I colored Cerge’s hair!

Cerge is a shadarkai this life, and since I’ve liked him blond, I made him blond this life as well. I tend to collect the hair dyes that drop from chests at times, and I send them to a bank character that stores them. This time, though, I had two hair dyes in Cerge’s inventory, burgundy and scarlet, and I figured why not so I used the burgundy. I think I like it. What say you?


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Sometimes you have to solo

I’m generally not a fan of soloing, as I enjoy the company of other players.. so unless I’m multiboxing, I tend to lfm for the quests I want to do. But with the addition of reaper difficulty and the limitations of it, getting people to join my lfm has been getting harder. Getting joiners for EE was already difficult at times, but reaper has become a challenge. I don’t like waiting around too long for people to join my lfm, so most of the time I’ll pick a difficulty I can (with some difficulty) solo and hope that someone joins me in progress.

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Raids week 30

I posted for R2 Tempest’s Spine as per usual at 3 pm EST. I didn’t have to wait too long for joiners, but with 4 spots left, we still din’t have anyone to do strength and intelligence. In the 9th spot our str char joined and then Niv sent me a tell asking if we needed an int char. I said yes, he joined and off we went. ¬†The party filled as we were in progress. I may have been playing a bit sloppier this time, or maybe my party was less aggressive than it usually is, but I died at least twice in ice this time. But my party was awesome as always and we didn’t really have that much issues to finish that part. Usually, in the end fight I de from Sorjek’s lightning attacks, but this time he shot me with an arrow at least twice. We finished in just under 30 min.

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Raids week 28

On Saturday we did quite a few raids for once. I started with reaper 2 TS as has been routine, and after we did a normal Riding the storm. TS filled rather quickly, RSo a bit slower, but the wait wasn’t too long. I was going to finish taking pictures of the pillars and puzzles, but realised later that my screenshots had failed, and I hadn’t even taken pics of all of them. The raid itself went pretty well, and we even had a named item drop (Discerning Gaze). Apparently I forgot to screenshot the quest report for RSO…

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Cerge eTR 10

After capping last night, I immediately epic reincarnated Cerge (after midnight, so today). Here are his before and after pictures.


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Cerge’s story -> May 5, 2017

This is the sequel to Cerge’s story that I posted December 25, 2012. I’m working on updating my character’s stories, and now the time has come to tell Cerge’s. Since you can read about his earliest days in the previous post, the story will continue from there.

Quite early on I decided that I wanted Cerge to be my end game caster. I wanted to do completionist and 3x all the caster lives, to make him the best caster possible. Then iconics and epic reincarnation was added to the game, and I decided that I wanted to follow my previous plan plus do iconics and epic past lives. Since I don’t really enjoy running the lower level quests, and I do enjoy running epics, as soon as iconics were added, Cerge became an iconic.

When it comes to Cerge’s reincarnation, when epic destinies were added I decided that I was going to do Cerge’s lives in epic sphere order. Caster classes first, then other magical classes, and last but not least melees. At the time when I first came up with this idea, melees were my least favorite class to play. Of course, each life was supposed to be different from anything I had played before, and on each life I wanted to do a few epic lives as well.

Cerge’s first life he was a pure warforged sorcerer that struggled in hard quests (I didn’t even attempt elite for the most of it). He was ok, but he didn’t really make playing a sorcerer feel like fun. It might of course have been my lack of gear and experience as well as his lack of past lives. On his second life I again made him a warforged (I had this idea that I wanted him to be wf all his lives… but I gave up on that pretty quickly) and this time a trapper wizard. I focused a lot more on his trapping abilities than his casting, and even though he could do some casting, he was mainly cc and quite bad at that. He was an excellent trapper, though.

Cerge’s third life I made him a human bardcher. That is an archer bard. I had fun playing this build, he could do some cc and pull aggro with his dps, but in general he had poor healing and his dps was only so-so. This was my first experience playing an archer, though, and a positive experience.

On Cerge’s forth life it was time to move away from the arcane sphere and move over to the divine (as I consider divine to be casters too). This was also Cerge’s first iconic life. I decided to use Thaz’s build and adjust it for a 1 cleric/ 19 favored soul sun elf build. The build worked out perfectly, and even without the gear he was beating Thaz’s dps. This was my first favored soul and I enjoyed it a lot. Soloing heroic elite quests had never been as easy. Cerge did one epic past life as an fvs. He previously got 2 epic past lives in combination with the heroic TRs.

For Cerge’s fifth life I wanted to do cleric, but since Thaz is my caster cleric, I wanted to do something different with Cerge. I think I remembered reading about someone doing a dual wielding melee cleric, and since I had never done something like that, this is what I wanted to do. I actually screwed up the build on my first attempt and ended up lesser reincarnating him at 20. I was convinced that the weapons I wanted the use were going to count as heavy, so I focused my whole build around slashing weapons, only to later realize they count as piercing. Cerge did quite well as a melee cleric and I even did som high level EEs on him. Cerge did 2 epic past lives as a cleric.

Sixt life was to be paladin. The last class in the divine sphere. Since I was in the middle of running EEraids on Thaz, and finding a good tank for EE deathwyrm was quite difficult, that was what I wanted Cerge to be, a dragon tank. I asked Short (like I’ve done with many of my builds since I got to know him) what the best build for a tank would be, a tank that would also have enough dps to solo stuff. He suggested I’d do a sword and board build using a dwarven axe. The build was decent. Cerge did a pretty good tank for Deathwyrm. His intim wasn’t top notch, but by using paladin additional hate in combination with Unyelding Sentinel’s added hate, no one I ran with could pull the mobs off me, and I was even able to steal aggro from others without the use of intimidate. All I had to do was touch the mob with my axe, it didn’t even have to do damage for the mob’s aggro to turn to me (tested in Fire on Thunderpeak when dragons had the purple orb). Cerge could have had better heals, though, and his dps was a bit disappointing. Cerge did 2 epic past lives as a paladin.

For Cerge’s seventh life it was time to move over to the primal sphere, the sphere of non casters but still magical beings. I decided to start with druid. Since I had heard good things about melee druids, I decided I wanted to do one. Short gave me a couple of suggestions and I decided to go with the dual wielding short sword build, only to realize the wolf doesn’t actually use the offhand weapon. I struggled through, I even did two epic past lives, but I didn’t really like this build. I felt like he was lacking in dps, lacking in heals and just felt really squishy. I wanted to do difficult quests and EEs, but I kept struggling to do them, so after the second epic life I was done.

And that brings us to Cerge’s current life, life eight, a shadarkai ranger. At this point Cerge has done three sun elf lives, which is the maximum, and I figured human would be the best for a ranger. I did shadarkai to do iconic and used a lesser heart to get rid of the first level of rogue. This is in my opinion Cerge’s best life so far, even beating the fvs. I have done a lot of soloing, even EEs at level and Cerge has just been getting more powerful. Cerge has capped at level 30 on his 8th life and I am planning to do a few epic reincarnations.

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Here’s the list of EEraids I ran on Cerge (that is the weekly EEraids I post/posted):
July 11, 2015 EEraids 21
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October 3, 2015 EEraids 28
October 10, 2015 EEraids 29
October 24, 2015 EEraids 30
November 7, 2015 EEraids 31
November 21, 2015 EEraids 32
December 12, 2015 EEraids 33
January 2, 2016 EEraids 34

And here’s a list of blogs about Cerge soloing EEs:
September 11, 2014 Solo Impossible Demands EE
September 19, 2014 Solo Outbreak EE
July 3, 2016 Solo House D chain and first Eveningstar chain EE
March 15, 2017 Solo Bargain of Blood Reaper 1
April 23, 2017 Solo Flagging for Caught in the Web EE
April 30,2017 Solo flagging for The Fall of Truth EE

What does the future hold for Cerge? Well first he is going to finish his path to completionist, while doing epic lives in between. This would have meant artificer, monk, fighter and barbarian, but warlock was also added and kind of screwed up my TRs according to sphere. I plan to do warlock last. I also intend to do all iconic past lives as well, and at least epic completionist, if not all epic lives. Then I intend to do at least two more of fvs, sorc and wizard, and then maybe consider doing racial past lives, since racial reincarnation was added in the last update.

How to flag for The Fall of Truth

Finally I have finished my last flagging video. Now I have a full set of YouTube videos of how to flag videos. Of course, I did things my way, I didn’t do them the fastest way possible, I did them running elite at level (most of them anyway). Check out the spreadsheet here.

As for the flagging, here’s how you flag.

The flagging for FoT is exactly the same as for The Reaver’s Fate, except for one little detail, the quest givers are different. First you have to flag for Return to Gianthold Tor by picking up, running and turning in the following quests, as well as talk to the chain giver Draznok ar’Athad:
Return to Cabal for One
Return to Madstone Crater
Return to Prison of the Planes

After this you pick up and complete Return to Gianthold Tor to flag for the raid.

I ran this flagging EE at level on my new ranger Cerge. I died twice in Cabal (stoned by one of the reds), once in Madstone (disintegrated by the end boss) and 4 times in PoP (1 time in fire room, 3 times in end fight). I used only 1 cake. Check out my videos below.

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How to flag for Caught in the Web

I started the recordings on April 4th and finally finished them last Monday. And now I finally have the videos appended and uploaded to YouTube. The Caught in the Web flag is I’m sure the longest flagging in the game, unless you count farming for sigil pieces in Necro 4.

To flag for Caught in the Web, you have to run the following quests:

Web of Chaos chain +¬†Beyond the Rift (level 16 heroic normal, 21 epic normal).¬†To flag for the Eveningstar chains you can run them heroic or epic. After you’ve run the 4 quests, you can use the rift to get to Eveningstar. I always run them heroic, so for these videos I ran them again on epic.

The Lords of Dust
Servants of the Overlord
The Spinner of Shadows
Beyond the Rift

The first time you run The web of Chaos chain + Beyond the rift, the quests have to be completed in order as each quest run flags you for the next one. The other 3 chains, the quests within the chain will flag you for the final quest, which then opens the next chain. The 3 quests within each chain can be completed in any order. To flag for the final, you have to return to Eveningstar and pick up the quest rewards.

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How to flag for the Cannith raids

I did the videos about 3 weeks ago, when Cerge had just hit 20. I didn’t get around to appending them and uploading them til last week.

To flag for¬†The Lord of Blades¬†and¬† The Master Artificer, all you need to do is run the three quests¬†Power Play,¬†Blown to Bits¬†and¬†Schemes of the Enemy¬†in the¬†House Cannith Manufactury¬†and turn them in, and you’re flagged. The quests are only available on heroic difficulty, while the raids come in heroic and epic.

Watch me flag in the video below.

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