Weekend runs and raids

On Saturday I got up somewhat early to take my car to get MOT tested. When I got home I wanted to log on to DDO, for some reason that I now can’t remember. πŸ™‚ I was in the market bank checking Cerge’s gear when I get a tell from someone “Hi, can I ask u a favor? We’re at the boss fight in eye of the titan and we’re all dead. Could u come and kill him for us?”. I don’t even get a chance to reply before I get a party invite, which I decide to accept. I notice that the party isn’t dead at all, which I comment on, and get the reply that they used a cake. Well, before I make it there they wipe again. πŸ™‚ I run over unbuffed, buff myself on the way to the boss fight and encounter a dream render and a spider before the boss and tell the party I just have to kill these guys before coming over to them. I’m told to park hire (which I was told to bring), and rest before attacking the boss.

I try to raise a few ppl with the hire, but leader tells me to just kill the boss, so I focus on that instead. Eye of the titan elite is a lvl 21 quest and Cerge was only 20. I get held/ stunned a few times, but manage to take out the boss with dots without dying, and the party get their completion. After this they’re gonna do one elite run of Reclaiming the memories and then hard farm. They ask me to just help them with the elite run, so I do, then leave and log off.

Dreaming Dark (Normal)
I log on later on, and see an lfm for Dreaming Dark “we just wiped in boss fight, help pls”. πŸ˜› I figured, since I already helped one group with Dreaming Dark chain, I might as well help these guys. Me and another guy joined, and all but one of the others had released. We go into boss fight stronger than they were before (running on normal), and even though normal is a bit tougher than the casual runs I had previously done, we finish with only one guy dying this time.

eADQ (eNorm)
I wanted to run ADQ on Cerge, put up an lfm and headed there. Cerge is ok, but eNorm is too much for him to solo. I was hoping I’d get some backup. I was joined by a melee, but he didn’t have a hire, so after 2 rooms both of our resources was rather spent. We were joined by a rogue and two casters, and except for the melee being in trouble all the time, we did ok. Pre took a total of about 45 min, though, since I needed help with all the rooms. We rebuffed before the raid and short manned it on eNorm. The queen went down semi fast and Cerge got a raid token. πŸ™‚

TOD (hard)
Domfig had asked me to wait for him before running TOD, but later he sent me a message that he’s running late, so I don’t have to wait. I happened to see an lfm for TOD, which Andy also joined. The leader wasn’t talking almost at all, so I felt a bit wary. I asked about tanks, shadow tank and if we’re doing optionals. I had my doubts about the leaders leading abilities, but decided to keep my mouth shut and just see what happens. Run was pretty good though. I was put on tank healing duty, which I was ok with. I do prefer to be party healer, but tank healer is ok. My only problem was that while I was tank healing, I got some trash aggro, and was trying to kite them through bb while healing.


ToD phase 2 ToD phase 3

I was trying out the Exalted Angel Ascendance while healing, which is why I’m all sparkly in the pic. Thaz the angel. πŸ™‚ It was probably more of an annoyance than a benefit, though.

eLOB (eHard)
Andy sent me a tell after TOD that I should join Megafives in LOB. I didn’t need much convincing. I noticed that several ppl were the same as in TOD and that I recognized most of the names. This time Mega explained to all of us newbie runners what we’re doing and what needs to be done. I was assigned tank healing role again, which I was happy to do. In LOB healing tank means, u doing have to worry about all the other ppl running around, u just make sure the tank stays alive to tank LOB. Oh, and that u urself stay alive. Run wasn’t completely smooth, we had some deaths, but this was my first epic LOB completion, and I didn’t even die, so I was pretty happy with the run, and I had gained a lot of trust in Mega’s skills as raid leader. πŸ™‚


Shroud (elite)
And then it was time for my elite shroud. I had talked to Cleazy earlier about him maybe joining, but I figured he’s probably still sleeping after staying up late, so wasn’t really expecting him. Niv had also sent me a message that he wouldn’t be joining. I did get some joiners somewhat quickly, then waited a little bit longer for the party to fill. I’m always trying to estimate our dps from looking at the classes, their lvl, hp and sp. I wanted a melee for last spot, but a caster sent me a tell and I decided to take him. Most of the party was lvl 25, with only a few lower ones.

I must say that wow. Except for the one guy being killed by the blades in phase 4, our dps was awesome and the party was great. This was the highest dps group I’ve run with so far. When Harry went down in phase 5, I still had 600sp left! And no other caster ran out of mana either. That is pretty amazing for elite. πŸ™‚

Shroud phase 4 Shroud phase 5

HoX (elite)
I had been itching to get my HoX elite completion, so I put up an lfm looking for tank and puppy charmer. I get a tell from Megafives that I don’t need that, what I need is a barb that can crit for 1k+. That Momma’s DR is 999 epic. So I lfm for a barb. Domfig had stayed on to run HoX. I don’t get a barb, I end up getting 3 healers, 1 rogue, 1 wizard and 5 more monks. πŸ˜› We had decided to let a GMoF monk try to take out momma, with the wizard as back up. Still, since we weren’t sure if it was gonna work, we had as backup to do it the old fashioned way. Took almost an hour just to get the whole party to the raid, my buffs were running out (waited in market for ppl to join as well).

The plan was to keep the puppies away from momma, and to bring her to the side and try to take her out. What happened was that the monk failed to take her out, and for some reason she aggrod me. I stood put shield blocking, but the bees cause me a lot of problems, and soon the tank monk took over. For a while it felt like everyone was just running around, but somehow we got a couple of puppies charmed, and tank kept hitting momma with Everything is nothing. It didn’t kill her, but still damaged her a bit. It can’t have taken very long, but felt like for ever before momma was invulnerable and possible to kill. I lagged just as she went down, so didn’t see it, but even with a bit of a messy run, Thaz finally got her elite completion and hit 4420 favor!


Abbot (hard)
Andy was sending me tells about elite Abbot lag wipes, and I noticed an lfm for Abbot and joined. I didn’t even realise Andy was there on one of this toons at first, lol. Cleazy had just logged on a while earlier and didn’t want to join me in HoX. He put up an lfm for VON while I was waiting for Abbot to start. Some guy decided to start epic crafting just as we were gonna start, so we ended up waiting for him. I was at this point pretty tired and feeling annoyed with all the waiting. I was also a bit sour with C for putting up VON when I wasn’t able to join. When we finally got going in Abbot, it was a quite good run, even though I was lagging, and managed to die twice. I was unable to find the person with the wand when someone called inferno, but healed through it… and died right after. Second time jumped on the ice island and still took damage and died. My stone ended up on the bottom and someone came and picked it up after we finished (Abbot was almost dead when I died).

eVON (eNorm+eHArd)
Cleazy had saved me a spot in VON and I joined when they were just starting. As always, I didn’t do much, followed the group around, helped take out some trash and looted a few chests. I still haven’t learned the objectives, lol. Run was smooth enough, even though one guy died a couple of times in VON6. He didn’t have enough hp to survive the dragon’s fire breath, and still didn’t run behind the rock when fire was called.

eVON (eNorm+eHArd) take 2
I had told Cleazy I wanted to run VON on both my guys, so he used a bypass timer to run again (all his toons were on timer). I was like a walking zombie tired, but I don’t get to run with C too much, so I didn’t want to pass on this chance. Again I didn’t do much in VON5, but Cerge got some loot and 60+k xp. We enter VON6, buff and start runnig to the bases, when we suddenly lag badly. Ppl fall off the bridges only to be lagged back on. One guy falls off and lands on the platform below, while I fall off and miss it. I fall for a long time then end up dead in market. Meh. I sit there listening to the others finish the run, then release. I talk for a little while with C, decide to try and not sleep all Sunday, but to get up and run something with him later.

Sunday I get up after 12, I have breakfast while logging on to DDO. Or, I drink some coffee, and let my porridge get cold, as always. πŸ˜› Cleazy’s on running a lowbie, and I want to run eADQ on Thaz.

eADQ (eNorm+eHard)
I put up an lfm for “ADQ1-2 eNorm for completion”. Andy notices it and joins on two of his toons (he duals). I wait for him before starting and we do a couple of rooms before Cleazy’s done with his run and can join. He tells me the lfm is down, so no wonder I wasn’t getting anyone. lol. We’re joined by a melee and a caster for the last two rooms and while I’m looting the chests, half the group kill the marilith. Meh. But ok, I still got the chest.

Group wants to do eHard for the raid, and I’m a bit hesitant, but I figure we should be able to do it, seeing as everyone is high lvl. I think we do an over all good job, cept that I don’t think anyone knew which toon Andy had planned to play (he lets the other one die), and we wipe when she’s down to only 1-2 proc. I see my dots ticking away, only to stop too soon. Meh. We recall rebuff and try again, and this time we’re successful.


I’m just talking away with C while checking the lfm and notice that he’s put up a VON again. I tell him I’m switching to Cerge, so I do. I forgot to take any pics this run, but I managed to die twice, once in VON5 and once in VON6. I’m running around VON5 not sure where to go, run into mobs, get blinded and while looking for my removal pots I die… and in VON6 I die while at one of the bases. I forget that Cerge doesn’t resist any damage, but needs to constantly repair himself or avoid aggro. πŸ™‚ He’s not Thaz. Well, he got 70k xp from VON5, Silver Necklace of Prophecy + shard and raid token from VON6.

Shroud (hard)
After VON I wanted to run Shroud on Cerge and Cleazy put up an lfm with “hard or elite idc”. πŸ˜› lol. We still fill somewhat quickly and we decide to do hard. I’m on crystal in phase 2, and ppl aren’t prepping the reds, but just killing them. They still manage to get them all down before they have time to walk back and the crystal is free to be taken out. I fail to insta kill it this time, but take it out with my second spell.

I solve my puzzle with one press, which is rather disappointing and then ppl start phase 4 without waiting, but that’s cool. We manage to take him out in one round. In phase 5 we don’t park the ellie, but let Harry show up as soon as we can and fight him. Party is mostly high level and dps is is good, so we’re ok. I do run a bit low on mana before Harry goes down, but no one dies and it’s a somewhat fast run, so it’s all good.

Cerge Shroud

VoD (elite)
After Cleazy leaves I spend some time sorting inventory on my toons and then see an lfm for VoD, looking for healer. I was gonna quit for the day, but VOD just felt irresistible. πŸ™‚ I buff up and hit the lfm as I enter market. I ask if someone can help me to the quest and I run with the last of the ppl there. Party goes in on elite.. and we’re only 2 healers. I dot and heal and use Exalted Angel Ascendance. Tank is a second from dying, but he doesn’t (I was throwing him heals but they didn’t take so either he was cursed or I was lagging). We finish without deaths. I find the Omniscience in a chest and it has my name on it. I loot it without hesitation. I swap out Thaz’s Signet of the Shining Sun for the new ring, which looses her the superior healing lore, but gains her +25% fortification (which makes her current total 165%) and +2 to reflex saves, which are Thaz’s weak link. Yay! πŸ™‚


After VoD I finally decided to stop playing for this time. πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading and have a great week. See you in game.

P.S. Follow me on twitter: @DDOMicki

5 comments on “Weekend runs and raids

  1. Micki you are really running for hours! What is your secret for this long gaming sessions? Really impressive I must say πŸ™‚

    Awesome runs again! I definitively liked how Cerge helped not one but two parties get their completions being wiped in last battle. That was very nice of him πŸ˜‰

    Nice tip about HoX, I always thought that her DR was something that strictly asked her puppies to do damage. I guess devs got lazy and the new epic tools showed the truth – they should make justice to this raid. I really like both the run to it and the quest itself.

    Grats on the loot, the VoD ring is decent. Did you got anything from the Abbot raid (not now, in all your runs so far)? It has some nice items for casters.

  2. @Malinza πŸ™‚ I sort of get stuck when I start running stuff, lol. I stay on until I’m just too tired, or feel like I really have to go to bed. Went to bed at 6 Sunday morning. πŸ™‚ And thank you.

    I think Thaz only has 3-4 Abbot completions. I rolled for one item this run, it might have been the Litany, I’m not sure now, but I didn’t get it.

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