This weekend in ddo

It’s been a while since I wrote one of these blogs. I used to always do a weekend run down, talk about how the raids were going etc. It started becoming routine, so I stopped doing them. Anywho, here’s what I did this weekend in ddo.

Maidae in Misery’s peak. This pic has really nothing to do with this post in question, but I TR’d Maidae last weekend, and I never posted the routine Misery’s Peak picture.

My plan was to run raids Saturday night on Thazara and Cerge, then Storms horns heroic elite on Sunday on Cerge. I logged around 8pm on Saturday and posted for CitW “Normal cause I’m lazy. Will start with 6”.  My rule is usually, I leave the lfm up for ~10 min, if no one joins I do something else, if 1 person joins I leave the lfm up a bit longer. Took a little while but I got 5.. and then 6, and then a few more. So I suggest we get started. I plan to solo heal, cause it’s normal. Solo healing a raid of not all self healing ppl, starting it, trying to handle the lfm and applications and tells at the same time while making sure the party doesn’t die.. is a bit of a challenge. But I do this often, lol. I take Ana and we get to it. Dps is fine, but ppl aren’t playing too healer friendly so we have some deaths, and some ppl fall off. But the end fight is very good, and we get our 6th chest. One guy keeps dc’ing so in the end we don’t wait for him, but loot. I believe 3 named items dropped.

I want to do eN/ eE ADQ on Thaz and post for “pre eN, raid eE if good enough group, else eH”. Lvl 23-28. I spam the channels a bit and I get a 2nd group that fills and I decide I want my eE raid. This would be the 1st time I’ve ever lfm’d for eE ADQ. We’re 2 healers, 3 casters, rest melee or maybe we had some ranged/ melee. Anywho, I tell melees to stay on X, forgetting that u need to dps Lailat for her to come down, so she doesn’t at first. But after a while things get going and melees stay on X and healers heal. I picked sentinel ED for this, as it makes u immune to knockdown, and gives me +200hp, death block and block energy. Oh, and +20? prr. So basically I could just stay put and shieldblock while healing the melees without taking much damage at all. We finish with no deaths. 🙂 \o/ I was so happy.

I decide I don’t want to lfm for any more raids on Thaz, as I had decided to save FoT and VON, and ToD just takes too long to fill. So I switch to Cerge, and an elite shroud is just filling. One of the ppl from my adq had put one up. I join I believe in the last spot and hurry there. Run’s a bit of a blur, but I think Cerge did well and didn’t die. After the run I go to craft a bluescale armor for Cerge, and while I’m doing that an eVON fills eH/eH, which was what I was gonna do. Meh. I put up my own and can’t get anyone to join. I hop in solo and start kiting zombies.. then it hits me, that I can’t start with no one in the party, as I won’t be able to convert to raid group then. So I exit and reset. I spam the channels, wait a little and get a few joiners. Convert to raid group and we get going. I’m doing voice and ring, am having a bit of problems with ppl not responding to my questions (who can do puzzle), etc. Things are going a lot slower than I’d like, but we get stuff done and I do voice and ring. Someone else is directing ppl at bit, and I’m cool with that. Oh and Cerge had no problems unlocking doors. Yay! He was lvl 20 at this time. I assign bases for last bit and rest of it is pretty good. Very nice 1st time xp for Cerge.

I also want to do ADQ on Cerge eH/eH. I put up an lfm and no one joins. Then Osi logs (unless he was already logged, I don’t remember), and I ask him to come help me, which he does. He can solo adq, so at least I’ll be able to run it with his help. He does, though, tell me to go solo octopus room, and I tell him that I’ll go kill myself in octo… which I did. Couldn’t kill them with disintegrate, and my force spells weren’t doing enough damage, so they stunned me and killed me. I did get more ppl hitting the lfm, though, and we 6 manned the raid, and I didn’t die.

After ADQ I wait a good while for Item’s Abbot, run 4. He was doing 5x elite Abbot. First try we don’t have anyone in center who can raise, and since healer was scouting and tiles person was scouting it’s a fail and we restart. 2nd try the goggles gets dropped in ice room water, so we have to restart. I’m on roids and we complete roids 3 times. Third try’s the charm and we finish that run. I think only a Vile Blasphemy and a seal dropped. At this point it’s 5am and I’m very tired.

Sunday I log on Cerge and lfm for Storms horns heroic elite for bb. No one joins so I try solo with a paladin hireling. Doesn’t go well at all, I try to cc, fail, then try to dps, I don’t do enough, I kite, hireling dies and caster aggros me and I die. I try again, this time focusing only on red named caster, but a fail again. Friend is lfm’ing for ToD for the 2nd time, after failing 3 man normal in p2, and I decide to join on Thazara. We end up getting a full raid party, so we do elite.  It’s a pretty nice and smooth run, I think we had 1 death in p1, prolly someone forgot to remove curse? I switch back to Cerge, and see someone lfm’ing for ee Eveningstar 1st chain, lvl 21-23. I took lvl 21 on Cerge after adq on sat night. I send a tell asking if I can come pike, as I don’t think I have dps for ee. I get asked if I can trap and I’m willing to give it a go. We enter ee Impossible demands and I focus on the spellwards. I can’t seem to find them with search, but I run into them, evade, then disable. No prob. We’re only 4 ppl and are having some problems. And leader dc’s, but luckily gets completion. I go looking for more spellwards and end up pulling too many mobs while I’m out of mana, so die after completion. Release and rebuff.

We head over to The lost thread as only 3 man group, me, a sorc and a fighter. I tell C over tells that I’m scared, I don’t think we’ll be able to pull it off. I find doors, disable some bear traps and sorc dies in one. I evade most of it. We get to the room with the caster who summons water ellies and salamanders, just me and the sorc, donno what the fighter was doing. We’re quickly in trouble, sorc and his hire dies, so I pick up the stones and run to the shrine. We kill some mobs from there and I ask if we even need to do that room. Apparently we do, so I go in and focus on the boss, ignoring trash (still evading a lot of it), sorc comes to help and we take him out. After which we’re both out of mana. I say that I don’t want to pot, as we’re joined by a rogue. We get to the next room, can’t take out the archers and leader calls wipe and leaves. I’m at a wtf, for wasting my time.

After this I see a group doing Amrath elites and I join. I think there’s only a cleric and a rogue in the group, and I say that I can trap, just did ee estar traps. Sorc from other group joins and confirms. 🙂 I stay with this group and elite flag for ToD at level. Genesis point was a bit confusing but otherwise we have pretty good runs. And I do a bit of traps. My die tells me my dd check is 71. So no problem doing elite Amrath. After the runs I again put up my lfm for Storms horns and the rogue from the Amrath group asks me if I need any other quests from there, as he did the first one already. I agree to do Lines of supply and after a short break we duo it heroic elite. I suggest we skip some opts, and I try to cc the mobs to do the one opt where u stop all the carriers from getting to the other end, but fail. As they’re running past me, I call skip opt, just kill the carriers for completion. It’s a tough fight, and the rogue has to do most of the dps’ing as, I’m not that strong of a caster yet (and I’m leveling fatesinger). A tough fight later we loot, I say thanks for the help, but that I’m done for the day so not doing more.

Boss fight in Genesis Point

As I’m about to quit, I see someone asking for heals for elite shroud. So I send a tell that I don’t think I did shroud on Thaz this weekend, and he tells me he’ll hold me a spot while I check. I switch and join. It’s not an uber run with one round p4, but we do ok, and only a few deaths. p5 turns out to be a lot easier than p4, and I get compliments for my heals “Thazara’s heals are amazing”. lol! Well, ty. I was mostly spamming light spells at Harry for possible shiradi procs, while once in a while throwing a mass heal. Mass heal does heal for more than a single heal, though, and I usually don’t have any problems healing 1k+hp toons.

Thazara; shiradi cleric in Shroud

Anywho. After that I was done for this weekend. In conclusion, on Sat I ran CitW & eADQ on Thazara, Shroud, eVON, eADQ and Abbot on Cerge. On Sunday I ran Genesis point, Bastion of power, Sins of attrition, A new invasion and Lines of Supply on Cerge, and ToD and Shroud on Thazara. On Saturday before eADQ on Cerge, I also wasted an hour in heroic elite Crucible on Cerge. I joined a group who were looking for a swimmer, and said Cerge can do it with his ~40 reflex and evasion. But with the lack of communication from the group and the fact that it took us 1h just to get to on top of the maze, I just quit on them. Then they tell me they were communicating via Skype. Well, gee, thanks. Push me to join, then not tell me what’s expected of me. I mean, either I help, and take charge, or I sit back and follow. But I can’t do an inbetween where I’m trying to direct, but ppl do it differently, and I then don’t know what to do. Meh.

Ok. I stop now. Tired.

tl;dr Read the conclusion section, or just look att the pics. Had a busy weekend anyway.


5 comments on “This weekend in ddo

  1. Excellent break down Micki!! Sounds like you had a productive weekend for sure!! I didn’t run any raids over the weekend but I took my TR through Tangleroot, STK, and Necro I on Saturday and completed the slayer area for the Tangleroot map. Good times indeed!! 🙂

    • 🙂 thank you again. I do, though, hate it when runs fail, or I have to wait too long to fill a raid. I want my time spent efficiently.

      🙂 and nice on the runs.

  2. Blog edited: I changed “I could not penetrate their spell resistance with disintegrate” to “I could not kill them with disintegrate”, as Osi tells me disintegrate does not do a spell resistance check.

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