continued fighting and repaired the helm but my character was invisible. I entered the engine room of our ship and my character became visible again. This happened two more times during the run, but the two other times I quickly stepped in the engine room to fix the problem.

Jarvanna is missing. You see the circle where my mouse pointer is. I’m fully zoomed out in the picture
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Raids week 76

On Saturday (May 26), I had decided to post for baba’s reaper 1 skull, since I won’t be able to post for raids next Saturday and I had planned to do a reaper try soon. My post went up at 9 pm my time, and in about 10 minutes we were ready to start. My lfm post had said “R1 first try”, as I wasn’t sure we’d complete on the first try, and I wasn’t quite sure on the tactics needed. The first part to beat baba down until the hut lands went well, and we had a plan for who goes where in the hut (spent an extra 5 min making said plan). While my lfm was up, before we started Stitchz sent me some tells about the difficulty of a reaper run, said the hardest part was the shadows. We quickly learned that for us the hardest part was lag – and the fact that the other side didn’t have an insta killer for the totems, while my side had both Thaz with mas frog and Kuz with hurl. We almost wiped from lag, and needed to jibber’s to get everyone up and when we got to the puzzles the bees had arrived behind us and we had to race against them to complete the puzzles. Puzzles went well though and we got to the crystal and beat down the shield.

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Running epic necro 4 with the static group

Yesterday I wanted to flag Jarvanna for MoD, so me and the static group went to run epic necro 4. In the last update they released druid changes so I ended up having to redo some of my enhancements before running anything. We ran Vol, Inferno and Fleshmaker’s on hard, Ghost on normal and then went back and ran the first three on normal for more xp. Then I wanted to try Ghost on hard, and we did that successfully without too much issues. Here are a couple of pictures from Inferno.

Another new change to the wolf, they now sit when shrining
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Raids week 70

We have reached week 70 of the Saturday raids. Actually it’s the 70th post since my restart of EEraids, and I changed the blog posts from EEraids [number] to just raids when I stopped mainly posting for LE or EE raids. It was fun for a while to focus on trying to run raids on EE, but with the release of reaper and racial reincarnation, finding people at the right level and skill set to do the raids became more challenging than I had the patience for so I lowered the difficulty. I’d rather do more raids at a lower difficulty than wait for hours to do one run.


Anyway, raids 70 was yesterday and I logged on a bit after 9 pm Swedish time. There were only 16 people on in EEraids channel so I figured I’d struggle to fill my raids. I posted for baba’s normal and in 20 minutes we had a full party. Several people from Soko joined, and I liked that. I told the party to split up for puzzles, my only suggestion was that Leaden go left since I wanted to go right. Puzzles completed quickly and except for some issues with the red named scarecrows, they were getting completed in no time. In the first time through I got aggro of one of the reds and couldn’t go help kill the other scarecrows, which I believe slowed us down a little. Second time through one of them died and then respawned and ran across the already completed puzzle. The rest of the raid was good with few deaths. We completed in 30 minutes and as much as 3 named items dropped: Tremor, the Breaker of BonesTorn, That Which Renders Despair, and Spite, the Fractured Shards. Sadly Spite got left in the chest since it got passed to the wrong person and said person recalled before this was noticed.
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Raids week 69

On Saturday it was Easter weekend, so I expected the raids to be hard to fill. I was a bit late on and posted for baba’s as the first raid. To my surprise, shortly after posting, people started hitting the lfm, and before 9.30 pm my time we had a full group. As always I told the party to split themselves up for puzzles, and I don’t believe I asked clerics and warlocks to split up, but we did. On my side there was a bit of confusion as to who should do the puzzles, so it took a bit longer because of that, second time through went better. We had some deaths but very little, and shamblers were being dealt with. We finished in 28 minutes and a con +7 tome dropped.

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Jarvanna & Schoan do EEs

While working on our EDs, Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna have been doing some EEs that we’ve never done before (on those characters). Last Sunday Valdayanie couldn’t make it, so Schoan and Jarvanna did Madstone and Cry for help as a duo. On the dps side we were doing, good, but surviving against the giant skeletons turned out to be a challenge. More than once my piker Evilynnn had to rescue us, but throwing raises from a safe distance.

One of the minotaurs jumped up out of reach
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Running U31 quests with the static group

As I may have mentioned, I run with Valdayanie and  Schoan once a week or once every other week and the plan is to finish of our EDs, then eTR + TR. As we play so little, things have been going slow, and since Schoan doesn’t have all the packs, we have been running a bit of the same quests over and over. This week I suggested we do the U31 quests for a bit of a change. As we are xp’ing, running in off EDs, I figured it’d be best to stick to hard. Below are some screenshots from today’s runs.

Elf Courier in Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener 
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