Expansion approaching, thoughts and plans

The expansion is approaching. As I purchased it during the prepurchase, I have had access to closed beta and open beta. I did spend some time looking at things during closed beta, but none during open, so I really do not know what the final product will look like. Apparently we will all get a +20 heart of wood to redo all our characters, and the tree form has been “fixed”.

I am not a powergamer. I do not focus on making the most uber op toons I can. What I do, is build toons that are multipurpose and to me fun. My toons are usually pretty bad solo, but do well in a group. Usually my toons self heal and can raise people, while also offering secondary dps, or cc. Although, I also like to kite and zerg, while I suck at killing things, so unless I have someone who keeps up with me, I may run into trouble, lol.

My Thaz has for a long time been mostly a healbot, with a little bit of dps on the side. I get horribly bored healbotting, so I’ve always been meleing and casting offensive spells while I heal, usually not doing any mayor damage, more like keeping myself busy while I aura heal the melees. That was until I got primal avatar tree form. Then suddenly I had mayor dps, and was often main dps in groups I was running with. The problem was that while in tree form you cannot heal, so I started posting for byoh groups, as I wanted to dps, not heal. I also levelled primal avatar on my pure monk to up her dps as well.

But now, on Monday, they will have fixed the tree. To keep running the way I have been running, and not having to retreat back into healbot mode, I will have to do something.  I do not know what yet. My monk I plan to TR soon enough, and my wizard, druid and other cleric will also TR. Only Thaz will stay at end game as a 1st lifer. People have been telling me over and over to TR her, I say no. I have been spending time collecting favor on her since I made her, and I like having a toon that has all that favor. Also, Thaz is special to me, I want to keep her the way she is; caster with melee fallback. If I have to LR her to make her any use in end game, I may splash one level of wizard for wizard enhancements and I’d reduce her intelligence and put the points in con.

I have been spending time running raids with Matrix as much as possible, which means I’ve been sleeping very little, and have been tired. I need to sleep more, but it’s not really a priority for me. After leaving Gimpfest, I really wanted to join Matrix, just because I have some friends there and I figured they could help me improve. But today I was feeling a bit discouraged. The expansion is out, end game players are getting better, and I’m slow as always. I don’t like TR’ing and I find it too much work to figure out how to make the best type of toon. I also do not want to be like everyone else. I want to build the kind of toon I want to play, not the type that is the best at end game. I have no interest in monkchers or juggernauts, and even though the end game casters are awesome, I have many past lives planned for my caster before I’d do one of those.

I want to have fun in game, I like talking to ppl and joking around. But I also want efficient semi-fast runs and I get kind of cranky when ppl take too long. Especially now that I’ve been running without ship buffs. I was asking for buffs for a while, but lately I only ask for them for FoT, if I’m SR tanking. On the raids front, running raids when I’m tired is sort of bad. I fall off, or mess up, or don’t pay attention. Today we had a bit of a bad end fight in citw, because we didn’t have cc, nor enough dps to take out the mobs fast enough and ppl fell off.  On top of it, ppl weren’t listening to me when I was trying to fix the situation, and I see ppl in channel complaining. I know, it is my fault, I messed up, blame me, etc. I take things seriously and I try to work stuff out. But at the same time, it is not my fault if the ppl who join, don’t bring their best to the raid.

Anywho I wanted to run some ee gh before the expansion, and did 2 runs of ee crucible today. As I can’t solo, I was getting frustrated that ppl weren’t joining and the ppl who did join were taking too long to get to the quest. I shrined and restarted and we did maze as a trio no prob. Got more ppl after the 2nd horn and had a good run, as well as the 2nd run.  I pulled the aquatic bracers from the underwater chest, yay! 🙂 And in the 2nd run I even tried to swim to the underwater chest on Thaz, and made it there without dying. In fact I only got hit once, which my aura healed. Felt pretty awesome. I don’t expect to be running much of ee gh after today anymore, but we’ll see what happens.

So, tomorrow night (for me) the expansion and U19 should be live, and I’ll most likely spend the whole evening trying to figure out what to do with my toons. I expect my toons to suck, though, but I’ll figure something out, I usually do.

Alright, that’s all from me for now. Thank you for reading and tc.

P.S. I did my 20th Abbot on Thaz and Maidae and 20th FoT and CitW on Maidae this week. No good loot, though.

P.P.S. I know, I haven’t posted any pictures in a while. I haven’t really taken any nice ones lately. I’ll post some when I run expansion stuff though.


4 comments on “Expansion approaching, thoughts and plans

  1. Don’t worry, Micki 🙂 Clerics are better off in Primal Avatar than any other classes even after update. There will be a slight decrease in spam attack though. We’ll see what is how it goes. 🙂

    • 🙂 Thank you. I was told that the “twitch” was fixed, and damage reduced by half. As Thaz’s tree dps has already been lower than melee trees, her dps won’t be any good anymore. But yeah, we’ll see what happens.

  2. ‘the tree form has been “fixed”’ you make it sound like a pet being taken to the vet…. 😛

    On a completely different topic your blog take *forever* to load 😦

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