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Raids week 202

Raids 202 were Wednesday November 25 and Saturday November 28.


1. Legendary Vision of Destruction LH

This time we didn’t fill, so I invited my piker Darthpyre in the last spot. I forgot to screenshot the experience report, but the run took about 15 min. Loot: 84 vision runes, 25 threads of fate, Lamplighter and The Heart of Suulomades.

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Raids week 192

Raids 192 were Wednesday September 16 and Saturday September 19.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Wednesday I started running Maidae. We had some new ppl, so I played guide a bit and explained more than I usually do. I don’t remember who had which boss. Completion time: 15 min, 14 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate, Attunement’s Gaze, The Zarash’ak Ward and Radiant Ring of Taer Valaestas.

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Raids week 188

Raids 188 were Tuesday August 18, Wednesday August 19 and Saturday August 22. Osi and I also did a two person KT Thursday August 20.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

The interest for the practice raids had been cooling off, and this week I only got one joiner who wanted to practice. After a too long wait (in my opinion), I decided that we should just go with what we had. I brought Darthpyre in and he piked by Zaira Dane, so we were 5 players. I asked Bootsee to keep Irk’s aggro (+kill constructors near him), Aranorth was on laser (+killing constructors behind him + helping with dps), Lursana Rudus and Zulkis and I and and Ershar were dps and helping a bit with healing. Ershar was in US and had renewal which helped a lot, while I stayed in shiradi as I felt I wouldn’t have had enough dps without it. Since we were only 5 I changed the boss order so we started with Gish, ended with Zulkis. Completion time: 42 min, 2 s. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate, Staggershockers x2.

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Raids week 187

Raids 187 were Tuesday August 11 (practice run), Wednesday August 12 and Saturday August 15. I again skipped doing the Friday practice run.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

I posted and we got some newer ppl, but most knew the raid well enough. I struggled a bit to get the group organized and the raid took longer than it usually does. But, we succeeded in the end. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate and The Wide Open Sky.

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Raids week 186

Raids 186 were Tuesday August 4 and Saturday August 8. Orien server was down on Wednesday August 5 and I didn’t feel like doing the practice run on Friday night.


1. Project Nemesis LN – practice run

I posted for practice PN and we filled, then spent some time picking roles for ppl. For the practice run I want as many as possible doing a role they haven’t done before. I don’t remember now who did what. Loot: 64 nemesis runes, 25 threads of fate.

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Raids week 152

Raids 152 were Wednesday Dec 11 and Saturday Dec 14.


1. Project Nemesis LH

Since middle of the week evenings European time has been rather slow for raids, I’ve taken to posting on Orien Raiding Discord in #lfm-raids an hour before the lfm goes up. This time I got 9 people fast, then we waited to fill the group. Bruder was main tank, I assigned a melee to Gish, but I think Osiraider ended up placing him. Meficio was on lazer. During Rudus fight I again tried to get screenshots of the combat log when Rudus slams down. I don’t die from the evil damage and his shock wave only knocks me down. Completion time: 24 min, 16 s. Loot: 84 nemesis runes, 30 threads of fate.

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