Jarvanna and Schoan do EEs

Jarvanna hit 30 some weeks ago and now me, Schoan and Valdayanie (or little static group) have been focused on just gaining xp for our EDs. Valdayanie has been unavailable for the last couple of weeks, so it’s been just Jarv and Schoan. I wanted to try some EEs last week and we started with Lords of Dust. I was surprised at how easy it felt compared to expectations… I expected us to do poorly and maybe even fail. We continued with Servants and later Beyond the Rift, skipping Spinner, as I didn’t feel like dying a lot.

Lords of Dust, miniboss

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Same view, different image

So, on Sunday I was dualboxing Jarvanna and Evilynnn (Evil mainly piking for xp), and I noticed something interesting in Gianthold. I’ve noticed the same phenomenon on my guild ship as well. The premium char has snow, the VIP does not. Check out the pics below.

Gianthold from Jarvanna’s point of view.

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So this is Legendary

After not having run together at all in August, last Friday Jarvanna met up with Schoan and Valdayanie for some legendary questing. I’m not sure we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We’re all level 27 and a bit undergeard, the legendary difficulty means the quests are level 31 upwards.

We started with Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener on legendary hard, and that one went pretty well.. except for the end fight  were we died and died and die some more before we got it done.

Party struggling in the end fight of Memoirs of an Illusory Larcener

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Reincarnation mapping

Here’s something little I’ve been working on. As some of you know, I enjoy looking at the history of my toons, and remembering what I’ve done. I also keep dates and screenshots in my blog through blog posts. Now I’ve made a spreadsheet of all the reincarnations my characters have done. I have made the spreadsheet publicly viewable, click on the image below to open the sheet in a new tab.

🙂 that’s all folks. Thank you for stopping by. And have a great day.

How about some questing?

About 7 months ago, Cat decided to drop our static group on Cannith, leaving just me and Rilosa. As neither of us had a very strong toon at the time, I didn’t feel like we could manage with just the two of us, and since I had much better resources on Orien, I decided to move my toon there. This was Firetha, who was called Keronna on Cannith. A short while later Rilosa tells me he’s made a toon on Orien that he is leveling, and since me and sis were leveling our TRs, I told him he could join us if he wanted.. which he did. We don’t really run more than one night a week.. or me and sis do, Rilosa plays his toon a bit when we’re not on as well.

It has taken a long while for Jarvanna and Schoan to level, since we play so rarely.. but this week we were 17 and ready to take on the first Madness chain. I have only run this chain a few times before, and I’ve been commonly skipping it when TR’ing… so I felt a bit noobish in them. But things went better than expected, and we even managed to complete In the Flesh elite at level, with 3 players and 3 cleric hirelings. I generally dislike hirelings, but this time I brought one along just to be able to raise ppl if needed… as my toon can’t raise. 14 UMD is giving me 0% chance on raise scrolls. I recorded the runs, the first recording bugged somehow and I only have 2 min from Missing, the rest are recorded in full. I added the quest’s loading screen to the start, and stitched the quests together into just one file. See the result below.

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Questing week 14

I can’t remember now if I told you that I TR’d Firetha a few weeks ago and Darth told me he could level with me. The thing about this is that he plays a lot more than I do (I just can’t make more time for ddo, as I have irl stuff I need/ want to do as well), and he zerg TRs. When I TR I usually end up playing the toon at the most 2 nights a week, it takes me on an average 6 weeks to get the toon to 20. But, this time I decided I was going to make time to run with Darth, and learn how to TR his way.

We didn’t play as much as I would have liked, and I didn’t play as much as he would have liked… and several nights fell out for various reasons. In the end it took us 3.5 weeks to run 1-20, which is for Darth very slow, for me still faster than normally. I meant to take screenies from the runs, but since most of it was just me either trying to keep up, or alternatively stealing Darth’s kills… I completely forgot to screenshot. It was a nice experience, but now Darth will got back to TRing and I’m gonna flag Firetha for some raids and then start working on sagas. My opinion of this way of TR’ing? Well, the purpose is speed and past lives. I don’t mind some speed, but my purpose is personal experience and not past lives, so it’s not gonna become a regular thing.

Oh, and we capped yesterday.

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The druid and her shadow

When I first started playing a druid, I noticed that her shadow did not match her animal shape.. but it showed her human shape. This has since then changed… well at least a little. Currently, yes, her shadow shows a wolf.. but it shows something else too.

To me her shadow looks a bit like she’s riding a wolf with her arms out to the sides. My druid uses handwraps, so the pole seen in the shadow can’t be her weapon.

Strange indeed.

Jarvanna & Schoan adventuring again

My ddo time has been quite low since my move, and I haven’t been too inspired to do a whole lot. Me and sis usually play together once a week on the toons we have for that purpose (Jarvanna and Schoan), but it’s been several weeks since we played and I of course haven’t played Jarvanna since then. This week we decided to run, and I suggested we do Ataraxia and Hips (Hiding in Plain Sight) with my piker alt in the party, and then we did one Sands walkup before it was too late.

Here’s the gang:

From the left: Schoan, Jarvanna, Samuel (hireling) and the pets.

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Jarvanna dancing on the ship

My druid monk is slowly levelling. Slow as in very slow, only one level every other week or so, and I’ve been dual-boxing with my alt account, that is, my alt has been piking inside the quests for free xp and renown. Anywho, Jarv was a wolf melee last life, but more focused on casting, this life she’s a pure melee, or more or less. Jarv wanted to show off her dancing skill on the guild ship, but she just couldn’t find a good spot.

She tried the main floor

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My ddo history so far

I was going to email someone and tell them a bit more about what and how I’ve played… but thinking more about it I don’t think they’d have enough interest in it, so I’m better off just putting it here, lol. I started playing ddo in the start of August 2011. At first I was only playing a few nights a week, and just with a friend of mine. Trying to keep up with him, I added gaming time and at some point I became addicted and added even more gaming time. Now for a good while over 2 years I’ve been playing 20-40h/ week, and I play 7 nights/ week, unless I have some activity irl that makes me unable to play (I do sometimes socialize irl too, you know.) Anywho, here’s what I’ve done so far.

Cap 20: 10
When I started playing ddo level cap was 20. I was going to put classes/ toons here that hit 20 at that time, but since I have not capped all my toons at end cap before TR, I’ve put here all toons/ lives that have reached 20.

Cap 25: 5
In this section I have toons that hit 25 when cap was 25.

Cap 28: 3
Toons that are or have been sitting on max level of 28.

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