Raid Night

Saturday is as some of you know my raid night. πŸ™‚ Usually my friends log on later, so I try to save TOD, ADQ and Shroud for later. This Sat I logged on at about 7pm, GMT+2. After my crazy photo collection in the last post, I have tried to reduce it in this one to only one pic per raid/ run.

Shroud (elite)
I figured, since I run elite shroud on Thaz later in the night, and my friends usually join that one, I could run one on Cerge earlier. I seem to have gotten a lot more relaxed with the raids, and especially elite shroud. I’ve always been putting requirements in the lfm, but now I just put 20-25, elite. πŸ™‚ I accepted anyone hitting the lfm basically. I got 3 clerics, 2 wizards, 2 monks, fighter, rogue and other sorc. Dps was good. We messed up phase 2 first try by killing the ellie too soon, but succeeded on second try. Phase 4 was a 2 rounder with a few deaths, but we just took him out as I ran out of mana. And phase 5 was good. πŸ˜› This was Cerge’s 11th Shroud and 2nd elite (others hard).


ADQ (eN+eH)
After Shroud I put up an ADQ pre eNorm, raid eHard. Andy joined on his monk and said he was gonna start a second group on his cleric. My group filled with 2 wizards, arti and ranger, Andy’s second group got even more casters, lol. Everyone wants the torc. πŸ˜› Cerge did good, even though I needed some help in some of the rooms and then I ran out of mana and let the ranger kill while I hid. lol. We had a good pre then joined Andy’s group for the raid. eADQ is very easy on hard as a full raid group.


ToD (hard)
Andy asked if I was going to do a ToD, and I said yes. Domfig had logged a little earlier and he was busy running an eChrono, but took a while for my ToD to fill, so he got a spot. I got heals, casters, shadowtank, but no real main tank, so the monks were tanking. Well, yes, monks can tank, but usually monks don’t have the intim gear of a real tank, and don’t hit as hard either. One of the monks said he could tank, Jal was second tank. We decided to short man as no one applied for last spot. We had a couple of deaths in phase 1, and in phase 2 one person died just as the boss went down. Phase 3 was good. Thaz pulled a +2 wisdom tome from one of the chests.


ADQ (eN+eH)
Niv had told me he was gonna log 1h before my weekly Shroud, and I knew he wanted to run ADQ, so I waited for him for a while. Then I got restless and put up the lfm, hoping he’d make it before we finished. Again there was a lot of ppl interested and I asked the last person hitting the lfm to start a second group. He said we don’t really need one, but I told him I was waiting for a friend, and there might be more ppl interested. Niv joined just as we were starting, but didn’t make it in until the boss fight, so missed the chests. Andy was running on his arti and was impatient with the chests and opened them all. My group finished first, and a little while laiter we were joined by the second group. Raid was short and easy. πŸ™‚


Shroud (elite)
I lfm’d for my weekly shroud a bit early, and this time I also put just 20-25, Elite. I told the group that I believe people know if they can do elite or not and that’s enough for me. I got 2 bards and I told them I’m going to have them help me heal, but then I got one more bard and a cleric, so one of the bards switched to a melee toon. We had good dps and I don’t think anyone died. Phase 4 was a 2 rounder.


Mired in Kobolds (elite)
After Shroud Dom and Niv wanted to do something else, I wanted to wait for Cleazy. Dom lfm’d for VoD elite, I headed over to Mired in Kobolds to try and get some scales for Maidae. I went in on elite and brought Andaro, the EA hireling with me. Quest itself was easy, Varath was easy, Sinvala was a pain in the A. Man! that dragon has a lot of hp. Lucky for me I didn’t need to kite her, but could just shield block, but even though my dp was critting for over 1k every so often, it still took me about 20 minutes to take her out, and I drank 3 pots. I left all 9 chests unopened, kicked the hireling and lfm’d for “free chests, scales reserved”. I got a total of 3 scales that was given to me from other players.

Sinvala Sinvala


VON (eN+eH)
While I was fighting Sinvala, Cleazy logged on and put up a VON. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it before they finish, but they’re just heading to the boss fight when I enter. I get 0xp from VON5. VON6 is smooth as always. This was Thazara’s 20th VON, and I spent some time deciding what to take from the end reward list as options was pretty poor. I ended up picking Kundarak Delving Boots, as it was the only item on the list I would find even situationally usefull.


VON (eN+eH)
While I was trying to decide what to pick for Thaz on the end reward list, Cleazy had put up another VON, and sends me a tell “are you switching?”. I hadn’t even noticed he had put up the lfm again, so I switch to Cerge, hurry up and buff and head back to VON. I kill some stuff, loot and head to boss fight. This was Cerge’s maybe 4th VON and I only now realised the knight is immune to ice and acid. πŸ˜› In VON6 I was really proud of myself, C put me on wind, I made it to wind as the second person, and I even cast a few spells+ddoor. πŸ™‚ I was dot’ing Velah and running behind the rock when someone called fire and I didn’t die. πŸ˜› I’m always proud when I don’t die.


CitW (Norm)
I wanted to run CitW and Cleazy put one up. We have an ok group, but lag is terrible already from the start. We manage to get through fighting Lolths legs, and on the way to the next part we lag horribly and half the party dies and some release and come back in. After a while of fighting lag, we decide to restart, try a different instance. Some of the party leaves and get replaced, but second try is a lot better. I’m getting really tired at this point so I’m not really feeling it. I even asked if I could sleep on my keyboard and just wake up for loot. πŸ˜› We finish and loot’s really crap. I think one of the monks pulled the wraps and some got comms, that was it. I didn’t get anything. On the end reward list I found a hat with devotion +102 and dimplomacy +15, which I thought was nice as I have a radiance scepter I currently like using, and my only devotion item (as in opposed to weapon) was the Alchemist’s Crown.


Raid night was Micki running from about 7pm Saturday night to 5.30am Sunday morning and all in all I did 2x elite Shroud, 2x eVON, 2x eADQ, ToD, CitW and Mired in Kobolds solo elite. I spent some time talking with Cleazy before logging off, but I was falling asleep in my seat, so I wasn’t going to run anything more, even though he said I’m prolly planning something. Teehee.

Alright, that’s all folks. Ty for reading and have a great week, and a Happy New Year.

P.S. I am going to make a post about Sunday, but will do that later.

P.P.S OnMouseOver the pics for info.

5 comments on “Raid Night

  1. Some crazy long play times. Grats on the runs Micki! πŸ™‚ Sinvala really is a tough nut to crack, cheers for having the nerves to do it and also for the scales πŸ˜‰ Keep them up!

  2. πŸ™‚ Thanks guys. It took me was it 40-45 min to run Mired, so I don’t think I will be doing that again in a while, will probably just run Tor instead. I drank 3 pots, even though I was using con-op and torc.

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