In wait for U17

In wait for U17 and epic gianthold, Maidae and Keronna have finished running Gianhold walkups. The three at the moment flagging quests will be left for a little later. I’ve again slept too little and on Thursday the game refused to let me in after a dc, I’ve not remembered to take too many pics. Did a few raids (my normal Wednesday shroud didn’t happen), including lfm’ing for CitW for the second time, and having Ana for the first time. On Friday after Cannith night Jarvanna got to come out and play for a while (did a few quests duo with sis’ druid).



GH on Cannith:




🙂 That’s a short week update from me.

Tc and see you in game.

P.S. I have 9 days off work starting today, so will hopefully get to play some more.

P.P.S. OnMouseOver for picture info.

P.P.P.S Yes, I did name my wolf Awesomesauce. But he is!

7 comments on “In wait for U17

  1. I failed at downloading the Lamannia server and I won’t be 25th for a while, I decided then to take a passive approach for eGH for now xD.

    I miss Cannith fridays (although every night is Cannith for me). How were things this friday?

  2. Oh, and I realized that the reason I still don’t like CiTW yet is because I still don’t understand this ‘taking Ana’ thing and I don’t want to mess anyone’s run.

  3. @grim 😛 I don’t play 10h/ day, only on the weekends.

    @blue 🙂 things were good, we had some good runs.

    🙂 Ana’s guarding needs to 1. bring Ana last, as mobs only spawn after she enters the area, 2. keep her out of too much danger, tell her not to fight, 3. bring her to the orbs and 4. tell her when to drop a shrine. I brought her too close to the last area and mobs spawned util we were ready, but it worked out fine.

    @malinza 🙂 ty. No, I have neither pulled it or had a chance to roll on it. Never even seen it drop, although I was told it did drop in once of our runs.

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