The Sharn bundle

I gave SSG some money and they gave me some nice new shinies. The ultimate bundle is just like with the Ravenloft expansion filled with cosmetics. I didn’t buy it for the cosmetics, but I did want the peacock, tome and the teleport to sharn clicky.

After using the code in the store I got 140 Astral Shards, 3 Major Guild Renown Elixirs and 20 Greater Treasure Hunter’s Potions, 5 Mirrors of Glamering and the dimensional bag right away in my inventory. I had to relog to get the sharn ticket. Once clicking on the ticket I got Inquisitive Cosmetics: robe, mask, & cloak (BTA), High Society Cosmetics: outfit, hat, & cloak (BTA), Weapon Aura: Forgewraith (BTA), Cosmetic Pet: Bloodhound, Warforged Peacock (BTA), a Universal Enhancement tome (BTC), a level 15 and a level 30 Shield Guardian (BTC).

If I’m not mistaken, the weapon aura was BTC in Ravenloft, now I’m able to collect one on each of my chars and put it in the shared bank. Each char that logs in will receive a sharn ticket and the things that came with it, so I’ll probably end up throwing a bunch of stuff away. The pets can only be added once, so I’ll be throwing them away on all other characters.

I used the inquisitive robe and cloak on Thaz, the High Society outfit and cloak on Jarvanna. I didn’t like the hat and the mask. I love the peacock pet. 🙂

Thazara in her new cosmetic outfit
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Static group running reaper in Vale


Then it was time to start flagging for heroic Shroud. We started with a R1 Running with the Devils and after a successful and quite easy run of that one, we headed to The Coalescence Chamber. Ruff, who was running it for the first time suggested we run it R3, which is a difficulty that has been giving us a challenge, but is still doable. I told him he’d regret it, but said sure and we entered on R3.

Coal chamber is long and at level 18 it used to take me about 45 minutes to guide a pug through it elite. This run I had died so much my gear started to break before we even reached the first key. I normally park Jarvanna at the quest entrance and bring her into play only when everyone else has died – this happened a lot more this run and I had to keep her close by for most of the quest, as well as using her to clear mobs in some areas, since Judet ran out of sp. Eventually we finished, and I think we all agreed that R3 was more of a challenge than it was worth.

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Static group running reaper

After a tough run through To Curse the Sky and Creeping Death on reaper 1, the static group moved on to running Lords of Dust on reaper 3. In our our first attempt we all got knocked down by the cats at the first altar and ended up wiping, so we released and restarted. The second try went better and we managed to get through the quests without the whole party dying. I didn’t take many screenshots, but here are a couple.

Ruffshot, Schoan, Valdayanie and Jarvanna took level 16 before starting the LoD chain, while Judet who didn’t yet have enough xp for it was still 15.

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Static group does Tor


Yesterday my static group was running the last level 14 quests in Gianthold to finish saga and to flag for the raid. We actually ended with completing the raid on hard, but before that we did Gianthold Tor. After two failed attempts on R3, we dropped the difficulty to R2 (heroic). The plan was not to do dragons, but after completion Ruff was interested in giving it a try, so I agreed. I figured the black dragon would be the easiest due to the semi safe spot, but I was wrong. We activated it, Judet failed to jump up up to the safe spot and we all died. That is except for Jarvanna who I had left at at the shrine with the kobold. I figured the portal would be closed, but ran her to it anyway an found that is wasn’t. I buffed up, entered, jumped up to the safe spot before raising the others (not Judet though). Realizing the hire wouldn’t survive, I spent the rest of the fight healing Ruff and Schoan and we completed.

I didn’t think we’d be able to do the other dragons but I was down for giving it a try. When we got to the portal I used Judet to give everyone deathward and Valdayanie helped pass out buffs. I decided to stay in heal mode and enter on Jarvanna, Ruff was going to take the dragon. We enter and with Valdayanie kiting and shooting the dragon and Ruff meleing the giant, I didn’t actually need to heal at all, but could throw some spells at both. We completed without deaths, but I forgot to move Judet into the room and she didn’t get loot from the white dragon.

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Static group meets Sinvala

My static group has increased it’s playtime and is now playing once a week. I’m mainly playing Judet with Jarvanna piking, but Jarvanna joins when the rest of the party has died. Last week we did Mired in Kobolds and decided to give fighting Sinvala a try on R2! Here are a couple of screenshots. And yes, we completed the optional fight. 🙂

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Jarvanna TR 2

Jarvanna, Valdayanie, Schoan and Judet ER’d + TR’d today (well technically yesterday). I sadly forgot to get some before pictures, spacing on the fact that I didn’t have any. Here are anyway Jarvanna and Judet’s after pictures.

Jarvanna: Level 2 Aasimar Druid                               Judet: Level 2 Human Warlock

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Jarvanna 3.0 draft

Jarvanna’s first live wasn’t planned and turned out a bit of a mess. I tried to do both melee and caster and ended up being bad at both. On Jarvanna’s second life I made her a quite well planned melee, but since I never put as much time on her as some of my other chars, she’s been feeling rather weak. For her third life I’ve been considering doing something else, but the original plan was to do 3 druid lives, so I came back to my original plan, and made a draft for a caster build. The build might very well change during play, this is the first draft.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 4.37.105
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 30 True Neutral Aasimar Female
(20 Druid \ 10 Epic) 
Hit Points: 450
Spell Points: 1180 
BAB: 15\15\20\25\25
Fortitude: 17
Reflex: 7
Will: 25

                  Starting            Ending          
Abilities        Base Stats         Base Stats        
(36 Point)       (Level 1)          (Level 30)        
Strength              8                 12            
Dexterity             8                 13            
Constitution         16                 21            
Intelligence         14                 17            
Wisdom               20                 31            
Charisma             12                 15            

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Jarvanna is invisible!

I noticed an interesting effect when we were running Precious Cargo yesterday. I was running my wolf Jarvanna, I entered the engine room on one of the enemy ships and when I exited I could no longer see my character. I play in 3rd person mode and my character should have been visible in front of me, but there was nothing. I continued fighting and repaired the helm but my character was invisible. I entered the engine room of our ship and my character became visible again. This happened two more times during the run, but the two other times I quickly stepped in the engine room to fix the problem.

Jarvanna is missing. You see the circle where my mouse pointer is. I’m fully zoomed out in the picture
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