Instance freezes and stupid ppl

πŸ™‚ Sorry for not blogging in a while, and oh, the lack of pictures. I’m gonna post some pics soon. Well, my last week in DDO was good and bad. Instance freezes have been getting more common and it’s getting on ppl’s nerves. How many instance freezes can I count last week? We froze in Gianthold Tor (had to recall), Tharashk Arena (had to recall), Caught in the Web, ToD, only to name a few. The other week Meridia froze and on Sunday Eveningstar and the Marketplace froze. I can understand why ppl haven’t been wanting to do too many raids lately. Is this only on Orien?

My Saturday night is usually raid night. On a good raid night I’ll run 2xeADQ, 2xShroud, 2xeVON, ToD, CitW… maybe Abbot, HoX, VoD, something, something. Well, this Saturday it felt like I just kept wasting my time. First I was invited to do second healer for EE Eveningstar, to which I declined (my reply was “you don’t need a second healer, you need good CC”), then I got invited to do a hard CitW by another cleric. This runs was just f’ed up. Both me and the other cleric were getting ready to leave at the leg fight already, but we decided to try to get through it. At the first optional we had a good talk with the party; I said “we’re low on dps, so focus on one mob at a time, and follow Komrad’s lead, target what ever he’s beating on. I will be mass healing from him”. Half way to the second optional ppl were still running around like chicken and when lag hit us, me and the other cleric recalled and dropped the party. Hard CitW and the two clerics had used a total of 21 pots at the leg fight alone (and we had a 3rd healer, fvs, who kept dying). And I usually do very well on mana management. Like 1 h wasted there.

Later on Robai wanted to do elite ToD. He’s always trying to convince me to do elite and not hard. Well, things got kind of f’ed up. We got as far as phase 3 when lag hit us, ppl started dying and we couldn’t damage Horoth at all (Ppl dying = Horoth gets hp back). So we recalled and restarted. Second try we lagged out before phase 1, and we decided to just do hard, which we completed.

My weekly elite shroud was very good, after which I was invited by the same guy as earlier to heal EE. This time Sschindylryn. Rusted blades was done with different tactics than what I was used to, but it went ok. Death Undone.. well. Party leader says “We’re gonna fight the cats in the library and loot the chest before blowing up the cauldron”. Well, enter the library, ppl are split up in the room, so while I’m trying to find one monk on one side of the shelves, the party leader dies and says “you have to be faster”. Well fucking hell, I can’t very well heal through walls. Then someone opens the door to the cats and blows up the cauldron. We’re like wft, dude? And then as we’re leaving the library, some ppl go left, the rest right and I just stop cause I don’t know who to follow, and 2 ppl die. I say over voice “This isn’t working, I’m leaving”, my friend who was in the party sends me a tell “you should do that”, so we both recall and drop group, only to be invited back a little while later. Second try is a bit better, even though ppl are still not paying attention to the party leader. I said that I’ll be mass healing from him, but either ppl don’t use voice/ listen or they’re just stupid, I don’t know.

I’ve done EE’s without CC, and I’ve done EE’s without any real melee. Both work, as long as ppl play to their strengths and work together. When ppl do their own thing and expect the healer to be able to keep ppl alive, that makes me angry and frustrated and from now on I will start dropping groups that do not listen. I do not like wasting my time on stupid ppl.

Ty for reading and letting me vent a bit. πŸ™‚ Have a great week with hopefully a lot of good times in DDO.

P.S. Pretty please Turbine, fix the instance freezes during the server down time on Wednesday. Ty very much.

12 comments on “Instance freezes and stupid ppl

  1. πŸ™‚ ty.

    Oh, I forgot, I joined EE VON5-6 as well, which went somewhat well, except that we lagged at the bases and I died in VON6. Velah was facing the wrong direction and ppl kept getting hit by her tail. The tail whip hurts a lot on EE.

  2. πŸ™‚ I like pugging as u know… but I prefer to run with groups where I know some of the ppl. And then there are some ppl I will not join, because I know it will be painful.

  3. yeh i havent had any instance freezes

    Sorry it wasnt the best night for you, thats the thing with mmo’s bound to be people like that, i did lod other day someone just shattered an altar and lost us a chest, then uday waiting for group for EDA, one guy decides to lock us out, “u can loot if u ” “u need help on here” were a few comments, we just reformed and went back in

  4. I am sorry to hear you had a bad weekend 😦 Never had total freezes lately, but lag happened quite often. No wipes because of it though. Hope you’ll have more fun next weekend. Cheers! πŸ˜‰

  5. Owww :3 i am a friend! :p Now i feal worm inside πŸ˜‰

    Speaking of that Sschindylryns EE – i was invited by the same guy again tonight for the Demonwebs EEs. I had enough after only one quest – while i was last man standing by the boss fight the “fearless leader” decided to not wait to anyone else (change of tactics? :p) and we lost half party on the map including leader… Oh well. I guess we were lucky by not doing rest of the Sschind with him πŸ˜‰

  6. Eveningstar is weird – it seems like it’s absolutely fine, maybe a smidge of lag but nothing big… right up until it gets a second instance. As soon as that happens, Eveningstar 1 totally locks up. And I’ve been running around with only one instance and been fine, then 30 seconds later lock up and I see it’s been split.

  7. @malinza we’ve had too many lag freezes lately. I got worse with the events, but lately it’s been happening all the time, or so it feels like. I don’t even call it lag, because the whole party can’t move, while the mobs still keep attacking you and healers can’t heal. Ppl usually die.

    @Tinman πŸ˜› hehe, I guess u qualify. πŸ™‚ Ok, good to know not to run EE’s with him. I was getting a bit annoyed with his “I don’t need buffs” attitude. It’s not like I buff for the sake of the other players, I buff to save myself mana. Buffs reduce the damage they take, which means I don’t have to use as much mana on heals.

    @LrdSlvrhnd interesting. I hadn’t noticed that. Wonder if the other areas freeze for the same reason? I need to check that out.

  8. omg…you even mentioned me in your blogs, from half a year ago xD. Lag problem is so much better these days. I haven’t had a freeze up or DC in a long while. Maybe its because too many people quit? Hahahah jk lol.

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