Expansion approaching, thoughts and plans

The expansion is approaching. As I purchased it during the prepurchase, I have had access to closed beta and open beta. I did spend some time looking at things during closed beta, but none during open, so I really do not know what the final product will look like. Apparently we will all get a +20 heart of wood to redo all our characters, and the tree form has been “fixed”.

I am not a powergamer. I do not focus on making the most uber op toons I can. What I do, is build toons that are multipurpose and to me fun. My toons are usually pretty bad solo, but do well in a group. Usually my toons self heal and can raise people, while also offering secondary dps, or cc. Although, I also like to kite and zerg, while I suck at killing things, so unless I have someone who keeps up with me, I may run into trouble, lol.

My Thaz has for a long time been mostly a healbot, with a little bit of dps on the side. I get horribly bored healbotting, so I’ve always been meleing and casting offensive spells while I heal, usually not doing any mayor damage, more like keeping myself busy while I aura heal the melees. That was until I got primal avatar tree form. Then suddenly I had mayor dps, and was often main dps in groups I was running with. The problem was that while in tree form you cannot heal, so I started posting for byoh groups, as I wanted to dps, not heal. I also levelled primal avatar on my pure monk to up her dps as well.

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Just a short one; ee Tor

Since epic gianthold came out, I have been spending at least some time there every week. I tend to hop on ee lfm’s, especially if it’s someone I know. Usually it’s been Prison of the Planes. A few days ago I gave up trying to lead FoT. It’s not that I don’t know it, or try my best to make sure everyone knows what to do, people still manage to mess up, we fail the timing and end up having to prep the Reaver over and over…. Those damn perma dots, and people without pale lavender, etc. It’s a huge mess and I’m tired. So, while complaining to a friend about it, he suggested one of the channels he’s in. Not that it’d help me with FoT, but they run other stuff, like ee Tor.

So, yesterday I had planned to run some lowbie stuff with grim, but then I was asked if I want to run ee Tor with the ppl from the new channel and some others. They call themselves “The Tor kittens”. 😛 I’ve never run ee Tor, been meaning to, so found it very hard to say no. I felt totally lost in this group. I mean, I knew 4/5 of them, and they were all pretty nice, but I felt like I was expected to do more dps. I badly need to finish my EDs and get tree. Group leader asked “Thaz can u get tree?” and I had to tell him, I don’t have it yet.

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Cannith game night: epics and raids

After only 3-4 h sleep the night before, and working a long day, I was kind of tired and a bit testy during our game night. I took offence to ppl saying that our group is low on hp (well u do better on a 1st toon on a server with no gear or pls, and Ker is even only a 28p build). I thought Ker was doing just fine, I’ve seen worse. At level 20 she was ~380hp unbuffed, and that is with only con+6 and +20 false life. I can easily get that higher once I get some gear. But we only run a few hours once a week, so we’re not exactly gear farming.

Anywho, plan for the night was to run first Eveningstar chain, and we decided to lfm for help so we could run on eH. I think we would have been just fine the 3 of us with hirelings too. Our toons are very much underdogs, but I was pretty pleased when my level 20 clonk with almost no gear managed to insta kills a few mobs with destruction and implosion in a level 22 quest. 🙂 Now, that impresses me a lot more than loads of hp.

Anywho, here’s the pictures from the night.

Keronna was sad after Ness killed a deer.


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Maidae update; Epics

My first and so far only TR Maidae hit 20 on Wednesday and early this Sunday I wanted to take her into her first epics: eH VON 5-6 and eH ADQ 1-2. My exceptions were to suck badly and to die easily. Turns out that her dps is maybe a bit low for epics hards still (took me a while to take out single mobs solo), but I had the right wraps, and my +3 paralyzing handwraps of pure good would even work in eH. 🙂 in VON6 I was right up there with the melee during fire (Maidae still has just under 500hp) and I I don’t remember noticing taking any damage at all. Maidae got just over 100k xp from VON5 (first time ever running it and on eH) and something like 40?k from VON6.

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In wait for U17

In wait for U17 and epic gianthold, Maidae and Keronna have finished running Gianhold walkups. The three at the moment flagging quests will be left for a little later. I’ve again slept too little and on Thursday the game refused to let me in after a dc, I’ve not remembered to take too many pics. Did a few raids (my normal Wednesday shroud didn’t happen), including lfm’ing for CitW for the second time, and having Ana for the first time. On Friday after Cannith night Jarvanna got to come out and play for a while (did a few quests duo with sis’ druid).

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1 week, 4 toons; quests and raids

How about instead of writing a long boring blog about this week’s happenings, I just show u some pics? 😛 Ok, I’ll add a little bit of text just for clearification. Since I haven’t blogged all week, this is gonna be pic heavy, but I’m trying to keep it short.

Running Maidae with TorGrimorde and Andy. We did Made to Order, Dreams of Insanity, Purge of the Fallen Shrine and Chamber of Kourush. I got a pug for the first one, but got tired of the noob level, so we ran the rest with hirelings.

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Raid Night

Saturday is as some of you know my raid night. 🙂 Usually my friends log on later, so I try to save TOD, ADQ and Shroud for later. This Sat I logged on at about 7pm, GMT+2. After my crazy photo collection in the last post, I have tried to reduce it in this one to only one pic per raid/ run.

Shroud (elite)
I figured, since I run elite shroud on Thaz later in the night, and my friends usually join that one, I could run one on Cerge earlier. I seem to have gotten a lot more relaxed with the raids, and especially elite shroud. I’ve always been putting requirements in the lfm, but now I just put 20-25, elite. 🙂 I accepted anyone hitting the lfm basically. I got 3 clerics, 2 wizards, 2 monks, fighter, rogue and other sorc. Dps was good. We messed up phase 2 first try by killing the ellie too soon, but succeeded on second try. Phase 4 was a 2 rounder with a few deaths, but we just took him out as I ran out of mana. And phase 5 was good. 😛 This was Cerge’s 11th Shroud and 2nd elite (others hard).

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3 days of Xmas

I am not a Christmas person. Basically I hate it. But, I did go to see my family on the eve, for about an hour (in Finland we celebrate the eve and not the day), gave some gifts, got a few gifts, then headed home to play some ddo. Here’s a short short recollection of my xmas gaming.

Leveled Maidae to 10, then ran Tomb of The Shadow Guard and farmed the Shadow Crypt with TorGrimorde and a pug. I think we ran maybe 3-4 elite and 4-5 hard to a total of 8 runs and 2x ship buffs. After, I leveled Maidae to 11 and we did one run of the Red Fens chain in which Cleazy joined.

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Runs this week (pt1)

This week I’ve been working a lot, and trying to get some exercise done as well, so haven’t been playing quite as much. I have been sleeping crazy little and drinking too much coffee. Saturday raid night was cancelled due to my sister visiting. Here’s my run down for this week.

Monday I got it in my head that I wanted to try solo Reaver’s Fate. I log on and Andy tells me I won’t be able to get the levers, so I bring him and Domfig along. We go in on elite. Andy’s supposed to do lever, but he dies from the spikes, Domfig follow and die as well. I’m just hanging around in the air by the reaver (fly spell), figuring I have to go help them. I fly to get the west lever, back to reaver for new fly spell and then other lever, raise the others and back to fighting reaver… and boom! we’re out of time. Meh. We decide to lfm, Domfig starts it (cause I have to feed the degus), get a few (including Jedli and Youuta), then give me the star and I’m ready to just short man, but wow, we fill. Full group this raid was pretty easy, but meh loot.

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Weekend runs and raids

On Saturday I got up somewhat early to take my car to get MOT tested. When I got home I wanted to log on to DDO, for some reason that I now can’t remember. 🙂 I was in the market bank checking Cerge’s gear when I get a tell from someone “Hi, can I ask u a favor? We’re at the boss fight in eye of the titan and we’re all dead. Could u come and kill him for us?”. I don’t even get a chance to reply before I get a party invite, which I decide to accept. I notice that the party isn’t dead at all, which I comment on, and get the reply that they used a cake. Well, before I make it there they wipe again. 🙂 I run over unbuffed, buff myself on the way to the boss fight and encounter a dream render and a spider before the boss and tell the party I just have to kill these guys before coming over to them. I’m told to park hire (which I was told to bring), and rest before attacking the boss.

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