That ee Zawabi’s Revenge

October 22, 2013 Thazara (1st life lvl 28 cleric)  and Osiride (20+ life lvl 28 fvs) completed ee  Zawabi’s Revenge as a duo (see 2 man ee Zawabi’s Revenge). We both ran in Unyielding Sentinel ED for better survivability, Osi tanked her and kited trash and I mostly dot’ed Lailat. Since then we have been running weekly ee Zawabi’s (ADQ2) with different groups, sometimes with a full party, sometimes 6 man, sometimes less. Our weekly raid night usually contains one run of ADQ. I’ve usually been running one of my levelling toons for xp.

This Saturday we were running ADQ as normally, Osi had an lfm up and we only got one joiner, a lvl 25? swashbuckler bard. Or maybe he was 24, I don’t remember now. Osi was like “I don’t run hard”, and then says “Thazara: we’ll try ee and if we fail we do hard”. Sure says I, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I recently eTR’d Thaz, and she was only 23, but I had done one 6 man ee Zawabi’s on her already, and I trust Osi. So in we went, Osi in Sentinel meant to tank her, me in Angel since Thaz is now a divine dc caster, and always runs in Angel.

We get through the hallway, buff and start the Lailat fight. I’m not wearing any perma blur item, but I have a few displace clickies. I know I cannot handle Lailat aggro, but I keep casting my spells at her anyway, stealing aggro from Osi over and over, since his dps is a bit lower due to being in the tanking ED. The bard gets scared and recalls after the second death, while I and Osi per usual do not recall unless it’s a wipe. So we continue.

I decide to try and not pull so much aggro, so I help Osi kill off the efreetis that he’s kiting through bb’s, before focusing on Lailat. Osi is pulling her aggro and is tanking her, but over and over as he’s tanking her, I do a crit and she turns and slashes me to pieces. Running doesn’t help much. As she hits her rage mode (at ~20% hp), I switch to heal mode and let Osi finish her off. With the death penalties I’ve suffered, I’m taking quite a bit of damage from the blades and archers and I die twice because of it, and Osi has to throw me a raise. But it the end we succeeded. Yay!

That’s all I have for you for this time. Thank you for stopping by and happy hunting.



2 comments on “That ee Zawabi’s Revenge

  1. “The bard gets scared and recalls after the second death”

    xD I think he didn’t left for see if we could really make it.

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