Epic elites and ADQ

This is my late Sunday post. πŸ™‚

On Sundays I usually sleep late and write my Saturday blog while having breakfast, usually in early afternoon. This Sunday I decided to log on to DDO instead to check if Cleazy was on. He was, but was busy getting an eADQ group together. I only have one epic toon, Thazara, and she ran eADQ on Saturday, so no go. I was just hanging around for a while, then saw an lfm for The House of Death Undone, epic elite looking for healer. I sent a tell than I just capped Thaz yest and that I could run.

Sschindylryn Epic Elites
I told the party that I’m unsure about where the quest is, so pls don’t enter before I get there. Found my way fine. Start was a bit messy and I didn’t know that freedom of movement was needed until someone complained “omg. ee and no fom”. I replied “sorry, I didn’t know”. Well, duh, maybe say something before we start, then? Party was ok, we had some deaths, including me, but I think we managed pretty well.

After this one we headed over to The House of Rusted Blades, and 2 ppl left the group. I send Jal a tell to come join (he didn’t make it there until we finished that one, though). This quest turned out to be too much for us to handle. Even after I switched to Unyielding Sentinel ED, I still couldn’t take the damage the mobs were hitting me for. After 2 wipes we tried different tactics. Ring the bell, d-door and fight our way from there. I got rather bossy, telling ppl that I’m mass healing from the pally, so stay close to him. I also told party to let arti pull mobs, and even the party leader (who was a wizard) to keep melees hasted. lol. This time around we finished without too big issues.

Then on to The House of Broken Chains. I felt I had found my place in the party at this point, so I kept telling ppl to stay close and making sure everyone was in range for heals (or telling them to stay close). At one point we got overwhelmed by the mass amount of spiders and I ran out of mana and bursts. Safe to say we all died at that point. Lucky for us there was a shrine close by and after I got back up I scroll healed a bit so we could thin out the mobs some, then ran over to the other shrine to get my mana back. Back to the group, rebuff and on we go. The rest of the run went ok. (Second pic is of a spider who got stuck in the wall, lol)

Chains Chains 2
Chains 3 Chains 4

Jal and the pally had to leave after that quest, the rest of us rebuffed and headed over to the final. We got 2 replacements and in we go. Again I was telling ppl to stay close. And yes, I was mainly healbotting, saving all mana for heals, while staying close enough for aura to heal too while blocking. We had some deaths, but nothing as bad as the 2 wipes in blades, or the near wipe in chains.

The Portal Opens The Portal Opens 2
The Portal Opens 3 The Portal Opens 4

After these runs Thazara had collected a total of 4305 favor. πŸ™‚ But still only 305 pdk. Oh, and with her healbot weapon which gets her positive spell power to 222, I saw her mass heal crit for over 2000, and bursts for over 600. Pretty awesome in my opinion. πŸ™‚

Heroic ADQ
After running Thaz I logged off and went for a jog. Got back later and decided I wanted to run ADQ on Cerge. I lfm’d for heroic ADQ preraid casual, raid elite, need second group. I got a tell from someone wanting to do the preraid elite, so said, ok, we can do that. I got 2 more sorcerers and then a monk. I headed over to the quest to get started, the first sorc found his way, the other got lost and the monk was going to show him the way, but he got mad at me for not waiting for him and left. Later on he started sending me tells that I was rude, and that he was laughing at me for entering and dying (first glyph was octo and the blade trap got me). πŸ™‚ I replied “It happens”. (and some other things, but at least I didn’t get mad. Dude was rude, imo).

A while later we were joined by an fvs and a 3rd sorc. The monk had to do most of the work because us sorcs are squishy! πŸ˜€ We got through the preraid ok, then headed over to 5 man the raid on elite. Safe to say we wiped. I put up an lfm for more ppl with “have preraid done” and got a wizard. Second time, wipe again. I told the group ok, one more try, then I have to go. This time everyone got ship buffs and we made sure everyone was buffed before fighting the marilith. Third time was the charm, marilith went down pretty quickly and painlessly. πŸ™‚ And Cerge got his first ADQ completion. Loot was moot, though.

That’s all for now. Ty for reading and see u in game.

6 comments on “Epic elites and ADQ

  1. @Samius huh? oh, u meant that I could have done eADQ preraid? Yeah, but what’s the point if u’re on timer for the raid anyway?

    @legend πŸ™‚ ty. I would have wanted to run the other quests as well, but meh, I’ll run them some other time.

  2. Micki, I think Samius is talking about the raid reset timers. You can buy them on DDO Store for 150 TP a piece http://ddowiki.com/page/Raid_Timer_Bypass_Hourglass

    Like legendkilleroll I never played EE yet and from what I read here on blogs and on forums it does look like the difficulty is top notch. Good to test a team endurance I guess πŸ™‚

    Maybe you should ask for what buffs anyone needs just when you enter quest? I always do that to avoid any grief later … I also ask them to type since sometimes they all speak at once πŸ˜› If someone dies I immediately rebuff them after raise with buffs I know his class usually doesn’t have access to. People are over reacting anyway so don’t let them spoil your fun πŸ˜‰

    Haha, I liked how you manage to succeed when you took the leader spot! See? You HAVE to pick the banner and lead the gimps to victory.

    The last 2 pictures from House Avithoul quest are very nice, it looks like all the room is on fire. Very spectacular! Also I see you either enjoy the flames or they follow you since half the screenshots are on fire πŸ˜€ You are sure you are not a fire savant? πŸ˜› The best screenshot is the one with the monk you caught mid air while he is about to kick the priestess in the face. How cool is that? I doubt there are any MMOs out there who have these unique bits.

    Very nice runs again, I like that you introduced Cerge to the show too, ADQ being a good test on how you can handle pressure. Short manning on elite is indeed impressive, since Queen Lailat (proper respect to one of my favorite DDO bosses please ! πŸ˜€ ) is very dangerous when she gets the battle close and personal to you.

    I had a great morning drinking coffee and reading your post. Thank you for a great start to my day. I hope yours will be as great as mine. Cheers! πŸ™‚

  3. @malinza. πŸ™‚ I’ve never bought a raid reset timer, and don’t think I will any time soon. Feels like a waste of TP.

    On Buffs, I always throw mass buffs, if someone wants fom, they need to speak up, not assume the’ll get it (ppl could have items with the same effect, so that would be wasting mana for me). πŸ™‚ Even in Shroud I rarely pass fom, since there’s usually someone with more mana than me that can pass it.

    πŸ™‚ Well, I didn’t lead as much as make sure I could keep ppl alive and get protection too. Teehee.

    I might have picked fire pics cause I thought they look cool, I donno. πŸ™‚

    πŸ™‚ Cerge has run 5 hard shrouds and now his first heroic ADQ. I wish to do 20 of both before I TR him.

  4. I love the art work in the Portal Opens. There are tapestries (?) on various walls that look really good (that popped into my head with the shot of the loading screen) πŸ™‚

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