What they looked like on TR – Maidae

Maidae has done 5 TRs and 12 ERs in the 7 years since she was born (Feb 1, 2012). In between she’s stayed at cap running epics and raids. Here are the “what she looked like when she TR’d” blog pictures I could find on the blog:

TR 1 (Nov 12, 2012): I didn’t take a before picture when Maidae did her first TR, but this was her character picture on the blog at the time. Maidae as a half-elf monk, level 20.
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Epic crafting and 80th ADQ

As I was running Cerge to Sschindylryn a friend of mine put up an eVON raid, and I decided to join. I was telling them how I’m missing the seal for epic sword of shadows… and what happened, the seal dropped in the end chest of VON 5. The person who got it put it for roll, and I was the only one to roll, so I got my seal. After the raid was done, I asked Cleazy about how to do epic crafting, then headed over to the twelve to do my very first epic crafting (this was on Maidae). I’ve been meaning to TR Maidae into a fighter, and I believe I will do an eSOS life next, lol.

Later in the day I also did my 80th ADQ run on Thaz, and here is her reward list:

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More pug raid videos

I said in one of my videos that I’d like to make more pug raid videos. Last weekend I recorded ee Chronoscope and eN/eH VON. Both with pug. I.e. I had Osi, and the rest were random ppl hitting the lfm. Both are pretty easy raids, so I went with my common rule “first come, first served”. Chrono went as normal.. except my little blunder of falling of the air ship, lol! eVON was more messy, with ppl not wanting to do stuff to help out, and VON6 bases took forever to sort (we might have had some 1st timers), but all in all we completed so all’s well that end’s well, right?

Here’s the footage:

Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

Saturday night pug marathon

For over a year now, Saturday has been my raid night, when I do a raid marathon, going through all the raids I’d like to run, usually on two toons. Sometimes I’ve been joined by a guildie or two, but every time the raids are pug runs. Since I joined Osiride’s guild, Gli Egypt, he has joined me in my raid marathon, and now we raid together every Saturday. I of course love epic elite raids, so the easier ones we do on eE, while the others eH. ADQ and FoT are my favorites, but we usually also run VON and CitW and lately we’ve been doing Chrono as well. Before I TR’d my wizard, we used to do ToD, but currently I haven’t had much interest in it. For most of the raids I’m the one with the star, maybe because I enjoy leading, or maybe because Osi just doesn’t feel like doing the lfm, lol.

This Satuday (February 1, 2014), we did ADQ (eN/ eE), FoT (eH), VON (eN/ eE), CitW (eH, this one was not my lead, but a friend’s) and Chrono (eE). This night offered two 1sts for me, that I was very excited about. I tanked the StormReaver for the 1st time on Maidae, and I led my first ee VON6. I’ve never considered tanking SR on Maidae before, but after the party had filled, I realised that the only one I knew could do it was Osi, and he was our only healer, so I decided to give it a try. If you watch the video, you see that I had no issues at all with the damage I was taking, my only issue was that I wasn’t doing enough dps to prep him on my own. In VON I lfm’d for “eN/ eH or eE if good group”. Looking at the group I had, it looked promising, but there was only a few I really trusted, so I was a bit hesitant, but decided to give it a go. In my opinion it turned out very well. We had a few deaths, including me (because I was stupid and let fire kill me twice), but our dps was good and we killed the eggs before they could develop into fire ellies. So, all in all a good first time for me.

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Working on the ED’s

I wanted to do a short blog about Maidae. Maidae is a barbarian this life, and my plan is to level her to 28 then ETR+TR just like I did with Cerge. But on the way I’d like to cap all her ED’s, and maybe work on some gear. I need some more pdk favor before I can upgrade her CitW gear. Today I spent most of the day running stuff for xp (and CoV’s), and slowly she’s capping her last ED’s. I believe I’m missing just over 200k xp to cap the last ED’s, and then I’m missing a bunch to level to 28. She’s currently level 26, almost 27.

I am getting tired of playing low dps toons. I know I gave up some dps on Maidae for evasion. I can’t wait til I’m done with the ED’s so I can run just in her best one, which I would think will be LD. Since Maidae has UMD, today when questing, I used scrolls of gh, true seeing, stoneskin and tenser’s transformation (I’ve found a love for this spell), I used my displace clickies, frenzy, death frenzy and cocoon before hitting rage. My displacement (dragonmark of shadow) lasts longer than my rage. I do need to have another look at my enhancements and ED points, to try and max her dps. I am, though, tired of the squishiness of being a barbarian. She might hit a lot harder as a barbarian than what she did as a monk, but she takes so much more damage, that I’m in trouble when I’m surrounded, unless I have someone constantly healing me. I don’t particularly like it.

Okidoke. That’s all for now. Have a great day and see you around.

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Evasio barb ftw

I may have mentioned it on a number of occasions, that I hate barbarians. Like someone said, “a barbarian is like a glass house” or “a barbarian needs a healer glued to his ass”. To me, most barbarians equal mana sponges, which is why I don’t like them as a healer. So, I wanted my barbarian to be different. Self healing, self buffing, and evasion. I leveled Maidae to 25 the other day, and dressed her in pretty much the same items she was wearing as a monk, only her weapon is different. I haven’t been using rage much, as I was casting displacement and cocoon, but I’ve started to rely more on sf pots and less on cocoon. Today I joined Robai’s lfm for eH/ eH VON (raid), and as it turns out, we didn’t have a healer and we decided to go without one. The interesting bit to me was VON6. I used my scrolls to cast gh and stoneskin on myself, used a displace clicky (which of course didn’t last long), someone cast haste, primal scream and healing spring, and off we went. I hit frenzy, death frenzy and rage… and stayed in meleing Velah through fire. My reflex was at 43, fire couldn’t touch me, and I used sf pots for the damage I was taking from her other attacks and frenzy. I was pretty happy with that run. 🙂

Ty for reading/ looking and have a fabulous day.


P.S. Oh, yeah, I was of course running in a leveling ED too, lol. I’m working on capping all my ED’s.

Doing stuff, weekend post

Time again to talk some about the weekend. And post screenies! 🙂 I love my screenies. As I’ve mentioned so many times before, Saturday is my raid night, when I usually run as many raids as I can before I’m too tired, while Sunday is more of an xp day. When I logged this Saturday, I asked the guildies if they wanted to raid, I suggested VoN and I posted for eH/ eH. I took anyone applying with the “first come, first served” rule. This was almost like a Gli Egypt guild raid with 4/6 members being in this run, lol. I was doing voice and ring, but asked Osi to do bases, as I don’t really like doing it (I worry too much that I’ll do it wrong).

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Maidae Sunday, å de lider mot Jul

I don’t spend much time with family. My sister comes to visit for a weekend every now and then, but the rest of the family I rarely see at all. It’s not just their fault, it’s mine as well. Anywho, so when my mum called a few days ago and said she and my sister were thinking of coming to visit this Sunday, I said “ok”. It means time away from my normal ddo Sunday, but since I don’t see them too often at all, of course I couldn’t say no. I got up after 8 on a Sunday, to hang with them at my place and later at the mall, until they took the train back. So I didn’t log on to ddo til like 5pm. (Normally on Sundays I play from when I wake up until I have to let the degus out).

Sunday has been my xp day, and with the free ETR hearts promised to vip toons at epic levels Dec 12- Jan 12, I’ve been working on getting Maidae to 20, while still running the other toons too (I get bored doing the same thing too much). On Friday I was farming necro 4 and me and my group ran eeehn Vol, Fleshmaker’s and Ghost, while only one elite run of Inferno. Inferno is a quest I’ve never learned, so I decided there an then that the next time I log on Maidae, I’m gonna solo Inferno with the help of Wiki, and so I did. I skipped the first acolyte, while killed  the one that gives you the key for the locked chest, and decided that the next run I would only do the acolytes that transport you to the rest shrines. I did 2x hard and 1x normal.

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Maidae Shadow & Dragonmark of Shadow

I may not have mentioned it too often, but Maidae is my only played toon that has a last name. As she started out as a dark monk, I felt “Shadow” was a very fitting last name. This time around she is an evasion barbarian, and you can see her build plan here. I just took 15 and at lvl 15 I had decided to take the Least Dragonmark of Shadow, to unlock the elf enhancements. This mark unlocks the enhancement line that gives you: Phiarlan Dragonmark Focus, Lesser Dragonmark of Shadow, Greater Dragonmark of Shadow and Binding Shadows (see Elf enhancement tree). Noob as I am, I didn’t realize that the mark would actually show on you character. 🙂 Here’s Maidae with her new dragonmark.