I would like to introduce you to the family…

Thazara – the divine (Heroic Life 1)

Class: cleric 20/ epic 10 (30)
Race: elf
EPL: Power over Life and Death x3, Colors of the Queen x3, Fortification, Brace x3

Thazara was mostly focused on healing and getting parties through quests up until summer of 2013, when she learned that a healbot was no longer needed. She started focusing more on dps, first as a primal avatar tree and later as shiradi, to end up in Exalted Angel when the divine ED’s were redone. Thazara often stays at cap for raids instead of ER’ing, even though her plan is do all epic lives.

Maidae_action3Maidae – the melee (Heroic Life 6)

Class: cleric 1/ ranger 6/ monk 13 (20)
Race: morninglord
HPLmonk x2, barbarian, fighter x2
EPL: Doublestrike x3, Colors of the Queen x3, Brace x3, Doubleshot x2
IPL: bladeforged, pdk

Maidae did 2 lives as a pure handwraps monk, then one life as a falchion focused barbarian, one life as an eSOS bf fighter and one as a whirlwind handwraps fighter. On her 6th life she is sun elf monkcher.

Cerge_actionCerge – the caster (Heroic Life 9)

Class: rogue 5/ artificer 15/ epic 10 (30)
Race: shadarkai
HPLsorcerer, wizard, bard, favored soul, cleric, paladin, druid, ranger
EPL: Colors of the Queen x3, Power Over Life and Death x3, Doublestrike x3, Doubleshot x3
IPL: morninglord x3, pdk, shadarkai

Cerge has been a nuking sorcerer, a trapping wizard, a bardcher, a dc caster fvs, a melee cleric, a paladin tank, a druid wolfie and a ranger. This life Cerge is a pew pew trapper.

Firetha – the adventurer (Heroic Life 5)

Class: wizard 12 (12)
Race: human
HPLcleric, wizard x2, sorcerer
EPL: Energy Criticals x2

Firetha (previously Keronna), moved to Orien server Oct 2014. She has recently TR’d into a wizard. The plan is to do some heroic TRs to get caster past lives.

Jarvanna_actionJarvanna – the druid (Heroic Life 3)

Class: druid 6 (6)
Race: aasimar
HPL: druid x2
EPL: Brace

Last life Jarvanna was a pure druid focused as winter wolf, but still more caster than melee. This life she has decided to focus on melee and started off using handwraps, but have later switched to short swords. Jarvanna has recently done her first eTR and second TR. Picture coming soon.

Note: I moved Firetha (previously Keronna) from Cannith to Orien October 9 2014, and all my toons can now be found there.


2 comments on “Characters

  1. Wow I’ve been playing this game for 2 years now. Only ever solo except for the odd time I play it with 2 friends who know even less than me about the game. It’s when I read posts like this that I realize I know nowt about the game. HPL ? EPL ? Heroic life 6 !!? Ahhh I really need to try and group with players who know the game, but then again. maybe getting too serious with it may spoil my enjoyment of it. Still I do enjoy reading about other peoples characters like this.

    • 🙂 I think it really depends on how you end up playing the game. I was early on introduced to the lfg/lfm (looking for group/ looking for more) function and has been using it ever since. Back when I started I was mainly following others around, but then later ppl started asking me to host raids. Now-a-days, I still put up an lfm a lot and get to know other players that way. I join others groups much less as I prefer to decide the pace myself. I have issues sitting back following someone else’s lead, lol, but try to do it once in a while. Point being, by grouping with others I learned about what I wanted to achieve.

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