EE raiding

People enjoy different things in game. I love running raids, and have for a long time, but what I enjoy the most are ee raids. After this weekend I have now run all the raids that have an epic difficulty, on epic elite, some more than once. I have run ee VON6 and ee ADQ a number of times, ee CitW and ee Chrono only a couple of times, and now ee MA once (ee LoB once as well). I was supriced at how easy ee MA was compared to FoT and CitW, even though neither of them feel like a struggle anymore. Of course, for a good run you need ppl with dps who know what they’re doing, and this is why I currently do not host these.

Okidoke, on Saturday I did my 8th ee FoT with the selected group, and after it Adenai hosted ee MA. Here are the videos:

Thank you for reading/ watching and have a wonderful day.


7 comments on “EE raiding

  1. Raiding is definitely an interesting and fun aspect of the game. I wish I was able to get more into the raiding scene. Eventually I will be, but at the moment I’m content with the occasional raid here and there. I do enjoy seeing these runs, that is for sure!!

    • 🙂 aww. ty. I got into raiding a while back, and I still love running them, I just have to prioritise and to other things too, so I don’t raid quite as much as I’d like (I’d love to raid every day).

      I should maybe some time record an average eH pug run too, to show the difference 🙂

  2. Hey, Micki. What settings are you using in Bandicam to make your videos? They seem so clearer than my own. That, and if you use an editor for the movies, what is it? I’m stuck with Movie Maker until I find something less hellish.

    • Hi. 🙂 I have xvid codec installed (video), and since Windows movie maker wouldn’t function with avi files for me, I started using Avidemux, an opensource (free) avi editor. I mostly just use it to cut and append avi files, but it’s simple to use, and doesn’t reduce video quality.

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