Questing week 14

I can’t remember now if I told you that I TR’d Firetha a few weeks ago and Darth told me he could level with me. The thing about this is that he plays a lot more than I do (I just can’t make more time for ddo, as I have irl stuff I need/ want to do as well), and he zerg TRs. When I TR I usually end up playing the toon at the most 2 nights a week, it takes me on an average 6 weeks to get the toon to 20. But, this time I decided I was going to make time to run with Darth, and learn how to TR his way.

We didn’t play as much as I would have liked, and I didn’t play as much as he would have liked… and several nights fell out for various reasons. In the end it took us 3.5 weeks to run 1-20, which is for Darth very slow, for me still faster than normally. I meant to take screenies from the runs, but since most of it was just me either trying to keep up, or alternatively stealing Darth’s kills… I completely forgot to screenshot. It was a nice experience, but now Darth will got back to TRing and I’m gonna flag Firetha for some raids and then start working on sagas. My opinion of this way of TR’ing? Well, the purpose is speed and past lives. I don’t mind some speed, but my purpose is personal experience and not past lives, so it’s not gonna become a regular thing.

Oh, and we capped yesterday.

One night a week I also run with my sister and Stephen. Sis is playing a cleric monk (Schoan), handwraps build, Stephen is playing a healer druid (Valdayanie), and I’m playing a druid monk (Jarvanna), handwraps build. This only 2-3h a week has meant that we’ve been leveling forever. Me and Schoan TR’d a year ago and we’re currently level 16. I have also been bringing my piker alt account with us (Evilynnn), so she’s piking in the quests that she has (premium account), and been getting free xp. I don’t really play this toon, but I have her as an opener for chain finals, and the idea is that she can keep a quest open for me if I ever feel like farming a quest solo.

This week we ran the second Plaza chain.

And then, Short said he was going to start running eH Mark of Death daily, and of course I wanted to tag along. Last night we ran the first few runs, or the first runs I’ve joined in a while anyway. I think we did 3 eH, and 3 eN before I decided to go to bed.

I think this is the first time ever that I have had all my stats even. Normally I end up with uneven stats on the ones I don’t care much about.

At one point I managed to aggro all three death knights, for some reason. Cerge is doing quite well, I think I only died from lag and Lady Vol’s breath a few times.

That’s all for this blog post. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.


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