And we’re raiding again

I have been doing my Saturday night raid marathon for about 2 years. I started doing them around the time I met Cleazy. At first I was only joining other’s lfms, later I started posting my own. I looked at some of my posts from 2 years ago, and I found the first few posts where I talk about raiding Saturday (see e.g. August 5, 2012 Sort of a meh night, Give me my Shroud completion! … and epics, August 12, 2012 Saturday gaming). Looking at some of the screenies, I even found some of the ppl I still play with, including Osi on an alt. 🙂

Anywho, I was away for for 2 weeks, and therefor missed two raids Saturdays. After farming Thunderholme raids, and after doing raids with Osi for about a year (and level cap getting raised to 28), many of the raids have really lost their charm. Some of the raids I like running because the xp is still pretty good (von, adq, chrono), while others I’ve pretty much stopped doing (shroud, ToD). I don’t even run Thunderholme raids much since getting the 20th completions on the on 3 toons.

Still, I was looking forward to raiding with Osi. I don’t see him much at all anymore, and he pretty much only plays during raid night once a week. Osi logged a bit early, and I was already online on Thaz. I wanted to run Thaz this time. As usually we started with ADQ and ran eH/ eE as a 6 man group. There was a few deaths in the raid bit, but still a pretty standard run.

After ADQ Osi asked me if I need to switch toons for some raids, and I told him that yes, I’d like to do chrono, von and fot on Thaz, Thunderholme and CitW on Cerge. So Osi suggested we join someone else’s lfm for FoT, which we did. This person had been away from the game for like half a year or so, so they needed a bit of help assigning roles. This was a fun run, though. SR tank didn’t know to use spell absorption and died. So Osi took over both kiting undead and SR. I was helping dps TO til I noticed that they needed help with SR, and I got boomed but didn’t die. SR tank took over again when he was raised, we prepped him well and killing was flawless.

The group did not stay together for more raids so Osi posted for Chrono and then VON. His Chrono lfm said something with crazy? or.. I can’t remember. Anywho, the chrono lfm filled really quickly and the run was again pretty standard. This is the raid I find the most boring among our sat raids. I technically only run it for xp (even though we always run ee). I don’t really want any of the loot, but it was a nice group and I enjoy raiding.

I decided to go afk for a bit while VON was filling and they started before I got back. Normally with Osi I’m either doing voice & ring or the puzzle. Who ever enters first usually grabs voice& ring, the other does puzzle. This time I entered late and didn’t really have to do anything, so I waited west, then helped kill a few golems. For VON6, Osi put me and Isirel on fire, but fire was dead before I got there and I only threw a comet at the pillar and then the bases were done. During the dragon fight the eggs spawned, but Velah dropped before they hatched.

I switched to Cerge after VON and Osi asked me to post for “the red dragon raid”. I though wanted to do CitW, so we did that one first. The group was not really filling at first, we started 5 man… but before the end fight was over we were an 11 man (and woman) group. I forgot to check how long the raid took, but I don’t think it took much longer than usual. And we always run eH. Twilight and Needle dropped, but nothing for me.

And as Osi’s last raid for the night we did Fire on Thunderpeak eN. I lfm’d for CitW and this one. Some friends joined, and Luri asked if I was planning to wait for a full group. Normally I do, but I replied “depends on how much dps we have”. I wrote in party chat that I wanted Kazo on one dragon, and was asking if one of the rangers could take the other, but then when Sorul joined, I told him to take the other. Osi I wanted on trash and raising ppl. I was doing the same. I had had a bit of tequila while we were raiding.. I wasn’t drunk but mildly unfocused, so while I was talking about some detail in the raid, the female dragon blasts me for 1500 points. I get a raise and work on staying a bit more focused. The run was fast and pretty smooth.

Osi didn’t want to run anything else, so I switched to Maidae to wait for Item’s Abbot runs. My plan is to do 20 Abbots on her before her next TR. I may do another eTR before that, though, or since I have been working on my sagas, I plan to. I did 3 Abbots with Item, and Maidae is now sitting on 12 completions. Item had to get back to RL stuff, and I didn’t feel like running anything else, so I logged.

That was this Sat’s raid night. Cheers.


5 comments on “And we’re raiding again

  1. “His Chrono lfm said something with crazy?”

    MadRun. It can be also Doom Mode but, in the end, the madness’s effect will still prevails.

    “I decided to go afk for a bit while VON was filling and they started before I got back. […]”

    You could have moved on puzzle, since it still needed to be done when i got in there. ._. Or maybe i were too much fast to do other ways.

    “I had had a bit of tequila while we were raiding.. I wasn’t drunk but mildly unfocused.”

    Well, everyone does what they can for beat on kills. :]

    “I love Osi, he’s my life.”

    Owww :] Love you too.

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