60th FoT completed

Yes, I’m slow. This raid has been out since epic gianthold came out in U17. In U17.1 the boom was added, and the people who before it farmed it in 10 min started failing. I’ve had bad runs and good runs of this raid. I’ve changed tactics depending on the players. My toons have also been getting better, and I feel confident in a lot of ppl concerning this raid, so most of the time I have no worries. In fact, I don’t like the OP super fast runs, I prefer mixed groups with unexpected outcome. Failure isn’t an option, though, lol. We fight and we die. Very battley.

Anywho. The static group has decided on a static weekly time to run ee FoT and probably for the first time ever we had a full group (12 ppl) of no puggers. I was put on white giant like last time. We have one person per giant and dragon assigned as “keeper” while the rest help prep the one pair at a time, and kill trash. Order is blue-white-black. SR keeps the black dragon. Two weeks ago I kept white giant for myself til the blue pair was killed, then I got some help with dps. It was sort of exciting, he hit me for a lot when I didn’t get out of the way once or twice. No issues there. This week I was assigned white giant again, I hit him with a dot as I’m falling, throw a couple of nimbuses and searing light to follow, but he doesn’t even turn. He’s run off after one of the archers who’s not only hit him, but keeps on shooting him. Said archer brings the white giant back to where he was supposed to be kept and keeps on dps’ing him. I stay there for a bit, just trying to get aggro back, but unless I hit a nice proc of maxed spider venom, I’m not gonna be able to pull aggro from an archer, and probably not even then (my spider venom usually tics for 3k+, my max crit is a bit over 8k). After a while I start feeling completely useless, so I run off to see if I can help somewhere else, I get hit and stoned (breath of silence) and dead. Gee. great. I’m feeling like I’m having a really bad day, so I couldn’t have cared less.

I get raised, it’s a bit of a blur what happens next. We almost miss the timing on one of the pairs, but we get them down, crystal down and on to SR and TO. Some more deaths.  We’re fine til the undead dragons spawn, they run up and spray several of us, and more deaths (I get helpless again and dead). SR tank has SR prepped while TO is far from. In the end we complete without missing our timing, and the whole thing took 33 minutes. I was feeling so unhappy with it that I forgot to take screenies of the experience report.

It turned out to be Thaz’s 60th run and here is her reward lis:

I picked commendations of valor, since I didn’t have use for anything else. I did record this run, but I did not want to post it. I cut a short bit of Thaz shooting at TO, to show what that looks like. Check it out if you like.

Thank you for stopping by and welcome back again.


9 comments on “60th FoT completed

  1. I’ve seen one 9 min EE FoT on Youtube. There were 9! monkchers and 3 melees with manyshot. What an atrocity!

    Anyways, gtz, on your 60th completions 😀

    • 🙂 Adenai said JP’s guild ee fot takes 12 min. But they’re pretty much all monkchers too. Our fearce leader said after this messy run that it was the best (most fun) run we’ve done. I lost my fun because of my task being taken away before it begun. I have no issue focusing on trash and helping where I can, but if I’m given a task I want to do it too.


  2. There are many points:

    – Why a member (that archer) of the static group acted like that? Is him a jerk or something? Can’t understand the roles? If i was the leader i would take some measures against things like this.

    – Why you talk of bad day for a raid that didn’t go so nice as you liked it to be? Does the game affects you that much? Yes, in the end it’s about the relations between real people but this doesn’t mean that you must let silly players ruin your day, hell.

    – I would like that all your readers take care of this part of this thread and not just post gz gz and bla bla bla, since we are forgetting the real valor of the life. I see here a girl, my Micki girl, that is having some problems and i’m trying to helping her since i care of do it, because she’s like my sister.

    P.S.: i’ll talk with you more and better with pm’s too, since there are things you can’t just tell on a public place.
    P.P.S.: love you.

    • I don’t know why he decided to do that. He hasn’t been running with us in a good while, so he might not have known the order, and maybe he thought he was helping. I don’t want to make a fuss, but I was focused on my task, and the archer stealing my task from under my nose threw me off balance and I couldn’t find it again for the rest of the raid. Normally when I run this raid I don’t take on a specific role, but help where I can. Mostly I kill trash. But parking a giant last time was fun, and made me feel useful. I wanted to get a recording of me doing that, so I think that might have been the other reason why I really didn’t like him taking the giant from me. It was really inconsiderate, it’s all.

      The game is about fun, and I try to think of others when I play. I try to not let others inconsideration bother me 99% of the time, but every so often something hits a sore spot.

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