Raids week 152

Raids 152 were Wednesday Dec 11 and Saturday Dec 14.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Since middle of the week evenings European time has been rather slow for raids, I’ve taken to posting on Orien Raiding Discord in #lfm-raids an hour before the lfm goes up. This time I got 9 people fast, then we waited to fill the group. Bruder was main tank, I assigned a melee to Gish, but I think Osiraider ended up placing him. Meficio was on lazer. During Rudus fight I again tried to get screenshots of the combat log when Rudus slams down. I don’t die from the evil damage and his shock wave only knocks me down. Completion time: 24 min, 16 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate.

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Thazmaniac soloing R2


After my new warlock hit cap I’ve been mostly farming Ravenloft on R1 for ED xp and it’s been hard with a lot of deaths. I’ve brought my alt Darthpyre along to pike for xp and usually posted an lfm with not too many joiners. Last week I decided to run Wheloon for first time bonus xp, and this time I stepped in on R2. After a difficult Lesson in Deception I stepped into Thrill of the Hunt – expecting the end fight to be really really hard. Somehow I not only managed to find a spot where I could stand and not get hit – I even managed to rescue the captive. I was thrilled. I continued with Army of Shadow and even though the hireling died a lot, I didn’t, and also managed to complete that one with no deaths. In an off ED.

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The Anniversary Bundle

I have a thing for bank space. I have more alts that are bank alts than I have alts that I play, I’ve upgraded the played chars inventories and character banks and I’ve fully upgraded both shared bank and mats bank. I was hoping to add another 10 slots to my shared bank when I realized the only way for me to do so would be to buy the 10th Anniversary of Free to Play Launch Bundle. The bundle consists of 10 additional shared bank slots, a supreme +8 tome of ability and a heart of blood. I didn’t need the heart and I hadn’t intended to get a +8 tome, but since I had the points saved up, and the bundle price was less than what the shared bank and the tome would cost at a normal discount – I decided to buy it.

I decided to use the tome on Thazmaniac – since she didn’t have any higher level tomes and she is currently played in epics. Check out the video if you like.

That’s all for this post.
Thank you for stopping by.

P.S. The max shared bank slots is 250 without the bundle and 260 with.

Raids week 148

Raids 148 were Wednesday Nov 13 and Sat Nov 16. I also joined Epic’s raids Tuesday Nov 12, but they won’t be listed here.


1. Project Nemesis LE

I again posted for “Elite if the right group”, and decided to stick to it. Osi was our main tank and Vintovka our off tank. Peido was main heals and I was on laser. As we started I stumbled, I had the wrong potion hot bared, so when curse hit I managed to interrupt my potion, it didn’t cast so I died. Things got really messy and we were down to maybe 4 ppl alive. I did consider restarting, but said no to a recall, since Osi was alive. Somehow we recovered and completed the run after 36 min, 11 s. Loot: 125 nemesis runes, 35 threads of fate, The Fractured Elegance, Attunement’s Gaze, Stickerclick, the Bitter Hail of Bolts, Radiant Ring of Taer Valaestas and Ethereal Gaze.

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Raids week 139

Raids 139 were Wednesday September 4, and Saturday September 7. Here’s the recap.


1. The Mark of Death EH
Osi wants the ring from MoD so I suggested we start the Wednesday runs with MoD. Like expected, we didn’t get many joiners, so Osi brought in a couple of pikers and we short manned EH. The run was quick and mostly easy. The ring didn’t drop, but we got 84 death runes and 11 threads of fate.

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Thazmaniac does Gianthold

Shortly after I bought Sharn I wanted to turn my reserved name Thazmaniac into a tiefling – since I wanted her to look like a devil. I haven’t had much time to play her, but starting at level 7 I’ve gotten her to 15 (14) in the pictures, and I’ve been soloing heroic R1 with a hireling. R1 has been feeling quite easy so I could probably have done R2. I also made an assistant character on an alt account to help me out in crucible and pop.

Here are some of the screenshots from the last runs.

In PoP I took out all the bosses – including the marilith
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The Sharn bundle

I gave SSG some money and they gave me some nice new shinies. The ultimate bundle is just like with the Ravenloft expansion filled with cosmetics. I didn’t buy it for the cosmetics, but I did want the peacock, tome and the teleport to sharn clicky.

After using the code in the store I got 140 Astral Shards, 3 Major Guild Renown Elixirs and 20 Greater Treasure Hunter’s Potions, 5 Mirrors of Glamering and the dimensional bag right away in my inventory. I had to relog to get the sharn ticket. Once clicking on the ticket I got Inquisitive Cosmetics: robe, mask, & cloak (BTA), High Society Cosmetics: outfit, hat, & cloak (BTA), Weapon Aura: Forgewraith (BTA), Cosmetic Pet: Bloodhound, Warforged Peacock (BTA), a Universal Enhancement tome (BTC), a level 15 and a level 30 Shield Guardian (BTC).

If I’m not mistaken, the weapon aura was BTC in Ravenloft, now I’m able to collect one on each of my chars and put it in the shared bank. Each char that logs in will receive a sharn ticket and the things that came with it, so I’ll probably end up throwing a bunch of stuff away. The pets can only be added once, so I’ll be throwing them away on all other characters.

I used the inquisitive robe and cloak on Thaz, the High Society outfit and cloak on Jarvanna. I didn’t like the hat and the mask. I love the peacock pet. 🙂

Thazara in her new cosmetic outfit
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