Special raids this Sat

Friday I decided to run Thazara for the 1st time since I eTR’d her, so I did eH/ eH ADQ and VON. I was surprised as how much damage she was doing compared to other 1st life toons I’ve played. She was burning sp like crazy, but I was able to solo rooms in eH ADQ at lvl 20, which I feel proud of. I have had previous toons/ builds that were not able to. Thazara got lvl 21.

On Saturday I logged at 8 pm, and posted for ADQ flag (on Cerge), and strangely quickly got a group for Chains of Flame eH. We ran Wiz-king as well, and since I had blood from a previous run of An offering of Blood, I was flagged after the 2 runs. Osi logged just as we were finishing Wiz-king, and I left my party to join up with Osi. Osi’s toon is a completionist dc caster fvs, with 3x all the caster past lives. He plays his toon well, and has solo’d most ee’s, including Tor and Belly of the Beast. Osi gets a bit bored with the easy standard runs, so this Sat he decided that we were gonna 6 man all raids. We started with eH/ eE ADQ, then eH/ eH VON and eE Chrono. I think I was the only one to die in eE ADQ2, and in VON no one died if I recall. Chrono got a bit messy as we were trying to do some of the opts and ppl go split up, but again Cerge was doing a lot better than I expected. With the runs Cerge got xp for half way to 23, starting at lvl 20 when I logged.

After Chrono I switched to Maidae and our 6 man raids continued. We did eH FoT 7 man, as ppl insisted we take the 7th person, but the run was fast and smooth and then we did 6 man eH CitW. We started 4 man and got 2 more during the leg fight. The run was very smooth, smoother than some full group runs I’ve been in. A few ppl got kicked off during the legs (I got kicked once), but except for that we had no deaths. As we were getting ready for end fight, Osi and other guy dc’d, so I suggested Osi summon another shrine after he got back (I was sure we had already lost 6th chest). The end fight was incredibly smooth, Osi did the orb while we were fighting Lolth, and as we were clearing the portal I suggested we keep the portal keeper mistress. Everyone paid attention and worked together and we got Ana through on 1st try. The run took 56 min from entering and waiting for me, to finish.

Osi logged off and I waited for Item’s group to finish Abbot, then I joined him for 2 runs. We had some problems with lag and roids failed twice in the 1st run, but 3rd try was a success, and 2nd run went well. I had some coffee after Chrono earlier and I was feeling rather wired even though it was like 3 in the morning, so I posted for Deathwyrm. I knew Cleazy had a run ip, but since they were full and locked, I decided to see if I could get a group. I was going to only wait a few then take it down if no joiners, but someone sent me a tell asking me to reserve, so I decided to go in solo and see how far I’d get. I didn’t even finish the 1st puzzle before I had 2 joiners and as I was entering the 2nd I got a few more. When the other group finished, several of them joined and we locked the raid as 11 man. Everything was smooth up until the shadows spawned, then we started lagging.

The lag was so bad that we were frozen in place while the mobs were able to beat us down. Somehow one person survived and I told them to grab our stones and jump off the edge when the lag stopped. They managed to grab all stones but one and raised us down below and we were back at it. We were doing well again until we were supposed to light beam the dragon. The second lever keeper had trash on him and we missed our timing, after which we got hit with mayor lag again and almost wiped again. I survived this time and grabbed a couple of stones and hopped off the edge. Some others survived and got raised where they were. In the end we fought lag, and beat it. I didn’t check how long the run took.

Okidoke, that’s all I have for you for this time. Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.

P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info.

3 comments on “Special raids this Sat

  1. Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the lag. The other raids went so smoothly, but I congratulate you on persistence Micki with the lag issues!! Strong runs indeed. 🙂

  2. 🙂 thanks guys. Yes, one common line I’ve heard so many times in the raids is “I can’t even move”. Before you either get lucky and survive or ‘ding’. The mobs can usually attack normally. It’s like a different difficulty, lol.

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