Sunday Post

I woke up sort of early (well early for me, since I went to bed late) and after writing my Saturday blog post I logged on Thaz (weekends are still Thazara’s time).

I check the lfm for anything fun and see an eHard Chronoscope looking for healer. I join and hurry there. I don’t believe I know anyone in the group, and people aren’t talking much, but it’s ok. We do optionals pretty quickly and head over to the bank. Bank fight is good, we don’t run into trouble until steam tunnels where we hit orange and red alert (if I remember correctly), and a few people die. But we recover and head over to end fight. End fight’s smooth we d-door to go get chests and for the first time (for me) no one waited until explosion to open chests.

eChrono eChrono2

After eChrono Neugash asked if I wanted to do ADQ, told me he’s still on timer for about 30 min. I lfm for “ADQ prereaid eNorm, raid eHard if we get second group”, then headed over to quest. I entered to check riddle, but didn’t want to start solo (I was running in EA ED and Thaz is so squishy in it, can’t solo eNorm), so I waited until an fvs joined me. We started as a duo, but were soon after joined by a few ppl. I managed to not die this run, lol! but the other barb did. After getting ready to enter raid, the barb realises that he didn’t actually talk to the djinni twice and can’t enter. The fvs is kind, though and suggests we just run it quickly on eCasual. I’m not in the mood for rerunning, so I went to buff, then changed my mind and headed over to help them out. They were actually done with all the Glyphs when I get there, so I only join for end fight and get a little bit of xp. 4 of us ran the second time.

As we’re 6 manning, I suggest we do raid on eNorm as well, and it’s a good run. Someone dies, I forgot who, but it was over pretty quickly and we get loot… but just junk. And I didn’t even get a raid token. 😦

eADQ group

Since I didn’t run eVON on Saturday, I wanted to run it today. While we were running ADQ I was checking the lfm, and saw one for eVON. I sent a tell that I’ll join once I’m done with ADQ, so after we finish ADQ I join. This must have been my 11th or 12th VON, and I still don’t know the objectives, lol! We do both on eHArd, and Thaz gets 40k xp from VON5 even with the repetition penalty. In VON6 the other healer dies once for not reacting when someone calls fire, and I die a while later for the same reason… I was watching for fire, didn’t see it, and didn’t move out of the way fast enough (was running in EA, so only just over 500 hp). We finish in about 3 minutes and this run I get both an epic raid token and a red scale. Yay! (Last time I didn’t get either).


Running with the devils
I wish to make a gs melee weapon for Thaz, and I was missing 2 of the stones for the blank, from Running with the Devils and Rainbow in the dark. I put up an lfm for “Quick normal for gs stone” and headed over to the quest. I was using blade barrier and standing in the blades while meleing. Most of the foes I was able to take out without too much annoyance (stupid healing clerics), but Taeron Rimond was getting on my nerves. I was low on mana and ran out when I was fighting him, he just kept healing and I wasn’t doing enough damage. Used several haste pots and what tricks I had without mana, and was beating on him for like forever before he finally dropped. While resting before end fight I check the lfm and see one for Druid’s deep chain on eHard, looking for a healer. I send a tell that I’ll join once I finish my quest. I start end fight at full mana and it doesn’t take me long to take mobs out with comet fall, dp and bb + melee.

The Druid’s Deep
I join a group doing Druid’s deep chain, and even though the leader says he doesn’t hear/ use voice, a few people are talking (well actually there was this one barb who was talking, lol!), first 2 quests are smooth, in Thorn and Paw I mess up (well I lag too) in the boss fight and die. Actually, the leader dies first and I try to raise him, but I don’t know why it didn’t work. I was a bit laggy anyway.

For final we loose two melees and the leader reposts. We’re joined by a monk and a pally. Run is smooth and we get some loot. πŸ™‚ Boss fight is not bad either, even though I get close to running out of mana. Nice thing about being a cleric, running out of mana in a quest doesn’t mean u’re out of heals, u still have aura and bursts, so as long as u can stand close to the melees, u’ll be able to heal without potting or using scrolls.

Druid's Deep

Dreaming Dark
I see an lfm for Dreaming Dark elite, and join. The leader is a rogue at 300 something hp, which I’m thinking is very little, but rogues do have evasion. We do optional (which I didn’t even know existed, lol!), and boss fight’s not even as hard as I had thought. I decide to stay close to the melees so I can aura heal even if I get stunned, and it’s working ok. Only just before we beat the boss, does leader rogue die. But he was lagging, and it took me 3 tires to raise him.

Rainbow in the dark
After DD I put up an lfm for “Quick normal for gs stone” for Rainbow in the dark. I start solo and run past most mobs. I get the crest and end up fighting fire elementals twice before I reach the shrine. Then I’m joined by a bard and soon after a ranger. I go back to get the bard and soon after he throws a d-door so we can go get the ranger. I’m a bit confused as where to go, but I have the walkthrough on paper (lol!) and was checking which way to take. We just get the key and then head for boss fight. Ranger has a lot of problems jumping over the pit and previously the bard fell down in another part and couldn’t find the ladder. πŸ™‚ Thaz didn’t fall at all, which was ironic seeing as I always fail the jumps. She actually was jumping really well this time. We get to puzzle, ranger does the puzzle really fast. Boss fight, boss goes down pretty fast and Thaz gets the last stone for her gs.

I decided that it was enough questing for today, I just wanted to see if I could make the gs blank for Thaz, so moved all the gs stuff from my other toons to Thaz before heading back to Meridia to see what I could make. Turns out she’s missing 4 mats for the base item (I didn’t check if I could craft the tier 1 and 2 shard). So, unless prices go down on AH, I’m just gonna have to run some more Vale for them.

Alright, that’s the run down of Thazara’s Sunday.

Take care and see you in game or on twitter (lol!)

Peace out.

P.S. With today’s runs Thazara got Exalted Angel to level 5 (rank 21) and I started to level GrandMaster of Flowers (4 ranks so far).


4 comments on “Sunday Post

  1. @Domfig πŸ™‚ Not sure, I was a bit confused about how to even get there, but I think they fought something.

    @legend πŸ™‚ I don’t know, maybe it just seems that way? πŸ™‚ I do seem to run into the same people often during my runs, though, and I think that’s cool.

    Oh, hey, I just realized, Balader from eChrono was the bard that joined me in rainbow. Cool πŸ™‚ And the ranger was a guildie, who I’ve run with before.

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