And it’s a wrap, again. Mabar

Oh, I am Mabar crazed, if you didn’t know.  I was pretty upset the times I missed a Mabar opening because of a raid. When we got news that Mabar was closing early, I knew I still wanted to get everything I had planned: +5 tome for Thaz, Cerge, Jarvanna and Maidae, Festival solar for Maidae and a Ruby of the Endless Night for Jarvanna. I’ve every day since it opened spent hours in Delera’s. Of course, after the weekend I was already tired of doing slayer, especially since I had the motes I needed, and already had traded for the items I wanted. So, I’ve been questing and raiding with Osi and the other guildies.

I cannot remember exactly how many fails, but the last few days the fails were more because of me picking the wrong level to run, when others where running some other level, than because of lag. Jarvanna’s level has succeeded every single run I’ve done on her, and I managed to get the killing hit on Eternity twice. Thaz on the other hand has been the least successful and Maidae has failed 2-3 times because of too few ppl in the instance. Cerge was doing pretty well, but last night he also failed because of too few ppl.

After all this hard work, I have managed to get the exact number of completions that I wanted, a total of 15. And now, I’m done. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I picked constitution for Cerge and intelligence for Thaz. The other two are still too low level to use the tome.  Thaz was only missing intelligence and charisma, and as her charisma was even, adding +1 would not give me anything, while intelligence adds to spellcraft, even if only 1 point.  I know, I’m crazy. Farming this much for this little. But during all of this, I’ve also xp’d on Maidae and run some raids, even though a bit less than normally.

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Mabar mabar mabar

Mabar is back! Or, well, it started/ opened on Friday, and I haven’t had a chance to blog about it til now. I donno, I was very excited about the event being back, but after a few days I’m already disappointed. The new and cool stuff this year; +5 tome (one per toon), 2 new cosmetic hats, 3 new augments and festival solar, can only be acquired by trading mabar signets. You can only acquire 1 signet per toon per day from the chamber, and you only get it on a successful run. Ppl already have enough motes from previous years, so there aren’t that many ppl farming, everyone’s waiting for the opening. And when it finally openes, which may take hours depending on how many ppl are farming, the instances are not equally adjusted. In some instances you have too many ppl, while others may not have enough, and both are very likely to fail. This weekend (Friday-Sunday), I played for ~21 h, and entered all but two chamber openings during that time. I am trying to remember how many fails, but successes were a total of  9.  I was able to get a +5 tome for Cerge and Jarvanna, while Thaz only got 1 signet and Maidae has 2. That’s it. For the whole weekend. Thaz failed  3? times, Maidae 2 and Cerge 1.. if I remember correctly. Thaz and Cerge because of lag (I think, as I believe the fail was not in my room), and Maidae because of not enough ppl in the instance.

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…and it’s a wrap!

March 1-10, 2013, Micki decided to make the most out of Crystal Cove and spent all gaming time there. 🙂 Two fridays I got to run on Cannith, and the rest I spent running on Orien, during the week Maidae and Jarvanna and on the weekends Thazara. The most shards we got running CR30, but not all groups were good enough. On Sunday morning I was done with Cove. Here’s the end result.

Items from last year upgraded from tier 2 to tier 3:

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Cove cove cove

I feel so bad, I haven’t blogged in a long while (for me, seeing as I went from blogging almost every day to 1-2 times a week and now nothing). I’ve been stressed. Trying to make time for everything, and give DDO enough time. But, I have been waiting for Cove, and my plans was to run Cove exclusively this time around for the 10 days it’s on. I’m passing on the raids and most of the quests for Cove. We’ll see this weekend, I might end my Cove runs before Sunday night, donno yet.

I started on Cannith with Keronna, getting her a ring and a trinket (the only useful items for a clonk). I’ll upgrade them on Friday. Then a few runs on Orien on our lvl 10’s with my sister (we duo’d with my hire and wolf protecting center, me torching, sis scouting). Then the weekend I did two openings at lvl 18 on Maidae and the rest on Thaz, first running lvl 26’s and then switching to 30. We learned that even with 200 over quota u make 400+ shards, with 300 over quota 500+. Nice amount of shards. Yes, the mobs are a bit tougher at CR30, but it’s supposed to be a challenge, no? 🙂 More than once I ran off down to the bowling room on my own, aggro’d too much stuff, got hit with hamstring and killed. Heh, but who wants to play safe?

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1 week, 4 toons; quests and raids

How about instead of writing a long boring blog about this week’s happenings, I just show u some pics? 😛 Ok, I’ll add a little bit of text just for clearification. Since I haven’t blogged all week, this is gonna be pic heavy, but I’m trying to keep it short.

Running Maidae with TorGrimorde and Andy. We did Made to Order, Dreams of Insanity, Purge of the Fallen Shrine and Chamber of Kourush. I got a pug for the first one, but got tired of the noob level, so we ran the rest with hirelings.

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Last Mabar post

I did the final Mabar grind Mon-Tues. I was going to run Andybot, but after the hotfix, the Open Palm Inn had become a lag black hole (at least on Orien), so after 5 game restarts I gave up and left Andybot there, and swapped to Jarvanna.

Monday I ran with a 6 man group lvl 4-8 in instance 8-13, and with Andy passing me his motes while dualboxing, I made just under 6k motes in 3 hours.
Tuesday I wanted to run Maidae, since so far I had had the most fun running Mabar on her. I put up an lfm for 16-20 (instance 16-20), small group and picked Spire of Validus area as battleground. This area seemed to offer almost constant respawns with no competition for for kills. 🙂 I was joined by 3 monks, a sorc (who was mostly piking) and a wiz. Interestingly enough, I believe I knew all of them, or had run with them before, which doesn’t happen often.

I kept getting mostly finger bones (which are the most valuable), and after 2 h, I had made way more motes than I needed (needed 2.25k, had 3.7k). My sister handed me an additional 700 motes and with that here’s my final list of items:

Wraps: lvl 12, 16, 20.
Cloak: lvl 4, 12, 16.

Cloak: lvl 4, 12, 16.

Cloak: 12.

Now I’m done with Mabar and am going to prepare Maidae for her and my first TR. I wish to do an elite shroud on her and run Delera’s for Devotion wraps first. I’m planning the TR for Sunday.

I just flagged Cerge for ADQ and will flag him for Dreaming Dark next. I wish to do 20 Shrouds and run ADQ for Torc, as well as make him some ioun stones before TR.

That’s all folks. Take care and see you in game.

Mabar pt 3

I’ve been mabaring it for a few h tues-thurs, then did a marathon (9 h) Friday and Sunday, while Saturday was my first night off from ddo in a long time. Yes, I actually went out on a Saturday, can u imagine. *giggle*

So far I’ve run mabar on Jarvanna (druid 8), Cerge (sorc 18) and Maidae (monk 20). And Andy, or Neguash convinced me to make a mabarbot, a vet 2 human 1wiz/6cleric: 18 cha, 16 wis and I put the rest in con, so 16 con. Empower heal, Empower, Maximize, Quicken and improved turning. Bot’s an undead killing machine, bursts take out pretty much any undead in range… until I run out of bursts, that is.

During the Friday marathon I mostly ran the bot (who I named Andybot Slayer of undead, lol), but I wasn’t making too many motes. I also was having troubles getting keys, and we kept getting too low level spawns. I’ve been constantly trying to figure out how to make more motes. Friday was sort of a bust, I made maybe 6 scales, but only about 3k motes in my hours on. Sunday I was running on my sorc and kept getting loads of fangs (had 25 when I finally quit), but only one scale and only around 4k motes.

I just don’t know how people do it, the ones who claim to be making 1.6k/h or even 100k/day. I ran both with 6 man group and 12 man raid party. Drops seemed a bit random, sometimes we got loads of spawns and good drops, other times drops were pretty crap. Also spawns seemed to differ between instances, in one instance we’d get too low level spawns, change to other instance and we got right lvl again and more spawns.

I did buy 2x draught of night on Sunday, and not only did it seem to get me some motes, but I seemed to be getting more drops as well. Today I plan to run Andybot in a group of 6 and use a draught of night for more motes. I’m also gonna ask Andy if he still needs that lich dust he was begging me for, I realized I only need 1 and I have 2, so I could trade him for motes. I need 8.25k motes and 1 dragonscale more to make the items I still wish to make.

Current items:
Maidae: cloak 4, 8, 16. Wraps: 4, 8, 16.
Cerge: cloak: 4, 16.

Hopefully items in the end:
Maidae: cloak 4, 12, 16. Wraps: 4, 8, 16, 20.
Cerge: cloak 4, 12, 16.

That’s all folks, and if u want to grind Mabar with me mon-tues, see you on Orien. 🙂

P.S. Mabar is to end on Tuesday, to be back around thanksgiving. Mabar Schedule