Raids week 90

On Saturday I was on time for raids for once. As I logged Osi sent me an invite, but didn’t give me the star. Instead he put up an empty lfm, and once we were down to 3 spots, he passed me lead so I could lfm. Looking at the party makeup, I decided to post for hard. The last 3 spots filled quickly and we stepped in. I was trying to organise a little, getting people to take on roles, but eventually gave up and figured we’d be fine. I’m sure Soko talks outside party chat and makes decisions that I don’t see. Puzzles went well, baba fight went well. The raid wasn’t death free, but deaths were few. When shamblers spawned we killed them and no one died in the end fight. The raid completed in 31 minutes and only 1 named item dropped: Savior, the Breaker of Chains.

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Raids week 89

Last week Saturday I was running late and sent a message to Osi that I was. When I logged on at about a quarter past 9 pm (3 pm EDT), Osi had already started a group. Noticing that the group already had 3 divines, I decided to switch to Cerge. By 9.30 we had a full group. Since I felt we were a bit low on dps, and I again didn’t want to wait for a dedicated tank, I decided on hard. For puzzles part I wanted Osi right with me, Bruder left and Crone offered to play crow tank. Gaijya was puzzler. For right side Tahlua was tank. I, Iqos and Fleea were doing puzzles. We had a few random deaths during puzzles, but most of it was smooth. In the end fight I explained a little, we killed wisps, crows and shamblers before baba. The raid completed in 34 minutes and Torn, That Which Renders Despair and Dusk, the Light Descends dropped. I traded runes to get Dusk for Thaz many weeks ago, I believe Osi won the roll on this one.

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Raids week 88


Here is the post for raids 88, which was Saturday last week. I was a bit late again, but figured it’d be fine. When I logged on Osi and a few others were waiting for raids and I got an invite. As I was about to put my lfm up I saw an lfm for baba’s, so waited for them to fill before putting my own up. The other group had posted for R1, I posted for R1/EE/EH depending on group. Once we started to fill we decided on hard, since we were a bit low on dps and I didn’t want to wait for a tank. I decided to switch to Cerge, since the party had 4 divines besides me, and I figured Cerge would do more dps to baba. As for splitting up in teams, I suggested Upload, Rivella and Nab go left, I wanted Osi and Madzombie with me right, the rest for to pick sides. The raid was quite smooth, puzzles got completed without too much waiting. We killed wisps, scarecrows and shamblers in the end fight. I think we had a few deaths, but not too many. The raid completed in 38 minutes and Memory of a Tailor’s DuressVestments of Ravenloft and Echo of the Icon dropped and I got a +7 int tome.

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Raids week 87

Due to a busy Saturday, last week I didn’t manage to log on to ddo until half an hour after my normal raid time. I did send my regulars a message that I was running a bit late, though. At about 9.30 pm (3 pm EDT) I posted for babas and was quickly joined by a few people. Once we had a full group I stepped in. I suggested Rivella go left, and I asked if left side had a puzzler, since last week I failed to make sure both sides had someone who knows them. My side had again someone else but me doing them, so we completed quickly, except for the few times when I couldn’t get the crows down with implosion or frog and the crows were not killed at the same time. I believe this was the first run we’ve done where we didn’t have any deaths. We killed wisps, crows, shamblers and finally baba in the end fight and the raid completed in 36 minutes. It would seem we got skunked on loot, though.

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Raids week 86

I am quite late with this post, but here are raids 86, which happened Sat August 18. I logged on at a few minutes after 9 pm my time and posted for Babas: R1/EE or EH depending on group. I had a few joiners right away but over all I felt it was much slower filling than last few weeks. I had pretty much decided to do hard (due to lack of dps), when someone joins who said they could tank – and I decide to do EE instead. We pick out teams (or I ask Lubash to pick his team for the left side) and we start. I think things are going pretty well until the shamblers spawn. Tank is doing well at first, but I notice after a while that he’s taking a lot of damage – so I decide to focus on healing him instead. It seemed like Rivella made the same choice – yet, as Baba reaches the critical point where her damage buff is at max, our tank goes down and we wipe. We make a plan to jibbers and continue – we end up doing this three times but in the end have to give up as we run out of jibbers and baba is still at maybe 300k hp (I didn’t screenshot it at the point where we were done).

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Raids week 85


Last Saturday I was almost on time for raids, I believe I logged at 5 past 9, the lfm for Baba’s was up by 9.10. By 9.18 we were in and ready to start. I had posted for R1/EE or hard depending on group, but decided on hard as we filled fast and I didn’t feel like waiting for a dedicated tank. I think the last few runs I’ve done Baba’s, I have not gotten hut aggro, but this time the aggro switched to me a few times, meaning I was lying on my back by the outer wall, throwing heals quickly for the second I was up before down again. As for split I asked Rivella to go left and let the rest choose sides. Puzzles were somewhat quick and in the end fight we again killed everything. The shamblers went down quite quickly. The raid completed in 35 minutes and Memory of a Tailor’s Duress and Void, the Endless Cold dropped.

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Riding the Storm Out

I was running one of the new quests released in Update 39 (Plume Mountain) and happened to get Celestial Beacon. Noticing the Hallowed effect on this item, and Thaz recently redoing her gear, I started wondering if I could turn the skellies in RSO. I had also read about the enhancement “Mighty Turning” in Radiant Servant.

My first try I went in solo, using the stick. I couldn’t kill the skellies. I recalled and adjusted my points in Radiant Servant to get Mighty Turning and tried again. This time the skellies died. I went back in on hard and couldn’t kill the skellies, so I swapped two gear items, belt and neck to get Legendary Dawn’s Herald-Charm (swapped to con belt not to lose con) and tried again. This time the non orange skellies died on hard. On normal I was able to kill oranged named too, but on hard they were immune. Hamster joined me for some testing ad we tested elite and reaper 1 as well, and I was able to successfully turn and kill the non orange and red skellies on EE and R1.

The next day I decided to see if I could get to the dragon by myself. My intent was not to fight the dragon, but I wanted to test doing puzzles. My first attempt I got killed by the king, who hurts even on normal.

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Raids week 84


Last week Saturday I was again a bit late for the raids, but not by much. People were already waiting and once the lfm went up it didn’t take long for a full party. I was told some of the party members were rather new to the raids so I decided on hard and switched from Thaz to Cerge since we were 3 divine. We were in and in progress before 9.30 pm and this week I also asked the divines to be on different sides and the rest to choose. Puzzles went quite well, I was focused on doing them myself but had help and they were being completed quickly.  I always miss implosion and mass frog when I’m not on Thaz, as then I can’t just one button kill att the crows to unlock the puzzle. During end fight I pulled aggro on one of the shamblers, but the rest of the party quickly killed off the other one, then came over to help with mine. The raid completed in 36 minutes and Gulthias Staff and Dusk, the Light Descends dropped.

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Raids week 83


Last week Saturday I logged on at a bit after 9 pm my time and posted for babas. The post said something like R1/EE or hard depending on group. I got some joiners I know, some that have run with me before and Carlinee joined to tank. That character had been made specifically for the purpose of tanking this raid. I asked Carlinee to decide the difficulty, but I ended up picking EE. We were talking about insta killers for totems and it seemed like my and Osi’s mass frog were the only ones we had. I asked Osi to go left and pick his team, I went right with the rest. First run through the hut went well, but when we ported back out to the main area I (and someone else) got stuck in loading. Once I was back out I had the hut on top of me and before I could get up long enough to cast a heal, I was dead. So I piked most of the second time fighting baba. Second time through the hut also went well, but I had one of the totems save against frog. We didn’t have too many wisps and managed with almost no deaths. In the end fight when shamblers spawned, one of them ran off before Carlinee could grab aggro. This was quickly resolved though and shamblers were moved a good bit to the side. The raid completed in 46 minutes and Savior, the Breaker of ChainsEcho of the IconVoid, the Endless Cold and a +7 to +8 con tome dropped.

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