Easter weekend and ddo

Easter Friday and Monday are national holidays in Finland. I still decided to pretty much play my normal hours, except for on Saturday logging on a couple of hours earlier than I usually do. It was a very good Saturday and Sunday for me. On Saturday I got to run with Crush and Deli in Vale and Lords of Dust chain (we were all lvl 18, I was running Maidae), and those guys I just have a lot of respect for, and it pretty much made my day. I did switch to Cerge for my and Osi’s raid night at 9 and we ran eH/eE ADQ, eH CitW, eH FoT, eH/ eH VON, ee Chrono and elite TOD. I was talking to a friend during some of those runs, so I was rather distracted, but I enjoy running the raids and it just feels good having Osi there. ToD did not fill this time, so we short manned it (only 7 ppl) and the run was a bit slower than usually. When Osi logged off, even though I was super tired I still decided to post for Deathwyrm and Firepeak raids, only eN. Deathwyrm has slowly become a pretty routine raid for me, even though I still don’t know the puzzles off by heart. My guildie Jedli has been learning them, and he’s now helping me do them (if he’s online). The run wasn’t super fast, but we completed, and then I posted for Firepeak. The Firepeak run was going annoying. We lacked dps, ppl weren’t listening, and at some point I for a moment feared we were gonna wipe. But we pulled through and completed. I did apologize afterwards for the run to someone.

Sunday I logged at 1pm with the plan to xp my ED’s on Cerge. I posted for eH/ eH VON again, and Osi and Jedli joined me. I was in no hurry to start, I was cleaning my inventory and having a cup coffee, and we slowly filled. I started when I had half a party, and like always I did the voice and the ring. I managed to fall down off the bridge on the left side north, but got back up with my boots of propulsion. And when I was going to talk to the head east, I notice the puzzle isn’t done (person working on it had only gotten 1/3 of the way), so I spend some time working on the puzzle while the rest of the party is waiting south (can’t continue until the head is read). I usually don’t do the puzzle since I have to wiki it and it’s just slow, others are faster. But after a few min I got it done and we were able to continue the raid. I as always asked Osi to do the bases, and he put ppl on fire and ice… I solo ran to air and though I was able to prep and kill the djinn myself, my arrows only showed 0 damage on the pillar, so we had to redo it with more ppl on air.

After VON I suggested to Osi and Jedli that we do some xp runs and I chose VON1-4 ee. Yes, I xp ee, because Osi is awesome, lol. And my little toon actually does well in these lowbie ee’s even in an off ED. And I can fascinate most trash mobs. In VON2 I decided to go for the blossoms on my own, and died when I was trying to fascinate the quori stalkers. Probably they are immune? It took me a while to shoot them from below, but at least I managed to get it done, lol. During VON3 I started talking to Cleazy, and invited him to join us and after we were done with VONs Delirium joined us on an alt for ee Demonweb. Osi decided to log after that chain, while the rest of us continued with Web of Chaos chain ee. After the first two quests I gave Cleazy the star to lfm and we got a few pugs with us for Spinner and Beyond the rift. I was having a lot of fun with fascinate and was fascinating mobs left and right, lol. The biggest issue with fascination (except ppl not listening when I say ‘don’t hit them if they got music over their head’) is that it takes a few seconds to sing, so if the mobs hit you too hard during it, it’s easy to die. Blur + displacement does help though. 🙂

And after those runs me and Jedli joined Sorul’s lfm for eH Deathwyrm. I was pretty tired after the runs before, but the run itself was pretty good. S put me on dragon, but I was feeling pretty unsure about it and was happy to let Jedli take over. I often put Jedli on dragon in my runs, lol, because he’s high reflex, self healing dps. Nothing interesting dropped, and I was ready to quit playing for the night. Sorul puts up another Deathwyrm and Jedli tells me in guild chat that he wants to rerun. I ask him if he wants me to come along, and he tells me it’s up to me. I decide to go, even though I’m kind of tired. This time Sorul puts Jedli on dragon and me on battle rangers. I’ve never kited the rangers before, so I’m a bit worried, but except for having a bit of problems pulling some of them, kiting was a non issue. They don’t knock you over on eH, like they do on eN, and I used my sprint boosts to get away from them a few times. Close to the end, though, I have a lot of stuff on me, all my rangers and maybe two shadows and I get held (my fom had run out and I hadn’t noticed) and dead. The raid finish right after.

After a long day of raiding and xp’ing I’m feeling done with the game for today.

Ty for stopping by and have a wonderful Easter weekend.

P.S. I keep saying this, but to me ddo is a social media. I enjoy playing with other ppl, and I spend a lot of time talking to ppl. If I end up soloing a quest either because I didn’t feel like pugging, or because no one was joining my lfm, I spend the time talking to ppl. Of course, at times I’m too tired to talk.

P.P.S I after the VON raid, I decided to record myself jumping off the bridge in VON6 😛



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