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I don’t blame you for lingering here. You are drawn to me. Since you can’t resist it, just enjoy it while you can. I am a harsh mistress, and these will likely be the last pleasurable moments of your existence. – Lolth’s 40th message

Hello fellow DDO player! I am Thaz or Micki and you can find me on the social media linked below.

I started blogging on MyDDO back in 2012 and as Turbine (who owned DDO at the time) decided to discontinue the page, I exported my MyDDO blog to WordPress and have been here since. The majority of blog posts are about my adventures in DDO (of late most of them are about the weekly raids) but I occasionally do a short post about real life things. I play almost exclusively on Orien server and am part of the management team on Orien Raiding Discord. Running raids is a passion that has stuck with me almost since I started, although I do struggle a bit to make time for everything I would like to do.

Welcome to my blog.

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In this picture I’m the shadarkai with the blue crown in center. Raid night June 27, 2020