Jarvanna and Schoan do EEs

Jarvanna hit 30 some weeks ago and now me, Schoan and Valdayanie (or little static group) have been focused on just gaining xp for our EDs. Valdayanie has been unavailable for the last couple of weeks, so it’s been just Jarv and Schoan. I wanted to try some EEs last week and we started with Lords of Dust. I was surprised at how easy it felt compared to expectations… I expected us to do poorly and maybe even fail. We continued with Servants and later Beyond the Rift, skipping Spinner, as I didn’t feel like dying a lot.

Lords of Dust, miniboss

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Same view, different image

So, on Sunday I was dualboxing Jarvanna and Evilynnn (Evil mainly piking for xp), and I noticed something interesting in Gianthold. I’ve noticed the same phenomenon on my guild ship as well. The premium char has snow, the VIP does not. Check out the pics below.

Gianthold from Jarvanna’s point of view.

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LE/EE raids week 14

This week people joined so fast for my LE Shroud that I had to take the lfm down within a few minutes to makes sure everyone who had intended to join from the channel would get a spot. At 9:10 pm we were ready to start. We stepped in and someone threw a globe of invulnerability to test the lag. Jumping in the globe causes a lot of posts in the combat log and will make you lag if the instance is laggy. It’s not a definite, even if you don’t lag in the globe the instance might be laggy. Anyway, jumping in the globe made me freeze mid air, so we decided to get another instance.

Second instance seemed better, but the globe test still made us lag. We decided to go for it anyway. P1 seems to lag a lot, especially when we have warlocks and trees in the party. Lag seems less if we split up and don’t concentrate our dps on one portal. It was laggy, spells kept failing or being delayed, and our wizard was having problems with sp lost on failed spells. We did manage to get through, only to completely freeze as we were trying to get up the stairs to loot.

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Cerge eTR9

This time I decided I was going to do this a bit differently. Of course I want to add the before and after pictures, but then I also wanted to show you how I eTR. Have a look at the pictures.

Before                                                                  After

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I see pumpkin

As I was running VON3 on Friday, I ran into this guy. I have seen champions have pumpkins of their heads for the Halloween event, but this guy wasn’t a champion. Is it a bug or intentional?

That’s all for this post.
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How to flag for The Tower of Despair

This is another semi easy flag. Semi in the way that these quests are or used to be quite difficult. Especially solo and Genesis Point will require another player to help open and close barriers in the maze.

Anyway, to flag for The Tower of Despair, head out to Amrath and talk to the following NPCs to pick up the 4 flagging quests:

Run the quests, pick up the quest rewards and pick up the raid from Uloth. I recommend that you also head back out into the Battlefield and locate the Tower Cave, and ask the NPC there to allow you to come back there later. If you do, the next time you’re in Amrath you can just click on the portal to the Battlefield and ask to be teleported to the Tower of Despair. If you do not do this, once it’s time to run the raid, you may need to drop party to run out to the raid, as the wilderness before the raid only allows 6 people parties.

Before running the raid, I’d also recommend making Boots of Anchoring. The boots are not a requirement and you can run the raid without them, but if you’re unlucky, Horoth may banish you, and you will be left without raid loot (and possibly a completion).

Check out my flagging video below.

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Cerge eTR 8

Today, after finishing up my epic 3bc saga and then flagging for The Mark of Death, I eTR’d Cerge. Here are his before and after pictures.

Before                                                                  After

Since he is a wolfie, you won’t really be seeing much of his blond hair.. but there you have it.

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How to flag for The Mark of Death

The flagging for The Mark of Death (epic) is a lot easier than the flagging for Ascension Chamber (heroic). The epic raid only requires that you run the 4 quests in Orchard of the Macabre, turn them in and pick up the reward from the chain giver. But, there is one little trick to it, that ppl tend to miss. You have to have the epic version of the quest picked up, and run the quests on epic to get flagged. You can enter and run the epic version of the quests by picking up the heroic ones, but that will not progress the chain and will therefor not flag you.

So, to flag for The Mark of Death, talk to the following quest givers and pick up the quests:
Tengir Greathall (Inferno of the Damned)
Birtran Kenworthy (Ghosts of Perdition)
Nesta Davir (Desecrated Temple of Vol)
Paramis Tyl (Flesh Maker’s Laboratory)

Complete the quests, turn them in for rewards and then the talk to the chain giver Agmont Juste to collect the chain reward. Alternatively, talk to him before and after each quest. Once you’ve collected the chain reward, you can pick up the raid The Mark of Death.

Check out my flagging video below.

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So this is Legendary

After not having run together at all in August, last Friday Jarvanna met up with Schoan and Valdayanie for some legendary questing. I’m not sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We’re all level 27 and a bit undergeard, the legendary difficulty means the quests are level 31 upwards.

We started with Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener on legendary hard, and that one went pretty well.. except for the end fight  were we died and died and die some more before we got it done.

Party struggling in the end fight of Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener

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How to flag for Against the Demon Queen

I plan to do a series of flagging videos for the raids in ddo that require flagging, and I decided to start with ADQ, mainly because I happened to have a character that wasn’t flagged for it. I was going to split the video up in several videos, but in the end I appended the clips into one long video. I had a few glitches on the way, first the recording turned off on me in the wizard king* so I lost a few minutes there, and then my computer crashed in the middle of Chains of Flame and I ended up having to redo that video, losing out on some of the footage in between.

Here’s how you flag:

  • Go to Zawabi’s Refuge and pick up the following quests: The Chamber of RaiyumChains of Flame and An Offering of Blood from quest givers Miroc Thrice-Born, Jaefan Druz and Calyx Shattermoon
  • Head out to the sands wilderness, locate and run the quests
  • Turn in the quests
  • Talk to Zawabi the Elder Djinni in Zawabi’s Refuge and tell him you have the items he seeks. Give him the items
  • Talk to the Djinni again to pick up ADQ

Watch the flagging video below or go to my YouTube channel to watch it in full screen mode.

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