Leading raids

I run a lot of raids. Most of them I lead, but if there is a raid on the lfm I want to run I may join. I was trying to find a blog about when I started running Shroud, but the first post mentioning Shroud was from May 2012, where I mention having 3 normal completions. Thazara did not start running Shroud til after she capped, and at the same time she started running epics. I cannot remember how many completions I had of shroud before I led it the first time, but I remember talking to Andy about shroud, asking when we were gonna run it together and him replying “when you lead it”. I did not want to lead raids, because I did not know them, and I did not trust in my leadership skills. I put very hard demands on myself and I am a perfectionist, so crossing that line was a bit like throwing myself off a cliff, hoping for a soft landing. My first time leading Shroud went very well. Shroud is a raid that pretty much leads itself.

I also cannot remember which the next raid was that I led, but I do remember my first time leading ToD, CitW and FoT. It was my 3rd time running ToD, we wiped because shadow tank failed, and leader dropped group. As I was the first one who had joined the group, I got star. I wanted to try again, so I lfm’d for a shadow tank, got one and we had a good run. My first time leading CitW, I had no idea what I was doing, and might have even said so on the lfm, but people joined anyway and helped me out. My first time leading FoT the lfm said “I do not know what I’m doing, need someone else to lead”. This was after U17.1, when FoT was made harder. We filled and no one wanted to lead it, so I ended up doing it anyway with the knowledge I had.

Like I said, I run a lot of raids. I may play 20h on the weekends, doing nothing but raids. I love running raids. But, I have had probably as many bad runs as good ones, and I take my role as leader seriously. I have run with people  who don’t seem to care much at all, who don’t lead at all, but let people pretty much do what they want. I don’t have much respect for that kind of raid leaders. If I am in that kind of group, I try to let the leader do his thing, but if he doesn’t I may very well start giving orders, just to get things done.

Like I said, I take my role as raid leader seriously, and I want smooth runs. I accept new people, if they are able to listen and follow instructions. I cannot stand people who do not listen and do opposite of what they’re told, because this tends to cause problems. I have had a lot of wipes in FoT, CitW has only failed because of lag, but there have been pretty rough rides sometimes. I have even wiped in Shroud a bunch of times, a lot less now-a-days with the level 25s. For FoT and CitW I started demanding main/best ED and knowledge of the raid. At one point I was only running these raids on normal, because I was feeling too stressed over the messy hard runs I had had. But after Thazara got tree, and Maidae got some better gear, I’m confident in the hard runs again.

The thing about a raid group, is that you need people to be prepared and to do their job. Any pikers will mean the rest of the group will have to work harder. Especially when it comes to CitW and FoT. I’ve been getting frustrated more than once because I couldn’t get the right role for my group. So, I started to prepare Thazara for doing different roles. I wanted her able to tank. Yes, Thazara is a cleric, elf, first life, caster with melee fallback. She’s my first toon played past level 2, and the toon I play the most. She’s been able to tank in Unyielding Sentinel ED since she got it, but her dps has not been good enough to take out the bosses, or prep them. She recently got Primal Avatal tree form, and now she can not only tank, but dps as well, which has helped me a lot in my raids. I currently do shadow tank in ToD and Stormreaver tank in FoT on her.

Like I said, I take my role as raid leader seriously, as do I my reputation. I want to be known as a funny, friendly, relaxed and a skilled raid leader, so I’m working towards offering people good raid runs. It definitely gives me a happy any time someone gives me positive feedback like  “this was the smoothest run I’ve had in a while”, “end fight was very smooth”, “nicely led”, etc. I also try to remember to always say “good job everyone” and thank people for their effort.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

P.S. I seldom to never use raid bypass timers

P.P.S Thazara has completed her 40th Shroud, CitW, ADQ, 20th VON and ToD. She’s missing a few runs from 40th ToD, 60th Shroud and ADQ, 40th VON and 20th FoT, Abbot. Maidae and Cerge have TR’d, Cerge ran 20 shrouds and adq’s before TR, other than that they don’t have that many completions. Jarvanna has run a couple of Tempest Spine’s and a heroic VON. Keronna is going to run 20 shrouds and ADQ for torc before TR.

8 comments on “Leading raids

  1. Easy to join a raid, hardest to lead those who won’t be lead. But it sounds like you have quite the reputation to getting things completed when everyone listens. Cheers to you!

  2. I often lead raids on Millusia, have even mine raid shudle that include hox/vod/lob/ma/reavers raids that are mostly dead on pug scene. I enjoyed it for while but mostly i prefer to join other ppl raids. Maybe im not a leader type 🙂 Gl on your raids and hope you dont get bored posting them 🙂

  3. “P.S. I seldom to never use raid bypass timers”
    I always use bypass timers, especially for raids hosted by Thazara™ 🙂

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