40th CitW

One of the raids I wanted to run this Saturday, was CitW. My lfm said “eH. know it, bring main/ best ED”. I got 2 fvs, druid, and some others. I was doing tree form on Thaz, my latest favourite. This time I was more patient than last time I ran it, and waited for most to be in before we started. We started lagging in the leg fight, and I suggested we restart, but was told that the whole server has been lagging that day, so restarting would not solve it. We fought on.

Running away and up from the leg fight we started lagging again, and several ppl died, including me. I was thinking that it was hopeless. But the ones who survived got us back up and on we went. After that we lagged a bit, or at least I did, but nothing mayor and we fought through it. I was mostly helping with dps in tree form, while the other healers healed more.

Come last area we do as we usually do, hide behind the rock, I realise we don’t have have CC, oh well, let’s go without then. Mobs spawn, we fight and lag a bit, but we’re alright. Melees go on lolth and Ana keeper dies. I grab her and try to park her behind the rock, as I was asked to, but she was running around too much so I skipped that plan and went back to healing the melees. One fvs die, but other guy’s just healing the melees, and I’m so happy. I couldn’t have kept the melees alive while running after Ana. So, me and fvs are healing, and he or someone gets the dead ones up and we’re back.

On to prepping the necro and a portal keeper. We clear by the portal and kill trash. Like always I ask the party to save the goristro on the bridge and the necro. We have a mistress too close to the necro, and the guy beating on her is not listening at first, but then pulls her north as asked. Mistress down, goristro and necro prepped, kill and Ana is through.

Oh, man I was happy with the run. πŸ™‚ One guy said “that was the smoothest run in a long while” and Ana keeper said it was thanks to me quickly grabbing Ana when she died, that we got the 6th chest. I would like to credit my new guldie for keeping healing, and everyone for listening to instructions. Everyone did great. πŸ™‚

Here’s my 40th list, from which I picked pinion (only picking stuff Thaz can use, and I already had balizarde, twilight, sireth and agony).

And after the CitW run, I put up an FoT. I wanted to tank storm reaver. Group was ok, but we had some problems because TO tank died and undead kiter died, and I didn’t prep SR enough, so when TO died, SR had too much hp left for me to take him out fast enough. So we failed. I lfm’d again, and this time I got 4 divines, except me. Again I was on SR and I wanted Demon to do TO. But he lagged and died, so Godforged got to do TO tank instead. The funny bit was that all divines were in Primal Avatar ED, and doing tree. πŸ™‚ My 3rd time tanking SR in tree form, I prepped him well enough, so when the group had TO down I was able to kill him fast enough. I was very happy about tanking and prepping SR almost by myself (one of the other trees helped me a little). And I didn’t die. πŸ™‚ We ran on hard.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day/ week.


11 comments on “40th CitW

  1. Grats on the runs and the 40th completion πŸ™‚

    Ive not been doing raids as much recently as ive been tr’ing and leveling but when i do there doesnt seem to be trees like orien

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