Raids and flagging – weekend post

Time to do another weekend post. 🙂 I was busy busy this weekend. The plan was to run raids on Thazara and Cerge on Saturday and then flag Cerge for CitW on Sunday. I decided to save VoN on Thaz, so she’s not on timer on Monday, but wanted to run ADQ and FoT.

Shroud elite (Thazara)
I logged around 8 pm on Saturday and saw a group for elite shroud up. I think they were only 5 people, and no healer. So, I decided to join on Thaz, sat there chit-chatting for a while, then spammed the channels telling ppl to come join. Didn’t take that long and we had a full party. 🙂 Group was high level with lots of dps, so we 1 rounded p4, had some deaths in p5, prolly cause I got distracted by a tell or channel or something and wasn’t healing (note, I wasn’t the only healer, we had a clonk? too).

FoT hard (Thazara)
Now I can’t remember the order of things, but I think I posted for FoT after Shroud. “eh. main/ best ed. Know it pls”. Again spamming channels. 🙂 Well, I call it spam, but I copy the same line/ word into the channels I use, e.g. “Fot?”. With U19 things have changed, but also before this it was getting harder to get good groups for FoT and CitW. The active raiders already have everything, and with U19 the raid loot isn’t even that good anymore. Anywho, I thought I had a good group, even 2 ppl who said they can do SR tank, and 2 ppl saying they can kite. So, person who wanted SR tank got to do that, and I put other guy on TO, left first person to say they can kite do that, and put our very own shuriken monk on TO kiting duty when he first drops. As we drop down things didn’t go so well, ppl were taking damage, we were not doing enough dps, and as I was doing role of trying to control the situation, I didn’t pay attention to my hp and died. Rest of the group kept things together and we got stuff done, even if it was a bit messier than I’d have liked. We take down crystal, SR tank is ready and we’re working on TO. He’s hopping around a bit, but we’re ok. I keep watching SR tank’s hp, nervously, and as expected, he goes down. Since I was ready for it, I run over and grab SR’s aggro, and tell other guy to take over. I wait for first guy’s timer to expire and raise him, and the other guy dies. So I decide to just stay and heal SR tank. Things are a bit of a mess, at some point SR runs off, and someone shoots one of the undead dragons and aggros him on the SR. We get both TO and SR prepped, and I call kill and it looks like we’re about to fail, but we manage to take SR out at the last few seconds. 🙂 I said afterwards, that that was a bit more work than I would have liked, but we got it done. Also, I said “a lot of noobish behavior in that run”. This shooting stuff that u’re not supposed to be shooting and pulling aggro is the type of behavior that will make me not let you into my runs.

ToD elite (Thazara)
I always check the lfm before putting anything up, and I see one for ToD. You don’t see too many ToD’s anymore, since the loot is very outdated, and few actually want anything from there. A couple of friends (I guess?) are hosting, both guildless TR’s. I chit-chat with them for a bit, while I ask ppl in channel to come join us. I talk about shadow tanking, and about how I’ve done it on Thaz, but pulling and keeping aggro is a bit of an issue for me, and on elite I wouldn’t want to try. I say the same for Cerge, that he’s recently flagged, but I wouldn’t wand to try shadow tanking elite. We wait a bit, and just as someone’s about to go switch for a shadow tank, Robai says he can bring his wizard. And Kylis joins in the last spot. We’re 2 healers, rest melee/ ranged and Tro as shadow tank. P1 is flawless and easy, I’m running in shiradi as usually and am spamming light spells while healing. For p2 I use shirdi epic moment “Joy of the queen”, and it gives me +300hp, so I’m up in over 1k while we’re fighting Nythirios, other healer is at under 500, I think. I’m healing and spamming light spells, and then ppl start dying. I’m taking no damage even though there’s a shadow up on us, so I’m not getting why ppl are dying, until they say “lag”. I start throwing res’es, first wondering why ppl are not taking them, then getting that we apparently lagged (I never noticed it). Some ppl I have to raise more than once, but slowly we get everyone up and finish. Tro had a close call a few times, but he did excellent shadow tank, even though 1-2 shadows ran part him. In p3 I place myself in the center of the room, about as far from Suulo and Horoth (after Suulo drops), and am healing the Horoth tank, while spamming light spells at Suulo, and once in a while casting a mass cure at the other melees. Other healer is of course healing all the time too. We finish p3 without deaths.

ADQ epic normal/ epic elite (Thazara)
I post for ADQ “pre eN, raid eE if good enough group”, and spam channels again. Osi joins me and then drops group to do other group. 😛 His lfm’s says something like “girlfriend’s other group. ee if smart”. (Sorry Osi, I didn’t snap a pic, so don’t remember). My group fills and finishes, Osi has 2 spots so we sit a good while waiting for them before they finish and join. I check instance, type tactics and off we go. I’m running in Sentinel ed. Osi wants to tank the Marilith, I help a bit, but mostly heal. We finish with a flawless run, and Osi complains that it was too easy (solo next time, dude?).

Tracker’s trap heroic hard (Cerge)
While we’re waiting to start ADQ, Kudesnik sends me some tells that he’s online and could run some stuff, so after we finish ADQ, I switch to Cerge. Kud doesn’t want to pug, so we spend a few min trying to decide what to run and then decide to go for Tracker’s trap, heroic hard. Tracker’s trap is a lvl 19 quest in Storms Horns, so it’s 20 on hh. Kudesnik is a lvl 20 sorc, Cerge was lvl 21 at this time. I’m mostly a cc trapper, with a bit of lighter dps spells, but I have a number of spells that I spam, so I can cast about as fast as a sorc, I just use more spells. We’re good up until the end fight where we run into trouble when Kud runs out of sp. He was focusing on trash while I was on orbs, so when he runs out of mana the trash mobs butcher us. Kud uses a cake? and some pots and gets us back to the shrine. Retry, and we again run into trouble and this time I run us back to the shrine. Third time’s the charm and we manage to finish the quest. After which it’s late and Kud has to go.

VON epic normal/ epic hard (Cerge)
I’m considering joining one of Item’s Abbot runs, but there isn’t any room in the current run, so I post for VON eN/eH instead. I ask in the channels for ppl, and a friend joins. I buff and enter after switching to raid group. I pick up the voice, the realize that I am a trapper, so while I’m waiting for ppl to join/ enter, I can do the traps. Someone enters and goes and does the puzzle. I do the north traps and the west one, then head over to get the ring. At that time I have a few ppl in and get some help with dps. I tell ppl to come north, that we can do west later. Group is working together and we get everything done nicely. I do voice and ring and then run to loot, tell ppl to just continue. Before we do end fight in VON5, I write in party chat my suggested bases for VON6, we finish VON5 and off we go. One person falls of the bridge in VON6, misses the platform and dies. Sorry, nothing I can do. I put myself on air, as I have evasion, and don’t expect to have any problems with the mephits. For some reason the dps on ice is a bit low, but we finish the raid without too much problems.

ADQ epic normal/ epic hard (Cerge)
I’m still considering Abbot, but a friend wants to do ADQ, and I had promised another run (after I wouldn’t let them into my ee run). So I post for ADQ and this group feels a bit more newb than my previous one (I don’t mean it was, just not as efficient). Some ppl like running in and clearing the paths to the rooms, I prefer ppl to pick a passage, clear the room and wait for their turn to read. Takes a bit longer than my previous run too, but Cerge does better than last time I ran this. We wait at boss for one person who’s dc’d then head over to the raid as a 6 man group. I’m not fully confident in the group, but meh, let’s give it a go. Group does fine and we finish without problems. Before going to bed I join a friend in an ip Army of Shadows eH run, and even disable some spellwards. \o/ Cerge. Cerge got lvl 22 with the night’s runs.

CiTW flagging (Cerge)
After getting up on Sunday, I want to flag Cerge for Citw, so I lfm for Eveningstar first chain eH. I get one person and am ready to get going, then ask Osi if he has an alt max lvl 25, that he could come join on. We run the quests as a 3 man group.. well, Osi mostly zergs them, lol. I did impossible demands before, so we skip that one. I manage to kill myself in the final by aggroing more stuff than I can handle. 🙂 Before starting the second chain I get 3 more joiners and we have a full group. I’m acting very noob when it comes to finding my way to Sschyn, I’ve always been lead there, but I make it after a while. Osi decides to solo some other quest while he’s waiting for me to find my way, and we do Death Undone and Rustead Blades without him. He then joins for Chains and the final. He had already run these quests, so it wasn’t a problem that he wasn’t in when we ran them. He zergs Chains and Portal Opens for us. 🙂 And over to the Demonweb. As I’m awful at finding my way around, I let Osi pick the first quest, and he wants to do Beyond the Rift. So we do, then the other two quests and we’re flagged for CitW. Yay!

FoT flagging (Cerge)
The group I’m running with seems to still be up for more, so I say that I was gonna flag for FoT as well. Everyone’s game and off we go. I say “cabal-pop-madstone-tor”. And that I like doing them in length order, from shortest to longest. I’m having some problems deciding if we should do traps or no traps in Cabal, but decide to do the traps one. Now it’s my turn to zerg. I cast web around and just look for traps. 🙂 Cerge’s evasion and saves were good enough to manage to do the most difficult one in the quest, where you have acid, poison and fire spraying at you while you’re trying to disable it (the box is in the trap). On elite I wouldn’t have tried it, but I’m happy that Cerge could do it eH.  We do pop, madstone and then tor, and woohoo. FoT flagged.  I was considering putting up a CitW or a FoT, but after almost 8h playing, I was feeling tired and decided to quit for the day.

That’s my long weekend run down. Ty for reading and have a great week.

P.S. tl;dr Well, I posted some pics from this weekend.

12 comments on “Raids and flagging – weekend post

  1. Nice run Micki 🙂
    I usually solo run all these flagging quests on EH. Both of my main toons are super selfsufficient dps types. I dunno, how am i going to cap my other three, b/c even though are nicely geared, they are first life, uber gimps, no EDs, no cocoons. Guess Imma have to do it oldschool pug or with a pocket healer all the time.
    BTW, we were doing EE FoT, when you hosted FoT.
    First attempt was a fail, some folks switched to your party.
    We restarted and voila 32 min and EE FoT completion 🙂

    • 🙂 yeah, I suck, I can’t even solo storms horns heroic elite on Cerge. But then again, he’s a trapper, not a caster, and I was levelling fatesinger to get to Shiradi. Also, for me solo’ing is a neccesary evil sometimes. I only solo if I really have to. I’ve been pugging lvl2-3 quests on Maidae recently. 🙂

      Yes, I know u guys were running ee FoT when I logged. I told Gods he’s more bold than me, joining a pug ee FoT. Previously when I’ve run it pure pug, we failed twice. And with the sucky dps I’ve been getting in my groups, and sucky tanking, at times I don’t even want to post for eH. Last week we failed on eH, cause we just had no dps and ppl couldn’t get TO prepped.

      And to quote myself “why are you trying to make me feel bad?”

      “P.S. I can’t wait til they fix the ed bug”

      Oh, and Komrad. Super self sufficient, u said? Why have I been healing u then? If u’re super self sufficient, I wouldn’t have to.

      • Wasn’t when the last time I ran with you. You should see me now, I practically self healed through whole EE FoT 🙂
        Cocoon hitting me for 173-200 hp per tick

      • 😀 Well you should.

        🙂 On Maidae before TR, I was using cocoon and alternating with scrolls for when cocoon was on timer. I survived lagging at fire base in ee VON6, by spamming myself with cocoon/scroll heals. 🙂 Was very happy about it. Need more devotion and heal amp, though.

        🙂 And as you may know, I prefer byoh groups. I’ll happily fill some groups without a healer, if group only agrees to it. I of course ask the group most of the time if it’s ok. Sometimes I forget, though.

      • Oh, and for ee FoT. I joined Supergimp’s ee FoT pug long ago. I think we tried 2 or 3 times, then decided to run eH, as we kept wiping. I was on Thaz in US ED and … well, even though I didn’t have too much problems staying alive, I couldn’t keep the party alive, so we wiped.

        I didn’t get to try again, til I ran with Avxseven, Vaelani and those. My time in Gimps was too short, I was hoping to run with them… and later with Matrix. But u know, it’s not nice rubbing it in my face when I’ve missed a run I would have wanted to do… or even worse if I wouldn’t be allowed in.

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