Firetha (Keronna) TR’d

I looked it up. It’s been a long while since I’ve done a TR into a non iconic class… and the ones that were done later than Firetha were Maidae into barbarian life (Sep 30, 2013), Cerge into bard life (Dec 26, 2013) and Jarvanna into current life (March 8, 2014). Firetha’s last TR was September 3, 2013.

Yesterday (March 8), I decided to TR Firetha into a drow sorcerer.
Here are her before and after pictures:

Firetha as a pm henshin                                       Firetha as a drow sorcerer (1 sorc)

I don’t really have any gear for her yet and the build plan isn’t completely finished… so we’ll see where I end up. I’m running her a bit with Darth now, and we’ll see how long I’m able to keep up, before he gets tired of me and decides to level faster, lol.

That’s all from me for now.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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