3 days of Xmas

I am not a Christmas person. Basically I hate it. But, I did go to see my family on the eve, for about an hour (in Finland we celebrate the eve and not the day), gave some gifts, got a few gifts, then headed home to play some ddo. Here’s a short short recollection of my xmas gaming.

Leveled Maidae to 10, then ran Tomb of The Shadow Guard and farmed the Shadow Crypt with TorGrimorde and a pug. I think we ran maybe 3-4 elite and 4-5 hard to a total of 8 runs and 2x ship buffs. After, I leveled Maidae to 11 and we did one run of the Red Fens chain in which Cleazy joined.

Necro 2


Grim joined me on Orien again so I suggested we run some Cannith challenges for favor. We ran Dragon’s Hoard, Colossal Crystals, and Behind the Door and during the last one I got invited to run a ToD. Grim didn’t mind, so I joined the ToD group. πŸ˜› if u look at the picture, we were 7 divines, of which 6 fvs. πŸ˜› Cleazy ran with us. C stayed on and ran 2x eADQ with me (Thaz & Cerge) and DemonWeb epic elites.



DemonWeb DemonWeb

After sleeping for a few hours I got up and got back to DDO. Cleazy was on, but busy, so I headed out to the High Road to do explorer. C finished what he was doing and put up a eVON (norm + hard) group, which I joined on Thaz, after we did an elite Shroud (me on Cerge, Cerge’s first) and then a Caught in the Web Normal.

The High Road The High Road


Lolth CitW

Shroud Elite shroud

Cleazy had to go to bed, so I invited Grim to come run with me. While waiting I went to look for scroll 7 in the High road. You can only get it after defeating the rare “Rebels Undeground” pt1 & 2.

High road rare

Yuan-ti Yuan-ti

Grim joined me and I suggested we hard farm VON3 so I could get Maidae to lvl 12. I put up an lfm and we got some joiners. Runs were pretty smooth and in the last run we didn’t have a trapper. Maidae could just let the traps hit her without taking damage. πŸ˜› We ran VON3 four times, then I took level 12 and we did a run of Atraxia’s Haven. I wanted to run those, as I had only run them once before.

Thursday wasn’t part of the xmas ddo’ing, but I ran Maidae on thursday as well, with grim and my sister. We ran Hiding in plain sight, Atraxia’s (again), Valak’s mausoleum, Dead girl’s spellbook and Haunted library.

That’s all folks. Ty for reading and hope u enjoyed the pictures.

Take care and happy questing.

P.S. I started adding tooltips to the pictures, so if u point with the mouse on the pictures, up pops an info text, i.e. tooltip.


7 comments on “3 days of Xmas

  1. I bet spending xmas with you is a cool experience. Something like… xmas? Meh, let’s play DDO and drink wine.

    I like how that sounds.

  2. Nice pictures!

    I see that when you played solo you used a healer hire. One day when the mood strikes you – try a fighter hireling called Sadiele… you may like the results πŸ˜‰

  3. Yay! Very nice runs. Loved the picture where The Goddess sits down for a prayer πŸ™‚

    Thaz does some nice melee in the last 2 pictures and the foggy one is indeed very cool.

    You should try photography if you didn’t already, since you have the hand and aesthetics for some very nice pics.

    Cheers! πŸ˜€

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