Maidae eTR 10

I had planned to eTr Maidae once Cerge hit cap. Well Cerge has been capped for a couple of weeks and I figured it was time to eTR Maidae. I considered changing her looks, but then wanted her to look almost the same. I forgot to change piercings from the default look. Here are her before and after:

Before                                                                      After

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Raids week 84


Last week Saturday I was again a bit late for the raids, but not by much. People were already waiting and once the lfm went up it didn’t take long for a full party. I was told some of the party members were rather new to the raids so I decided on hard and switched from Thaz to Cerge since we were 3 divine. We were in and in progress before 9.30 pm and this week I also asked the divines to be on different sides and the rest to choose. Puzzles went quite well, I was focused on doing them myself but had help and they were being completed quickly.  I always miss implosion and mass frog when I’m not on Thaz, as then I can’t just one button kill att the crows to unlock the puzzle. During end fight I pulled aggro on one of the shamblers, but the rest of the party quickly killed off the other one, then came over to help with mine. The raid completed in 36 minutes and Gulthias Staff and Dusk, the Light Descends dropped.

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Raids week 81

Last week on Saturday I was quite late for raids, because I had put an add up to sell my car, and people wanted to come look at it right away. I hadn’t expected things to happen that fast. After selling the car, and taking care of the degus, I logged on at about 10.30 pm my time. Since it was late, and most of my regulars weren’t on I didn’t feel like posting for EE/R1, but switched to Maidae and posted for baba’s hard. Interest was high and I barely got the lfm up before people started joining, even had to reserv the last spot for Gaijya. As for the run I suggested our two mass frog chars go to different sides during puzzles, other than that I told people to split up evenly. Puzzles went well and I felt like people listened this time when I said to kill wisps first. During the end fight when shamblers spawned and I wanted us to kill them, I aggro’d one of them and tanked him in a corner while the party worked on the other one. I was surprised that he didn’t do more damage to me than he did. We completed the raid in 40 minutes and got completely skunked on loot.

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Raids week 80

So, we have reached week 80 since I restarted EEraids. I posted for EE/R1 baba’s at maybe 10 past 9 pm my time on Saturday and quickly got joiners. I reserved the last spot for a tank, and when someone hit the lfm and said they could tank I accepted.  About 20 minutes after I put the lfm up we were ready to start. Bruder felt we should do EE, not R1, I listened and stepped in on EE. I soon noticed that we were a bit low on dps, beating baba down the first time around took longer than it usually does. As we head towards puzzles, hamster points out to me that the tank is low on hp, and we soon realised that said tank didn’t know what his job was in the raid. We get through the puzzles ok, but getting to the end fight, we have a bit of issues coordinating and when the shamblers do their debuff we wipe. There is the question if we should try using jibbers or not, I decide that we should try it once. We do, manage to not really damage baba much before it’s a wipe again (everyone did get up for a few seconds, some lasted longer than others). I call a wipe and release. I’m not really keen on waiting for a tank, so we decide to do hard instead – I feel confident that we can handle hard.

Some people switch characters, including me and I suggest we stick to the same teams, not realising my side ended up with 3 warlocks. We get through the puzzles, kill wisps, struggle a bit on coordinating again, and when the shamblers spawn I want us to kill them. I get aggro of one, and I’m not sure if I should kite him to stay alive or park him and possibly die. I end up dying while I’m trying to decide. We finish the raid in 44 minutes and get skunked on loot.

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Raids week 78

Last Saturday I logged on just after 9 pm my time and posted for Baba’s R1. I got a few joiners right away and a tell asking me to save a spot, but then we waited. While waiting we were discussing tactics.. and when Storms sent me a tell that he could come tank for us, I was getting really confused. I had had a plan for the run, but seeing as I didn’t have an R1 completion, I wasn’t sure as which would be the best tactics. I figured we’d have the tank keep Baba away while we kill shamblers, but while waiting for the party to fill, we decided that Storms would tank the shamblers and the rest of us would just try to beat Baba down with the hp debuff.

At a few minutes to 10 pm we had a full group and were ready to start. We had a plan for the end fight, and we had chosen who goes where in the side puzzles. One person went the wrong way, but it was noticed early enough and they could still switch sides. Usually during the fight outside, the hut aggro’s on me, and so was the case this time as well, which meant I spent a lot of time not being able to get back up for more than a second – long enough to quickly throw myself a heal – though I think Bruder was healing me too. In the hut we experienced some lag, but not as bad as last time. The puzzles got done somewhat quickly and for most of it we managed to co-ordinate so the scarecrows weren’t being killed one by one. I prefer to stay near the puzzle so I can implode or mass frog the scarecrows  and kill them all in one go. For the end fight we followed the plan – kill wisps, kill red scarecrows one at a time, attack Baba – when shamblers spawn leave them to Storms and don’t touch them. Kill Baba. We completed the raid in 50 minutes and a total of 7 named items dropped (Patience Through Peril, Gulthias StaffTorn, That Which Renders DespairEcho of the IconSavior, the Breaker of ChainsSpite, the Fractured ShardsFate, the Knower of All,) plus a +8 dex upgrade tome.

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Raids week 69

On Saturday it was Easter weekend, so I expected the raids to be hard to fill. I was a bit late on and posted for baba’s as the first raid. To my surprise, shortly after posting, people started hitting the lfm, and before 9.30 pm my time we had a full group. As always I told the party to split themselves up for puzzles, and I don’t believe I asked clerics and warlocks to split up, but we did. On my side there was a bit of confusion as to who should do the puzzles, so it took a bit longer because of that, second time through went better. We had some deaths but very little, and shamblers were being dealt with. We finished in 28 minutes and a con +7 tome dropped.

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Running against the clock

Last week when Hamster and Maidae were running Storms Horns, just as we were about to do A break in the Ice, a world notification popped up. Apparently the servers were to go down for a restart. Hamster looked at the forums and discord, I checked twitter, but we couldn’t find any other information about it. We decided to try and run the quest anyway, hoping that we either finish or that the warning was false.

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Maidae doing reaper 2

It’s been a while since I epic reincarnated Maidae, and due to the release of Ravenloft Maidae’s leveling has been going slow. I added a sentient gem to pinion and a few filigrees (still haven’t found all that I wanted to add) and I feel Maidae has been doing quite well since. This week Hamster and Maidae started running Wheloon on R2, at level 26. I screenshotted the quest report from Friends in low places as I was surprised at Maidae keeping up in kill-count with Hamster.

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