This (my) week in DDO

Usually my weekend blog centres around the weekend raids. During the summer I was blogging almost every day, and then come fall and I started blogging only on weekends. Well, I play every day, and I’ve run stuff all week, so here’s a short run down of this week’s happenings.

Monday was TR Maidae night, as mentioned in my Maidae blog here: Maidae capped for 8. As I already wrote about it there, I’m just posting the pic here. πŸ™‚

The Bloody Crypt

Cerge night. Had to check the logs to see what I did, lol. Andy helped me run ADQ on eNorm, I joined him in the Titan raid and then convinced him to run a few Dreaming Dark runs with me. Since Andy dual and trial boxes, and can apparently solo Titan, he was already done with the preraid when I and a few others joined. Actual raid took 11 minutes. πŸ™‚

Titan Dreaming Dark

Shroud night. Andy wanted to run ToD, though, so I had promised to try and get on early so we could run ToD before shroud. Domfig and Andy were the first to join, then we got a couple more… and then we waited for at least half an hour before anyone else joined. We were getting ready to abandon, when ppl started dropping in and soon after we filled. Run was good up until phase 3, when Suulo suddenly gets stuck in the wall. 😦 All we could do was try out best to DoT him. I soon ran out of mana, and was standing close trying to hit him with ED spells, while using my con-op goggles to regen enough mana for dp. Took a long time, but we got him down eventually, and then Horoth went down quickly.

Suulo stuck

I switched to Cerge for Shroud and we did a hard run. We got only one “real” healer, but two bards, so I figured we’d be fine, which we also were. πŸ™‚ Andy/ Neug was joking around like always, and one guy dropped after phase 4, because of it. Meh. But I just said “we don’t need him. We’ll be ok”. Which we were. Party was good and run was smooth.

Shroud hard

After Shroud I wanted to do a few more runs of Dreaming Dark, since I still hadn’t picked up a Pale Lavender for Cerge. Domfig joined for a few runs and I ran a few more after, until I got my unsuppressed stone.

December 6th is Finland’s Independence day, which means a day off from work. It’s not a huge party like in America, the biggest happening is the presidental ball. I figured I’d log on to DDO after waking up, so I’d possibly be able to run some with Cleazy, on his game time (he’s at -10h from me, and usually plays nights as well). I found him on as expected. He wanted to run Caught in the web with some ppl, and I was cool with that. I mean, I was cool with running that too. πŸ˜›

CitW CitW

Cleazy wanted me to help him keep his streak in Dreaming Dark (he was on a lvl 20 toon), so I did one run of that with him after CitW and then I wanted to do ADQ. It was already rather late, and Cleazy would need to go to work on Thursday, but he agreed to run with me. I forgot to take any pics from the run, so I’m not sure who joined us, but we did pre on eNorm and I had planned to short man raid eNorm, but someone suggested hard. I had my doubts, since party was only lvl 20-21, but agreed to give it a go. We got the marilith down to maybe half before we wiped. eHard, not gonna happen. So we tried again on eNorm, and this time we got it done. I need to learn to trust my gut. If my gut tells me, party is too weak for hard/ elite, then we shouldn’t try it. But then again, u never know, u know?

After ADQ it was pretty late for Cleazy and he still had work the next day, so he really had to go. I had planned to do some other stuff, but stayed on instead. I wanted to clear the Demon Web map. Headed over there and put up an lfm for help. I had found about 30 jounals before anyone hit my lfm, and taken out 2 rares. πŸ™‚ First time I was in the Demon Web I died at the first mobs. This time I was solo without hire and I did fine. I did use wiki to check the last jounals, though. 3 ppl joined my lfm, one of them someone I’ve run with before, but I found most of the journals myself anyway. Logged off after this.

Demon Web 1 Demon Web 2

Got back a few hours later to run Maidae with TorGrimorde. The plan was to run The Sentinels chain. I put up an lfm for more ppl and we got a full party with a drud, fvs and two other monks. We ran the first 2 ones with that group, for the 3rd one we lost 2 ppl, but were joined by Domfig. Started with hire, but got a “real” healer half way through. This person also helped us out in the final. Runs were someone smooth, even though I managed to kill myself on a couple of traps, as did our druid. πŸ™‚ I was pretty tired after the runs, so decided to call it a night.

Friday is and was this week as well, Cannith night. We’ve had a 2 week break because of absenses, but this week we were back, even if a little bit late. Nessana was away this week, but he was ok with us running, and Keava was having some computer issues, so we started without him. Plan was to run the f2p plaza medusa chain elite. Our group is Keronna (2monk/11cleric), lvl 13 fvs, Nessana is lvl 13 rogue, lvl 11 druid and Keava is lvl 13 monk. As we were short a trapper, I suggested we lfm for one, and we got one before we started. We were also joined by BlueSilence‘s lvl 14 barb. We started with a cleric hireling, but Keava logged on while we were half way through the first quest, and the hire was kicked. The first quest was smooth, the second, Frame Work was as messy as it usually is. At least we managed to not wipe. πŸ˜› After the second quest we lost two ppl, so we decided to call it a night.

As this is getting too long, I will post the weekend runs in a different blog post.
Thank you for reading and have a great week.


6 comments on “This (my) week in DDO

  1. I had always wondered if you do play during week and how much, but I must say I am truly impressed now that the truth is revealed. That is some action packed DDO week. Every week is like that (well except for the national day of course)? πŸ˜€

    I like the fact that everything looks very organized like you have some schedule of some sort. Keep them up and keep them shared with us πŸ˜‰

  2. @Malinza πŸ™‚ U’re def my favorite commentator. πŸ˜› I always look forward to ur comments. I’m gonna try to blog more about the whole week, not just weekends. Yes, I try to plan what I’m gonna do on the different days, like currently Monday & Thursday are Maidae nights, Friday is Cannith and Tues-Wed have been Cerge. Once in a while I run my druid.

  3. Thanks Micki! I do like a lot your blog and I am glad you appreciate my feedback/contribution as much as it is. Besides Thaz is The Goddess! How can anyone deny it or resist to her charms?! πŸ˜€

    Great news, this means more posts, more action screenies and more insight on your play. I hope you will reveal more about your druid too!

    By the way, just an idea might be not your style, but do you have a story behind your characters? Asking because seeing that you put order into the chaos (much as how I do it) I cannot notice that your characters (at least name wise – small detail I know) don’t necessarily follow an order. For example all my characters have similar names (cat + something), but your are differently. If they have a story that might be the subject of a future blog. I hope for Thaz that she has at least some church if not prophets telling everyone about her miracles in the battle. One can only dream πŸ˜‰

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