EEraids continue

My EEraids group is slowly kicking off and I’m starting to see some regulars and some interest for this, so I’m positive about getting more EE raids run on Orien. But but… this Saturday I wanted to do Deathwyrm. We had done Fire on Thunder Peak twice successfully and I felt it was time to attempt the other one. This week there had been a lot of lag on Orien, and Deathwyrm being famous for lag, I didn’t have high hopes about being able to complete, but as I had been talking about it I wanted to give it a try anyway. Well, result? Attempt 1: Lag freeze in first puzzle room, wipe. Rescued by late joiners. We continue, lag freeze, wipe, get rescued by ppl not in the same puzzle room. We continue like this til the 5th puzzle, and then decide to restart and try a different instance. We did not lag in jump room or during the bone guardian fight, only in the puzzle areas. Second try, diff instance, same result. I decide to record the lag, and I hit record as we lag for the last time before I decided to call quits. The last lag freeze lasted about 10 minutes. See recording below.

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Sat raids and drinking

I’ve been stressing so much over my vacation trip that I’m going on next week. So much I need to do before the trip, so little time to do it. I’ve never been away from the degus for this long (2 weeks) before, and my sister is going to be staying at my place to take care of them. After stressing another day, I was craving some alcohol. 🙂 So this Sat night I was raiding.. first tipsy and later on sorta drunk. Apparently the raid groups were amused, anyway, lol. Osi logged a bit late, but after some waiting we got going. We ran eH/eE ADQ, eH/eH VON, eE Chrono and eH CitW. Osi had the star the whole time. After CitW Osi gave me the star and we asked the group what ppl wanted to run. Deathwyrm was suggested to us, so I said I’d post for it. Osi did not want to run, so he dropped group and logged off a short while later.

I was getting pretty tipsy at this point, but I’ve run Deathwyrm enough times to be able to lead it even in my sleep, lol. Since Cerge has a bravery streak going, I wanted to do eH, not eN, and started as soon as I had a few ppl. I donno if it’s the alcohol or if I’m just otherwise playing poorly, but I manage to get myself killed by trash a few times and only do the first 2 mirror puzzles, before Cheri takes over. I try to get back to helping, but only manage to turn a few mirrors, before I’m over run by trash and dead, again. So, after a while I give up on doing puzzles and just focus on killing trash and trying to focus on my raid group.

We get to the shrine room and wait for most of the ppl who got left behind while I talk over the plan. And in we go. One person had got left dead in the red light/ green light room, so another player goes to get him (jumping off the edge takes you to the 5th puzzle area, red light/ green light is after the 6th, so you can just run through), one person grabs dragon, another battle rangers and I try my best at organizing the group as well as helping kill death lords. Everything is ok until we get to the shadow side. I start sending ppl into the portal one at a time and the ones left on the dragon side start having problems. Dragon keeper gets trash on him and no one helps, battle ranger kiter dies, dragon keeper dies, and then suddenly we get kicked out of shadow side because everyone on dragon side is dead.

We lose a couple more and I tell ppl that we need to get things under control before getting back to the phylactery hunt. I start raising ppl but then I die, some of the ppl taking raises die. It’s a bit of a mess but we manage to get everyone up and the trash situation taken care of. I assign someone as trash killer and we get back to our tasks. It turns out that not everyone in the group is able to self heal well enough to manage on their own, so after a while we start pairing ppl up. The real phylactery just isn’t showing it’s face, so after many attempts killing the phylactery in the first portal we attempt to prep 3. First try is a bust as someone breaks a phylactery too soon. Second try is a bust again, because one person dies in the room and only 2 are broken. Third try same thing, except I’m the one who manages to die in there.

We must have done this 4-5 times, but in the end we break the real phylactery. Then on to picking up the pieces and dps’ing the dragon. I get two people to volunteer for lever duty, and at this point my attention span is extremely small, I’m not following what’s going on, but I’ve lost my clothes, suddenly the dragon is down, the levers are pulled and we finish. I check the quest report, I’ve died 17 times! No wonder I lost all my clothes, lol. I did come in a strong second on kill count list, though, with 135 kills. So, even though I died a lot, I did a lot of damage too. 🙂


Someone in the group wanted to do Fire on Thunder Peak, so I posted for one, and we did a second run after it, but I gave Bruder the star. I was feeling drunk and very unfocused, so I didn’t want any responsibilities anymore. And before I was too tired to play we did an FoT run. I must say I can’t remember much of the run at all, lol, but I believe it was pretty smooth.

Okidoke, enjoy the pictures and that’s all for this time. I’ll try to do one more blog before I leave for my vacation.


P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info

That ee Zawabi’s Revenge

October 22, 2013 Thazara (1st life lvl 28 cleric)  and Osiride (20+ life lvl 28 fvs) completed ee  Zawabi’s Revenge as a duo (see 2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge). We both ran in Unyielding Sentinel ED for better survivability, Osi tanked her and kited trash and I mostly dot’ed Lailat. Since then we have been running weekly ee Zawabi’s (ADQ2) with different groups, sometimes with a full party, sometimes 6 man, sometimes less. Our weekly raid night usually contains one run of ADQ. I’ve usually been running one of my levelling toons for xp.

This Saturday we were running ADQ as normally, Osi had an lfm up and we only got one joiner, a lvl 25? swashbuckler bard. Or maybe he was 24, I don’t remember now. Osi was like “I don’t run hard”, and then says “Thazara: we’ll try ee and if we fail we do hard”. Sure says I, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I recently eTR’d Thaz, and she was only 23, but I had done one 6 man ee Zawabi’s on her already, and I trust Osi. So in we went, Osi in Sentinel meant to tank her, me in Angel since Thaz is now a divine dc caster, and always runs in Angel.

We get through the hallway, buff and start the Lailat fight. I’m not wearing any perma blur item, but I have a few displace clickies. I know I cannot handle Lailat aggro, but I keep casting my spells at her anyway, stealing aggro from Osi over and over, since his dps is a bit lower due to being in the tanking ED. The bard gets scared and recalls after the second death, while I and Osi per usual do not recall unless it’s a wipe. So we continue.

I decide to try and not pull so much aggro, so I help Osi kill off the efreetis that he’s kiting through bb’s, before focusing on Lailat. Osi is pulling her aggro and is tanking her, but over and over as he’s tanking her, I do a crit and she turns and slashes me to pieces. Running doesn’t help much. As she hits her rage mode (at ~20% hp), I switch to heal mode and let Osi finish her off. With the death penalties I’ve suffered, I’m taking quite a bit of damage from the blades and archers and I die twice because of it, and Osi has to throw me a raise. But it the end we succeeded. Yay!

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Special raids this Sat

Friday I decided to run Thazara for the 1st time since I eTR’d her, so I did eH/ eH ADQ and VON. I was surprised as how much damage she was doing compared to other 1st life toons I’ve played. She was burning sp like crazy, but I was able to solo rooms in eH ADQ at lvl 20, which I feel proud of. I have had previous toons/ builds that were not able to. Thazara got lvl 21.

On Saturday I logged at 8 pm, and posted for ADQ flag (on Cerge), and strangely quickly got a group for Chains of Flame eH. We ran Wiz-king as well, and since I had blood from a previous run of An offering of Blood, I was flagged after the 2 runs. Osi logged just as we were finishing Wiz-king, and I left my party to join up with Osi. Osi’s toon is a completionist dc caster fvs, with 3x all the caster past lives. He plays his toon well, and has solo’d most ee’s, including Tor and Belly of the Beast. Osi gets a bit bored with the easy standard runs, so this Sat he decided that we were gonna 6 man all raids. We started with eH/ eE ADQ, then eH/ eH VON and eE Chrono. I think I was the only one to die in eE ADQ2, and in VON no one died if I recall. Chrono got a bit messy as we were trying to do some of the opts and ppl go split up, but again Cerge was doing a lot better than I expected. With the runs Cerge got xp for half way to 23, starting at lvl 20 when I logged.

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Easter weekend and ddo

Easter Friday and Monday are national holidays in Finland. I still decided to pretty much play my normal hours, except for on Saturday logging on a couple of hours earlier than I usually do. It was a very good Saturday and Sunday for me. On Saturday I got to run with Crush and Deli in Vale and Lords of Dust chain (we were all lvl 18, I was running Maidae), and those guys I just have a lot of respect for, and it pretty much made my day. I did switch to Cerge for my and Osi’s raid night at 9 and we ran eH/eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH FoT, eH/ eH VON, ee Chrono and elite TOD. I was talking to a friend during some of those runs, so I was rather distracted, but I enjoy running the raids and it just feels good having Osi there. ToD did not fill this time, so we short manned it (only 7 ppl) and the run was a bit slower than usually. When Osi logged off, even though I was super tired I still decided to post for Deathwyrm and Firepeak raids, only eN. Deathwyrm has slowly become a pretty routine raid for me, even though I still don’t know the puzzles off by heart. My guildie Jedli has been learning them, and he’s now helping me do them (if he’s online). The run wasn’t super fast, but we completed, and then I posted for Firepeak. The Firepeak run was going annoying. We lacked dps, ppl weren’t listening, and at some point I for a moment feared we were gonna wipe. But we pulled through and completed. I did apologize afterwards for the run to someone.

Sunday I logged at 1pm with the plan to xp my ED’s on Cerge. I posted for eH/ eH VON again, and Osi and Jedli joined me. I was in no hurry to start, I was cleaning my inventory and having a cup coffee, and we slowly filled. I started when I had half a party, and like always I did the voice and the ring. I managed to fall down off the bridge on the left side north, but got back up with my boots of propulsion. And when I was going to talk to the head east, I notice the puzzle isn’t done (person working on it had only gotten 1/3 of the way), so I spend some time working on the puzzle while the rest of the party is waiting south (can’t continue until the head is read). I usually don’t do the puzzle since I have to wiki it and it’s just slow, others are faster. But after a few min I got it done and we were able to continue the raid. I as always asked Osi to do the bases, and he put ppl on fire and ice… I solo ran to air and though I was able to prep and kill the djinn myself, my arrows only showed 0 damage on the pillar, so we had to redo it with more ppl on air.

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More pug raid videos

I said in one of my videos that I’d like to make more pug raid videos. Last weekend I recorded ee Chronoscope and eN/eH VON. Both with pug. I.e. I had Osi, and the rest were random ppl hitting the lfm. Both are pretty easy raids, so I went with my common rule “first come, first served”. Chrono went as normal.. except my little blunder of falling of the air ship, lol! eVON was more messy, with ppl not wanting to do stuff to help out, and VON6 bases took forever to sort (we might have had some 1st timers), but all in all we completed so all’s well that end’s well, right?

Here’s the footage:

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

EE raiding

People enjoy different things in game. I love running raids, and have for a long time, but what I enjoy the most are ee raids. After this weekend I have now run all the raids that have an epic difficulty, on epic elite, some more than once. I have run ee VON6 and ee ADQ a number of times, ee CitW and ee Chrono only a couple of times, and now ee MA once (ee LoB once as well). I was supriced at how easy ee MA was compared to FoT and CitW, even though neither of them feel like a struggle anymore. Of course, for a good run you need ppl with dps who know what they’re doing, and this is why I currently do not host these.

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Raiding elite style

Omg, I come off as an elitist person with a title like that, lol. But think about it, it can mean anything really. 🙂 Anywho, as you may have guessed it, I mean epic elite. Most of my toons are so and so. Currently I’m liking my barbarian, while my wizard is not doing as much dps as I’d like. He’s really meant to be a trapper with a bit of cc, and trapping is what he does really well. I plan to TR him soon. My only toon that I feel really comfortable bringing into high end content is Thaz. Not only have I spent much more time on her than any of my other toons, she’s also been staying capped for a long time, and I’ve been able to keep her gear the same. I’ve been adjusting her enhancements over and over to get the most out of them, and also reset shiradi ap’s a few times.

Shiradi works nice on Thaz. She’s doing more dps than she’s ever done before and I can spam cheap spells. And on top of it she has her “normal” dp, bb and comet, and on top of that forced escape. I have of course restricted her a bit by refusing to multiclass, but I just didn’t want to 1. turn her into something she’s not, and 2. have to change her gear because it didn’t work with the multiclass (like monk). Anywho, if I ever would get to the point of this blog, huh?. Well, as you probably know by now, I enjoy end game. I don’t like xp farming too much, but I do enjoy running epic elites and running raids. One of the reasons I wanted to be in a raiding guild, was because I wanted to do epic elite raids. I wanted to learn ee raid tactics from people who know them.

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Raids and flagging – weekend post

Time to do another weekend post. 🙂 I was busy busy this weekend. The plan was to run raids on Thazara and Cerge on Saturday and then flag Cerge for CitW on Sunday. I decided to save VoN on Thaz, so she’s not on timer on Monday, but wanted to run ADQ and FoT.

Shroud elite (Thazara)
I logged around 8 pm on Saturday and saw a group for elite shroud up. I think they were only 5 people, and no healer. So, I decided to join on Thaz, sat there chit-chatting for a while, then spammed the channels telling ppl to come join. Didn’t take that long and we had a full party. 🙂 Group was high level with lots of dps, so we 1 rounded p4, had some deaths in p5, prolly cause I got distracted by a tell or channel or something and wasn’t healing (note, I wasn’t the only healer, we had a clonk? too).

FoT hard (Thazara)
Now I can’t remember the order of things, but I think I posted for FoT after Shroud. “eh. main/ best ed. Know it pls”. Again spamming channels. 🙂 Well, I call it spam, but I copy the same line/ word into the channels I use, e.g. “Fot?”. With U19 things have changed, but also before this it was getting harder to get good groups for FoT and CitW. The active raiders already have everything, and with U19 the raid loot isn’t even that good anymore. Anywho, I thought I had a good group, even 2 ppl who said they can do SR tank, and 2 ppl saying they can kite. So, person who wanted SR tank got to do that, and I put other guy on TO, left first person to say they can kite do that, and put our very own shuriken monk on TO kiting duty when he first drops. As we drop down things didn’t go so well, ppl were taking damage, we were not doing enough dps, and as I was doing role of trying to control the situation, I didn’t pay attention to my hp and died. Rest of the group kept things together and we got stuff done, even if it was a bit messier than I’d have liked. We take down crystal, SR tank is ready and we’re working on TO. He’s hopping around a bit, but we’re ok. I keep watching SR tank’s hp, nervously, and as expected, he goes down. Since I was ready for it, I run over and grab SR’s aggro, and tell other guy to take over. I wait for first guy’s timer to expire and raise him, and the other guy dies. So I decide to just stay and heal SR tank. Things are a bit of a mess, at some point SR runs off, and someone shoots one of the undead dragons and aggros him on the SR. We get both TO and SR prepped, and I call kill and it looks like we’re about to fail, but we manage to take SR out at the last few seconds. 🙂 I said afterwards, that that was a bit more work than I would have liked, but we got it done. Also, I said “a lot of noobish behavior in that run”. This shooting stuff that u’re not supposed to be shooting and pulling aggro is the type of behavior that will make me not let you into my runs.

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This weekend in ddo

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. I used to always do a weekend run down, talk about how the raids were going etc. It started becoming routine, so I stopped doing them. Anywho, here’s what I did this weekend in ddo.

Maidae in Misery’s peak. This pic has really nothing to do with this post in question, but I TR’d Maidae last weekend, and I never posted the routine Misery’s Peak picture.

My plan was to run raids Saturday night on Thazara and Cerge, then Storms horns heroic elite on Sunday on Cerge. I logged around 8pm on Saturday and posted for CitW “Normal cause I’m lazy. Will start with 6”.  My rule is usually, I leave the lfm up for ~10 min, if no one joins I do something else, if 1 person joins I leave the lfm up a bit longer. Took a little while but I got 5.. and then 6, and then a few more. So I suggest we get started. I plan to solo heal, cause it’s normal. Solo healing a raid of not all self healing ppl, starting it, trying to handle the lfm and applications and tells at the same time while making sure the party doesn’t die.. is a bit of a challenge. But I do this often, lol. I take Ana and we get to it. Dps is fine, but ppl aren’t playing too healer friendly so we have some deaths, and some ppl fall off. But the end fight is very good, and we get our 6th chest. One guy keeps dc’ing so in the end we don’t wait for him, but loot. I believe 3 named items dropped.

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