What they looked like on TR – Firetha

Firetha started on Cannith server (May 29, 2012) and had the name Keronna. Keronna moved to Orien server October 9, 2014 and her name was changed to Firetha. Keronna did one TR before switching servers and have done 3 since then. Firetha’s 2 ERs were done in combination with TRs.

TR 1 (Sep 3, 2013): Keronna as a half-elf, 18 cleric/ 2 monk/ 5 epic.
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What they looked like on TR – Cerge

Cerge has done 8 TRs and 12 ERs in the soon 7 years since he was born (Feb 24, 2012). Here are his “what he looked like on TR” pictures.

TR 1 (Apr 15, 2013): I didn’t do separate before and after pictures for Cerge’s first TR, but the picture to the left is his first picture. Cerge as a warforged, 20 sorcerer/ 5 epic.
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Lag, virtual servers and xp

Not too long ago ddo moved their servers to a new data center. As I understand it, Turbine also moved ddo to virtual servers. So far so good, virtual servers is what all the IT companies are doing, so that shouldn’t be the issue. But, as Flav says, Virtual servers aren’t easy, and running an mmo on virtual servers can cause a lot of problems. This is what I believe is what we’ve been seeing in ddo since the server move. The game server is now communicating in a different way than it was before, and the staff at Turbine has had to do their best to get things running as they used to.

Since the server move, lag has been awful. Many of the raids I used to run were close to unrunnable, and I pretty much quit on EEraids. The idea of EEraids was to try and get a static raiding group together so Thaz could eventually get her EE favor for the top level raids. She’s currently missing MoD and Shroud. But with the lag, I didn’t even want to try. Instead I’ve been focusing on real life and xping instead.

Turbine has been doing regular server restarts, trying reduce lag, but for me things are still worse than before the server move. I’ve been dualing Cerge and Godscraft in my EE saga runs, and when I hit AOEs and spam magic missiles on Gods, my game gets choppy. It didn’t use to. Raids I’ve almost quit on, as I really don’t want to spend time waiting to fill a group and then fail because of lag.

As you might know, Godscraft is not my build, it’s my friend’s shiradi sorc from a couple of years ago. When he took a break from playing, he let me use his toons. I wasn’t going to do anything with them at first, but then wanted to try playing a shiradi.. only to decide to maybe get some gear for his toons and use them for dual boxing. I’ve slowly started to get the hang of Godscraft, and I’ve been playing him instead of Cerge during Cerge’s eTR. That is, I dual them, but most of the time leave Cerge piking, while I run the quest on Gods. Gods was also missing a lot of xp for his EDs, so that’s why I have been bringing him along when playing Cerge.

I don’t always like dualing, as it slows me down a bit, but I’ve come to enjoy it more and more of late. The chars offer different skills, and allow me to do things without having to wait for the right char to join my lfm. Usually I lfm too. Gods is earning xp, and he soon has enough TP so I can buy him the next ddo pack.

I do have two multi accounts of my own, but the chars on the accounts are side builds that aren’t really planned. Gods used to be a really good build, but now he’s outdated and doesn’t have the best gear. I hope to get him some better gear soon.

Ok, that’s all for now. Ty for stopping by. Cheers.

EEraids 16 – a failure

Sometimes hosting a raid can be really hard. I started hosting raids back in 2012, because I didn’t see the raids I wanted to run on the lfm. Not when I wanted to run them anyway. Over the years, each time a new raid comes out.. I try to join someone else’s runs a few times to learn the raid before I start hosting my own. Often I also try to join a few different groups to see different tactics and I come up with my own tactics based on what I learned. I do adjust the tactics with time, and I allow ppl in my groups to suggest changes to my tactics, even though I may be hesitant to change at first. Sometimes change is good, other times what works for one group may not work for another. I have to pick tactics for a specific run based on the skill level and abilities of the party members.

Anyway, this week I posted for EE Deathwyrm as normally. Someone convinced me to let them join, even though it was their first time. It’s not really an issue for me that someone is new, as long as they don’t become a liability, as long as they can keep up, kill stuff and follow instructions. In a raid like Deathwyrm it can be rather tricky though. We had some problems. The way up til the end fight was ok, we ended up doing red light/ green light room, and Jedli said to me in guild chat “we’re low on dps”, which I could already tell from the time it took us to beat down the ragers in red light/ green light. Getting to the end fight, my rager guy was afk, another had entered late and was dead in red light/ green light. The only one sturdy enough to take ragers was the new guy.

I’m always up for a challenge, but this was already starting off bad. New guy get the ragers’ aggro and falls down… other guy comes back and grabs them and then goes and gets the two ppl that are missing. Jedli has dragon, and I told everyone else to focus on killing trash and death lords until we have everyone back up. This alone is a challenge and ppl die. We struggle onwards and some how get the shadows to spawn. First attempt on shadow side, me, Ero and Lob go in, I get into portal and dragon side wipes and we get kicked out from shadow side. We get ppl back up, lob goes in, then I and me and Lob continue until we actually manage to finish shadow side and get the shards.

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It’s all purple

I have been playing with my post-processing* setting turned off since Wheloon came out. I just couldn’t stand the purple, and with the post-processing turned off, it wasn’t as purple. Of course, it made it a bit tricky to know which side you were on when running Mirror Darkly, but anyway. Then my laptop that I was playing on broke, and I had Darth assemble a stationary for me. Yes, I know, assembling a PC isn’t really that hard, but I had paid for somewhat good stuff, and wasn’t really interested in trial and error. So, I let Darth do it, as he’s been playing around with hardware a lot more than I have.

Anyway, with the new computer, I didn’t remember to turn the post-processing off, and wasn’t even aware I had it on, until I ran Deathwyrm for the first time**. Shadow side was frickin purple and very hard to see.. but I took it as a challenge to fight my way through. But then… last weekend I ran What Goes Up.

When the Shadovars spawned, I could not see anything. Well, as you can see in the picture, I could make out a bit of the ground, and if you look closely, myself. The shadovars weren’t auto targeted, so I really couldn’t see them. I ran this quest first time with a group and second time solo. First time I wasn’t even able to locate a single shadovar before my party had killed them. I should have taken a picture of the world with the post-processing turned off for you to see the difference.

I am unsure of what the Turbine devs were thinking. Are we really supposed to play the game like this?

Note: I’m playing on very high (ultra high) graphics settings, I wonder what things look like for others with lower settings

That’s all, thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

*post-processing is a checkbox under Settings and Graphics.
**actually now that I think of it, I think the post-processing automatically turned back on in one of the patches, as I had it off on the new computer

Being an air ellie is fun

So, as you may know, I decided to turn Firetha into a dc caster air savant some weeks ago. I was leveling her with Darth, and after we hit 20 I went on to flag for raids, while Darth TR’d again. I’ve never played an air savant before, and I didn’t know that the capstone literally turns you into an air elemental. That’s just awesome, lol. And I learned that air ellies don’t need to breathe under water.

So, I was running amrath quests elite at level and they were strangely easy. I remember when amrath used to scare me because you’d hit red alert instantly when the mobs spawned and then everything got really tough. But back then I was a healbot, and tried my best to keep everyone alive, without dying myself. Now I would just mass hold most things and kill them in 1-2 hits with chain lightning.

The other day I solo’d Wraith of Flames and was surprised at how easy it was.. and then went on to The Weapons Shipment. In the latter I ended up potting, as the battle goes on and on, and I was in there alone until almost the end (I had an lfm up).

After this I jumped on an lfm for EE Lords of Dust and stayed with the group through the chain. The group was lvl 21-24, and even though I had expected my toon to be the weakest in the group (recently lvl 21 with only ok gear), I managed to hold/ dance some and kill some. What I enjoyed more was the fact that this group was not full of elitist douchebags, it was a group of ppl just enjoying the game, and accepting that everyone’s not perfect. We had one higher level person join us for spinner, and one for Beyond the rift.

The character levels were: me 21, Cynthiaswill 24, Thehiddenone 21, Willgibb 22, Bluehealz 21 (don’t know what Gawdy was)

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Questing week 14

I can’t remember now if I told you that I TR’d Firetha a few weeks ago and Darth told me he could level with me. The thing about this is that he plays a lot more than I do (I just can’t make more time for ddo, as I have irl stuff I need/ want to do as well), and he zerg TRs. When I TR I usually end up playing the toon at the most 2 nights a week, it takes me on an average 6 weeks to get the toon to 20. But, this time I decided I was going to make time to run with Darth, and learn how to TR his way.

We didn’t play as much as I would have liked, and I didn’t play as much as he would have liked… and several nights fell out for various reasons. In the end it took us 3.5 weeks to run 1-20, which is for Darth very slow, for me still faster than normally. I meant to take screenies from the runs, but since most of it was just me either trying to keep up, or alternatively stealing Darth’s kills… I completely forgot to screenshot. It was a nice experience, but now Darth will got back to TRing and I’m gonna flag Firetha for some raids and then start working on sagas. My opinion of this way of TR’ing? Well, the purpose is speed and past lives. I don’t mind some speed, but my purpose is personal experience and not past lives, so it’s not gonna become a regular thing.

Oh, and we capped yesterday.

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Firetha (Keronna) TR’d

I looked it up. It’s been a long while since I’ve done a TR into a non iconic class… and the ones that were done later than Firetha were Maidae into barbarian life (Sep 30, 2013), Cerge into bard life (Dec 26, 2013) and Jarvanna into current life (March 8, 2014). Firetha’s last TR was September 3, 2013.

Yesterday (March 8), I decided to TR Firetha into a drow sorcerer.
Here are her before and after pictures:

Firetha as a pm henshin                                       Firetha as a drow sorcerer (1 sorc)

I don’t really have any gear for her yet and the build plan isn’t completely finished… so we’ll see where I end up. I’m running her a bit with Darth now, and we’ll see how long I’m able to keep up, before he gets tired of me and decides to level faster, lol.

That’s all from me for now.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.

Firetha 3.0 draft

I decided that for Firetha’s next life I would like to do a pure sorc, air savant. I’ve been looking at Farwind: An Air savant Endgame EE DPS Build and I’m trying to put my own twist on it. Firetha will be a 3rd life toon only and will only have one epic past life, so things will be a bit different. I am looking at Farwind’s spells, and I think I want to chose a little differently. I would also like to do drow instead of human.

I’m thinking the following:
Start stats: 20 cha, 14 con, 16 int (for skills).
Feats: empower, maximize, quicken, heighten, spell focus: evo, spell focus: enchant, past life: wiz, greater spell focus: evo, epic spell focus: evo, epic spell power: electricity, ruin and hellball.
Skills: concentration, spellcraft, heal, UMD… any extra points in bluff and diplo

In the initial draft I have selected some spells and enhancements, but will most likely redo then when she hits 20.

Here’s the initial draft of the build.

Character Plan by DDO Character Planner Version 04.20.02
DDO Character Planner Home Page

Level 28 Chaotic Good Drow Female
(20 Sorcerer \ 8 Epic) 
Hit Points: 312
Spell Points: 2137 
BAB: 10\10\15\20
Fortitude: 10
Reflex: 8
Will: 13

                  Starting          Feat/Enhancement
Abilities        Base Stats          Modified Stats
(32 Point)       (Level 1)             (Level 28)
Strength              8                    13
Dexterity            10                    15
Constitution         14                    19
Intelligence         16                    21
Wisdom                8                    13
Charisma             20                    36

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