Firetha 7.0

Here’s a quickly thrown together TR build I did for Firetha’s 3rd fvs life. For her first fvs life I did vistani – which felt hard and I switched to caster in higher levels. On her current life, I was meleing at the very first levels to soon switch to casting. For the third life I wanted to try inqusitive fvs, with wisdom to hit and damage. I skipped improved precise shot, since I don’t have the dex for it (and I didn’t feel I’ll need it after I get blade barrier) and I didn’t put that much thought in’t spells, as my plan is to pew and use blade barrier. I do want to be able to get traps, though.

Planner: DDO Lite 2020-11-12

Firetha 7.0
19/1 Favored Soul/Artificer
True Neutral Aasimar

Level Order

1. Artificer       6. Favored Soul   11. Favored Soul   16. Favored Soul
2. Favored Soul    7. Favored Soul   12. Favored Soul   17. Favored Soul
3. Favored Soul    8. Favored Soul   13. Favored Soul   18. Favored Soul
4. Favored Soul    9. Favored Soul   14. Favored Soul   19. Favored Soul
5. Favored Soul   10. Favored Soul   15. Favored Soul   20. Favored Soul

               36pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     --------
Strength         8       +5       4: WIS
Dexterity       11       +5       8: WIS
Constitution    16       +7      12: WIS
Intelligence    16       +5      16: WIS
Wisdom          19       +5      20: WIS
Charisma         8       +5

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The crests optional in Total Chaos

To do this optional you need 3 crests, which you get from an optional in three of the other quests in Borderlands. One of the optionals is quite tricky (kill the kobold before he reaches the gong) and I just haven’t bothered to do all of them. This time, though, I somehow managed to get all the crests without too much effort and then did all the optionals in Total Chaos, which gave me 6 PNCs that helped me fight the mobs in the quest. Have a look at my screenshots of the crests optional. Note, this is the heroic version of the quest.

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Firetha TR 6

I decided I wanted to do 3 fvs lives on Firetha before going to level 30 as a wizard. Today I TR’d her into her second fvs life. Here are her before and after pictures.

Before                                                                     After

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Firetha 6.0

I generally don’t make TR builds, but most my builds are made for playing at 30 or at least in epics. Now I find myself again attempting to make a TR build for Firetha that will be played only from 1 to 20. Last life I did a vistani that turned out to be a lot  better caster than melee as I got closer to 20. I now wanted to do a similar build, but switch to caster a lot sooner. As I’m trying to pick feats I’m starting to think that this isn’t going to work. If I want my char to be a strong caster type, I can’t be any kind of good at melee. This is what I came up with, with (again) some suggestions from Hamster. The spell order might change.

Favored Soul 20
True Neutral Tiefling

               36pt     Tome     Level Up
               ----     ----     --------
Strength        14       +5       4: WIS
Dexterity       11       +5       8: WIS
Constitution    16       +5      12: WIS
Intelligence    12       +5      16: WIS
Wisdom          17       +5      20: WIS
Charisma        10       +5
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Firetha does cc

Firetha is doing three heroic fvs lives and I wanted to start out doing a vistani with focused weapon dagger. It’s been a good long while since the last time I played an fvs, so had to read up on casting stats. Learning that fvs can use either wisdom or charisma as their casting stat I picked charisma – since I knew it was a good stat for divine might. Anyway, soloing reaper 1 or 2, some quests have been really challenging, while others have been a walk in the park.

The other day I decided to do some heroic cogs farming – because they’re short and easy to farm, and it’d be nice to have more sharn gear for TRs. I did one completion on R1 and then switched to elite for farming runs – since R1 still felt hard. Since reaching the levels for cometfall and greater command I’ve been actively using them to try and cc the mobs I’m fighting. I also suddenly remembered I had picked hold person as well, so was testing it out in cogs. I was surprised to notice my spells landing on daask. Have a look at my screenshots below.

Hold person
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Darth gets to ride the raft

With all content being available to everyone until April 30th, I deiced to run some sharn on Firetha and my piker and future tank Darthpyre. In Just Business I had the idea to leave Darthpyre on the raft with Casper (which glides through the air after you’ve killed each mob spawn), and funnily enough it worked. I only moved him off it to loot. Have a look at some of the screenshots.

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What they looked like on TR – Cerge

Cerge has done 8 TRs and 12 ERs in the soon 7 years since he was born (Feb 24, 2012). Here are his “what he looked like on TR” pictures.

TR 1 (Apr 15, 2013): I didn’t do separate before and after pictures for Cerge’s first TR, but the picture to the left is his first picture. Cerge as a warforged, 20 sorcerer/ 5 epic.
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Things change

Each time there is a new update with a new raid, I tend to wait for ppl to learn it, and then join someone with knowledge so they can teach me. I then try to join different groups to see what different tactics the different groups use… I usually select my own tactics based on what I’ve learned for when I post the raid myself. When it comes to The Mark of Death, I haven’t needed to post for the raid at all, in fact my toons keep getting ransacked, and I don’t have a toon to run that isn’t, lol. Most of the runs I’ve done I’ve done with Adenai, I did some with Cleazy and some with Matrix. Key has been doing MoD marathons a few times a week, and I’ve enjoyed them them most. The runs have been somewhat efficiently run, even though almost pure pug runs, but still quite relaxed. Conversations have been light and friendly. 🙂

So, I looked for some screenies from the runs, just for some documentation on the groups.

Maidae, with Adenai, short man attempt

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