I would like to introduce you to the family…

Thazara – the divine (Heroic Life 1)

Class: cleric 20/ epic 10 (30)
Race: elf
RPL: –
EPL: Power over Life and Death x3, Colors of the Queen x3, Fortification x3, Brace x3, Arcane Alacrity

Thazara was mostly focused on healing and getting parties through quests up until summer of 2013, when she learned that a healbot was no longer needed. She started focusing more on dps, first as a primal avatar tree and later as shiradi, to end up in Exalted Angel when the divine ED’s were redone. Thazara often stays at cap for raids instead of ER’ing, even though her plan is do all epic lives.

Current build plan: Thazara 1.8, Gear.
Thazara’s story -> Jan 21, 2017

Maidae_action3Maidae – the melee (Heroic Life 8)

Class: paladin 8/ fighter 6/ rogue 6/ epic 10 (30)
Race: shadarkai
HPLmonk x3, barbarian, fighter x3
RPL: –
EPL: Doublestrike x3, Colors of the Queen x3, Brace x3, Doubleshot x3, Fast Healing, Ancient Power x3
IPL: bladeforged, pdk, morninglord x 2

Maidae did 2 lives as a pure handwraps monk, then one life as a falchion focused barbarian, one life as an eSOS bf fighter and one as a whirlwind handwraps fighter. On her 6th life she was sun elf monkcher and on her 7th she was first an archer fighter to then switch to crossbow and kensei+inquisitive. On Maidae’s 8th life she’c continuing her path as inquisive this time as a paladin.

Current build plan: Maidae 8.0
Maidae’s story -> Feb 13, 2017

Cerge_actionCerge – the caster (Heroic Life 12)

Class: barbarian 20/ epic 4 (24)
Race: razorclaw shifter
HPLsorcerer, wizard, bard, favored soul, cleric, paladin, druid, ranger, artificer, rogue, monk
RPL: –
EPL: Colors of the Queen x3, Power Over Life and Death x3, Doublestrike x3, Doubleshot x3, Enchant Weapon x3, Brace
IPL: morninglord x3, pdk x2, shadarkai x3

Cerge has been a nuking sorcerer, a trapping wizard, a bardcher, a dc caster fvs, a melee cleric, a paladin tank, a druid wolfie, an AA ranger, a pew arti, an inquisitive rogue and a kensei thf monk. For Cerge’s 12th life he is going to be a razorclaw thf barbarian. Picture coming soon.

Current build plan: Cerge 11.0, Gear
Cerge’s story -> May 5, 2017

Firetha_actionFiretha – the adventurer (Heroic Life 8)

Class: favored soul 11/ artificer 1 (12)
Race: aasimar
HPLcleric, wizard x3, sorcerer, favored soul x2
RPL: –
EPL: Energy Criticals x2

Firetha (previously Keronna), moved to Orien server Oct 2014. She enjoys being a caster and except for one life spent as a pm monk, all her lives she’s been a caster. After her 3rd wizard life she did one life as a vistani melee fvs, one as a caster fvs and is now leveling as a crossbow using fvs.

Current build plan: Firetha 7.0
Firetha’s story -> May 19, 2017

Jarvanna_actionJarvanna – the druid (Heroic Life 4)

Class: druid 20/ epic 6 (26)
Race: aasimar
HPL: druid x3
RPL: –
EPL: Brace x2

Jarvanna is currently on her fourth life as a druid. Her first life she was a mix of melee and caster, her second life she was a melee wolf, her third life she was a caster-healer and on her fourth life she’s going to be a bear healer tank. Picture coming soon.

Current build plan: Jarvanna 3.0
Jarvanna’s story ->Jan 28, 2018

Thazmaniac_actionThazmaniac – the devil (Heroic Life 2)

Class: alchemist 13 (13)
Race: gnome
HPL: warlock
RPL: –
EPL: Energy Criticals

Thazmaniac had the name since sometime before Update 30, but she didn’t know what she was going to be. When tieflings were released in Update 41.4, she found her calling and was reborn as a tiefling warlock. For her second life Thazmaniac is a bottle throwing alchemist.

Current build plan: Thazmaniac 2.0

Note: I moved Firetha (previously Keronna) from Cannith to Orien October 9 2014, and all my toons can now be found there.

Additional info December 13, 2018: Check out my reincarnation mapping here.

P.S. The characters I’ve listed here are the chars I play on my main account. I do play a few other characters on alt accounts as well, usually when multiboxing.

6 comments on “Characters

  1. Wow I’ve been playing this game for 2 years now. Only ever solo except for the odd time I play it with 2 friends who know even less than me about the game. It’s when I read posts like this that I realize I know nowt about the game. HPL ? EPL ? Heroic life 6 !!? Ahhh I really need to try and group with players who know the game, but then again. maybe getting too serious with it may spoil my enjoyment of it. Still I do enjoy reading about other peoples characters like this.

    • 🙂 I think it really depends on how you end up playing the game. I was early on introduced to the lfg/lfm (looking for group/ looking for more) function and has been using it ever since. Back when I started I was mainly following others around, but then later ppl started asking me to host raids. Now-a-days, I still put up an lfm a lot and get to know other players that way. I join others groups much less as I prefer to decide the pace myself. I have issues sitting back following someone else’s lead, lol, but try to do it once in a while. Point being, by grouping with others I learned about what I wanted to achieve.

  2. Those past lives soon add up. My heroic completionist is sitting at lvl 20 as the game will get a new class soon it seems. Only one epic past life so far but As the class doesn’t appear to be coming for a little while longer guess I might have to do a second epic past life. Altitis is my main problem 30 toons and even with over 10 years playing still can’t figure out who does what next without impacting on other toons.

    • 🙂 I’ve enjoyed running epics over heroics, so that’s why I have more epic past lives than heroic ones. I also prefer iconics over non iconics, and my more played chars Cerge and Maidae are only iconic since some years back. I also have somewhat of a plan for those two, but since I play slow, I don’t know if I’ll ever get there. Cerge was suppose to be my completionist.

  3. I wanted a form of completionist so went Heroic class and started heroic race but a long way short of that. I have a history of test building and deleting toons so probably closer to 100 characters rolled than the 30 I have. And I am still drawn back to sorcerer, monk and a tempest TWF kukri wielding halfling although that ranger is currently a fighter. And thank you, my next blog will probably bring up to date my 4 mains at present.

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