Farming Memoirs

I recently heard of the +2 reaper helm that gives a +2 bonus to all ability stats. With the +10 loot bonus last weekend I bought some treasure bonus pots and headed into memoirs to do some loot farming (I wanted a circlet with the +2 bonus). I started out running Thazara on R1 and after ransacking her, I switched to Cerge and ran R2. The first 2-3 runs I logged the pikers (alts) off inside the quest, but then I just parked them outside and entered to loot.

After the first two runs I started bringing a hireling to heal me during the boss fights. It was a lot less stressful when I could stand there attacking the boss with the hireling throwing heals at me, rather than me having to constantly keep myself healed. Thazara’s aura was not enough when the boss would hit me for ~200 per hit. Have a look at some of the screenshots.

One of the champion chests ended up in the ground, and I just couldn’t loot it.
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Riding the Storm Out solo – Cerge

Last week I finally managed to complete a solo run of the raid Riding the Storm Out – on my 7th attempt. Scroll down for the video.
I said I was going to do a blog about the character I ran and about gear, enhancements and ED. Take note, I’m in no way claiming that this is the best build, gear setup, ED twists etc for doing this. I don’t build chars for soloing raids – I build chars for various reasons and I’ve a couple of times ended up with a char I thought could solo raids.

I did the raid in Unyielding Sentinel ED with Renewal for healing and Stand against the tide stance for immunity to knockdown. I drack a potion of Long Lasting Elixir of Supreme Ability before the run and refreshed it before the end fight. After 2 failed attempts where I fell off the dragon platform, I decided to try using Stone shoes in the dragon fight. They didn’t prevent me from getting pushed off, but I believe the kept me more grounded anyway.

The build I’m running is Cerge 9.0. He was originally using a great crossbow, but I did a weapon’s swap and enhancements change to turn him into an inquisitive instead.

Current enhancements. Cerge has 1 racial and one universal ap.
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The solo raids project – update

Solo raids is a project I started a little over 3 years ago, when Maidae was a monkcher. I believe the idea came to be when I decided to try soloing The Fall of Truth. Here’s the list of raids I’ve done so far and the date when I uploaded the video.

Epic Normal (level 25) The Fall of Truth May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Against the Demon Queen (pre raid quest) May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Zawabi’s Revenge May 22, 2016

Elite (level 22) Tower of Despair Jun 5, 2016

Epic Elite (level 23) The Chronoscope Jun 24, 2016

Elite (level 19) The Shroud Jul 15, 2016

Elite (level 12) Tempest’s spine Aug 31, 2016

Legendary Normal (level 32) Tempest’s Spine Aug 31, 2016
– in this one I cheated and used an alt for int rune

Elite (level 16) The Reaver’s Fate Dec 30, 2016

Elite (level 13) The Titan Awakes and The The Twilight Forge Jan 28, 2017
– I cheated and used two alts

Epic Normal (level 24) Caught in the Web Apr 23, 2017

Elite (level 20) Hound of Xoriat Nov 4, 2019

Elite (level 20) A Vision of Destruction Nov 4, 2019

Epic Normal (level 30) Defiler of the Just Nov 5, 2019

I love running raids and while leading raids and figuring out how to get parties through is it’s own challenge, having to do the same thing solo is a different kind of challenge. When you’re running a raid solo, if you die it’s usually over. So staying alive is key – as well as being able to complete all the objectives solo.

Here’s to more solo raids.

Current plans

I’ve been playing this game for a while, and I have had plans for most of my characters from the beginning. Some of the plans have changed along the way, some haven’t changed much. Check out my characters page for current info. Check out my reincarnation mapping for more info about my chars’ reincarnations. Here is the current list of plans:

Thazara still wants to collect all the favor from everything in game. The goal is to eventually do all the remaining raids on at least elite. I also want to get T all the epic past lives, but it’s been going slow as she’s also the main raider, the char I feel the most comfortable on running raids. She’s somewhat versatile being a light spammer healer with turn undead check maxed out with gear. Light spell power over 800 and a max evocation dc of 93 (with gear swap). Thazara is the char with the most gear swaps as I use different gear in different raids.

Maidae is supposed to be a monk, but is also collecting past lives. She’s currently on her third fighter life and will do 3x paladin next for more heal amp. Since I switched from bow to crossbow and from AA to inquisitive and shiradi, I’m really enjoying playing this char and she’s the char I play the most when not raiding. End goal is to end up as a handwraps monk again.

Cerge’s goal is still completionist. But, as I like to keep two characters capped, when Maidae is reincarnating, Cerge is running raids. Cerge is on his 9th life and 9th class, which means he has 5 classes left to go before completionist. I’m expecting this to be 6, though, as we’ve been promised a new class this year. Cerge is also doing epic lives between TRs and is currently enjoying being an inquisitive trapper. Next life I expect he’ll be a similar build, except have rogue as his main class instead of artificer.

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Raids week 144

Raids 144 were Wednesday Oct 16 and Saturday Oct 19.


1. Project Nemesis LH
I posted at 9pm my time and we filled really quickly this time, inside already by 9.10. Osi was on Rudus, Tugash on Gish and I was on laser. We had to do Gish twice because someone killed him before I had moved laser and a band or two opened on the door cause we weren’t actively watching puzzles. Other than that it was a good run. Completion time: 24 min, 20 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, a +2 tome of fate and The Eclipse Itself.

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Raids week 143

Raids 143 were Wednesday Oct 9 and Saturday Oct 12, which are my weekly scheduled raids. I also posted for VON 5-6 R1 for bravery Monday Oct 7 and joined Epic’s Sharn raids Tuesday Oct 8.

Monday: VON raid

Since I hadn’t run this raid this life and the xp is really good, I and Hamster decided to do a one time run for bravery. I’ve never not been able to get enough ppl for this raid, so I suggested we just start. We only got 4 joiners, but it was enough. VON 6 was a bit difficult since you need a melee for the pillars, and half the part wasn’t melee. It was fun though.

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Raids week 142

Raids 142 were Wednesday Sep 25 and Saturday Sept 28 with an additional PN on Tuesday 24th, that I wasn’t going to include at first.


1. Project Nemesis LN
I had intended to join Epicsoul for this raid, but he cancelled a short while before so I decided to post for it myself. I was dualboxing and was piking in Osi’s group while I had the lfm up for PN, which is why I let the lfm be up for so long. A whole hour after the lfm went up we had enough party members that I felt we could attempt a short man. I was on laser and forgot to move the laser on our first attempt on gish, so had to redo it. The run took about 30 min, and I didn’t screenshot the quest report. No named loot.

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Raids week 141

Raids 141 were Wednesday September 18, and Saturday September 21.

After last week’s really slow raid nights where we struggled to fill, I was surprised at how quickly we filed this week. This was of course in part thanks to some of the guys from Night’s Watch who joined.


1. Project Nemesis LH
We filled quickly and with a full group and Vintovka tanking I stepped in on LH. Some deaths but nothing major. Completion time: 23 min, 16 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate and The Hallowed Splinters.

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Raids week 140

Raids 140 were Wednesday September 11 and Saturday September 14.


1. Project Nemesis LN
As per usual we started the Wednesday runs with PN. After waiting 30 min I decided we should just short man with what we had, so entered normal instead of hard. I was on laser, Osi was main tank, the rest dps. Completion time: 31 min, 17 s (with more than 10 min inside waiting for a person who then dc’d). Loot: 64 nemesis runes and 25 threads of fate.

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Raids week 138

I was away Wednesday, so raids 138 were only Saturday August 31.
After getting the shield from THTH last week, I was hoping to try some of the raids at a harder difficulty this week, but as we were gathering I was told we were missing some key roles for said difficulties (a second tank and heals for PN, two sorcs for THTH), so we decided to stick to the difficulties we usually run.

1. Project Nemesis LH
Erofen did laser, I struggled to say which direction the laser needed to move. Osi was main tank, Tahlua and Komrad helped place Gish. I ended up in both earth and fire room. Osi brought a piker to fill as we had a free spot. Completion time: 21 min, 46 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate and Gauntlet of the Iron Council.

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