The solo raids project – update

Solo raids is a project I started a little over 3 years ago, when Maidae was a monkcher. I believe the idea came to be when I decided to try soloing The Fall of Truth. Here’s the list of raids I’ve done so far and the date when I uploaded the video.

Epic Normal (level 25) The Fall of Truth May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Against the Demon Queen (pre raid quest) May 22, 2016

Epic Elite (level 24) Zawabi’s Revenge May 22, 2016

Elite (level 22) Tower of Despair Jun 5, 2016

Epic Elite (level 23) The Chronoscope Jun 24, 2016

Elite (level 19) The Shroud Jul 15, 2016

Elite (level 12) Tempest’s spine Aug 31, 2016

Legendary Normal (level 32) Tempest’s Spine Aug 31, 2016
– in this one I cheated and used an alt for int rune

Elite (level 16) The Reaver’s Fate Dec 30, 2016

Elite (level 13) The Titan Awakes and The The Twilight Forge Jan 28, 2017
– I cheated and used two alts

Epic Normal (level 24) Caught in the Web Apr 23, 2017

Elite (level 20) Hound of Xoriat Nov 4, 2019

Elite (level 20) A Vision of Destruction Nov 4, 2019

Epic Normal (level 30) Defiler of the Just Nov 5, 2019

I love running raids and while leading raids and figuring out how to get parties through is it’s own challenge, having to do the same thing solo is a different kind of challenge. When you’re running a raid solo, if you die it’s usually over. So staying alive is key – as well as being able to complete all the objectives solo.

Here’s to more solo raids.

Maidae and the tree

As we were getting ready to run Lines of Supply last week I decided I wanted to try and stand on the fir-tree outside the quest. The party entered and started, while I was determined to get a screenshot on top of the tree before entering. I succeeded and then ran after the party.

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What they looked like on TR – Maidae

Maidae has done 5 TRs and 12 ERs in the 7 years since she was born (Feb 1, 2012). In between she’s stayed at cap running epics and raids. Here are the “what she looked like when she TR’d” blog pictures I could find on the blog:

TR 1 (Nov 12, 2012): I didn’t take a before picture when Maidae did her first TR, but this was her character picture on the blog at the time. Maidae as a half-elf monk, level 20.
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Maidae does reaper eTR

I wanted to do 3 epic lives on Maidae before her next TR. Since this isn’t Maidae’s first time running the sagas, I didn’t see a point in running quests on higher than R1 (the xp gain for running higher doesn’t match the extra difficulty). Here are a couple of pictures from Sschindylryn:

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Raids week 101


Last week Saturday I was ready to log early, but decided to wait a little and log on at 9 pm my time (3 pm EST). Tahlua and Blackzombie were on when I logged, so I invited them before posting the lfm. After the lfm went up with “R1/LE/LH depending on group” (for baba’s), the group filled in 10 minutes. Erofen sent a tell wanting to join, so we waited inside the raid while he was switching. Since we had both Titus and Stitchz in the group (tanks), I felt confident in R1. The plan was for them to dual-tank, since tanking only one shambler instead of two makes things easier for the tank. Once everyone was in we started. At first someone else had the hut, but soon it switched to me, and I spent the rest of the first baba fight pinned next to the barrier. As for inside the hut, this week I actually chose the teams. Since I at the time when I selected teams didn’t know which char Ero would bring, we ended up with three insta killers for totems (two warlocks and me), while I think the other side had one. This meant my side was slightly faster at killing things, but we didn’t really have to wait too long. Puzzles completed quickly, second baba fight also went well and the second run through we didn’t get wisps, which made things a lot easier. Or at least my side didn’t get wisps.

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Maidae eTR 12

Since I didn’t want to leave it til later, here are Maidae’s before eTR 12 and after eTR 12 pictures. As you probably notice, I didn’t change her much. Maidae reincarnated before midnight, so yesterday.
Before                                                                     After

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Maidae eTR 11

I felt like Maidae has fallen a bit behind Cerge in past lives, and they were supposed to eTR and TR about as much. Because of this I decided I wanted to do 3 epic past lives on Maidae and then TR, while leaving Cerge at cap. This is Maidae’s 11th eTR and the past life chosen was doubleshot. Since I’m still missing past lives in the arcane sphere, the 12th life will not give me epic completionist.

Before                                                                     After

I decided to equip Cloak of the Reaper (Red) just before reincarnating, since I felt it would fit her armor. I like it for her.

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Bug in Prison of the Planes

In Prison of the Planes, after you place the orbs and pull the lever, you have a number of seconds to make it to the room before the door closes and the ramp goes away. After this you are supposed to talk to Thanuq’un to activate the end fight. But lately, the last 3 times I’ve run the quest, the end fight starts before you talk. The difference is, even though trash spawn and Thanuq’un move from his place, neither Thanuq’un nor the quorforged had a hit bar or were able to be damaged. After talking to Thanuq’un, his and the quorforged’s hp bars popped up and we could damage them.

The quest difficulty in the screenshot is R2, but I know I’ve run the quest at different difficulties with the same result.

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