And it’s a wrap, again. Mabar

Oh, I am Mabar crazed, if you didn’t know.  I was pretty upset the times I missed a Mabar opening because of a raid. When we got news that Mabar was closing early, I knew I still wanted to get everything I had planned: +5 tome for Thaz, Cerge, Jarvanna and Maidae, Festival solar for Maidae and a Ruby of the Endless Night for Jarvanna. I’ve every day since it opened spent hours in Delera’s. Of course, after the weekend I was already tired of doing slayer, especially since I had the motes I needed, and already had traded for the items I wanted. So, I’ve been questing and raiding with Osi and the other guildies.

I cannot remember exactly how many fails, but the last few days the fails were more because of me picking the wrong level to run, when others where running some other level, than because of lag. Jarvanna’s level has succeeded every single run I’ve done on her, and I managed to get the killing hit on Eternity twice. Thaz on the other hand has been the least successful and Maidae has failed 2-3 times because of too few ppl in the instance. Cerge was doing pretty well, but last night he also failed because of too few ppl.

After all this hard work, I have managed to get the exact number of completions that I wanted, a total of 15. And now, I’m done. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I picked constitution for Cerge and intelligence for Thaz. The other two are still too low level to use the tome.  Thaz was only missing intelligence and charisma, and as her charisma was even, adding +1 would not give me anything, while intelligence adds to spellcraft, even if only 1 point.  I know, I’m crazy. Farming this much for this little. But during all of this, I’ve also xp’d on Maidae and run some raids, even though a bit less than normally.

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GH Tor revisited

At some point I decided I wanted the blue dragonscale robe for Thazara, and in April I was farming for it (see Dragonscales farming). I must have run it at least 10 times, and only managed to collect a few scales, the rest I traded for or was given (I was running on normal as elite was very hard). A couple of days ago I was told that the drop rate in Tor has changed, that now, if you run elite, every player pulls 2-3 scales per dragon. And that named items drop better as well. This was proven tonight as I made 14 white, 14 blue and 14 black in 5 runs. I also picked up a bunch of named items and 3 dragon blood.

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First Saturday after vacation

I logged on on Saturday for the first time in 8 days and was immediately a bit overwhelmed. 🙂 I wanted to say hi to everyone and prepare for Thazara’s Saturday elite shroud… and was planning to run something before that, but I never got to it. Oh, how I had missed u guys! Yes, to be honest I like several of my DDO friends better than I like a lot of people in my real life. Sorted Thazara’s inventory, and was then gonna do a few quick runs of Rainbow in the dark for gs twigs, but shortly after I put up the lfm someone sent me a tell that they would give me the twigs. 🙂 Thank you very much! But of course I messed it up. 😦 I was going to make a cloak for Thaz and was sure I had made Green Taper before (I didn’t check, but believed I remembered correctly), that I was missing Filaments of Toil and Wondrous Oil, so I made those two only to notice I now had two filaments and no taper and not enough mats to make the taper. 😦 Well, at least the filaments aren’t bound so I can either give them to Cerge for his gs or sell them.

So, on to Thazara’s Saturday Elite Shroud. 🙂 I have been mentioning it, but I prolly should add a notice to my myddo page as well. I had 2 friends join before I put up the lfm, and had a 3rd one promise to join. I put up the lfm at exactly 0:00 Finnish time or 5pm EST. My lfm was as usually 18-25 “Elite. Have hp, breakers. 2xheals, rest dps. No first timers”. I was surpriced at how slowly we were filling. My lfm rules are always, first come first served, unless I’m specifically looking for a healer or trapper. I got a few casters and a sorcerer at only 300 hp. I wasn’t paying attention, and when I got a tell asking if the sorc doesn’t have too little hp, and then a healer joins only to tell us “you’re gonna fail”, I throw the lead to my friend who’s got a lot more experience leading raids than I do. Yup, I chickened out.

Takes too long imo to fill, but we do and people try to help the sorc out to make him a bit more durable. Party is for sure semi weak, but I have faith, as I always do. 🙂 I switch Thazara’s ED back to Unyielding Sentinel before the raid, and before phase 4 I change from my fav stance Vigor of Battle (+100 hp, heal amp, and on a successful hit stacking +10 hp for 1 min) to Unbreakable (+5 AC, DR 10/epic and diehard feat). The squishy sorc dies from the blades in phase 3 and 4, otherwise things are pretty good all through phase 4. I keep DoT’ing and we take out Harry in 3 rounds.

On to phase 5. Our monk parks the ellie, we kill the others and buff up. We’re ready, or so we think. Harry arrives and we fight and suddenly Harry teleports to me. I’m like wtf, how did I suddenly get aggro? 😀 lol. Thaz is sturdy as hell in her stance, and when people start dropping likes flies, I can still stay put, block and raise. For some reason we loose our third healer who ends up in the beginning, out of battle. The second healer who’s on a lvl 25 fvs (or, I think he is lvl 25, at least he has a lvl 25 fvs, lol) also drops a couple of times, and at some point Harry is down to maybe 10% and I say, now I’m just gonna continue DoT’ing (instead of raising people). But I get con damage and get helpless… and die. I get a raise from Niv, but Thaz get super squishy with death penalty, so I don’t even have time to heal up before I drop again. Everything’s messy, most of the party’s dead, but someone get’s the killing hit, runs over to the altar and we finish. 🙂 Everyone can raise at the shrine that’s now available, to get loot. 🙂 This has got to be the toughest Shroud I’ve run where we still finished, so kudos to everyone participating. Oh, and I did chug 3 pots compared to last time 0.

Sat Shroud

I almost forget to turn in the quest, and then I wanted to send a tell to the cleric who told me we were gonna fail, but he was offline. Forgot to add him to my friend list, so I could send him a tell later. 🙂 I wanted to do the “ha-ha! we finished!”. I love proving people wrong, lol. I jump on a party doing eVON raid epic hard as their second healer and switch Thazara’s ED back to Exalted Angel before entering. I’m thinking, eHard with only 2 healers, and the other is a clonk with a lot less sp than me? Party is pretty weak (compared to the ones I’ve previously run with) and it’s a bit of a difficult ride to the end fight, but we get there. The other healer forgets to rest, so only me is at good mana, while he’s out, but he tells us he has 15 turns left, so I tell him to just keep spamming them and we’ll be fine. Takes us way too long to take out the boss in VON5 imo, but we get it done and Thaz get’s 50k XP for her ED, even with -30% repetition penalty (5x).

We enter VON6 and I go to the 3rd base as I’m told, even though, someone says at some point that the cleric didn’t go to the base she was suppose to and I’m not sure if it meant me or the other one. I was told 3rd base, and to me that’s the one that’s furthest away, i.e. wind. But anywho, we get to the dragon fight and Thaz gets close to dropping a couple of times. Man! She’s so much squishier in EA than in US. 🙂 But we finish. Yay! Oh, and during VON5 a party member sends me a tell “Nice to finally run with u, I read your blog” (or something like that). 🙂 Hi there, always nice to meet readers, but I do love getting stars and comments as acknowledgement that people have read it, so please, do comment. 🙂 Or, send me a pm.

Saturday eVON

After VON I jump on a party doing Lords of Dust eNorm, looking for a divine to bless the altars. They’re almost done, only missing the altars and boss fight. So, I get some quick XP from that, and then decide to head over to King’s Forest. I put up an lfm “Just running around King’s Forest looking for commendations”. I somewhat quickly get a full party and a wizard who leads us around. We do 3 instances and in the third one we meet the second green dragon, my first time. I get a nice amount of XP, and enough commendations to get Star of Day for Thaz. Thaz got her ED to 1, that is, she is/ has now GMoF0, EA1 and US5. Also less than 300 slays for 1,500 in King’s Forest. I stayed with the group until the wiz had to leave (at around 6.30 Finnish time), then went to get my Star of Day, finally! But to my disappointment it’s required trait good, UMD 26. 😦 Thazara is true natural (I bought a change from Lawful good at lvl 18) and has no UMD. I’m really disappointed that I wasted 15 commendations on an item I cannot use. I added req good and umd 26 to wiki, but then I started thinking that maybe not all of them are that, if the enhancements are random? Maybe it was just bad luck that I got the good one? I’m not planning on farming for commendations in a while anyway, nothing I currently want.

Protect the fox rare:

Protect the fox

The second green dragon (Urklauth):


I don’t usually like putting pics of slain creatures here, but he did not disappear right away, so I took a pic. He was gone a second later.

Slain dragon

So, yup, my Saturday turned into a 8.5 h gaming session, lol. 🙂 And I didn’t even get any favor, but Thaz did gain a bunch of epic token fragments and is getting closer to 20 tokens. I wasn’t farming for tokens before U14, so this is the most I have ever had. I was going to save up for 2 hearts of wood and one epic crystal for Thaz, but it seems as though I will buy the hearts and just use the tokens for a crystal for Thaz.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Ty for reading and happy questing.


P.S. tl;dr – I’ve got nothing. Just look at the pictures, lol. 😀

Random jibber-jabber

I wasn’t going to post. I have nothing to say. 🙂

Well, not quite true.

After my CC marathon sat-sun, and after running CC 4 more times on Monday, I’ve been really tired and work has been suffering. I also haven’t done any of the household chores I need to do (laundry, dishes, clearing, grocery shopping). I did go to running school on Monday and swimming practice on Tuesday, and I’ve taken a few days off from DDO to get some sleep. 🙂 But I’m starting to suffer from DDO abstinence. Go figure.

I can’t wait to log on 🙂 My plan is to run The Carnival chain and The Bloody Crypt with Cerge, Necro 2 with Maidae and some farming and possibly raids with Thazara (I’d like to farm Litany, do Sands slayer for the gem (Thadargix’s Gem, I already have Sventusk’s Gem and Vuthesjing’s Gem) and run Reaver’s Faith, Shroud and Abbot, and maybe ADQ).

😀 Oh, and I got a bit link happy apparently. But, oh, well.

See you around Orien.
Love, Micki.

P.S. I really need to start taking in game screen dumps (because I like blogs with pictures). 🙂 I just hate photo editing, so I put it off.

CC’s over

🙂 woop woop, I can finally post again. Here’s my last post about Crystal Cove (at least until the next one’s on). I got a bit over excited about the whole event and decided to try to get as much out of it as possible. I ran a half marathon on Saturday (May 5th), got home and after eating sat down in front of the computer to do a CC marathon. 🙂 And guess what? I went a bit overboard 😀 24.5 h straight on, about 27 runs (maps were being collected incredibly slowly). I checked the amount of runs via DDOViewer and according to it, Thazara has run CC 44 times, Cerge 4 and Maidae 7. This was my first time running Crystal Cove and here’s the list of stuff I got for my toons:




I was 301 shards short to upgrade Cerge’s trinket to greater, and I didn’t get enough shards to upgrade any more stuff to tier 3 (tier 3 is 1700 shards), but I’m quite pleased anyway. 🙂 I love the trinkets, though.

And, why’d I get a scimitar for Thaz? Well, Thaz is an elf and through the Follower of the Undying Court Champion of the Deathless enhancement she is proficient in scimitars. She’s also offensive caster with melee fallback and the scimitar works nicely 🙂 I was running around Smuggler’s Rest killing things with two blows.

Now, on a side note. I met a quite end game focused cleric while running CC, that was telling me that Thaz won’t be allowed to join higher level raids for being melee fallback. I was like, why? Thaz is first and foremost healer, and a pretty good one at that. So, she doesn’t have 500+hp or 2000+sp yet. So what? She’s not finished. I’m not planning on running high level raids or epics in a while yet. I’m still collecting favor and I’m just about to start running Shroud. I have no doubts that Thaz will be allowed to join any raid I wish to, when she’s ready.

Also, I really don’t like it when experienced players “tell me” what I should do. Like first you do that, then that. First you get these kinds of green steel, then you run that raid to get that and so on. I’m here to have fun. And I have my own way of playing. And I’m sure as hell not gonna do those things if you tell me I should 😀 I’m a bit of a rebel, yes.

Take care, and see you around Orien.
Much love, Thaz.

P.S. While I don’t like people telling me what to do, I very much appreciate it when people tell me where and how I can get cool stuff. But, if I go for it or not should be my decision.

1st of May

In Finland (and probably several other countries) the 1st of May is a national holiday, e.i. a day off from work 🙂 How did I spend my day off? Well playing DDO of course. Went out partying the day before, and today I just didn’t feel like doing anything constructive (unless you consider running CC constructive). 🙂 Logged on to find some people running CC lvl 20, and decided to join. We did a bit of Cannith slayer (nom nom stuff in there) in between and of course Smuggler’s Rest slayer, did a few lvl 16 smash runs (4 mins killing stuff for gems, then out to do full run on 20) and then a bunch of lvl 20 runs. Maps were being collected very slowly, so in 8 h I only did 8? runs, I think, and I think 2 of them didn’t make optional quota.

Thaz died a bunch of times as well. I stayed in center, doing my best at protecting base, but Jack + a bunch of hobgoblins are just a bit too much for Thaz to handle solo, and in one run Jack kept throwing energy drain at me. 17 neg levels and 50 hp before I dropped. 🙂

Stuff I got:

– The Dread Admiral’s Tricorne (hat) x 3 (one each for Thaz, Maidae and Cerge)
Thaz: Healing aura II, Concentration +15, Archmagi
Maidae & Cerge: one got Entropic Aura, the other Defensive Aura, II (if I now remember correctly)
– Epic Brigand’s Cutlass (Scimitar) (Thaz proficient through Follower of the Undying Court)
– Epic Swashbuckler (Light)
– Epic Ornamented Dagger tier 2

I would like a dagger for Cerge as well (level 8 maybe?), and the gloves for Maidae (lvl 12), but that means I have to run lower level CC for the gems, which I’m not too keen on 🙂

Oh, and I decided to skip running Spinner of Shadows on level, and jumped Thaz to 20 (I figured there was really no reason to stay on 19 since Thaz is capped)

I was running around Smuggler’s Rest meleing using the scimitar and buckler and loving it 🙂 Suddenly Thaz’s melee had some power. Some melee, some energy drain and implosion, some dp. 🙂 And of course aura, bursts, divine favor and divine power.

I also now have the tapestries for minos, but I’m not sure I want to get minos for Thaz. Minos would mean not being able to use the new hat. Maybe I should get minos for one of the other chars? I could farm Litany for the Electric Haze belt to save up a space. And once I start running Shroud I have to start thinking green steel 🙂

Ok, just an update from Thaz. See you around Orien.

P.S. I’ll probably do a few more CC runs still today

CC again

I was complaining a few days ago about how I don’t like Crystal Cove. 🙂 Well… I ran 7 lvl 20 CC yesterday with Thaz and 5 of them went very well (met not only mandatory quota but optional as well in about 10 mins), 1 failed and 1 barely met minimum quota. It was sorta funny when on the 6th or 7th run one of the party members said that Thaz’s gotta be a lucky cleric, since all runs he had done with Thaz, had gone very well. 🙂 Well, I’d still say it was because of a good party, good map and good torcher.

I got determined to get the epic ornamented dagger, fully upgraded. I have no idea what other stuff I would want, but I’m at least running until I get the dagger upgrades (I have the dagger lvl 20 and the greater cunning trinket already, I just need about 1,500 dragonshards – or something like 1,200 more).

epic dagger

Now, a weapon for melee, or a shield would maybe not be too bad? Or the Greater Nimble Trinket for blurry, or the Greater Stalwart Trinket? An archmage hat for buffs would also be good (to be changed to minos after buffing)

And what could Maidae and Cerge use? Any suggestions? Maidae could at least use a dex item, and Cerge the dagger lvl 8 🙂

Only 7 more days to run CC, so if I want to get some good stuff, I have to run it more or less every day…

See you around Orien, take care.

Dragonscales farming

So… I decided that I want the blue dragonscale robe for Thaz, although someone told me that dragontouched armor is better due to the fact that you can choose what you want on it. 🙂 But, since to me dragontouched requires planning, and I do have problems making up my mind concerning what I want, I figured some scales farming would, if nothing else, require less planning (I need to start planing a GS item soon). But, the only place you can get blue scales is in Gianthold Tor (well, and action house, but who’s paying 1 mil + plat for scales?). I ran Tor 4 times last Saturday on normal, and got a total of 2 scales, non of which blue. I think in the around 10 times total I’ve run Tor, I’ve collected 2 blue scales. But, since a lot of people are asking for black scales, I figured why not farm Mired in Kobolds for black scales and trade for blue? So, I ran Mired 2 times on Elite yesterday and collected a total of 3 black scales. 🙂 After some trading and a couple of donations, I now have 12 scales, 8 to go before I can get the robe. Running Mired in Kobolds seems like time better spend compared to running Tor, but Tor’s fun too 🙂 A fem more runs of Mired and I should have enough black scales to trade for the blue ones I need.

I do plan on switching to some epic armor at some point, but at the moment the blue dragonscale robe seems like my best option. 🙂 I should also farm for tapestries for Minos Legends.

Just a short update from Thaz. See you around Orien 🙂